Scodioli Creative – A Scent Review

RSW Round 2 – Day 2

I really have slowed down in trying new scents.  I’ve found SO many that I love already.  When Scodioli was suggested during RSW, I tentatively went over to take a look.  I might have skipped the shop all together if I hadn’t have seen Farewell.

Farewell :: Lilac + Bergamot

They had been longing for the twinkling lights of the carnival’s midway. So the two stole away in the night, suitcases in hand, the scent of lilac in the soft spring breeze. Away they went, with one last parting glance over their shoulders, off to follow the Madame’s caravan.

Farewell to who we were, farewell to all we’ve known. Farewell.

The Madame’s Lilac + Bergamot is a lovely blend, soft and light, and very true to the flower itself. Reminiscent of a new beginning, but with just a touch melancholy, the Madame believes.

The solid perfume comes in a round screw top tin.  It doesn’t just push on, it actually screws tight.  It comes labeled with the company name, the name of the scent, the weight ad the ingredients.  The packaging and labeling is crisp and simple.

The first thing I smell in Farewill is the strong scent of lilac, which you’ll recall is one of my favorite flowers.  It’s only after you rub some on and it warms with your skin that the fragrant scent of bergamot appears.  It’s very uncomplicated, but it’s a sophisticated combination.  I love it and I keep it on my desk to I can keep smelling it and rubbing it into my wrists.

The formula is nongreasy and quite solid, but it’s made with beeswax, which again is an ingredient I typically try to avoid.  The scent is fairly long wearing, maybe a couple of hours, but it definitely doesn’t last all day.  Since the lid does screw on tightly it’s very easy to throw in your purse to take with you for touch ups, though.

I’m very happy with this scent and I plan on checking out Sentinel and Gypsy Caravan.  For $12 the tin is a great value.


8 Responses to “Scodioli Creative – A Scent Review”

  1. Thanks for the review! I’m personally not a fan of lilac, but that combination with bergamot sounds interesting. I’m glad to hear you liked the perfume though! Can’t wait to browse and decide what I want.

  2. I LOVE their Smoke and Mirrors scent!

  3. Jules Noctambule January 31, 2011 at 1:49 pm

    I seem to recall that at one point she’d done a vegan formulation with caranauba wax, but I guess people preferred the original because it’s beeswax again. You might try requesting a vegan version if you decide to re-purchase; in my experience, she’s very accommodating.

  4. Oh wow it sounds lovely, i adore Bergamot and Lilac is one of my favourite scents too 🙂

  5. I’ve come across the shop before although to be honest none of the scents have jumped out at me. Maybe I should take another look.

  6. Cute shop! There’s a couple of scents I might try out. Farewell being one of them. I love lilac, it reminds me of my parents house in the summer. They have huge gorgeous lilac bushes in their backyard. I also think Gypsy Caravan sounds amazing, I love anything with pomegranate.

  7. Thanks for the review! I haven’t heard of this shop before. There’s nothing that really appeals to me there and I have so many others to use! Just got my Morbid the Merrier order and I love El Corazon!

  8. I was really excited about this scent when I saw it in their shop. I’m a bergamont fanatic so I’m happy to hear that it smells nice. I can’t wait to order some!