Have a Sexy Valentines

Wanna have a sexy Valentine’s Day, no matter what?  Product Body is offering an amazing prize pack that includes:

  • Crush On You, 6 ounce
  • Roll on Perfume Oil, 4 ml
  • Shea Butter Soap, 5 ounce

all in their Sexy Laundry Day scent!  Your prize will come specially gift wrapped just for you!

To enter tell me what your perfect Valentine’s Day would be!

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73 Responses to “Have a Sexy Valentines”

  1. Hmmm, that’s a difficult one. Probably something low key. A really nice picnic out in the countryside, maybe by a nice lake and a night in a nice hotel, set in an old building. Nothing modern and sterile. Oh, and alcohol is a must.

  2. Awesome giveaway!

    I love giving and receiving lots of gifts for Valentines day! Otherwise I would simply enjoy time spent with my boyfriend, we can grab some smoothies and talk a walk somewhere with peaceful scenery.

  3. A day trip to scenic places followed by a quiet dinner at home with hubby. Ending the day with cuddling and watching a movie. And there would have to be some sort of chocolate for dessert.

  4. My perfect Valentines day would start with Lunch at Aska Lamen, then we would see a movie at my house with friends, then friends would leave, we would play videogames, make love and then go to the Sumo restaurant or something delicious like that! :3

  5. Breakfast in bed. The nice thick French toast my partner does so well, with bacon. Lounging around in bed watching movies and playing video games, till an early dinner at this fantastic little German restaurant. Then a night of cruising. With cake at midnight.

  6. A nice pretty day outside, and a drive through the wine country. Stopping for lunch at one of the local wineries to have a drink and a brunch. I’m simple!

  7. A perfect Valentine’s Day for me would probably involve traipsing around the city, grabbing a green-juice lunch and hitting up the MoMA or Met until our favourite restaurants open for the night. Dinner, vegan chocolate or cupcakes for dessert, and then home to bed. ;3

    Really, I’m cool with anything as long as it involves those cupcakes. *shakes fist*

  8. My perfect Valentine’s Day would be filled with flowers, chocolates, and something sparkley given to me by my BF – and an evening at home by the fire with a nice bottle of wine 🙂

  9. I have already had my perfect Valentines Day. I gave birth to my daughter on Valentines Day 2001 couldn’t get more perfect than that.

  10. This Valentine’s Day will be my 9th wedding anniversary so it would be wonderful if hubby & I could have a nice dinner together, just the two of us. I’d love to eat at a nice, romantic restaurant (NOT McDonald’s or anywhere that serves pizza and NO giant rodents!), not having to repeat my eating out mantra (sit down, quit running, lower your voice and stop poking your sister!) There’s a very nice Italian restaurant in town and I hear they’re having violinists playing on Valentine’s evening. Isn’t that just the picture of romance? 🙂

  11. My ideal day would be a long walk on the beach followed by… well… you know. ;D I’m in Florida. So the beach here wouldn’t make me freeze to death!

  12. Actually, as long as I’m with my husband, it’s a perfect day. That said, I really loved the Valentine’s Days that we went to our local tea room for their Valentine’s Day special tea service. It’s nice because we get a private tea room and the teas, savories & sweets are wonderful. And it’s where we got engaged (on St. Patrick’s Day, though.)

  13. My birthday is Valentine’s Day! My perfect day would start at a cute little tea house with cupcakes and little cucumber sandwiches. I would like to see a show or play later, and then finish the evening with a dapper gentleman in a top hat!

  14. Perfect valentine would be making flat bread pizzas in the oven and then while they are cooking away a bubble bath with the huni.

  15. Since I’m single my perfect Valentines day would be spent in that cute chocolate shop downtown. I’d love to be able to taste every luxurious truffle they offer.

  16. Valentine day is my birthday, and it’s also the birthday of my boyfriend, so we have to do something special 🙂
    But nothing like restaurant or cinema… We are probably going to cook all afternoon to do millions of sushis and a funny cake. Maybe some animal shaped one!
    I cant’ wait for it, and hope it’s gonna be a beautiful sunny day! That would be really perfect 🙂
    Thanks for all your great giveways, the sexy laundry day scent sounds really lovely!

  17. My perfect Valentines day would be spent with my boyfriend of 6 years, without time constraints or any responsibilities for a whole day. One whole day without any issue or problems or anything to worry about.

    In the past, my favorite vday was spent at the Montreal biodome (a beautiful indoor zoo, with rainforests and arctic habitat, etc). Spent some time walking the streets of Montreal and admiring the architecture. Then we went out for a wonderful (and expensive) dinner and then spent the night in a hotel. We paid for a late
    checkout and had room service breakfast in bed then made the drive back home to Ottawa.

    That day was pretty wonderful and perfect ❤

  18. If I still lived in the mountains, I’d say cross-country skiing with a delicious picnic, followed by dinner out and hot springs! But alas, I live in the flatlands now.

  19. Actually, I can’t stand Valentine’s Day, but I think I’ll spend it with my BFF this year, means: make-up shopping, getting bubble tea, more make-up shopping, grabbing a Starbucks, finishing with visiting my favourite ramen restaurant. An expensive yet very joyful day!

  20. My perfect V Day would be an all expenses paid trip to the spa. Massage, facial, nails and hair. Significant other optional.

  21. My perfect valentine’s day is spending relaxing day with my friends, splurging a little money on some delicious food at a cafe nearby my school.

  22. If I celebrated V-day (I don’t for a variety of reasons), the perfect way would be with an overnight stay down in Santa Cruz, where I used to live and which I still desperately miss. We’d go down on the 13th, stay the night, go to the beach, wander downtown, visit my favorite shops, then leave in the afternoon, stop at Fry’s (electronics place, geek heaven for us) and stop at Benihana for dinner on the way home.

  23. My anniversary is one week later so we’ll be celebrating both on a day in between eating the (alleged) best Chicago Deep Dish Pizza that can be found in Los Angeles. Ideally, though, I’d like to go ALL out – a nice, low-key evening is just about every evening for us so I’d love to kick it up to eleven and go somewhere swank like a burlesque show, or the Magic Castle and see Misty Lee or Neil Patrick Harris 😀 Even run away for the weekend to a high-end hotel and order room service for two days straight! Now that would be ideal 🙂

  24. My perfect Valentine’s Day would be spending the day with my husband. He’s my best friend. We work together.. so we pretty much spend 24 hours together all the time, unless he’s traveling for work. Our busy season at work is just starting up, so there’s always a chance he’ll be gone for work. So just knowing he’d be home to hang out with me, would be good enough. 🙂

  25. My husband and I have always made a homemade heart-shaped pizza ever since our first Valentine’s Day 20 years ago. Now we make enough heart pizzas for the kids too.

    It has been and will be my favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

  26. The perfect VDay for me would be just a simple night out, probably a dinner and a movie. I love being able to spend time with the hubby and we don’t have enough of it!

  27. Honestly, my perfect Valentines would be a day of relaxing! School has been so hectic or me, and my boyfriend works evenings, so we don’t really get to see eachother a whole lot right now. I would love to just spend a weekend alone, reading a book or watching a movie together…with a homemade meal.

  28. I am actually going to spend V-day the weekend after.

    My perfect day would involve a long stroll down a local park. After that and maybe kites, a delicious dinner of steak (IN AN EMPTY RESTAURANT) and champagne. Go home and buy a cheesecake or chocolates and cuddle up and see a movie (more than likely a comedy)

    It involves alot of food and drink..I know…

  29. My perfect Valentine’s Day would be doing something — anything — out of the ordinary. We’re homebodies who rarely travel and usually go out to dinner as entertainment. Some ideas I have are visiting a museum or two that we’ve been wanting to check out for years (but never did), taking a day trip as tourists, or trying a new sport.

  30. My perfect valentine’s day involves a lot of friends, a lot of tequila and a lot of horror films. ^.^

  31. Let’s see, having someone in love with me would be a good start ^.^ Uh, being together anywhere, doing anything … this is already sounding pathetic, so I’ll just add that I’ve never even gotten flowers from a boyfriend before, and make the sad picture complete! So, guy in love; flowers from him; together, anywhere. That’s my dream Valentine’s Day ^.^

  32. Just spending time with my boyfriend. We tend to like to play video games, and eat sushi. Anything we do together is a fun time. 🙂

  33. Working late on Valentines Day 😦 but all I want is dinner with my boyfriend, and some cupcakes for dessert, some wine and maybe a millionth watch of Hunchback of Notre Dame…

  34. hmm.. I think that I would have the morning to myself to make myself some crepes with cream and watch the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. I would then spend the rest of the day hanging out with my best, sarcastic friend. We would just walk around, get some lunch, check out a museam and just laugh like crazy the whole time. I want to spend a perfect day with my friends, not someone who i’m nervous around the whole time.

  35. I never been in love or had a crush and I don’t like romance personally. But I adore the entire valentines romance couples thing, even though I don’t participate.

    But my perfect valentines day would be going to one of those lounges on a rooftop with quirky dimmed decor. Have one of those pink drinks (ananas, cranberry and vodka). And dance west coast swing with someone.

    Then spend the little hours of the morning drinking cherry wine (just a bit) and eating dark chocolate while engaging in a good ol’ what if convesation with best friend and falling asleep on the couch in a nice warm toasy room while enigma plays in the background.

  36. My vision for a perfect Valentine’s Day would be snowed in, with a stock full of hot chocolate, and lots of Johnny Depp movies. :3 I’ll be spending it alone this year, but that’s a-okay with me. 😀

  37. Hmm. Well, I hate the amount of people out and about on Valentine’s Day (everything is SO crowded) so I think I’d want to spend it in some place where there isn’t a lot of people. I love the desert and have been longing to visit Death Valley so I’d want to go there. Furnace Creek Inn looks absolutely gorgeous. I would love to spend a few days there, just wandering around and taking pictures. I was planning on visiting Death Valley after Thanksgiving last year, but alas, family things came up and I had to cancel. So if I could do anything for Valentine’s Day it would be to make up for the trip I never got to take. As for romance, well, nothing beats the desert night sky!

  38. My perfect Valentines would be in the Botanical Gardens of my home town (when it isnt windy), looking down on the harbour with fish and chips and my boy.
    Just something easy and breezy as long as we werent going up any of the hills in the gardens 😉

    To those who have and who do not have significant others: enjoy the day for what it is – a chance to renew and replenish ties with the ones we love.

  39. The perfect Valentine’s Day for me would be a simple, quiet day spent with my husband. We’ll get a massage then go for pancakes afterwards. 🙂

  40. This year, all I want for Valentine’s Day is a day at home to relax and lay on the couch all day watching movies or playing video games. Then maybe go out to eat someplace fancy with the husband. 🙂

    Crush On You looks good enough to eat, almost like coconut! Thanks for the giveaway Grey!

  41. Ideal Valentine’s day? I don’t celebrate it, so ignoring it entirely, which is what I do every year, including when I was with my ex. Last year the ex and I (post-breakup, we’re still good friends though) ended up spending the day eating crappy Chinese food and freezing our behinds off walking around the city and talking and then I watched some terrible tv. It was nice. This year I’m just hoping no one I know decides to make a big deal out of being single or tries to drag me along on their wacky misadventures.

  42. I think my perfect Valentine’s Day would probably something really nerdy. Wake up with morning cuddles, eat an awesome and unhealthy breakfast (complete with french toast), go for a walk, then play video games and cuddle and troll each other all day long. And then finish the night off with a nice dinner and maybe do some drinking and something exciting after that.

  43. Going out with my friends to a restaurant to celebrate one of my friends birthday (and without her boyfriend). Now that’s bliss!

  44. My ideal Valentine’s Day will be spent with my wonderful boyfriend. I’ll have finished the scarf I’ve been knitting for him and he will hopefully like it D: We’ll get five feet of snow and all of our classes will be canceled, and we’ll cuddle and play WoW all day, and many purples will drop for both of us. Then I’ll get in my touring rocket and fly us to his dorm for Super Smash Bros Brawl, and I’ll beat him at least once and finally get to hit my taunt while he is ringing-out.

    Even if it doesn’t happen like that, I’m sure it will be a wonderful day as long as I’m with him. Heh.

  45. I would be happy if we just took a nice walk together, cooked a nice meal and maybe went out and saw a movie. Nothing too fancy.

  46. Ahhh, I want this D:

    My perfect Valentine’s Day would require the perfect guy. Since I don’t have any guy, it’s pretty hard to imagine – but assuming I already had him, then just being with him, being cooked a nice meal, hanging out together, and some gesture that he loved me, would be super.

    Not necessarily a gift, could be doing the dishes or agreeing to watch a movie with me he’s not interested in, anything slightly selfless that makes me happy.

  47. My perfect Valentine’s Day would be a day off from work & just be able to stay at home & relax with my husband & daughter.

  48. My perfect Valentine’s Day would be spending the day at Disneyland with my husband. Going on all our favorite rides, sharing a Dole Whip, and holding hands while watching the fireworks!

  49. Going to the pub with my best man friend having a laugh and a few drinkies, and then coming home snuggling up with him and watching some films. 🙂 x

  50. This year’s Valentine’s Day will be made perfect if all my English Club students have a good time at the Valentine’s Doughnuts part I’m giving them. I’m always worried about the little buggers, especially on days when you gotta put your heart on the line in high school, nervously offering or hoping for some love! So I want them to feel the lurve of doughnuts and friendly club members.

    And then, everyone I know will give me friend-chocolate. That is the perfect day.

  51. A perfect Valentine’s evening for me = a stack of console games and a giant tiramisu cake; both to be shared with my boyfriend. Secretly I’m extremely low-maintenance when it comes to gifts and holidays, cake is usually my first wish for everything.

  52. If money were not limited, I’d want a day of shopping with my guy. Breakfast in bed, a day trip somewhere, a dinner where we both cooked then consoling the T.V. remote, then bedroom stuff.

    But I’ll be happy with dinner, cupcakes, and consoling the T.V.

  53. My perfect Valentine’s Day is really simple. I’d want to do nothing all day but hang out at home with my husband, and then have dinner from our favourite restaurant delivered. Watch a movie, go to bed.

    It’s not all that exciting or creative, but it’s also really easy to make happen this year!

  54. My perfect v-day is pretty simple actually. I just want to spend it with my fiance and my puppies enjoying each other’s company! We may go out for a fancy meal so we can get dressed up and all, or we may even go to the arcade (which is always fun), but all in all, to make the day perfect it just has to include the 2 of us being together. 🙂

  55. Christian Bale in saran wrap on my doorstep.

  56. My perfect valentines day would be spent on Disneyworld. We would ride everything and meet Mickey and Minnie and eat sweeties and ice cream all day. And then in the evening we would watch the fireworks in the lovely warm Florida night 🙂

  57. I always disliked Valentine’s Day. I hated the forced convention of celebrating something that one should do everyday for everyone they love. But I suppose, if I had to spend it with a significant other I think I’d be content with being holed up with him for at least 6 hours in bed. Then sometime later emerge and go for a nice meal, call my mom, hangout with the best friends. I don’t need heart shaped candies to make me feel loved. 😉

  58. My perfect Valentines day would be a road trip to the country side early in the morning, then hiking and taking pictures of nature for the day. After that, we would have dinner at some kind of small, family owned restaurant. The night would end at a secluded spot with no light pollution, so we could watch the stars.

  59. You just have no idea how much I love Product Body. Her stuff is amazing!!!

  60. What a great giveaway!

    My perfect one would be going to the Melting Pot then out to a movie and finally coming home and drinking some wine and talking with our doggies at our feet. Kinda lame but that’s what I would like to do. 🙂

  61. My perfect Valentine’s Day would be to just spend one whole day with my bf. We would probably go somewhere we can walk around,enjoying each others company, lunch, followed by movie and dinner(i love to eat!) Of course our V-day will mostly end up on a weekend, bc its on a Monday and he’ll be working.

  62. My perfect valentines day would consist of rolling out of bed with the bf, bacon butties for breakfast, a day at the fair and a night at the circus followed by a decent curry. I’m not exactly the romantic type, but give me a laugh and nice food and I’m yours!

  63. TO be honest I think its hard to describe the perfect valentines day. I think its more emotions then anything. To be around someone that gives you the butterflies and make you blush. And I really think you don’t know the perfect day untill it happens, when at the end of the day you just sit there and go ” wow that was perfect”

  64. I would be happy if me and my fiancee just took a nice walk together, cooked a nice meal ,and maybe went out and saw a movie.

  65. My perfect Valentine’s Day would be completely uneventful 😛 My boyfriend works full-time and I’m a full-time student with a part-time job, so we barely get to spend time together. I’d love a low-key day where we wake up sometime in the afternoon, and go to this dessert bar a friend was telling me about yesterday. Then I’d run out of ideas on what to do next, so he’d probably suggest going to a fast food place for dinner, then back home to watch movies. We’d probably watch one before finding something more interesting to do, and then fall asleep sometime before the sun rises.

    And since it’s on a Monday this year and I have an out-of-town funeral to attend the weekend before, I doubt any of that will be happening. So basically, a Valentine’s Day for which I had to do nothing would just be the most perfect thing ever.

  66. Hi! I stumbled across your blog looking for Latherati reviews, but got hooked on all the etsy reviews. I have a huge wishlist now…

    My perfect valentines day would be to get some alone time. I’d head to the local coffee shop for tea and a scone, then hang out at home next to the fire-place with a pile of books.

  67. My perfect Valentines Day would include my boyfriend taking me out to eat sushi (he hates it!) and giving me a foot massage afterwards, while we would be watching a good movie and eating chocolate.

  68. My perfect Valentines Day would be any time we could actually spend together, things have been so busy and crazy it’s been forever. Nice day in the bookstore/coffee shop rambling about all the things we’ve missed.

  69. I Think the perfect Valentine’s Day would be spending a day at home with the real loved person spending the night together talking by candlelight and had a home made dinner
    🙂 think that so romantic

  70. my perfect valentines day would just to do something fun with someone i love, like go to an amusement park or spend the day in orange county in the cool beach towns going to all the shops and eating out at one of the nice little beachfront restaraunt 🙂 i’d rather do something fun and memorable then eat at an expensive romantic restaraunt

  71. My perfect Valentine’s Day would be to spend time with someone that I love. I know that sounds cliche, but being along on Valentine’s Day for the first time in 5 years is a little disheartening. 😦

  72. My perfect Valentine’s Day would be spent shopping with my husband, having pizza and beer for dinner, and then some quality time in a jacuzzi.

  73. My perfect Valentine’s day would be to spend it with my family, since I don’t have a lover at the moment. I love my fam, so why not celebrate Valentine’s day with them? We’ll get a big ol’ cake and watch movies together. Sounds perfect to me.