Cherry Culture – An Overview

In today’s world, makeup is a form of art. It is a way we express ourselves. At Cherry Culture we believe in exploring and creating looks that define you. We offer a wide range selection of beauty products as well as a diverse selection of colors on makeup products you use every day.

Launched in September 2006, Cherry Culture is a “must shop” place for makeup lovers in the world. Cherry Culture is a place where makeup lovers can unleash their inner beauty without sacrificing their budget.

With hundreds of colors to choose from, you are never going to run out of options to create your next look. Our Featured, Top Sellers, New Items and Sale tabs direct you to where you can see the latest products at a glance.

At Cherry Culture, you can learn about the latest beauty trends, get beauty tips from beauty experts and read about their opinions on our new items. Most importantly, you can give your friends, family and other love ones a taste of Cherry Culture with our Gift Card.

Color your life!

Cherry Culture is a popular website to order inexpensive cosmetics like NYX and LA Colors as well as some harder to find (in the US) brands like Jelly Pong Pong and Eyeko.  It’s well designed and easy to navigate.  You can search the site either by eyes/lips/face etc or by brand.  Each item will have it’s own listing page with a full description as well as swatches for color choices.

Registering for the site gives you several benefits, such as being able to track your orders and get exclusive email offers as well as qualifying for their Rewards Program which gives you a $10 credit when you spend $250 and then goes up from there.

The first problem I ran across was that everything I wanted to try seemed to be sold out.  In fact, I left the shop several times because there was just nothing available on my list.  I finally went back and placed a small order, using one of the discount codes I’d found on Twitter and taking advantage of the free shipping.

When I went to submit my cart I caught a notice that said my order would be processed in 14 business days and went WHAT?  I sent a quick email and was told that was their ‘holiday’ processing times.  My order shipped a couple of days after I ordered, though, certainly nothing as long as 14 days.

My order arrived well packed in a little box with my invoice.

The second problem I ran across was that the swatches were VERY inaccurate, based on the several items I ordered.  I’m not sure whose fault that is, since I’m not sure who supplies the site with their swatches or they generate their own.  I ordered a few products from a few different companies and in general I found myself testing things out and going… huh.

Would I order from Cherry Culture again? Probably not.

  • They really don’t sell the sort of brands I like to use.
  • They where all out of the things from the companies I would.

Have you ordered from them?  What was your experience like?


23 Responses to “Cherry Culture – An Overview”

  1. I believe I voted for you to review this site.
    I have ordered from them before, mostly nail polish, and yea their swatches/color drops were very off. Back when I ordered some of the polishes didn’t even have the color drops so I had to guess.
    It’s usually pretty decent shipping time for me, never that long.
    Now I only order from them when I can’t find any NYX items at Ulta. I got NYX’s orange concealer from CC b/c it wasn’t at Ulta. I got the orange b/c I read it was a good corrector color for under under-eye concealer. It did NOT turn out well…

  2. I’ve ordered from them a couple times, usually just items that are silly and fun (trying out different colours/styles without spending much).
    Honestly, dollar stores around me carry the same brands. I can find better stuff at a CVS(all within walking distance from me).
    I think it’s a fun shop if you just want to play with something new but don’t want to invest much. At the same time, you’ll sacrifice quality. :/
    Perhaps if they stocked higher quality brands, it’d change.
    The website is run well. 🙂

  3. I ordered from them once and the shipping time was just okay. A few days after my order, if I remeber correctly. I googled swatches for each product before purchasing as I wanted to make really sure to get the right stuff :’D
    It was okay but they don’t ship to Europe anymore, so it’s impossible to order from there again for me. Not sad about this, though.

  4. I’ve been wanting to try out cherry culture for a while now, but if they have many items sold out and bad swatches… idk. I guess I’ll see for myself and not go overboard with it. Thanks for theheads up, Grey! Hope you have a great week!

  5. I’ve only ordered NYX lipsticks from them before since they sell them much cheaper than how much I can get them at my local drug store. The swatches on the site are indeed off. In real life, the lipsticks are much nicer than shown on the site. I own some L.A. Colors palettes that I’ve bought elsewhere and it seems that the swatches for them are off too.

  6. I’ve ordered some Nyx and LA Colors and Milani from them when I couldn’t find it in store. I’ve had weird experiences with them. On the plus side, they normally have what I want that I can’t find in a physical store.

    On the negative, like you mentioned, if they’ve got a sale going on they’ll end up sold out of a lot of stuff. Also their shipping time is ridiculous for sales. And sometimes, if they’re out of an item, they’ll charge you for the item, but it will show up as backordered/refunded when you receive the package. Then I had to pester them to issue the refund. I got really cranky with them over that and told them if they’re going to send me a package stating it was out of stock /backordered and that they had refunded me the money, they needed to refund me the damn money.

    I used to buy my Nyx Eye & Lip makeup remover from here. I’ve bought some of the nyx jumbo lip pencils and jumbo eye pencils and lip liners.

    Their swatches are HORRIBLE. I always had to research online, looking for other people’s swatches, before I bought any colors. The Nyx website isn’t any better.

  7. I ordered from here once, with a $15 gift certificate I won from a blog contest. I think I spent another $25 of my own money just to get the free shipping!

    Overall I had a smooth ordering experience. At the time I had ordere, there was a Milani sale going on, but I did not order anything from that brand so it really didn’t affect me. The shipping was quick, and I rec’d everything packaged correctly and in tact.

    The swatches….ugghh. I think those are stock swatches from company websites and NOT from Cherry Culture (particularly the NYX and LA Colors). I also went around and searched blogs for swatches before I commited to items in my cart!

    Here’s a Tip for anyone in CT, NJ, NY, or FL. Harmon’s Discount Beauty carries a lot of Nyx, LA Colors, Milani, etc almost everything that Cherry Culture does. I get my Nyx lip liners and Shadow pencils there. Not to mention a ridiculous array of hair, face, beauty products and really good sales.

  8. I ordered from them way before I learned about indie makeup. The shipping fees are horrible for those overseas :/

    I ordered some Nyx, some nailpolishes, but overall I was not impressed with the quality of the products, so I didn’t use cherryculture again– Although I safely recieved everything I ordered, but I don’t have experience with their customer service; I can’t judge it.

    I thought about giving Nyx a second change, but at that time they enforced a horrible price policy on German stores, so I quit plans to order on cc again. (But of course that’s not cherryculture’s fault c:)

  9. I ordered some NYX stuff that was sold out on the NYX site forever and ever. Shipping was bitterly slow but other than that everything was fine. I don’t know if I’ll ever order again because I don’t really have any interest in the majority of stuff they sell.

  10. I’ve ordered from them before and haven’t had any issues. The swatches for most of the products on Cherry Culture are definitely off. I try to play it mostly safe whenever I shop at online stores like this one and stick with brands that I know I like or ones that have gotten mostly good reviews. I mostly buy LA Splash and NYX from Cherry Culture because I’ve seen enough of it in person to know what the colors are like and what I’d like to buy. Also, they have sales all the time, so I wait for a really good one to buy stuff on there.

  11. I’ve ordered from them a few times, all during sales. Most of the times I ordered the NYX items were on sale, so I ordered quite a few. Shipping was always quick, but I agree a lot of the sales items were sold out. I remember wanting to try a random brand, because the original price was like 15.00 and it was on sale for 4.00. Of COURSE it was sold out 😛
    The last time I ordered, I was missing three items and they included a note saying my account would be credited for the amount. It was something really lame like 1.50 a piece, and would have just prefered a refund or maybe them letting em know the item was no longer available BEFORE shipping. The money never showed up in my account, so I contacted them about and they said they would look into it. I sent them a scanned copy of the paper invoice too, and never heard back from them again. I just gave up. I do like some of the NYX shadows (such as the black) or those cream sticks to use underneath shadows…but it’s not worth the hassle.
    I also found there are a LOT of free shipping promos, quite often actually, but only for US residents.

  12. Oh, and the swatches were ALWAYS off. I always looked up swatches of NYX shades before ordering. The first order I placed I was hoping for a lot of bright, highly pigmented shadows and ended up with pastels.

  13. I’ve yet to purchase anything from here. I’ve read that international shipping can be ridiculously slow, but that it is a good place to purchase NYX for those who don’t happen to live in a country which sells it.

  14. I use them during their sales for grabbing stuff I already know of, like Nyx. I don’t rely on their crappy digital swatches, I’ll google to find more reliable ones instead.

    Their international shipping prices and times aren’t bad, so if I’m after a whole bunch of Nyx I usually go there. I’ve always been quite pleased, getting a lot for a reasonable low sum when they have sales and then additional discount codes as well.

  15. Yes, in spite of the swatches I keep purchasing from Cherry Culture. Why? NYXNYXNYXNYXNYX. With decent prices to boot.

  16. I have been interested before, I would look at the products and add things to my cart, but I never purchased anything, because like you mentioned all the good stuff was gone. I usually go to downtown Los Angeles to get my NYX or any of the other brands on Cherry Culture, for a better price. If any of you reside in Los Angeles definitely check it out. If you buy more than 10 products they will reduce the price. Like 10 lipsticks for 10 dollars, and what not.

  17. I’ve bought from there a couple of times, I find it good for buying things like Nyx and Milani which are hard to find and/or stupidly marked up here. I was really impressed with the shipping time of my last order, I think it was about 5 days. I do wish their swatches were better though.

  18. I have a big girl hard on for nyx, which to my knowledge isnt available in Australia (cry). I generally buy from CC or an ebay store called Joy’s Cosmetics for Nyx, and I tend to prefer ebay since the sellers quite sweet and throws in free lipliners and stuff when you buy things. CC I found sloooooow. And yeah, you need to research the colors elsewhere.

  19. oh man, I’ve never tried Jelly pong Pong. It looks like it could fill the void left by Pout.

  20. I’ve ordered from CC before without any dramas, mainly when they have the NYX Megashine Lipglosses on sale as you can’t get them here in Australia.
    However I did notice the swatches they use for he NYX items/products are from the NYX site which are known for being notoriously inaccurate.
    But yeah I onl shop there when they have their sales and I can’t find ti cheaper on ebay from one of my regular sellers.

  21. I’ve ordered from them about 10 or 12 times, mostly for nail polishes which are unavailable in stores and some NYX cosmetics that Pharma Plus doesn’t sell. The swatches are HELLA inaccurate as most people have stated, and a lot of things that I want are out of stock (I think somethings have been discontinued as they’ve been out of stock for about 2 years now!)however I’ve always been very happy with my purchases. I randomly received a free bubblegum lip balm in my latest order.

  22. I recently ordered from Cherry culture, swatches most def uber off and the shipping was kinda slow. It took like 2 weeks but i’m a patient person , I figured it just had to do with I ordered it on a friday before a hoilday plus we had a lot of snow .. idk that makes me feel better about it lol.. anyways all the products were secure in a sturdy box and the products were wonderful. I ordered mainly NYX. The only thing I didnt like was the amuse eye palette.. it was pigmented greatly but kinda.. mushy i guess the word would be.. anywho I will totally order from them agian for NYX products… the nearsest ulta is 45 min away from me and I dont like driving to that

  23. I’ve ordered from CC a few times and I haven’t ran into any problems more than the inaccurate swatches. A few things have been out of stock when I wanted to order, but usually they’re available again next time I’ve looked. I mostly buy NYX and L.A. Girl products which I love, so this store is actually one my faves. I don’t care much for delivery time, by living in Sweden I’m used to waiting =)