Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Have you been to Rite Aid?  Last year I signed up for their Wellness Card and on occasion had been using it to get a few things here and there.  They often have buy one get one 50% off sales, where the MORE EXPENSIVE item is the half off one.  On top of that, with the card now I’m getting 10% off all my purchases.  While getting cotton balls one day the receipt spit out a $20 coupon.  $20!?!  Heck yeah.  You’re going to pay ME to buy makeup?  I’m all over that.


I ended up getting a few of the Sally Hansen Salon Effects polish strips, since I am SO in love with my Inques and I’ve been curious about other brands.

Bling It On and Laced Up

I ended up getting four of these: Laced Up, Kitty Kitty, Wild Child, and Bling it On.  They were on Managers Special BOGO 50% and with $20 and a couple of Physician Formula cash-backs they, plus a bag of Swedish Fish, were almost free.

Each kit comes with a set of 16 polish strips, varying in sizes.  Also included is a little orange stick, a little nail file, and the instructions.  They suggest you use the orange stick (which they call a cuticle stick) to push back your cuticles, but be careful, it hurts.  I usually use a nice padded one.  Then you’re supposed to buff your nails with the file, shape your nails and then apply the strips.  They are very stretchy and once you get them on they say to pull the tips carefully to shape them, which is what you’d do with actual Minx as well.  You then use the file to file off the excess over the end of the tip.  Since my nails were really short when I put these on, they were tricky.  They really work best on nails with at least a bit of a tip.

I’m on the fence.  Applying these they are REALLY thin and just pulling them off the backing I managed to rip a couple of them.

Thankfully with this print the little tears aren’t all that noticeable, but MAN did it irk me.  They are really flimsy!  Also I noticed that the curves of the nail bed are very different then the Inques I’m used to.  I had to fuss with them to get them applied and a lot of them had gaps along the edges, as you can see in the picture above.

Wild Child, after one day’s wear.

After just a day of wear they have a few more tears and scratches, but they were still very well affixed to my nails and the tips hadn’t pulled up yet, and I’d done the dishes twice already, although some of the tips seemed to have wrinkled and just plain worn off.

I ended up having to pull them totally off after five days, they had pretty bad nicks in them and the tips were worn down, just from what I would consider everyday wear, although I certainly admit to being rough on my hands.  The company claims they last up to ten days, so the next pair I try I’m going to just LEAVE on to see how they look and wear after an actual ten days.  I think now that I know a few more secrets to applying them I might have better luck with the wear.

Would I purchase these again? I honestly don’t know.

  • I like them for wear, although the fit could be better.
  • You really need a bit of finesse to apply them.
  • The price isn’t bad at $10.
  • There are quite a few different prints,  glitter finishes, and solid colors.

Have you tried them?  What do you think?




19 Responses to “Sally Hansen Salon Effects”

  1. First off…I am so jealous that I don’t have a Rite Aid near me!!
    I passed on these and got some other ones. I think they are Broadway ones because they were about 1/2 the price.
    I don’t think these are worth $10 IMO b/c it’s only for one application whereas I can buy a bottle of np for $3 and it would last so much longer.
    But I guess these are nice for an effect (haha).

    • I tried the Broadway ones, too (review coming soon!) and they didn’t last a day…

      • Noo! Booo! Maybe I didn’t get those…I mean, I HOPE I didn’t get those..
        I love Konad, too. It’s so great and easy, except for the french tips ones. I can never get those straight!

  2. I think the Inque ones look a whole lot better than these, and with all the tearing and what not.. sounds like they are. Have you ever tried the stamp nail decals? I think the brand is called konad, and its nail decal stampers. I just found out about them yesterday and I can’t wait to get my shipment in! 😀

  3. I have the lace print ones and haven’t tried them yet. Sucks to hear they’re so thin :/ I keep eyeing the Inque ones too, and add me to the list of people wishing they had a Rite Aid near!

  4. I actually really like these. I’ve only been able to get them at WalMart here in Vegas and I’m hoping Ulta starts stocking them soon so I can use my coupons. I find them easy to apply – I haven’t had any issues with tearing. They last for close to 6 days for me with minimal wear at the tips and you really don’t notice it much if you get one with a busy pattern. I do apply a topcoat after putting them on though – I’m sure that helps.

  5. These can be found at Walgreens too. I was just there yesterday and drooled over the houndstooth checked set. I may give them a shot.

    I got my Inques yesterday and MAN….I am totally in love. Already got a TON of compliments (I’m rocking Grey’s hot pink feather boa print). Right after I put them on I ended up doing dishes and then showering, and thus far, not a nick/peel etc in them. I need to get back there and order 5 more before that 5/$30 promotion is over!

  6. I usually shop at CVS Pharmacy, and I have gotten a few little coupons from there as well. I got $2, $3, $8 and 20% off coupons/cash back.

  7. I have 2 sets, the houndstooth and the fishnet, and they’ve been sitting on my desk staring at me for, I dunno, a week or two? More like glaring, now. I can’t wait to try them out! I don’t have the time/patience/know-how for making awesome nailart, so these are perfect for me- I’m glad I now know to go easy when peeling them so they don’t tear! 😀

  8. ….I got these tiny carnie hands..but I like those..I m gonna go to rite aid and check those out

  9. They look kind of nice but seem like a bit of fussing. Plus they cost like $20 here 😦

    Also – this is a little finicky/weird but in cosmetology school I was always taught to call cuticle sticks just that. Never heard of them called orange sticks. Learning! haha

  10. I actually did the same ones last night and was going to review them, you beat me to it! However, I really like them. They fit my fingers very well, and I didn’t have any trouble applying them (I didn’t have to pull or anything though). I cheated and put a clear top coat over them, and haven’t had any wear that I can see…yet. I’ll give a few more days 🙂

  11. i was sent a pack of the leopard print ones at work to demo. i fell in love! my hands go through a lot of uhm trauma, and was shocked to have a near perfect manicure for close to two weeks.

    So, i bought all laced up, and the black and white flower print. they were very upsetting, as the flower print lasted ONE day. Havent opened all laced up yet, but it almost seems like the metallic prints last longer and dont have the awkward band-aid texture.

    very interested in the other ones you’ve reviewed. love the burlesque collection you created!

  12. I’ve been wondering about these things and how well they work. It’s interesting to see them on natural nails (it seems tumblrs I follow only show them on acrylics — pretty, but not what I wanted to see.
    I know I’ll have to pick up some lacey cute ones 🙂 Love the patterns.

  13. I saw these at CVS and I’m glad I skipped them now.

  14. I just bought the houndstooth one tonight and found it pretty easy to apply them. They are a little odd shaped for my fingers but I’m completely content with the design. Feels and looks like I got my nails done at a salon. And couldn’t do the pattern myself. Love them! Just hope they last a while.

  15. I put these on top of acrylics and used a top coat and mine have been on for 2 1/2 weeks with no scrapes, chips, or peeling! I doubt they’d do as well on natural nails though, and I have no idea why the instructions said no top coat, I do hair and I’m in water all the time so there was no way I was going without that. I’d definitely buy them again though, I was satisfied.

  16. I’ve used these and ended up just peeling them off after a few days.