It’s Friday, I’m in Love

Still feeling very poorly, still feeling behind.  Still trying to keep you occupied, though!  I feel like since I’ve been sick and slacking I’ve been losing a lot of readers.

Tomorrow I have another trip planned to Inglot.  I know it’s last minute, but my cousin wants her own haul and I am NOT letting her close to mine.  Maybe that will perk me up?  She’ll make me go to Pinkberry, though. Blech.  I’m going to sit and enjoy the drive and then probably pop up to Native Foods for lunch.


Packages are still going out!  I’m avoiding a massive drop off, just in case, because I distrust my post office.  I am waiting on several packages (a few overseas) that are STILL not here and it’s had me honestly quite sad.

I’ll post an update just for IMS Monday-ish.


Got my order yesterday, but haven’t had a chance to look at it.  I never did get a shipping notice, either.  How is everyone else fairing with their orders?  I was surprised, from what I understand it was shipped in a padded envelope.


I have a pretty big Stila review coming up.  It’s pretty… big.  It got sort of put off since I’ve been sick, so it’ll be coming up AFTER Reader’s Suggestion Week, which is starting this weekend.  I was able to get their Makeup Player and I’ve really been loving it.


I’m still looking for EOTD and LOTD guest posts!  Any look, any cosmetics!  You can send the to me at contact  [dot] gothique [at] gmail [dot] com!


Coming up with weekend is a Sexy Valentine’s Giveaway hosted by Product Body featuring one of my favorite scents, Sexy Laundry Day!  Also coming up is the Inglot giveaway, which will appear right after the review.  I’m actually going to pick up a THIRD prize for that since I know there is a lot of interest in trying them out.

The Links

I’m going to make these for my sweetie this year.

I love this look, and I”m so excited there is a bit of English on the site, now!

I keep meaning to review this thing, but here, read this instead.

Someone buy me this, please?

No no no, wait.  These.  I mean I want these.

Did I ever tell you about Kat Von D’s clothing line?  It’s so me.

Your Turn

How do you feel about these airbrush foundation systems?

Or the airbrush foundation in the can, for that matter?

Do you prefer powder or liquid foundation?

Do you use a face primer?


24 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love”

  1. My zoya order arrived in a padded envelope, wrapped in extra padding. All previous Zoya orders have arrived in a box.

    I’ve never tried an airbrush foundation system, so I’m really not sure how I feel about them.

    I prefer powder, but maybe it’s because I don’t know the right way to use liquids and the last time I tried a liquid foundation was before I could drive a car.

    I do use a face primer! I find I get good results using a face primer and just dusting a bit of powder on my t-zone these days. The face primer varies by my mood.

  2. Get well soon. I personally haven’t noticed a slowdown or any “slacking” on your part or on the site. It’s still an engaging read as ever. 🙂

    The Kat Von D line looks beautiful. I hope it’s available in Canada.

    Airbrush systems: haven’t tried those before. I’ve used face primer or face powder only and prefer it in powder form.

  3. I’ve never tried airbrush foundations. But, to be honest, I’m just not that interested in it. Other than the issues posed by the systems not being readily available where I live, in NZ, I just don’t see myself getting much use from it. I imagine that even if I got one with the right shade of foundation or one which allowed me to mix my own, what we’re talking about here is basically spending a couple of hundred dollars or more on a fancy foundation brush, and to be quite frank I’m just not convinced it’s worth it for at home everyday use. I also imagine that after the novelty wore off that it would actually be quite annoying to use, a bit too much effort if you will.

    I use cream-to-powder foundation. I don’t like liquid, it doesn’t tend to last long for me, which I think is a mix of my extremely oily skin and the high humidity where I live. Powder doesn’t given me the coverage I need, though I will sometimes use mineral foundation as a finishing powder over my normal foundation.

    I use a primer, mostly to try and help with adhesion of the products, and preventing shine.

  4. I’ve tried powder/mineral foundation and by the end of the day it’s melting down my face because of my super oily skin. The same tends to happen when I use liquid foundation, but it’s not as severe. I’ve also tried the L’Oreal souffle foundation, and while it doesn’t really melt, it is pretty difficult to blend. After reading Lolli’s comment, I think I’ll try the cream to powder foundation see if that works for me.

    I use primer to help my makeup last longer and to have my eyeshadow last and look bolder too.

    I’m curious about the airbrush system, but I won’t be shelling out the money for it. It’s too much. I’ve tried the Dior airbrush foundation in a can at Sephora and it’s amazing, but I can’t afford the $60 price tag for a tiny amount. Not right now, at least. I need to find a similar product for less.

  5. OMG, heart cupcakes… WANT!

    Until they make it cost effective for the average person, I don’t think I could justify using an airbrush system. Although, I have had makeup airbrushed on me before! It felt like I was wearing nothing at all… nothing at all… nothing at all ;).

    Haven’t used the canned stuff yet. I heard though that if you get Sally Hansen’s airbrush legs in a tone that’s one tone darker than your skin, it’s the perfect spray tan, albeit incredibly drying if you don’t moisturize before spraying. I’ve never tried that either though.

    It depends. For all over coverage, I prefer a liquid, and also, a liquid is easy enough to sheer out or mix with a little of moisturizer. I wind up setting everything with powder anyway. I get too shiny not to. I’ve yet to find a foundation that I’d be comfortable with wearing every day, but I’ve heard good things about Lancome’s liquid foundation.

    Yes :). I’ve been using face primer for years now. Before, I would carry tons of oil absorbing papers (like MAC’s or Clean N’ Clear) and pat down my face every couple of hours. Now with face primer + translucent setting powder I never need to do that. Even when I was in Dallas and it was over 100º and humid every single day.

  6. I’m not curious or interested in the airbrush system, but that’s probably because I’m so behind on learning about traditional make up LOL

    I use both liquid and powder foundation – sometimes I prime with liquid and set with powder. I was using only bare minerals but I found that on certain days it was just too dry looking. Like Phyrra, though, the last time I ONLY used liquid foundation was high school-ish years.

    I use primer on my eyelids and sometimes on my face. I prefer it.

  7. I’ve been wanting to try out that air brush machine you can get from Sephora but its a bit pricey. I don’t use face primer at all. I wasn’t sure what it was for. I’m pretty new to all the little make up tricks and what not, but I’ve been wanting to try the NARS one with the spf. I use two sets of pretty translucent liquid and powder stuff from Clinique. I would like to venture out but still a bit scared too, hehe. I think your posts are very great and not slacking in the bit. I hope you feel better, that should be first and your top priority. :] have a good weekend!

    • Also, cherry culture is having a vday sale, 20% off everything on their site! Just thought i should share if you didnt know. 😛

  8. Oh, you and your Friday posts!

    The heart in a cupcake. The tea set. The Kat von D line.

    Losing a lot of reader just because it’s been a slow week? Wow, and not in a good way 😐 – the ‘net is hard on bloggers.

    How do you feel about these airbrush foundation systems?
    Expensive, but I loved the results I’ve seen so far (over the ‘net). Amazing. I guess the price tag is okay if you use it professionally.
    Or the airbrush foundation in the can, for that matter?
    I haven’t tried it out – the ads wow me (but that’s what ads should do), but the instructions make it somewhat less appealing – hold the can here and do this and make sure you don’t and then and and and. I don’t believe I could achieve an even layer.
    Do you prefer powder or liquid foundation?
    Do you use a face primer?
    Not yet, but I want to try out the L’Oreal one if I get the money.

  9. I think the makeup player is a neat idea. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to watch YT tutorials on my Ipod, it’s a 3rd gen Nano and the program I tried, Videora, didn’t work. If anyone has suggestions I would be thrilled!

    KvD’s clothing line looks awesome, especially the blazers and the leggings.

  10. I’m curious about airbrush foundation systems but I’ve never tried them because they’re expensive. I have difficulty believing that canned airbrush foundation will spritz finely or evenly enough for the face. Canned airbrush foundation would probably be fine for legs.

    I prefer powder mineral makeup foundation because it’s fuller coverage and more pigmented, has minimal ingredients, keeps indefinitely, and is not fragranced. As a result of your post on EL DW foundation, I got color-matched at a counter. While I was impressed with EL DW’s lasting powder, it didn’t offer enough coverage even when I tried to build opacity on my hyperpigmentation. I have yet to find a liquid foundation that’s as pigmented as mineral makeup foundation. Maybe I need to try pancake foundation or theatrical makeup? Or wear concealer as foundation?

    I don’t use non-powder primers because I’m afraid they’ll clog my pores. I do use powder primers to control oil.

  11. I tried an airbrush style foundation once, but I can’t give a proper review because the foundation color was EXTREMELY yellow on me and made me look ill. So quality and such didn’t even factor in. That’s what I get for assuming the fair shade would suit me without looking up swatches or reviews…

    That being said, I remember it smelling awful and going on petty heavy…

  12. Strawberry Laffy Taffy buttercream frosting? Sign me up!

    How do you feel about these airbrush foundation systems?
    They look interesting, but I can’t see myself ever plunking down the money for one.

    Or the airbrush foundation in the can, for that matter?
    I tried the Sally Hansen one, and I didn’t like the texture/smell.

    Do you prefer powder or liquid foundation?
    I like powder for light days, and if I want really intense coverage I layer the powder on top of my liquid.

    Do you use a face primer?
    I do! But I honestly can’t really tell if it’s helping.

  13. I hope over the weekend you start to feel much better! I think airbruch foundation sounds neat but for the everyday person i wonder if the investment would be worth it in the end. I havent heard of canned airbrush foundation i must be living under a rock. I usually prefer powder over liqued cause i hate my face feeling like something is on it.

  14. I don’t really have much to say except I’m still here! You haven’t lost me 🙂 I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  15. No real interest in the airbrush system for me. It just seems like a lot of work and a lot of money. I have a feeling I’d drop all that money on it, struggle through learning how to use it and then just end up reaching for my liquid foundation every morning instead.

    I use a face primer, I think it really helps to smooth on liquid foundation. Then I use a setting powder on top of that. If I’m just using tinted moisturizer then whether I use a primer or not depends on my mood. Sometimes I use it, sometimes I don’t. If I use the heavier foundation, then I definitely use the primer.

  16. I’m sick too 😦 I hope you’re feeling better soon!!

    I’m excited about Kat Von D’s clothing line! Some of the outfits pictured are amazing!

    How do you feel about these airbrush foundation systems?
    – They sound like a good idea, although, every time I see or hear about one I just think about Homer Simpson’s “make up gun” lulz. I think I’ll skip the airbrush make up for now

    Or the airbrush foundation in the can, for that matter?
    -I’ve only ever seen the Sally Hanson version and it looks slightly terrifying!

    Do you prefer powder or liquid foundation?
    I like powder foundation, it gives me coverage and doesn’t make me look like a grease ball or break out the way that liquids do.

    Do you use a face primer?
    YES!!! Otherwise I turn into a grease ball by noon!!! :Z

    I’m very excited for your upcoming Stila review!!

    Feel better :*

  17. I did get my Zoya in a padded envelope, very thickly wrapped with bubble wrap. For some reason mine came fairly quickly – not in the first wave, but a few days later than the luckier girls, still not as long as everyone else.

    I’m not at all sure about the airbrush foundation stuff, but I’ve never tried it. TBH I probably never will.

    I used to wear liquid foundation whenever I wore makeup. I switched to Sassy Minerals powder foundation a while back and now when I have to wear liquid foundation (for better coverage) it feels absolutely disgusting on my skin!

    I do use face primer – the e.l.f. $6 one. It’s okay, I’m not sure it is the best available though. Next I’ll try the Fyrinnae one.

  18. hheheheh I saw this on lolcats today
    It says “friday. I’m in love”

    It reminded me of you 🙂

  19. My Zoya order came in a regular shipping box, but I ordered a few other colors on top of my 3 free ones so tht might be why. I am loving that tea website! My husband and I are tea lovers:-) I can’t say much about your questions regarding foundations because I honestly just don’t bother with it anymore.

  20. How do you feel about these airbrush foundation systems?
    I think they are an expensive fad and are hard to get even coverage with.
    I use Boudoir Mist Spray Foundation by Napoleon Perdis but I spray it onto a big big face brush and then pat it on over their china doll foundation mixed with their Sheer Genius liquid foundation.

    Do you prefer powder or liquid foundation?
    I like liquid foundations then use some MAC studio Fix over it lightly.

    Do you use a face primer?
    Yes! I used to think primer was just a lie and was just companies trying to get you to buy more foundation. Once I tried primer I could not live without it! I use a Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot primer but am about to order some Fyrinnae silk primer.

  21. I hope you feel better soon! And have fun at Inglot. I went there back in December (all sweaty after a rock concert, mind you.) and loved it there! Their eyeshadows are amazing. I need to go back.

    I’ve never tried airbrush foundation, but I’ve been eyeing the Dinair system for about a year now. I prefer liquid foundation, and ONLY use a primer if I’m going to be sweating (dance class, summer, ect.)

  22. I don’t quite understand, were you expecting it to be in an envelope or surprised because it showed up in a padded envelope?

    At first I though the Stila MU player had a screen in it which would have been amazing, but then I looked around online and saw it just had speakers. Seems pretty interesting, although I have to wonder about sound quality and volume. Also, what happened if something explodes in there?

    I’ve seen a bunch recently about baking shapes and colors into cakes (and did you see the cat bread?) and I wish I didn’t have so many food restrictions! It looks like a fun thing to do and the results just a fun to eat!

    Oh my goodness, look at those tea sets! I want, though I don’t drink all that much tea. (I want to start drinking a lot more tea though.)

    I really like the blurb Kat Von D wrote at the top. I really really love the connection of drawing, tattoo, mu and/or clothing as all equally valid ways of expressing yourself!
    What are the white finger things called? I’m surprised with myself but I’m really interested in them! And the outfit with the naval-ish jacket and the leggings with sheer knees? Amazing!

    I’m not interested at all in the airbrush systems, canned or not. I imagine they are really helpful for filming and the like, but I really don’t see a use for them in everyday life.

    I don’t really have enough experience with either to decide, but I think I prefer powder foundation. So far, I find it easier to adjust how much coverage with it.

    I’ve never used a face primer, although sometimes I will use moisturizer, let is soak in a bit and then put on foundation. Is this similar or am I confused about what the question is referring to? (Makeup seems so simple in the beginning but the more I look into MU the more products people tell me I need to use!)

  23. Wow! I love Kat Von D’s clothing line!
    I’m not really fond of the airbrush foundation system. It’s definitely a cool thing and it seems like it would turn out nice, but … not my thing.
    I prefer powder foundation. I wear mineral powder foundation and I don’t really like the liquid foundation too much. It usually feels heavy on the skin or that it feels like it’ll sink right into my pores like a lotion. It just scares me a little.
    I don’t use face primer much because I’m afraid it will clog my pores and break me out.