It’s Friday, I’m in Love

It seemed like such a long week, even though Monday was a holiday.  The cable has been out on and off all week, so for some reason it was torture trying to get anything done.  I haven’t been on Twitter much and I feel like I’m lost.


I still have no idea where my polish is.  I almost feel bad for having mentioned the offer here, since so many people have yet to receive their order.  How can anyone complain about not getting something free?  Well, I paid for shipping and one additional polish, so still, I should have heard something.  I emailed, but I haven’t heard back and also I can’t seem to even FIND my order when I log into the site.

I called them this morning to inquire.  They received 300,000 orders.  Their normal turn around time is 48 hours, but they expect all orders to ship within the next two weeks, which is apparently NOT quite what they were posting on Twitter.


I keep getting these email from ELF.  For a while I ignored them, I hate when you order from someone and they automatically start sending you a dozen promo emails a week.  Clicking though I realized they were sending me gossip articles, mostly about Jake Gyllenhaal and T-Swizzle (who I despise).  Why on earth would a cosmetics company send mindless gossip in their promos?  Then yesterday I got another one, this time they were basically bashing another cosmetics retailer.  That is the quickest way to lose all your credibility, so I figured out how to remove myself from the mailing list and shot off a strongly worded email.  Is it just me or is this a little unprofessional?


Please email me at contact [.] gothique [at] gmail [.] com!


If there are any Indie companies out there that want to host a giveaway, please let me know!

The Links

I love Lillian’s blog!

I really cannot wait to order some of these shades, especially the gloss.

Don’t talk about robot club.

Again, I can’t read this, but I love this blog, particularly this post.

I love love love Lisa Eldridge.

Your Turn

I really really want an animal hat, possibly a panda one.  Where on earth do I find one?

Valentine’s Day is in less then a month.  Are any companies coming out with any new collections to celebrate?

My Inglot post has turned out to be massive.  What do you want to see most?  Company info, product info, swatches, or… everything?

I’m considering a new camera.  I fell back on my SLR when the one I was using died, but I want to find another little point and shoot.  Any recommendations?


48 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love”

  1. I lost all respect for ELF when their staffer manning the US Facebook account used “Ur” in a post. I also don’t like their “We’re sorry…[Other Brand of Cosmetics], but we do what you do for cheaper” ads.

    While there are quite a few ELF products that I’ve bought that I like, (and for a while there, I bought A LOT of ELF products), the direction the brand is going in is not a direction I want to follow.

  2. I found several cute panda hats on etsy! Maybe one will work?

    On zoya’s site, login and click on Order History / Invoices. That’s where my order went, but I never got shipping notification and while it does show as shipped it’s still not here.

    I really love my Canon Digital Elph. They’ve got a new version of it and it comes in many colors. Canon PowerShot SD1200IS 10 MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.5-inch LCD

    Venomous Cosmetics has a Valentine’s day collection coming out 😉 So does BftE, Brazen, and half a dozen others 🙂

    • My Zoya polishes arrived today. Finally. Gotta say, I love the colors I got even if the wait was super annoying. When I had previously contacted their live chat they said they got way more orders than they thought they would because of twitter/facebook.

  3. Those shades of lip stains from the Finnish blog are amazing. I would love to have them.

    Yes, what ELF did by talking trash about their competition is extremely unprofessional. Maybe the gossip was to attract or maintain a younger customer base? Possibly those in their teens who actually like TS.

  4. I ordered my 3 free Zoyas + 1 on Jan 4 and I didn’t get a shipping notice until Wednesday and received them yesterday.
    I loved Heroes on NBC on Mondays and they left it hanging and cancelled it. Now The Cape is on Mondays same time slot, same idea, but nowhere as good. I hate it when they cancel things and don’t really end it. I read that SyFy might take Heroes over but NBC doesn’t want to let go? C’MON!! Not to mention no more Sylar 😦
    Fo Inglot: swatches!

  5. …Firefly!!! Love Nathan Fillion..we have the series before it got Serenity.How do you feel about Farscape?

    • I’ve never seen Farscape. Should I look into it?

      • OMG yes! You should look into it! I own it on DVD & love the series.
        Ben Browder & Claudia Black are awesome.
        It’s a really great series.
        To tell you how much I love it, I’ve bought it twice, because the first set I owned I loaned out to someone who it then got stolen from. So I had to buy it again.

      • Yes definitely! I’d describe it as a cross between firefly and star trek with a little bit of Jim Henson thrown in.

      • Yes! representing Australia! I love the plant chick!

  6. I know where you can get awesome animal hats!!!

    Actually my friend, a currently Out of Work Tattoo artist and single mom, Crochets amazing animal hats for kiddos and adults alike. She made me a Monster version of myself as a hat with matching scarf. She’s also outfitted all of mine amd my boyfriend’s nieces with various charecters/animals for Xmas (sponge bob, monkey, Bolt and mittens from the Bolt movie, Pablo the Penguin from backyardigans, panda, etc.) She also crochetted me a bad ass Silver Fox “stole” that basically paid for itself in compliments this winter. She is reasonable with prices and does custom work.

    I’m at work right now, so I don’thave pictures to post, and I can’t access my Facebook here for the link, but if you are interested let me know and I’ll post some links later on tonight.

  7. I ordered my Zoyas on 1/4, and got them this Tuesday. A friend had to call them about her order, too, but they said it’s coming…

  8. I bought a pig hat from HiDeeBug on Etsy about a year ago. It was a perfectly made hat and suuuuuper warm and fleecey. They do custom orders so I’m sure a panda wouldn’t be too hard!

  9. Firefly, Dark Angel, Dollhouse, Defying Gravity…. Sad that 3 out of 4 of those were FOX.

    I saw tweets from 2nd last night saying something about the elf emails, but I never signed up for their promos because I ignore most promo emails I get. Did they maybe have their system hacked, or was it some spammer using their promo email as a fake from address, hiding their real one? I’ve gotten spam before that was really freakin hard to track down where it actually came from. It just strikes me as really messed up, any way you slice it.

  10. Is it bad that I wasn’t shocked by that ELF thing? Over here, shops (like drugstores Boots and Superdrugs) and supermarkets trash talk each other all the time, especially in television advertisements. When you go the stores, on the shelves there are things like “10p cheaper than Asda” or whatever written underneath them.

  11. We just got a little Nikon point & shoot. We also have some Canons, but I wanted a camera that had a really good macro ability, and this one can do some super up close stuff. We also got a point & shoot for work from Olympus that’s pretty impressive for $139 at Costco.

    I wasn’t particularly shocked by the ELF thing either. I don’t think they’re bashing Sephora.. just letting people know they have similar products for a lot less money. I think they’re just trying to appeal to the more budget-oriented cosmetic junkie. Their products are usually hit or miss, so I don’t read too much into the way they promote their products. I sort of equate it to Target’s version of Oil of Olay products, etc.

    I’m waiting for my Zoya order too, but I didn’t order any additional polishes, and I still feel like it was free (even though I paid shipping), so no biggie. I’ll be excited when they arrive though. 🙂

    Hope next week is a good week!

  12. I enjoy some of elf’s products but i never open their emails. i just simply delete it but it isn’t nice to bad mouth others to one up yourself. … as far as the zoya nail polish goes… i put my order in i think the last day of their special and i don’t think they ever charged me for it. does this mean i was lost and forgotten? i hope not…. :/

  13. I would probably never order from ELF if I were in the US. I had never any problem with ELF UK though and I never heard any complaints about shipping time or customer service. However, I don’t think the email is that bad, it would be different if they wrote something bad about another brand but they only show their dupes of products from several brands and ELF and Sephora aren’t really competitors.

    Silk Naturals and Darling Girl Cosmetics have Valentine collections.

  14. I like having cheap e.l.f. brushes to mess around with and tide me over while I work on building my collection of “nice” brushes, but their e-mails are kind of nutty. They’re constantly saying that they “miss” me. I placed an order a week ago, there’s no need to “miss” me. I also find it odd that the e-mails can come from either “e.l.f.,” “eyeslipsface,” “eyes lips face,” or “elf Cosmetics.” If they would just pick one name, it’d look more professional.

    The malls around ere all have kiosks that sell animal hats.

    Also, I never realized that the whole “It’s Friday, I’m in Love” thing was a song reference until I heard the song for the first time a few days ago in a store. >.<

  15. I loooove Lisa E, her accent is so posh and her videos so informative! It’s really nice to see that despite being the Creative Director of No7 she doesn’t use her videos as a means of shilling the cosmetics.

    I’d like to see some swatches! I got some Inglot products from a fellow blogger and I’d like to see if your experiences are the same as mine (mine being that some of the eyeshadows swatched less than spectacularly)

  16. I heart Lillian! Also, I love her accent in her YouTube videos :D.

    Panda hat! I have a kitty aviator hat from Ebay, the seller was called “Anime Hot.” They have a couple of cute punk-panda ones:

    I want to see all the Inglot stuffs!

    I think for user-friendliness + photo quality, Nikons, Canons and Pentax are the most reputable (in no particular order). If you’re the type that keeps your camera at the bottom of a giant purse, I would recommend Pentax since they make drop-proof and waterproof point and shoots. I use a Canon point and shoot that’s 3 years old, it’s been with me all over the world. Low-light quality is so-so and it takes a while to focus sometimes, but aside from that I can’t complain. Sensor quality and noise reduction has vastly improved in the little guys over the last 3 years. I was in photography equipment sales for almost 4 years, and I can say that the worst companies to deal with + worst cameras in general: Olympus and Sony. If you use a Mac, Sonys in particular are generally not Mac-friendly.

  17. My friend got a really cute panda hoodie-scarf from this etsy seller a few years back:

    I’m not sure if she sells them anymore but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask 😛

  18. I want to see Inglot swatches most of all! I am very excited to see what you got 🙂

    I just recently purchased a Panasonic Lumix after pouring over reviews. I was skeptical at first, but the number of very positive reviews swayed me. Suffice to say, I’m incredibly happy with the purchase. It has amazing focus and everything I’ve shot, especially up close photos of products look a million times better than my old PowerShot.

    I love Lisa E. too. She has the most incredibly soothing voice to me!

    • My camera is an old Lumix FZ7; I’ve had it for something like 5 years now, I think. It’s been a nice step up from point-and-shoot and I’m pretty happy with it.


    I’ve bought from her many times before, and she makes really, really quality stuff. She often does custom stuff if you ask her.

  20. Hey Grey I was thinking the other day, ‘hmm I would love to knit something for Grey, Phyrra and Ana as they make my day great every morning I open google reader.

    I would love to knit or crochet you a panda hat!

  21. Yay! I was so confused to why my face was on this post! I never win anything, I know everyone says that, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Haha email was sent. I think I included all my info. This made my day. Thank you!

  22. I would like to know everything about Inglot. Since they opened a new store in California I have been wanting to check them out, but I may restrain myself and wait till IMATS. I know Haus of Gloi is coming out with Valentines Day scents, I still have yet to get my hands on the Litchi Milk Tea scent. It sounds so good.

  23. Gah, e.l.f–I’m really starting to avoid shopping there now, and the promo emails have a lot to do with it–each time I click on a link from them or visit the website on my own, they send me a “We missed you!” email, which is simply irritating. My gmail even started auto-marking them as spam, and I get the feeling that it’s right.

    As for a camera, I have a canon powershot A590. It’s a little old, so you can probably find it fairly cheap in most stores, but I find that it takes really nice pictures and has a pretty nice heft to it for a point and shoot. My favorite thing about it is the range of modes, which I always prefer to have just in case.

  24. I ordered from Zoya the day you posted about it and just got it yesterday, so hopefully yours will come soon. I hear you about elf, I finally had to unsubscribe.

  25. Aww don’t feel in the least bit responsible for Zoya’s tragically skewed follow through on shipping polishes to those who took part in the sale. I’m glad you sent E.L.F. a strongly worded email about what essentially sounds like a low blow in the cosmetics business. Most companies make it a point to not clog up the emailboxes of those who sign up for their newsletters so shame on them in that respect as well.
    I’d be most interested in seeing swatches & product information for your Inglot review. About the panda hat…how about ? Oh and idk if it’s official yet, but Andrea was thinking up an Anti-Valentine’s Day collection for Evil Shades a few days ago 😀 Haus of Gloi’s Valentine’s Day products should be interesting. I read that some scents will be based on love potion recipes.

  26. Firefly and Dollhouse 😦 I loves Inlgot so much – I have their cool duochrome lipgloss on right now and heaps of shadows. I am thinking when my foundation runs out from MAC I will try Inglot.

  27. Inglot: is that a “what would you like to see first?” or a “what would you like to see, that’s it?” question?

    Ooh, I’d like to see everything, Inglot is one of the few companies that are working here, too, and they look good.
    I’m waiting for it to develop something like MAC junkies – someone who’ll have the money and interest to swatch their products, comprehensively.

    If it’s a ‘what first’ kind of question: swatches, with a bit of product info.
    I’m still rooting for a Yellow-Off! with their yellow, Sugarpill’s Buttercupcake and, say, MAC’s Chrome Yellow XD .

  28. We are having a Valentine’s Perfume Trio (limited ed.) at Product Body ( and Lysa at The Morbid The Merrier has a bunch of Lust perfumes for Valentine’s Day too.

    I would love to host a give away here. Just email me the details! 🙂

  29. My city zoo gift shop carries a number of adorable critter hats and headbands. Maybe that would be a good starting place. Also, Etsy might be another good try. If no one is making panda hats, maybe you can find someone making kitty hats and request a panda hat.


    If you are going for animal hats with… budget. Because they are delightful and adorable and ‘spensive.

    And make me want to run around in the woods and wear flannel. With lacy flowery fishnet stockings. Yum.

  31. I just came here to see why my blog has had so many visits from your site. Thanks for the link! I’ve been following your posts for some time now, but somehow managed to miss this completely…

    Maybe I should start writing brief summaries in English as well. 🙂

  32. I know they are SUPER expensive but I recently fell in love with illamasqua cosmetics at I don’t know if you will be able to review them but at least take a look! They were recently featured in Gothic Beauty Magazine and are a very ethical company. I would have to say I am most excited about their new valentine’s collection “Heart Throb” They are supposed to be available in certain Sephora stores in the states. Have you ever seen them/tried them?

    • I love Illamasqua and am thankful we have a few counters for them here in Australia. I can’t wait to get the Throb lipstick and lip gloss. Have you tired their Precision Ink?
      It is amazing and never comes off!