I’m going to have to push the pause button on tomorrow’s RSW post.  I HAD a bottle of High Beam and I wasn’t able to find it, so I had to order a new one from Sephora, but I neglected to pay the $3 for quicker shipping and it’s not here yet.

But, that give me more time to work on the Inglot post due Friday.  I have almost dozen products to review and over fifty shadows to swatch!


5 Responses to “Pause!”

  1. You definitely spoil us! Thank you for the reviews, i can’t wait to read the reviews on friday! 🙂

  2. Looking forward to the Inglot review but I’m disappointed to hear that they’re raising the prices of their 10 pan palettes. I don’t know if they’ll do it in Australia as well but I suspect they will.

  3. More time for Angry Birds for you!

  4. You need to start hiding the good stuff/has yet to be reviewed stuff when your family comes around. xD