On your Mark…

RSW Round 2 – Day 3

When it was suggested that I try out and review Mark For Goodness Face Antioxidant Skin Moisturizing Lotion, I was excited about it.  I have a Mark account so I’m able to order things for a great price (plus free shipping) so I thought, why not?

If you’re feeling protective about your skin then try this oil-free moisturizer that helps protect skin’s natural beauty, and is packed with a powerful antioxidant combo of dark chocolate, blueberry extract, lemon fruit, European herb extract and Canadian willow herb extract, plus the all-important SPF 30 to guard against the sun’s damaging rays.

1.7 fl. oz.
oil-free • non-comedogenic • fragrance-free

The first thing that I noticed with it is that is has this odd air free pump.  Basically you pop open the jar and then push down on the lid inside and it pumps out a little lotion onto the lid.  In theory it would be nice, but I don’t like it.  No matter what it leaves a smear of product across the top that I have to wipe clean.  Plus, it was pretty tricky for me to control how much or how little product came out and I ended up wasting a bit before I learned the perfect pressure amount.  I actually don’t have a problem with an open topped lotion, I’m going to be the only one using it and I KNOW my fingers are clean.  I also prefer a traditional pump just because I don’t ALWAYS have to have a makeup wipe handy to clean off the pump before I can even apply the lotion.

Getting over the initial eww factor I was glad that it had an SPF, although the lotion I had been using previously had a much higher protection, 30 is still very good for a facial lotion.  But it smells like sunscreen.  It has that familiar scent.  It’s by no means strong or perhaps all that unpleasant, but I can smell it on my face until it wears in a little bit.

I’ve been having a bit more problematic skin then usual, and applying this it BURNED my drier patches and the little red spots that my Retin-A left.  It also burned my eyes like crazy, although it never got IN my eye, but applying it close enough was enough to set my eyes to tearing.

I only used it a few days before it started breaking my cheeks out pretty badly.  I have NEVER gotten break outs in that particular area before.  I even mentioned it to my doctor (I’ve seen her a dozen times in the last few weeks) since I wondered if it was a symptom of something else.  She said no, it was a purely dermatological thing and even asked me if I’d been using anything new on my face.  I mentioned I was trying a new lotion and she told me to stop.  I did and within a few days it had cleared back up.  She explained that because something is non-comedogenic doesn’t mean it won’t break it out, it just means it won’t clog pores.

Because I’m like that, I did try to use it again, only to have the same sort of break out reaction, this time on my chin as well.  So I honestly didn’t use this very long at all.

To me it felt thick and heavy, it took forever for it to set long enough to be able to apply anything over it.  I had to use only the TINIEST amount or for some reason it really messed with some of my face primers.  Even though it is oil free it made my face very shiny looking and after only a few hours I was blotting and having to repowder, when usually I can go almost all day without having to touch up.

I passed it on to my cousin with oily skin and after half a day she washed it off her face, it made her face ‘uber greasy’ she said and it might have led to the break out that she blamed on me.  It might have NOT been my fault.  Try telling her that, though.

Did it moisturize, though?  I honestly don’t think it did.  With a good moisturizer if my skin is tight it’s relieved, with this product my skin still felt tight, but also heavy.  I also didn’t wear it anywhere long enough to get any of the antioxidant benefits that it claims to have, either.

Would I purchase For Goodness Face again? No, it simply didn’t work with my combination skin and makes oily skin even oilier.


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  1. Aww 😦 I’m so sorry that not only did it not work for you, it caused you skin problems.

    • I’ve never had any luck with Avon products. All their skin products seem greasy and thick to me and seem to watch to break me out.

      • Ick! I hate it when stuff causes break outs. The h20 stuff I reviewed a while ago caused me to break out 😦 This has been the rare gem from mark for me.

  2. Aw, I hope your health improves soon :S

    Ugh, I HATE having bad reactions to skincare products that are meant to make your skin look and feel better … especially the burning. I had that with Proactiv, and my skin was NEVER that dry before and never has been since. I think I gave it 2 weeks before I just couldn’t stand going out in public with crazy flaky skin all over my face.

  3. Ah, it sounds like you and I have similar skin (and I use Retin-A Micro too) so I will definitely stay away from this. For your skin to get so oily, I wonder if there is an ingredient added that doesn’t absorb well into the skin and just sits on it. From experience, lotions that don’t absorb well causes my skin to grease up in 5 minutes as if it’s the most humid day of summer.

  4. I tries this about a year ago and didn’t like it either. It felt too thick and greasy and the suntan lotion smell was very strong to my nose and I don’t want that smell on my face. I didnt use it long enough to see if it would break me out but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did. I’ve also tried their matte chance (I think that’s the name) and I liked it a lot better. The only complaint is the dispenser – after a while it stopped working and a few times I had to unscrew it to scoop out the product.

  5. Ah, so sorry to hear about the break-outs and the other skin problems 😦 !

  6. I’m so glad you reviewed this. I think I have similar skin to you, and was going to buy this… now I don’t think I’ll take the chance.

  7. Breakouts? DNW. We have pretty similar skin (temperament-wise, anyway) so I’ll stay away from this one.

  8. Ugh, that’s so annoying. I was really curious about this lotion too! I have nightmare skin. Is it oily? Is it dry? Who knows! I try to stick to products that are oil-free, so I don’t make my T-Zone worse but sometimes I get the same kind of feeling, that the product is just sitting on top of my face and not really doing anything.

    Sigh. I’ll just keep hunting for that HG lotion.

  9. The For Goodness Face line is actually marketed for dry skin, which could be why you had problems. That really sucks it didn’t work for you! I hope your burned patches heal quickly. I recently tried a LUSH facial scrub which did the exact thing for me 😦

    I use this moisturizer probably 3x day for my super dry skin, and find it works pretty well. My skin literally soaks it up: I use a huge blob and my face is dry within a minute after rubbing the cream in. I do need something a little heavier in the winter months though, so I’m still on the market for an even heavier face cream!

    • If your looking for a good basic cream for the winter, hunt down some CeraVe- I use both the regular cream (at night) and the AM version during the day, and so far it’s the one to beat. It’s got tons of skin-identical moisture, as well as stuff to hold moisture in & help your skin’s protective barrier repair itself. A bonus you may like is that it’s time-released, so you won’t have to reapply (if the Mark was enough moisture for you, you wouldn’t need to reapply it at all.)

      At least I’m not the only one waiting for the weather to warm up just so that my skin can go back to just dry (not super ridiculously parched!) 🙂

  10. I used the mattyfying moisturizer and it came in the same little pump jar. I didn’t like it because after 10 or so pumps it just stopped pumping and I had to open it to get the stuff out. I also thought it sucked because it did nothing for mattifying. My face looked and felt greasy. Starting to wonder if they packaged the wrong product in the jar or they all just suck like this did!

  11. Wow, that sucks that you had such a bad reaction! I hope it heals soon. What lotion do you usually?

  12. aww hun thats terrible that happened 😦 I dont like avon/ mark face products they dont work well for me at all.. but that is terrible it broke you out like that..

  13. Sorry to hear about the problems you had with it. Hope all of your skin issues will clear up quickly! They are never fun:-(

  14. Aaargh, this sort of reaction is what I’m constantly fearing. It will take me ages to decide to buy something new for my face, because every other product will break me out like crazy. xD
    Sounds like yours are clearing up alright though, so good luck with that.

  15. Jeez. Breaking out is no fun at all. I’m going to try the Korres Yoghurt Velvet Moisturizer, I found a store IN MY TOWN that carries it. What are the odds, right?

  16. What do you typically use? I need a moisturizer that has a good SPF that won’t break me out.

  17. Aww that’s too bad, I was looking at this one but I have icky combination skin! I currently use this great moisturizer: http://www.yvesrocher.ca/control/soins-visage/peaux-mixtes-ou-grasses/ultra-mat-soin-hydratant-anti-brillance/?cmSrc=Category

    It’s very light, absorbs quickly and doesn’t make me greasy by the end of the day. But I’m looking to find something with SPF in it, if I did, this one would become my night cream.

  18. I liked that you pointed out that dipping your fingers in lotion isn’t gross. You are the only one using it..and your hands are clean. I am rather upset about the “non-comedogenic can still clog up your pores and make you break out in a rash!” I just bought this new face cream too and I got burning and peeling on my t-zone.

  19. I never have much luck with face products full stop. I have fairly sensitive skin, which prefers having the bare minimum put on it.

  20. After peeking at the ingredients to this moisturizer, I’d bet big money that it’s one of the formula’s many plant extracts that is breaking you out. Just goes to show- natural is not always the best (poison ivy is natural, but I’m not slathering that all over!) I noticed the first time I saw the ingredients to this (before your review, since a little birdie told me about it too!) that it contains quite a bit of Lemon Extract. My first though? Ouch!

    I am surprised that this felt heavy on you- if I’d have guessed, I would have thought it would feel fairly light since it seems like most of the actual moisturizing ingredients appear pretty low on the ingredient list. I get how some people feel like it’s greasy; it does have a veritable rainbow of silicones in it (probably why it did wonky things with your primer) and a lot of people translate that slip as oil or grease (I know you’re familiar with that silicone slippy feel, and in any case, that wouldn’t have anything to do with you getting shiny, so that’s just flat-out weird!)

    Oddly enough, though someone mentioned that this is actually meant for dry skin, I personally don’t think it would be great for dry skins since, again, the actual moisture part of this moisturizer doesn’t appear very concentrated. And big fail for the Mark site for being so ambiguous about who should use this: the product page doesn’t mention skin-type at all, other than pointing out that the formula is oil-free (something mostly marketed to oily skin). I should also mention that cosmetics cop Paula Begoun rated this well, but did specify that it’s best for normal to oily skin.

    One last mention, about the packaging design. I have not seen this in person, though I can imagine the complaint you have- and agree that if you are washing your hands thoroughly before dipping into a jar, contamination isn’t really a big issue. What is an issue, and what I think this packaging is designed to accommodate, is stability of the antioxidants in the formula. Many antioxidants lose potency when exposed to light or air, thus the “airless jar” package.

    So now I’ve heard one glowing review and one not-so-much. I know for sure just by looking at the ingredients that it won’t be of much use to my super-saharan winter skin. Thanks for the heads up!

  21. aww, that sucks.
    I like the idea of mark. but i’m glad i read this review.

  22. Oh god this sounds like a nightmare! Hope your skin is back to normal now 🙂

  23. I’m sorry this didn’t work for you and even made skin break out. It seemed like good product for oily skin. I considered buying it when I had access to Avon and mark products through a former colleague. Thanks for taking the “hit” for us and for the heads up.

  24. I just bought For Goodness face blueberries and chocolate.
    I just tried it on my arm first. It does smell like sunscreen and felt pretty greasy almost like sunscree does. It started itching..but maybe because my skin is dry and i just came out of the shower.
    I am going to try it tomorrow morning and let u know…

  25. So, i finally tried For Goodness face blueberries and chocolate on my face after my shower.
    It was alright. My skin is usually dry to very dry so this cream was good as it was very moisturizing but i would not recommended for oily skin. There is a smell of sunscreen but it’s not bad..it goes away after a few minutes. I did not have any irritations or burning sensations..and it`s a good thing since my skin is sensitive. So far, i like the product,