Petite Threla – A Review

RSW Round 2 – Day 1

The idea and desire to start Petite Threla (little sister to Threla) was born at MIT when Tseh-Hwan (TH), our chief dreamer and potion maker, was researching collagen materials. She chanced upon collagen face masks, and being a beauty product junkie, probed further and was surprised to find some pretty outrageous claims, e.g. “restoration of skin elasticity” (collagen molecules are really too large to penetrate the skin for that sort of effect). But what bothered her most was the host of chemicals in the ingredients list of a supposedly natural product that she couldn’t decipher. With Petite Threla, her aim is to create worry-free, indulgent products that combine the goodness of nature and science. She mulls over each ingredient before selecting it for her concoction. In case you are wondering if she’s getting a head of white hair from the endless mulling and concocting – nope! She loves every minute of it. :)…

I’m always a little wary of shops that extol the virtue of ‘all natural’ products and how they are better for you.  Keep in mind that things like, oh…arsenic, are all natural.  I’d been back and forth over the shop a few times before I ordered.

Lemon Chiffon Aluminum-Free Deodorant

This little deodorant is travel sized.  It comes in a little .4 ounce tube that screws up from the bottom.  Even though I read the listing and it does state the size, I was still a little disappointed when it arrived.  For the price ($4.50) it’s fairly small.

The formula is interesting.  A lot of Indie deodorants tend to be on the soft side, but this was fairly solid, so much so that I wondered if it was applying well.  The scent was lovely, although I found have preferred something UNscented, I ended up being able to smell it most of the days I wore it, which bothered me.

While it did work, I don’t think I would purchase it again.  I can find more affordable alternatives easily and the scent did overpower my perfume.

Lychee SPF 15 Lip Balm

Starting from a carefully selected blend of all natural ingredients, this smooth lip balm has been fortified with sunscreens to provide UVA and UVB protection. SPF ~15 and Boots Star rating of 5 were measured by an independent lab. Boots Star rating is a measure of the ratio of UVA to UVB protection, with 5 star products providing the highest ratio of UVA protection.

In order to claim an SPF, a product must be verified by the FDA and not an ‘independent lab’.  This sort of SPF claim isn’t exactly legal to make, but I ordered this lip balm anyway, simply because it was lychee flavored.

I really liked that the little tube was sealed.  More and more I am preferring this in the products I buy online, especially after worrying about receiving used products in the past.  It’s obviously nicely made, the consitency was nice and solid and it was nonoily.  However, I cannot use the balm at all.

The ingredients are listed as:

Active Ingredients: avobenzone (3%), octinoxate (7%), octocrylene (3%)
Other Ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil, mango butter, sweet almond oil, safflower oil, aloe vera oil, soybean oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), lecithin (soy, certified non-GMO), natural flavor, stevia

Stevia.  Yup, this gave me an instant headache.  The flavor was VERY overpowered by the scent and flavor of the beeswax, which is an ingredient I personally do not care for in lip balms, it tends to make the balm too waxy (obviously).  I found that in was too waxy to wear well, it didn’t really moisturize my lips at all and it wore off quickly.

I don’t think I would purchase a balm again.  Apart from it being made with an additive that I am sensitive too, I didn’t think the formula was very good at all.

Have you tried Petite Threla?  What did you think?


16 Responses to “Petite Threla – A Review”

  1. I’m always torn on aluminum free deodorants. I like some of them, BUT, because they’re not antiperspirants, I always end up sweating/feeling wet, and I hate that.

    The specific SPF claim would make me uncomfortable as well. I don’t necessarily mind when a company says something like ‘this has zinc and it will have some spf protection but we cannot name a specific rating’ but when they say ‘it’s SPF 15’ with no testing, I don’t like it or trust it.

    I’m surprised you tried the lip balm because of the beeswax in it. Ick on the stevia giving you a headache 😦 Of all the lippies I’ve tried recently, I like Epically Epic’s formula the best and I’m not sure if it’s because of the pistachio butter or the candellia wax or what, but it seems to moisturize without being hard. I hate it when lip balms are hard 😦

    Also, I agree with you, it’s never good when your deodorant is competing with your perfume. Ick. The one I’ve been using recently is a green tea and cucumber scent that is fresh but subtle. I like.

  2. I completely agree with wanting an unscented deodorant but I thought that without antiperspirant that the scent was kinda necessary? I obviously have never researched or even tried them so I don’t know.

    Never tried their balms but I really like their lip tints and I have the green tea facial mist. It smells so clean and fresh!
    I don’t have a problem with stevia so I’ve never looked for it in ingredients. Looking back through some of the lip tint colors I’ve purchases I see that not all their lip goodies have it. They do all seem to have beeswax though.

    And THANK YOU for bringing up the “not everything that is natural is good for you” point. One of my pet peeves. And arsenic is a favorite of mine to stick into that sort of discussion.

  3. No, but I’ve been eyeballing this store for a while and I’m glad you reviewed it! But I’m still tempted by some of the things they sell.

    And I’m with Phyrra on this one – I’m surprised you reviewed the lip balm!

  4. Lemon chiffon deodorant ? That would make me want to eat my armpit.

  5. Hahaha! Love Elle’s comment!

    I haven’t ever heard of Petite Threla. Guess I won’t be checking them out. Doesn’t sound like I’m missing too much!

  6. Yum I love Lychee! Too bad this balm didn’t work out though. I just bought a roll on of the Epically Epic Soap I Love Lychee roll on perfume after reading your glowing review. I’m excited to see how it’s going to smell!

  7. I’ve never heard of Petite Threla, to be honest, but I’m not impressed; don’t spout carp about all natural vs. chemicals when I’m hitting dead ends trying to determine what avobenzone is.

    I’ve used Tom’s of Maine deodorants for years, because I have an allergic reaction to the aluminum stuff. I’ve tried multiple scents (and Unscented) and found them all to be pretty mild in fragrance.

    • Simply put, avobenzone is a sunscreen. I’ve seen it called broad spectrum, but most of the clinical reports I’ve seen only refer to it’s efficacy against UVA.

  8. Um yeah and aluminum is natural too.

    ‘All Natural’ is a pretty ridiculous phrase that doesn’t actually mean anything, to me at least. It’s just a couple of extra words to slap on a product label.

  9. I hate the whole ‘all natural’ thing, too! I’d be more sympathetic to ‘we choose lovely ingredients’ than ‘we choose lovely natural ingredients without scary sounding names!’

  10. I think it was me who asked you to review Petite Threla or maybe mulitple readers requested it? I’m not sure.

    I knew the SPF claim would get you. 🙂

    I didn’t favor their lip balms either. It was a harder balm than I’m used to. I prefer more slip to my balms and with this one I found myself pressing down harder to get product on my lips.

    I’m glad you reviewed it because maybe the owner would take notice and maybe change things with their products? I did get great customer service from them, but yeah, the product needs a bit more tweaking.

    Thanks so much!

  11. I didn’t know they had an Etsy site; I’ve only ever ordered from I liked the strong scent in their deodorants when I first tried it because I didn’t wear a separate perfume very often at the time, so it fulfilled both functions for me. Since indie companies really can’t compete with the big guys on price or efficacy of deodorants, boutique scents are really the only non-scare-tactic way to differentiate their products.

    I really enjoyed the flavor of their lychee, blueberry, and sangria balms, but somehow I’ve managed to misplace all three!

    The “goodness of nature” faff annoys me, too, but I get the feeling it’s just marketing. Most of the descriptions/ingredient explanations are pretty levelheaded & accurate.

    I’d say more, but I’m still thinking of writing a review of my own!

  12. I like the Tamanu Mild soap (I ordered this from Threla, not the Etsy site). I’m really sensitive to scents, so I can’t use many of their other products even though I think the fragrances are nice. I’ve ordered twice and both times I’ve had good customer service and fast shipping.

  13. The deodorant sounds disappointing; I don’t like it when scents interfere with the perfume I’m wearing. I’ve learned so much from your blog including about SPF claims not being legal unless FDA tested. That said, the lip balm puts me off as well.

  14. Hmm, I just received the Petite Threla balms and lip glaces today. They must have tweaked their scents. I opened up Lychee, Watermelon & Earl Grey. While I can smell them, it’s lighter to me than my Epically Epic and Silk Naturals lip balms. I also tried licking my lips but the balms/glaces tasted of… just wax. I also can’t smell them when they’re on my lips 😦

    Oh well. I’d have probably liked your version better!