Inglot – A Review

I’ve been reading reviews and watching videos from some of my favorite gurus (and some not so favorite ones) talking about Inglot.  For a while I wasn’t all that interested, I mean why fall in love with a product you can never have only to have your heart broken time and time again?  Everything changed for me when I discovered that just up the coast from me in the gorgeous OC there was one of only five Inglot stores in the US at Fashion Island in Huntington Beach.  It has only been open since mid November.  It didn’t take long before I was there.  What I love about this company that it is from Poland.  I know I’ve mentioned a few times my Mom’s family is Croatian, well my Dad’s was straight up from Warsaw.

INGLOT Company was established over 25 years ago by Wojtek Inglot, a young chemist working at that time in R&D department in pharmaceutical company.

His principal objective was to produce high quality products at fair and reasonable prices, using only the best possible ingredients and raw materials from the most reputable suppliers.

Wojtek Inglot is still directly involved in the formulation and design process of all new Inglot products.

All Inglot cosmetics are produced within the European Union and 95% of them are manufactured in our own state of art production facilities.

We work with make-up artists and colour consultants to bring the latest trends in colour, texture and form to the market. We are constantly developing new products and have just launched the world’s first ever Breathable Nail Enamel ensuring better health care for nails whilst enhancing their beauty.

The Store

The store is situated in the posh Fashion Island mall, which I’ve been to a few times and really love for it’s wide variety amazing shops.  Inglot is one of the newest stores and just about hidden in the back by Macy’s.  The outside is very unassuming and the inside is spacious, bright, and sparse.  It was LOUD and empty when I was there, so I’m sure had more people been browsing the music wouldn’t have been so deafening and maybe a bit appropriate.  I was greeted by Ashley, a tiny and adorable little blond who reminded me of LaurenWK.  She was really helpful and took me around the store to introduce me to their range of products before I settled myself upon the Freedom Palette island.

You can take my virtual tour of the store by clicking here.

She stayed close enough that when I had questions about things she was there, but didn’t hover.  She knew the product, too, which is refreshing, IMO.  She not only knew the company history but the colors, finishes, and wear.  The few times I’ve been back I’ve found all the staff to be amazing.  I saw Liz the second time I was there and she was really helpful and sweet, in fact when I called one afternoon to ask an insane amount of questions she was friendly and very accommodating.  Even when I called BACK back.


They sell a huge variety of products and just about everything you might need or want cosmetics wise from primers to foundations, powders, concealers and blushes to all sort of lip sticks and glosses, a huge variety of eye shadows, pigments, liners and mascaras, as well as a almost a whole wall of nail polishes.

Nail Polish

Inglot first started out making polishes.  They currently have a HUGE selection.  They make a range of bases and top coats, a line for men, a wide variety of colors and finishes, as well as a line of mattes.  I picked up a pastel shade in 971 which is a lovely lilac, an iridescent glitter topcoat in XL6, and a beautiful rich matte red in 727 (which I got for my giveaway).

I found the polishes to be very nice.  The formula was creamy and opaque and dried easily.  971 wore very well and with the addition of the glitter top coat remained nice and nearly chip free for much longer then I anticipated.

I go through phases where I collect and wear polishes and right now I’ve been wearing my Inque nails a lot, but I do hope to make it back up to Inglot soon to pick up some more of these shades.  IMO they are so much better then China Glaze/MAC/OPI, etc.  Each bottle contains 15ml/.51 ounces of polish.

AMC Lip Gloss

They have a bunch of different glosses, but since I already have such a massive collection, I wasn’t going to get any.  That is until I spotted the amazing duochrome goodness of the AMC glosses.  They come in a few shades, but I got 546.  I actually got two, again one for my giveaway.  I didn’t realize I’d seen it used in tutorials before, because like I mentioned I’d been silently ignoring Inglot for a while.  The second time I went back I also got it in 542.  546 is more of an opal and 542 is more of a pink.  And duochrome is the wrong word, there are pinks and greens and yellows ad blues and purples and pinks all over the place.

The gloss is smooth and nonsticky and comes in the traditional sort of tube (although this one is square) with a doe foot applicator.  Each tube is 5 ml/0.17 ounces.

I really love how these wear and look.  They layer amazingly over lipsticks or stains and hold their own on their own as sheer glosses.  These are an amazing Inglot find and I’m hoping to get the rest of the collection.  I didn’t find myself reapplying it throughout the day, it stayed around well.  They are very light and moist and I don’t find it traveling all over my lips throughout the day.  It has a soft almost fruity flavor that I love, similar to the other lip products.

The shades are not full on obvious color shifters, but catch it on your lips in the right light and they are definitely pretty unique.

Waterproof Gel Liner

I was still trying to find the perfect black liner.  I’m learning that I really do prefer a gel liner applied with a thin long brush.  Waterproof gel liners work best in my waterline and don’t transfer.  It’s not a good thing, no matter what certain gurus claim.  At only $12 (before the increase) for 5.5 grams this liner was an amazing find compared to it’s MAC counterpart which is $15.50 for 2.5 grams..  It comes in 20 opaque matte shades (Fluidline only comes in 9).  I got it in 77, which is the black and 75, which is a deep purple, maybe an eggplant.

This is my new Holy Grail liner.  This is hands down the best gel liner I have ever used.  It stayed in place, even in my waterline ALL DAY and yet came off when I wanted it off.

The black is very pigmented and deep, rich and matte, which I love about a liner.  It is easy to apply and you can also use it as a stay in place base for more dramatic eyes.  I only needed to go over my waterline once and it was solid, some gel liners leave streaks or less pigmented areas.  These are wonderful and because the purple is so dark and boarders on black it makes my brown eyes just crazy golden without being OMGPURPLE.  Some days I do subtle.

Cream Concealer

I was impressed that Ashley knew right away what my coloring was and that I was actually a golden undertone even though I was beautifully pale.  Anyone who tells me that is my instant best friend because around here? Pale is not only rare but apparently odd.

The concealer comes in a tube and contains 10 ml/0.33 ounces.  I got 34, which is the lightest warm tone shade they make.  It was very easy to apply with both my fingertips as well as a brush and blended out much easier then I thought it would (I’m still new at figuring out concealers) and it wore all day.  I dusted a little powder over the top.  I was with my cousin the first time I wore it.  She came over that evening after being at Ikea and after I washed my face she looked at me (it was just after the Mark lotion broke my face out) all crazy.  With the concealer on she didn’t realize anything was wrong.  After I came out of the bathroom she was suddenly worried something was wrong with my face, and she’d been with me all day.  Either she’s very unobservant or this is a great product.

Cream Foundation

One of the ways Ashley matched me to my foundation was standing in front of a mirror and comparing my skin to hers.  She knew what shade she wore in that particular foundation and knowing how I compared to her made it very easy for us to figure out what might match me (I’d just been at the Chanel counter and didn’t want to redo my face being swatch matched).  Turns out I wear the lightest shade, which is 21.  The scent is light and fresh and not ‘cosmetic’ like.  It’s thick and offers a nice full coverage wear with a built in primer.

I found I had to lightly powder my face, the cream was a little different finish then I was used to wearing, but it was great and worked really well all night and didn’t wear off or melt.  I only recently got this, so haven’t worn it enough days in a row to give a full opinion on it, but so far I think it’s great.  It doesn’t cake or break me out, which right now are both pluses, although honestly it might not be best for more oily or problem skin.

Slim Gel  Lipstick

I chose this in 50, which is a pale neutral.  The lipstick, which is actually more of a sheer tint, is rich with moisturizers that make it easy to wear.  They come in long slim tubes and contain 1.8 g/0.06 ounces of product.  Inglot’s packaging is all very sleek and very functional and that is really highlighted with these little lip sticks.  The tube is just so posh and simple.

This is a barely there color, so it’s very hard to say much about these lipsticks opacity in other shades or how they wear or last as a color.  This is an easy product to wear without much fuss.  They are made with avocado oil, so they do  leave my lips very soft.

AMC Lip Paint

I almost skipped these little pots.  I was talking to another woman shopping and she told me I should try them out, they were similar to the lipstick in the Freedom Palettes.  So I checked them out, and they are about the same.  They come in little jars and hold about .16 ounces of product, which is a really nice amount.  The smell amazing.  I wasn’t going to get one, just look at them, until I smelled them.  I love the way Inglot lip products smell, and this was just quintessential.  I chose 53, which is a mauvey-nude shade.  My natural lip color is fairly pigmented and a very similar shade.  It’s a great ‘nude’ color for me to pair with purple smoky eyes.

These are best applied with a lip brush and you don’t need much.  They are great to wear, although I’m not crazy about taking them out with me if I need to touch up, I’d prefer a stick, really or a small palette.  I would really like to try this in a BRIGHT shade, though.


I almost didn’t get a brush. They had some synthetic ones and then some real hair ones. I don’t care for real hair ones at all. Ugg.  Still, I picked up 28.  It’s pony and ox and it reminds me of how my uncle’s farm used to smell and nostalgia won over.  I really liked the shape of it, it’s like a MAC 227 and I’ve been meaning to get something similar.

I also got two lip brushes, one to fit in a little palette and one to fit in a longer palette.

They really aren’t all that remarkable for me to comment much on them, so I apologize.

The Freedom System

What you seem to hear most about when someone mentions Inglot is the Freedom System palettes, and rightly so.  The system is a series of super strong and super durable magnetized palettes that you can customize with any of the amazing super pigmented shades that Inglot makes.

They are available in several configurations including square (just shadows), round (for shadows, brows, lips, and concealer), and the face (blush and shadows or powder, blush, and shadows).  They range in size from a two shadow square compact to a ten shadow square compact.  The square palettes cost more then the circle ones (at this time, by about 10%).

Square shadows are 2.7 g/.09 oz and round ones are 1.8 g/.06 oz and are about 8$ each (purchased in a palette).  For comparison a regular MAC shadow is 1.6g/.05 ounces for $14.50 (or$11 Pro).

The possible layouts.

I ended up getting two 10 square shadows, a two 10 round mixed, a mixed face compact, and a 3 Pro lipstick compact, a 10Pro lipstick, a 10 square shadow, and three 3 square shadow palettes.

The palettes themselves are thin and black.  The lids are clear and frosted, so you can see what color palette you have if you arranged them by color.  It stays closed with four tiny magnets at the side.  These buggers are REALLY strong.  It’s easiest to open by sliding the top rather then trying to pull it off straight.

The shadows come in several finishes :

  • your basic matte shadow (Matte)
  • a matte base with a touch of light sparkle (DS)
  • a shimmery base with a touch of sparkle or shimmer (AMC and AMC Shine)
  • lightly pearly finish (Pearl)

Blushes are available in the same finishes.  Their face powders are either matte or with a ‘glowing’ shimmer similar to DS.

Thanks, Mom!

I’ve read a lot of reviews that say that the tins are really hard to get out of the palette once they are in, but I haven’t found that to be true at all.  They remove really simply and easily with a pin.  You can pop them in and out to rearrange your shades or to check the number.

They are stackable.  The magnets keep them all together.  I have a total of five full sized palettes, though, and they are so heavy duty that a stack of five is REALLY heavy and they don’t STICK together, the top magnets won’t be strong enough.  They stack up to three palettes very nicely, anything over that and it’s tricky.  They’ll store very nicely, but should be carried carefully.  I can hold a stack of three from the lid on top and shake it and they stay together.

They are amazing for professional kits, but maybe not all that practical to just throw in your purse and go.  However, they DO make carrying palettes that are lighter and travel well, which are ironically called the Pro Palette.  I have these flip top palettes in a 3 Round and a 5 round that I used for lipstick, but they also has a couple other layout options.  They also sell little brushes made to fit inside them.

You can see some of the travel palette options here.

To customize a palette you use a magnetic tray and browse the colors loose on the table.  You can them pick things up at your leisure and lay them on the tray, the pans will stick.  You can work with your choices, making sure you got the right combination, shades, finishes.  You use a new tray for each palette.  When you’re done you hand them over and they will be pulled together and created for you.  You can elect to have them open things and put the palette together, or just have the product bagged and you can do it yourself.  I opted for the latter, hence the giant pile of loose pans I’d been playing with.

I’ve been wearing my Inglot stash almost exclusively for the last month.

10 Square Palettes

The two palettes I customized were in purples/browns and pinks/corals.  They also include a variegated collection of greys, from white to black, along one side giving the two palettes a total of 5 four shadow collections.

From top to bottom left to right the shades for the red palette : Pearl 449, AMC 50, Pearl 431, DS 488, Pearl 420, AMC Shine 15, Matte 361, Pearl 393, DS 467,  and Matte 373 (White)

From top to bottom left to right the shades for the purple palette : Matte 348, Matte 392, AMC Shine 39, Pearl 439, DS 491 (my favorite purple), AMC 63 (black), DS 463, DS 501, DS 465, and Matte 378

10 Round Palettes

The two round palettes I got were very different.  The first I picked up is a mix of products.  Starting on the left I chose two concealers (LW 100 and LW 200) , a brow powder and a setting wax (562 and 571), two neutral lipsticks (29 and 44), and four neutral shadows (Matte 363, Matte 390, DS 463, Pearl 399) for an everyday, complete look collection.

The second palette I customized is a collection of a mish-mash of brights in a variety of finishes  From the left to right, top to bottom: DS 464, AMC 51, AMC 60, DS 477, Matte 372, DS 504, AMC Shine 33, DS 483, Matte 379, DS 496.

Pro Palettes

The first lipstick palette I chose was a collection of three BRIGHT shades and the second is a collection of five very neutral pale shades.  Each contains a brush.  Technically you can get these Pro Palettes in any combination of round products you want, but since they snap shut I really thought they’d work best for lipsticks for me.  The neutral palette is : 05, 67, 25, 39 (with the nick out of it), and 12.  The bright palette is 69, 90, and 27, which is the perfect warm red for me.  I bought a couple extra just to have them.

Mixed Square Palette

The mixed square palette I customized has a large  AMC face powder in 55, which is the lightest shade and contains 13grams of product.  A MAC powder, for example, is typically 12grams.  It also contains a blush (although any of the shadows can also be used to highlight, contour, or as a blush) in 36 and contains 7grams of product.  It also had two of the square shadows in it, I chose Matte 352 to use as a highlight and Matte 362 to be used as a bright blush.

5 Square Palette

After my third trip to the store, the 10 Square Palettes were sold out, so instead I ended up picking out a 5.  I chose shades of rich golds and coppers ( AMC Shine 07, AMC Sine 25, DS 461, Pearl 430, AMC Shine 12).

3 Square Palettes

I picked out a total of five 3 Squares.  One was sent off to Phyrra (she’d given me an idea of colors she thought were interesting) and one is a prize.  The remaining three were a complimentary trios in BRIGHT colors.  One is in acid greens, (AMC Shine 16, DS 447, Matte 384) one is in aquas (AMC Shine 30, 24, and 32), and one is in bright blues (DS 478, 480, and 483).  I got a few repeats in these just because it’s easier to toss thee little 3 Palette in my bag then the full 10 if I’m going out.

The Shadows

I am so thoroughly impressed with these shadows that I’ve made the four hour round trip (plus the toll road) three times now to keep getting more.  They are insanely pigmented and what you see in the pan is what you get on your eye, in most cases even without primer.  They wear very well with no fading or creasing all day.  Some shades are a tad on the sheer side, but I’m told it’s because they are supposed to be that way, it’s certainly not how ALL the shadows are.

The mattes are the best.  They have a HUGE selection of them so if shimmer or shine isn’t your thing you can still customize a ton of options.  They blend well and aren’t a chalky or sticky mess like you see with a lot of other matte shades.

Even the glittery shades are not glitterbombs.  The DS (Double Sparkle?) are subtle shades with a matte base with a touch of depth.

I was the biggest skeptic with this company, really.  Sure, these gurus were singing their praises but frankly I have NO respect for most of them, they praise repackaged or wholesale products as being SUPER AMAZING when all they are are repackaged or resold wholesale and they have NO actual cosmetic knowledge to speak of.  One actually made a video claiming a product was horrible but she didn’t know how to actually store it or use it properly.  Ug.

These live up to my expectations and then some and were one of the primary motivations for me purging of all my MAC products (which I have actually already done now).

The Lipsticks

I love these.  For the price and the endless number of combination you can create I couldn’t be happier.  You get 1.2 grams/.04 ounces.  They are not like pot glosses they are full on opaque longer wearing shades.  They come in a few different finishes and some of the more shimmery ones didn’t wear as well or last as long, they still surprised the heck out of me, so much so I went back to make a whole new palette of them.  I am a fan of the nudes, I always have issues with finding a good creamy nude that covers my natural lip color well but these were it, which explains the entire palette of ‘blah’ colors (although PERFECT for smokey eyes).  They had several tone options for their lipstick pans so that I could get enough to match whatever eye I might wear.

The Brow Products

The brow powder is really similar to the shadows but… thicker?  If that’s possible.  They make my brows look fairly thick and full, which I am really into these days.  I admit I haven’t used the brow wax, but my cousin got a 3 Pro Palette in two brow shades and a wax and she says she uses the wax every day.  Then again she wears her brow a bit more wild then I do.  It would honestly be a product I would admit to being skip-able, a regular shadow (if you found a matte shade that matched) would do the trick.

The Concealer

Again, I wasn’t expecting much from these, how great can a little pan of concealer be?  I’d compare these to MAC’s Studio Finish for coverage and wear.  They come in quite a few shades, I didn’t see them listed on the site, though.  My one complaint is they were hard to judge, they were such a mess on the table getting a clean swatch was sort of hard.  I don’t wear them under my eye, so I can’t say how they are for creasing, but over little problem spots they are ace.

The Face Powder

I was a little upset they don’t have lighter shades of this.  Even at it’s lightest it’s a tad dark, but it’s one of those powders that make you look healthy.  It’s not ‘powdery’ and it wears well.  I use this all be it light shade as a ‘bronzer’ of sorts and it’s been working great as a contour color as well.

Since it is dark, I haven’t worn it all over my face to say how long it lasted or how well it held up.

The Blush

I’m not sure the blush is any different a formula then the shadows.  They are insanely pigmented and long wearing.  They have a ton of options, you could probably find a few dupes of your favorites (Orgasm, I’m looking at you).  I would say the blushes are not a must have, like I said, you can use most shadows as blushes/highlights/etc.

The Price Increase

Considering I have a HUGE collection of Inglot, a lot of people have been asking me my feeling about the price increase.

Do I think the new prices are worth paying? YES.

Simply taking a look at the sizes you can see you are still getting MUCH MORE of a MUCH NICER quality product for LESS MONEY piece by piece.  The overall price increase for individual products will only be around $1, and to be honest everything was so fairly priced before it’s still not even priced on ‘average’.  Sure, a $30 price jump seems like a lot, but the prices on some of the smaller palettes only went up $2, $4, or $8 and are still an affordable option.

I called and talked to my local store and asked a ton of questions:

Are all your prices going up?

Yes, company wide the prices are going up, although in staggered phases. The US is currently going up about $1-$2 per product and then the increases on the palettes.

What are the new prices for the  Freedom Palettes?

    • The 10 Squares are going from $50 to $80.  Each shadow is $8.
    • The 10 Round are going from $45 to $70.  Each shadow is $7.
    • The 5 Round are going from $25 to $38.  Each shadow is 7.60.
    • The 5 Square are going from $30 to $43.  Each shadow is $8.60.
    • The 4 Square are going from $26 to $34.  Each shadow is $8.50.
    • The 3 Square are going from $20 to $24.  Each shadow is $8.
    • The 2 Square are going from $16 to $18.  Each shadow is $9.
    • The 4 Blush is going from $42 to $54.  Each blush is $13.40.
    • The Multi-Face is going from $40 from $50.
    • The 4 Squares with a Blush are going from $33 to $45

Are the Pro Palette prices going up as well?

Yes, the 3 is going from $16 to $21 and the 5 from $25 to $34.

The Multi-Pro is going from $33 to $50 as well.

What is the reason for the increase?

Growth!  There are several new stores in the planning stages now in the US hoping to open in the next year or so.

Will there be more price increases?


Are there any new products planned?

New products, no, but they will be expanding their range of colors (such as both lighter and darker foundations, more neutrals, etc etc).

20 Square Palettes will be available soon for $157 and 20 Round for $137.

Will you be able to order online soon?

Yes.  They are launching a webstore VERY soon.



Since this post I’ve done SEVERAL updates on Inglot as well as the product.  Please search INGLOT on the little bar over there for more ➔


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  1. Sounds pretty impressive. I hope they open a store near where I live so I can check it out. I really want to try their gel eyeliner and concealer. So far I’ve had bad luck with eyeliners, since my lids are oily and that just causes the liner to smudge so easily.

    • My lids are fairly normal, I guess. Nothing dry or greasy. I just don’t get along with eyeliner, though.

  2. Thank you for such a thorough review! I’ve been watching Nea from Finland rave about these on her blog for sometime. Now I have schedule a visit to my brother so I can visit the Fashion Island store!

  3. Fantastic review. I’ve kind of been avoiding Inglot because of the lack of availability, but your review has convinced me it’s worth the effort to hunt this down. The gloss sounds amazing, I could do with some of that concealer, and everything else sounds simply fantastic.

    • I thought it was well worth checking out. I’m sure once they get the webstore up and running things will be so great!

  4. Holy wowza I want me some Inlgot!!! I’ve been seeing the name pop up everywhere on my blogroll, especially from the bloggers in the UK! Oh, those lip glosses look SO divine!! I’d love to give those gel liners a go as well! Nothing stays in my wateline I sware by the time I grab the camera whatever liner I’ve used is already startin gto wear off…..Lovely review! Very detailed, very helpful!

    • Thank you so much! I could have gone on forever, but I get to the point I worry people are going to stop reading…

      I need to check out your new stuff, too.

  5. Jules Noctambule February 4, 2011 at 11:30 am

    Typical me — I figure out that there’s a store by my aunt and by my brother *after* there’s a price increase! But at least now I know it’s well worth the money and the hunting down next time I visit either of them.

    • They don’t go up until Monday, you have the weekend!

      • Jules Noctambule February 4, 2011 at 3:05 pm

        I don’t much fancy my chances of getting to New Jersey this weekend, what with the weather! Miami is a bit of a haul, too, but there’s always the slim chance I could coax my brother (or his girlfriend, more possibly) into going for me, assuming he’s even in the states right now. Hmm. . .now, there’s another idea! He usually brings me wine and art from his travels, but maybe I can talk him into switching that for makeup. 😉

  6. Now I *really* want to try Inglot. Everything looks amazing. I’d love some lipswatches of the brights, though! ^_^

  7. Wow, amazing review! I’ve been searching for something like this for the longest time. And thanks for the breakdown on the price increases. There was so much speculation going on on twitter, and it’s just nice to see how much everything is being increased. I guess I just wished it was a gradual increase to $80.

    BTW, does the Inglot store you go to have special sales? I’m really kicking myself for not taking the 20% off sale my store had a week ago.

    • They do! If you sign up for the email list they tell you if they are promoting something. All store are different, though.

  8. You’re amazing 😮 !

    I think the single eye-shadows are much, much pricey around here :/ .

    • Thank you! Go enter my contest, maybe you’ll win some!

      • Sure!

        And what you said about customer service – it’s excellent in our shop, too – they want to help, but don’t hover, they know their stuff.
        I was quite pleasantly surprised!

  9. I had planned on visiting the London Inglot back in December but had to cancel my trip because of the terrible snow. I’m going back to London next month (if all goes to plan) and I want to pick up some Inglot, especially the gel liners and eyeshadows. You’re right, it’s still fantastic value, every swatch and review I’ve seen has sung their praises. Thanks for the info x

    • I’m notoriously hard to please sometimes and I walked into the store not expecting much. Even with the price change I’m a loyal convert now!

  10. Wow, great review!
    I like their brush. My HG eye shadow brush is the number 9s. It’s working for everything!
    The matte polishes are beautiful, i really like the satin finish of mine.
    The eye shadows are great and the color range is AMAZING!
    plus they do some really good promotions.
    I also have a liquid liner which is good.
    Inglot = quality, I just whish they be in France…

  11. *high-five’s for all the Poles in the house*

    I’m about an hour west from Fashion Island so I’ll have to check Inglot out next time my mom wants to go to the OC to shop. I’m definitely curious about their shadows and lip products!
    Amazing review, Grey, as always!

    • Woot. Me and my cousins called ourselves the ‘Ski Team’ in high school since we all had long nearly unpronounceable last names that ended in -ski!

      If you do go, let me know!

  12. I love that you bombarded them with questions and they were happy to answer. It sounds like they have amazing customer service period, not that you just happened to catch an employee who cared.

    I keep looking at those gel liners and nail polishes, wondering if they’re worth it. I fear that as soon as I have money to spare, I won’t have it for long.

    If they do happen to open a store here (Mall of America brings in a lot of tourists and business, after all), I hope that they screen the heck out of potential employees; I honestly fear it could turn into the local Sephora and MAC freestanders, where 98% of employees don’t give a hoot. I’d probably go inside once to see the colors up close and then stick to website shopping, because the store would probably fall prey to the same “problem customers” that MAC gets.

    • From what I understand they have a pretty good screening process. I’ve worked with three different people when I’ve gone, Liz, Ashley and a guy who’s name I don’t remember. He was great too, and even managed to wrangle a gaggle of middle-schoolers who were trolling the shop.

      I called back a few times and they were very patient, reading me the price change list and answering all my concerns!

  13. There’s one Inglot store in the UK. One.

    Someone posted some swatches of their mattes and I instantly wanted them. I’m at a loss for highly pigmented, pressed matte eyeshadow shades. I don’t even mind paying however much Inglot want for them. But is it too much to ask to have more than one store? Or an website from which their products can be purchased?

    Rage. I’ve resigned myself to saving up like £100 so I can splurge at some unspecified point in the future where I may be able to purchase their products, if I travel to the capital. Maybe.

    Is the price hike US specific or for all countries?

    • All the shops will be going through an increase. Some (Australia, I think) already did. I’m not sure when they might hit the UK or European locations.

      • Thanks for the reply. It’s still cheaper than most other brands so I’m willing to pay. If I can get down there before the price increase though, that’s cool too 😛

  14. You make me feel really lazy when you drive 4 hours to go to Inglot, and I whine because it’s a 45 min drive to the shop in NJ and about a 30 min train ride to the one in NYC. Now THAT’S commitment!

    Wow, well….swatches or not I am sold. Thanks for being so detailed despite not feeling well.

    I also have a love for all things polish since I’m halfsies (the other half is sicilian and totally dominant so you’d never know). I only wish my Babcia taught my mother and I polish. Her reason why: “I didn’t want you to know what I was saying!”

    • I have a few phrases I use CONSTANTLY that irritate my friends and my cousins on the OTHER side of the family.

      • Wow that sounds awfully familiar! My Sicilian father practically refuses to believe that any of his kids are Pollacks!

  15. What a great review! You answered a lot of my questions regarding Inglot so thank you! I’m looking forward to a webstore and more actual stores here.

  16. I am so jealous of your stash :D. Hopefully they get a store in Calgary soon, that would be awesome. I would love to try their liners and maybe actually start using foundation!

    • Yes, be very jealous! I think they have something like three Canadian stores planned. I wish I wrote that down…

  17. Ooh I might have to check out this store. I went to the Inglot in Las Vegas and was VERY disappointed. I actually walked out without buying anything because the sales assistants working there were very rude, which is a shame, because from what I hear, everyone else at other Inglots are quite polite!

    • This store (as well as the one in New York) has EXCELLENT customer service and I really recommend them. I might write to the company just to let them know, I was that impressed!

  18. Great review! I’m drooling for matte shades and liner, but sadly it would be a 12 hour drive to the nearest one. For now, I shall wait for the online store.

  19. I’m dying to see that gloss layered over Morgana’s Azalea blue.
    The glosses look so pretty!
    The liners sound like a MUST HAVE.

    So when you say cream foundation, do you mean it stays a bit dewy? or does it dry to a powder finish? The fact that it doesn’t break you out OR cake is awesome.

    The lipstick tubes remind me of the MAC slimshines. Nice. And I love that they have avocado oil. Cool 🙂

    I like the palette shape and it certainly seems sturdy!

    I’m particularly interested in their mattes. The dark grey I have is really nice, thank you! Matte 362 is gorgeous. The acid greens look amazing.

    I can’t wait til they have an online store. I’m going to be purchasing mattes.

    • It’s just thick. It’s a cream, not even a liquid so it’s FULL coverage. It was very natural. What would that be called, satin? I’m going to wear it out this weekend and figure it out.

      I need a look now, girl 🙂

  20. what an amazingly helpful review! i wish there was a store near me. i could spend hours in there! i’m a lip gloss junkie and they look so beautiful! oh and the palettes…drool!!! anxious for the online availability.

    thank you for such an informative review! one of the best i’ve ever read.

  21. Hubby and I are discussing going back to the US soon and all I can think about is Inglot. I was in NYC right after they opened their Time Square store and I will always regret not knowing back then what I was missing by not entering. 😦

    I hope their online store will ship to Argentina. Fingers crossed.

    • I’m sure they will. If you call a store they will ship an order via UPS, but I’d wait for the webstore.

  22. Thank you for the review! It is very well thought out and has tons of info (like every review you do).
    Can’t wait to see swatches! Everything you bought looks lovely.
    Those lip glosses remind me of an Estee Lauder one that I loved in high school!

  23. Whoah! Looks like Inglot is going to give MAC a run for its money in the future. I can’t wait to try their items. Oh I really hope the website is up soon!

    Also: How does the gel eyeliner compare to the Wet N Wild creme eyeliner? I bought it when you featured it in a favourites post… I think over a year over? and I’ve loved it, and wonder if this is better 😀

    • It is better. I loved the WnW one for SO long. I like that there are more color options. I noticed that after a while the WnW one was dry to the point it flaked? off my waterline. So far the Inglot one does not.

  24. Wow fantastic review (and haul for that matter!). Very helpful and indepth! I only have a few Inglot products (all presents/prizes) but I really love them. Now i need to try other products too! I wonder if they do concealer/foundation in my shade. I love the freedom system, it’s so clever and fun. I wonder if the prices are being hiked over here too.
    Anyway thanks again for the great review!

  25. I just love Inglot! I have only one 10 round eyeshadow palette but I am planning on getting few of them definitely. 🙂

    In the meantime, I’ve tried their gel liners which are AWESOME! My favorite one is #87. I just love it! I’ve also tried their cream blushes – those are simply a dream come true ❤ I have #81 and it looks stunning, so long-lasting and amazingly pigmented!

    A month ago I purchased their Cuticle Removing Gel and it really helped me to deal with my horrible cuticles. 🙂

    I've swatched many of their products and you can see them on my blog too. 🙂 And check out my reviews. I also want to try their brushes, I've heard they are good so I want one for contouring at least. 🙂

    And when it comes to their prices, I might tell you that here in Croatia (btw. you're Croatian! Hello there! 😀 Speak any Croatian? :D) they're quite expensive – I mean, their freedom system is. My 10 round eyeshadow palette was more than $60 and that's with 20% discount included (it's a discount they offer for now, since it's a new store in Zagreb, the only one) which means it will cost more 😦 So, your new prices aren't even that high. 😀

  26. Wow! Great review Grey! I’ll have to re-read it onceI’m at home(curently at work on the cell phone). I can’t wait to see the swatches. That mall is about 3 hours away from me.. maybe if i can take a day off i can make a trip out there! I really wanna try the lipglosses and grab a few colors for the palette!

  27. Great review, so much pretty stuff! I love that red/pink/coral palette you put together, and also the 3 square aquas. I can’t WAIT for them to get their online store up. I’m going to go broke!

  28. Oh my good god, those glosses look incredible. Off to enter THAT giveaway 😀

    Er – great review BTW!!! Very comprehensive and fun to read … almost as much fun as buying all the pretties for myself, but without the bill ^.^

  29. SO very much drooling over the glosses, and I adore the idea of a functional, customizable palette. (And I have unruly brows, so a brow powder would be nice – I’m curious how it compares to Meow’s Browbeaters, which I currently use.)

    And hey, Fashion Island is about 5 minutes from work! I could totally go shopping there instead of going home…

  30. Thanks for such a comprehensive review. Don’t worry, it wasn’t too long at all!
    I’m looking forward to their webstore since I’m a good 5 hours from NY/NJ.
    I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  31. You make me wish I had a Inglot store nearby! Thanks for such a thorough review!

  32. I miss Inglot. I used to have one 10m min from my house but it closed down about 2 years ago. If the comming website sells to canada i will be very happy. i loved there lipsticks and shadows sooo much.

  33. Wow! What a great and very in depth review! Now I really want an Inglot outlet in Toronto!!! I can’t wait until I am able to order online. 🙂

  34. It sounds like their face products, concealer, foundation, powder etc wouldn’t work for me, which is unfortunate. If I thought I could get a blush, concealer, face powder, brow powder, lipstick and some eyeshadows all in one palette and I picked all the colours of myself, I probably would pay that much for it.

    As it is, though, the price increase just makes me uninterested. It’s such a massive jump. If it was a response to the company being in dire need of change because they were about to go bust I’d understand, but it sounds like they just increased price so they could increase profit margins, spread faster, etc. In the UK we are constantly paying more than the US (it’s MUCH MUCH worse in Australia and Norway and other places, too, I know) and I’m just so tired of people hiking prices because they can and they can get away with it.

    When you start out you should be deciding what your product, your company is worth, and then charge that much for it. If it needs ammending because of supplier prices changing, or tax, or a hard financial year, or inflation, fine. But not just because you can get more. That makes me feel like a dollar sign, and like they don’t care about their customers at all.

    One of the reasons I love Fyrinnae is that they don’t charge more even though they could because they want more people to be able to afford more things. You don’t see that… anywhere else. At all. It’s all about profit margins and covering costs but still being competitive. I miss the idea that it’s just nice for more people to be able to enjoy your product.

    I guess I also have an instinctive “neh” reaction to anyone who makes face products in the same old colours. If Illamasqua did a build-your-own palette system I would be all over that.

    ALL THAT SAID your haul is AMAZING. HOLY CRAP WOMAN I think it’s worth more than my house. Which I don’t even own. I can’t wait to see swatches! I agree that the lip glosses look absolutely stunning and the eyeliner sounds amazing. Do they say if the gel liner is waterline safe? I don’t know of any that is but, like you, it’s a risk I’m happy to take personally.

    Fantastically, brilliantly written post. I was so glad you listed all the prices and discussed the freedom system because I was totally confused for the first half, but then it all made sense. Brilliant pictures, too. I think the formatting was great – you had a hell of a lot to say, and as I’m no stranger to long posts myself I know it can be hard to make it all easy to read, but I think you did a great job. Idk why I’m explaining all this, but you evidently put a ton of work into it, so I figured I should say I appreciate it and it was super :3
    This is less a review and more an “everything you need to know about” Inglot, it’s so comprehensive =D

    • It always means a lot to me when you compliment something I’ve written. It took almost a month to sit myself down (between everything else) and get it done.

      It is waterline safe, I asked, because I… well I test people and info like that 🙂 But you’re right, I wouldn’t have cared anyway!

      • Oooh, that’s something! I haven’t found a gel eyeliner yet which is.
        I understand that giant posts are like, I can definitely see how this took so long. Bwaha and you still has a billion swatches to do!

    • When I saw the attention they were getting in the Internet beauty world (bloggers and tubers), my first thought was: “Ah, yay, they’re here, too, and now I know how they compare to MAC, which we don’t have.”

      … And the second was: “When will they increase the prices?”
      But I thought they’d wait a year at least 😐 .

      They know they’ve got a following now, they probably feel confident enough that, even if they do lose some customers, the rationale ‘they’re still bigger and cheaper than MAC (and didn’t decrease the size, while keeping the price; don’t hyper-produce collections; didn’t do the Rodarte thing)’ will work in most cases.
      The rationale stands, it does, but I still feel, as you said, like a dollar sign.

      (Btw, can I direct them to the 3rd paragraph of your comment if I decide to write them a little ‘WHUT?’ email?)

    • THIS. You’ve summed up exactly how I feel about this. I love Inglot’s products, but I don’t buy the reasoning of them having to raise prices because they’re opening more stores. They just want more money, as a company, and this was the way to get it.

  35. Looks like I will be making my way out to Fashion Island before the price hike. Im still not thrilled about the prices, I will probably wait till IMATS to get some more hopefully with a discount. Besides a 10 palette I’m really eyeing the lip paints and gel liners. Lovely post!

  36. Thanks for such detail! Seriously great review 🙂
    I love Inglot a lot as well! (Completely unrelated to my Croatian ethnicity :p)
    The price is a lot better in the US! I think it’s cheaper because there is less stores?

  37. First, I will say that I have yet to read a bad review about Inglot, and considering that I just found out that they offer a 20% Professional discount, I feel like a mini-haul is impending. However. I agree with Anastasia, I am very turned off by the price increase. There is absolutely no valid justification to a 60% price increase. Period.

    It’s sad because it does seem like they have a good product, but I honestly don’t see an unfamiliar line having a popular launch in this financial climate with prices like Inglot. While I certainly agree that $8 per shadow isn’t exorbitant in and of itself, it’s actually not terribly competitive considering their marketing model is designed to sell multiple products at once. As a veteran of cosmetics retail management, I can tell you that even a $50 sale is an agressive goal for most markets- essentially raising it to $80 is just ludicrous.

    I may eat my words, but if I were a betting gal, I’d say one of 2 things will happen with Inglot US: prices will come down -or- you’ll start to see stores close within a few years. I’ve seen other promising brands take the same route, and it’s sad to feel like I’m seeing it again.

  38. Oh you didn’t talk about their loose pigments! They are great! I sent some for the IMS so hopefully a few people who have been dying to try will get some. They also have great sales every now and again. There always seems to be a few tubes filled with different product at a sale price on the counter I dive through and sometimes they do up a pre made palette.

    With the pre made palettes I tear out the dividers which are different and just stack up more shadows. I first fell in love with their pan lipsticks and always have them around. When my mac foundation runs out I am going to try Inglot. I love that you can make an entire take away palette. I have a little 5 round one that has concealer, brow colour, lipstick a black shadow and a place for another shadow and I take that traveling and am pretty set.

    Also the girls there are so well trained and nice. I know there is a chance you could get snotty ones, but they seem to do well picking people to run these stores and hiring good professional people. I have never gone into a store and been ignored. I like the fact in the middle of a rush they will at least make eye contact and smile letting you know they will get to you. I once left my credit card behind and because I am in the system they rang me before I left the store.

    They also offer classes which seem redeemable on products. One of interest is a $10 AUD class for putting their eyelashes on – which you also forgot to mention shame hehehe. Nah that post was huge!!! Very informative. I was looking through their makeup book of customer photos while waiting once and saw they did great work and many different work. I also had one lady spend a good half hour or more just picking 5 lipcolours with me and was honest about colours in the “you need less orange, but the purples in that colour definatly blah blah…so knowing colours. When I went there to get stuff for the IMS and told them what I was after they all got excited and I got like 3 people helping!

    I am so lucky I have a store about 10mins away and at a store I frequent so much. They even recognize me now. I also like they have the computer system where they store what colours you have bought so you don’t double up.

    As you can tell I have fallen in love and use these as prizes etc because I wish to share the love!

  39. Soooo excited they will be available online soon!!! I’ve been dying to try them and now even more so after your review! 🙂

  40. Man, what a great review! No wonder your blog is always the first I turn to when I’m looking for reviews!
    I wish we had Inglot here at Brazil! It would be awesome!

  41. I’m so excited about them expanding and opening a webstore finally! I really hope they open a store in the Seattle area so there will at least be a location within driving distance for me lol. Thanks for this post Grey. It’s amazingly informative and helpful:-D

  42. Omigoodness!!!! It sounds so angelic!
    The lip glosses caught my eye!!! Duo-chrome lip glosses!!! They look super nice and preeetty. The eyeshadow looks so promising. And their cream foundation also caught my eye.

  43. I really want to try Inglot, after xsparkage totally raved about them, but $8 an eyeshadow is out of my price range. :\ I’ll have to content myself with just looking/salivating for a while.

  44. What an in depth review, holy cow woman! But it makes me excited and want to play, so many colors and formulas. Anywhere we can check out the ingredient lists?

  45. This is such a great review! I have a 4 square eyeshadow that I bought a little over a year ago from the store in NY and I love it. The pigmentation is incredible and I have been dying to get more. NY and NJ are about 2 hours from where I live, so no afternoon trips for me for a while (until this snow stops)! The opening of the web store will be a huge event as well – I just hope that the company itself is prepared for it. After reading/hearing about what happend with sleek, I would hope that the company is taking the initial amount of web traffic/orders they will get once their store goes live. I would hate to see a company with such a great product and such great reviews immediately turn customers off because of poor planning. I guess we can only wait and see though. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!

  46. Honestly, I have to say THANK YOU for this awesome review. I’ve been lemming this brand for a while now based on every guru oohing and ahhing about how fantastic the eyeshadows are. I’ve been wanting to build up two 15-pan MAC palettes, one with neutrals, the other with smokey colors (not much of a brights girl), but at the cost of individual shadows, it’s just too expensive. Although the price increase really makes these less affordable for me, if they open up a store in the Baltimore-Washington area (crossing my fingers), I’ll probably end up spending half a paycheck there. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about that…

    I truly wish I were a makeup artist sometimes just so I could get pro discounts, but it’s just not my thing. I like to keep all this makeup for myself. =)

  47. Hi grey! Sorry that I haven’t left a comment lately..been mad busy with soap etc..but this review was incredibly good. You made me want all of it for christ’s sake! I have no money for make up right now..and frankly I don’t need any but yeah, you made me NEED some of this stuff. Wonder if they will open here in the uk eventually? I hope not. Lol! Anyways..really enjoyed it and know it must have been a long job to write all of that. Fabulous! Tiggy x

  48. How would these shadows compare to MAC?

    Its sad you can’t buy online, and the closest one to me is Newport Beach lol Cause, if they’re as good as I hear, I would probably jump ship from MAC.

    • They don’t compare at all to MAC. Or I should say that they are so far superior to MAC they are in a class above them.

  49. I can feel my bank account draining just reading this.