San Diego Zoo

Yesterday it was decided that I would take the day off and enjoy myself, hopefully relaxing and having fun.  Which I did.  At the San Diego Zoo at which I have passes.  Before you ask, yes, I have passes just about everywhere in SoCal.

You can check out some pictures I took here on my TwitPic.  They were all taken on my phone, so some are a little wonky.

So now I am a day behind!  Expect the Illamasqua post sometime today and Darling Girl to be finished up, along with swatches, tomorrow!


15 Responses to “San Diego Zoo”

  1. Glad you had a relaxing day. You should do that more often

  2. Zoo’s are so nice, I probably visited the on in my city a hundred times now.

  3. I love going to the zoo! Those pictures are awesome, I love the meerkats. 🙂 It really is great to just take a day where you relax and have fun.

  4. Oh, it looks so nice. And all the cuties. :’)
    Now I want to go to the aquarium this weekend.

  5. I love the San Diego Zoo.. I haven’t been since I was a kid. My husband & I love going to zoos.. we’ll often plan trips to somewhere just so we can visit the zoo or aquarium. 🙂

  6. I love going to the zoo! The big cats are my favorites, although they’re all pretty lazy.

  7. Thanks for posting these pics – they’re great!!

  8. I have always wanted to go there, I work at the zoo in Fresno and Ive heard it takes 2 days to get through the San Diego Zoo and actually see everything.

  9. I hope you had a wonderful day ^_^ !

    I wondered if it was your reader’s place to suggest a relaxing weekend, since it’s always a bit un… (can’t think of the word right now) over the ‘net.
    (And I really, really do hope this doesn’t sound like too much. Garh.)

  10. Thanks for sharing your pics from the zoo. My husband and I were there probably 8 years ago and loved it! The zoo was huge and there was so much to see; we tried to do it all in one day and was exhausted! your pics bring back great memories of SoCal. thanks again!

  11. Thats great you had a nice relaxing day.. WOW i havent been to the zoo in like 20 yrs lol.. I may have to get a couple people together and go to philly!!

  12. I love the SD zoo. I was there last summer and had so much fun. I saw the kookaburra also, and while I was there the keeper was in the cage talking to it and making it sing. It was so cute. Sounds like you had a nice time. Now I wanna go back to the zoo. =)

  13. looks like fun. its been sooo long since i visited the zoo.

  14. I love the SD zoo. I recently got a pass and though i live like 10 min away I don’t go as often as i’d like to.