Chanel Spring/Summer 2011

The Chanel Spring/Summer collection debuted at Paris Fashion Week yesterday.


What do you think?


18 Responses to “Chanel Spring/Summer 2011”

  1. I don’t follow fashion, and really have no informed opinion. However, some of the dresses I see in the pic are truly awful, like that sack on the left edge, bottom row. The black ribbons around everyone’s neck makes them look like they have a hangman’s noose around their neck. It’s very jarring.

  2. I quite like the empire-line style ones… But I would never wear cream/pale pink/beige…
    I like the black ribbons. I used to wear a black ribbon that way when I was 17/18 (what I term my hippy-goth phase). I used to wear it with a black empire-line dress infact.

  3. Some look nice.. but a lot look almost pajamaish.
    Like old style slips for bed.
    I mean, I loveee Victorian and Edwardian style things, but a lot of these appear more on the comstumey? side for me.

    I don’t mind the black ribbon around the neck. I still do that sometimes, too. What I don’t like about them is how they seem pinned up onto their hair and makes it look too high.. almost nooshish as the above comment said. I want to pull it back down to their neck.

    • Yes, if the ribbons were around the middle of the neck, it would look pretty, but where it is, it looks odd and detracts from whatever the designer was trying to accomplish.

  4. I don’t follow fashion myself, because I find a majority of it to be ridiculous and irrelevant to everyday life.

    Having said that, it’s so monochromatic. You can pick out a little pink here, a little blue there, but it mostly looks like a wall of white-ivory-gray.

  5. The overall theme is lovely. Yet, mainstream fashion isn’t my thing. Paying so much money for something that will be out of style in two months? I’ll pass.

  6. While this collection *should* appeal to me as I love jackets, chokers and more subdued colours I really dislike it.

    I think it looks washed out, and I don’t see anything new, or elegance modernized or anything like that. Heck I could throw on grandmother’s ‘dusty rose’ nightgown and it won’t look out of place with some of those outfits.

    But ultimately it makes me happy, because its collections like that dribble down into common-man stores in more wearable and flattering cuts. I am looking forward to more jackets and things like that.

    So overall yay.

  7. They look like very angry, Goth, Palmer Girls, and not in a good way.

  8. On the models it looks nice, but for an everyday joe such as myself i’m not sure it would look good. A lot of tthings theyre wearing looks like something i can probably find in forever 21 or h&m… hmm.. but overall it doesnt seem glamorous to me.. :/ i guess i’m not as big into fashion as i thought, lol!

  9. I like the contrast of the pastels and the black ribbons.

  10. Im loving the pale creams and champaigne colours !!

  11. I actually really like this collection. Unlike some of the dreck they’ve strutted down the runways in recent years, I could actually see myself wearing most of this collection. I love the color pallette; the soft, pale hues are beautiful for spring. And I’ve always adored empire waists and ruffles. It’s a classic and romantic collection, and while it’s not for everyone, I certainly liked it 🙂

    I will agree that the black ribbons look like nooses, though. Chanel needs to hire some Etsians to make some beautiful necklaces for their collections lol!

  12. I didn’t really like any of it. The colours are nice but the clothes just didn’t appeal to me at all. Dior, on the other hand, was breathtaking beautiful. I want to wear my hair and makeup like that everyday!

  13. Find it drab and disinteresting. Though this is being filtered through my intense dislike of karl lagerfield.

  14. It’s not all bad. I’m not too sure how I feel about the dresses in the top pic because everyone is clustered together but from what I can see I most like the dress the first model whose face is visible from the far upper left is wearing & the one the model in the foreground/far right is wearing and MAYBE the one the model rubbing arms with Lagerfeld (can’t stand the guy) is wearing because of the diamond pattern. I like everything about the bottom pic except for the silver sequin collar. My favorite aspect of the look is the geode earrings but I also like the hairstyle & high-anchored black bow choker.

    I’ve never followed fashion and I don’t think I ever will. I do appreciate the fantastical or whimsically themed wardrobes but it’s all out of reach so why bother? Even if I were to buy one or two pieces I love and join the “who are you wearing?” crowd, they would shun me for wanting to continue wearing them as soon as they go “out of season”.

  15. I agree with everyone else pretty much. It all looks a little boring. I do like the ribbon around the neck though, pinned into the hair. I think it’s a cool concept, but definitely not for this collection of clothing. Just seems out of place, especially having it on EVERY model.

  16. I’m actually of pretty much the exact opposite opinion as most everyone else here! I love it. I’m thoroughly intrigued and am going to have to go find a lineup off all the pieces so I can try to figure out what story Karl was really trying to tell with this collection. I find the ghostly girls/vengeful spirits vibe I’m getting from this to be really interesting and haunting.

  17. I know nothing about fashion I confess… Hm, but the 2nd picture’s earing made me think of Cthulhu 🙂