Liquif-I’d like to try that.

I got a lot of comments saying that they couldn’t find the Milani Liquif-Eye liner!Β  I ran out over the weekend and picked up a few, just for you guys!

There are two prizes available:

A Black and a Silver liner

Just a Black liner

To enter, tell me what you’re using as a liner now and why you want to try Liquif-Eye!

  • You may enter (comment) only once.
  • Giveaway is open to readers only.
  • You must be 18 or older to enter.
  • The giveaway is open internationally.
  • You have until February 14th to enter!

72 Responses to “Liquif-I’d like to try that.”

  1. I’m using the Instant Eyes palette from Smashbox- the dark brown cream liner is my go-to liner these days. I also mix it up a little with random WnW liners when I want some color. I want to try the Milani pencil in black because the black looks UH-MAZING.

    Thanks for the opportunity! πŸ™‚

  2. I’d love to get the black one! I’m currently using the UD 24/7 liner in Zero and while it’s better than most other liners I’ve used it’s really not the best and only stays on my waterline for a few minutes.

  3. Right now I’m just using foiled shadows as liners. I’d like to try the liquif-eye liners because the swatches that I’ve seen of them have all been fantastic. Plus I need to get back into the world of pencil liners!

  4. I’m currently using the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eyeliners. They don’t last long on my waterline, but I just LOVE the color variety so I stick to them. Plus they’re super creamy!

  5. I am using Wet ‘n’ Wild creme liner and Prestige Total Intensity pencil liner. They are both decent, but I much prefer the WnW one for crisp lines and staying power. I want to try the Liquif-eye liners because of all the positive reviews!

  6. I use either HiP gel eyeliners or Neutragena twist up eyeliner.

  7. At the moment my favourite liner is Illamasqua’s precision ink in abyss. It’s awesome, it dries really quickly and then doesn’t transfer at all. But it’s not as dark as I’d like.
    Also I’m confused by the question ‘who you want to try Liquif-Eye!’ – I do!

    • Oh, it’s ‘why’ … Apparently I’m dumb and can’t read properly X/
      I want to try it because we can’t get Milani over here and your review made me really really want these!

  8. I’ve been using UD Zero but really want this since it was so much darker! Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Right now I’m using UD 24/7 pencils. Like everyone else said, zero just doesn’t stay put and isn’t as dark as I’d like. So I’d definitely want to try that black! Thanks. πŸ™‚

  10. Right now using a Rimmel London eye twist (liner and shadow duo), but want to try this because liners are the only eye cosmetics I tend to wear and I have such a hard time to find something that works for me: either its smears a lot, hard to apply (cant use a brush, my hands are clumsy) or just never comes off with water and face soap. So I am always for a lookout for the good stuff.

  11. Don’t enter me, because I have this liner myself. I just wanna say that whoever wins these liners is going to be very pleased! The wear I get out of these is definitely the best I’ve gotten from any pencil πŸ™‚
    Good luck to everyone!

  12. Yeah, I’ve been looking for them, but I guess they don’t ship to Brazil!
    I don’t have an eyeliner (sister usually borrows mine, for she loses hers and she borrows it for good, lols).
    I want to try it ’cause I’ve seen great reviews. It’s a brand I’ve heard good things of on many blogs!

  13. I tried UD 24/7 in Zero for my waterline, but it slid right off. I stick to my MAC Kohls in Teddy and Bordeauxline, and they’re so-so for waterlining, but I’d really like a black for days when I don’t want bronze or purple. And since you said these work so well for waterlining, I’d really like to try them before I shell out for more MAC stuff (girl on budget != girl who can afford MAC, sadface).

  14. At the moment I’m using the Urban Decay pencils that came with the Naked palette, but I am supremely disappointed in them. I always heard they’d work well for my waterline, but not so much. I’m still in search of something that works better, which is why I want to try the Liquif-Eye liners.

  15. I’m using Urban Decay glide-on because it’s all I have that’s moron proof. I have a black eye crayon but it breaks and doesn’t go on smoothly at all. I’d really like to try the black liquif-eye to master getting it on my water line!

  16. I’ve just been wet-lining with loose shadows, but that doesn’t work on your waterline. Also, it’s not quick and easy like a pencil.
    I’ve been dying to try these since you reviewed and swatched them – Holy Smokes, that is the blackest of the black!
    Thanks for the giveaway, the Rite Aids around here don’t have Milani.

  17. Right now I use UD’s 24/7 liner in zero (and other assorted colors) for the most part.

    I’d love to try the regular black one, because holymoly, it was super awesome and dark in your swatches! Also, I’d love a cheaper pencil alternative to UD’s liners (most of the drugstore ones I’ve tried just slide right off my lids, boo. And for some reason I really just can never get the hang of applying liner with a brush).

  18. I’ve also been using the UD 24/7 pencils and nope, they don’t really stay on my waterline either (though they last longer than other liners I’ve tried). I’d love to try these Milani liners because a) I own nothing from Milani, so it can be my intro to the brand, and b) the whole waterline thing.

  19. I am currently between using UD 24/7 and nothing. I cannot seem to find a liner to stay on my waterline. I bought a bunch of 24/7s awhile back due to everyone loving them, and found they just don’t stick to me no matter what method I try. It’s gotten to the point that I don’t even want to buy & try things anymore because I feel like I am doomed to have naked waterlines. I have a feeling eventually I am going to be pleasantly surprised by a drugstore brand. Maybe this is the one. If only they ever restocked at my local CVS, I’d go out and try it on my own! πŸ˜›

  20. I use my urban decay pencil and sometimes my rimmel soft to try them because of the big hype and comparison to urban decacy

  21. Right Now I switch in between fluid line and foiling pigments. I have yet to find a pencil I like, so I’m always up to try a new one!

  22. Right now I’m using Physicians Formula’s gel liners which I’m just getting the handle on using! I love how dark the liquif eyeliner looks; much darker than anything else I’ve worn. I’d love to try it out; I have small eyes and eyeliner makes such a huge difference!

  23. You are too sweet! I am using a bunch of different ones: LA Colors in Black, CoverGirl in Blue Sapphire, and an Ulta eyeliner in Rasin.

  24. Ahhh I have been dying to try the Milani eyeliners ever since I saw how much blacker it was than UD’s Zero. I use the UD 24/7 liners but I am noticing that they tend to transfer on my eyelid even matter if I apply eye primer beforehand. Blah!

  25. Fun! I finally just saw these at Walgreen’s.. they’ve added some new colors to the line-up too.

    Currently, I’m using Lancome Artliner, some Cover Girl liquid one, UD 24/7, Bare Escentuals and Revlon Colorstay. I usually stick to liquid liner because I tend to get along better with it.. but I’d love to find a super awesome pencil.. the ones I’ve been trying just aren’t worth my time sometimes..

  26. I’m currently using a cheap $1 pencil liner and alternating between Almay Liquid liner and Wet n Wild cream liner. I use liquid/cream liner every day, but I like to use the pencil first in my upper waterline and against the lash line before I apply the liquid/cream. I feel like this helps eliminate that weird look when you don’t line close enough to the lash line and you can see the skin showing through.

    I’m DYING to find an affordable pencil liner that stays put as my current choice does not last all day and tends to migrate quite a bit. And let’s face it, no matter what you think of Urban Decay’s 24/7 liner, it’s entirely too expensive for an eye pencil!

  27. At the moment I tend to use Tarte EmphasEYES. I have quite a few liners, but that’s the only one I have at the moment which stays in my waterline, which is where I normally line. I’d really like to try this because of your review comment on how well this stays in your waterline.

  28. I am perpetually hooked to my gel liners, but they are heavy to carry and it’s such a pain to wash brushes (sometimes). I would really love to try these!

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  29. I use either a Stila Kajal or a Elizabeth Arden gel liner. Milani is quite difficult to find down in this neck of the woods so it would be great to try out.

  30. I want to try it because you gave it such a rave review and the great pigmentation. I’m currently using a Smashbox liner, and while I’m happy with it at the beginning of the night, it smudges halfway through regardless of whether I’ve used a primer. I’m still looking for a liner that works with my skin, so I’m completely open to trying a new one.

  31. I would LOVE to try the black liner.. I have been looking for it and cant find it around me 😦 I am using beautique in black.. I got it from sallys and a liquid liner.. I m not sure wear i got it the name is rubbed off.. I dont use that one often cause I’m not very good at liquid liner..

    Thank you so much for the chance at this!!! U rock!!

  32. Currently I use Urban Decay 24-7, I want to try liquif because I am hoping it will finally be an eyeliner that wont bleed off in a few hours, and due to my lack of bottom eyelashes I really need eyeliner that stays

  33. I use Hard Candy liners right now, but I’m looking for one that will stay on my waterline. I wear contacts, so it can be hard sometimes. These look awesome and I would love to try them.

    Thanks for doing this!

  34. I would like to try Milani because I’m never really happy with how long mye eyeliner stays on the eye. I use Urban Decay 24/7 for colors and NYX liquid eyeliners for black, and while I’m happy with the liquid eyeliner, the pencil ones tend to smudge more than I like.

  35. I would love to try these as I’d like to have an ultra black liner in pencil form.

    I’m using an essence gel liner from Denim Wanted TE, but sometimes it’s a pain to apply it, especially if I’m in the hurry or if my liner brush decides to play hide-and-seek in my cosmetics bag.

  36. I’m using a bourjois liquid eye liner wich is now sadly discontinued.
    I have trouble to find a real black, and your swatches of the milani really impressed me!!
    I would be also interested on that silver one, since I don’t have any πŸ™‚

  37. I want to try them because the black GOSH-liner is the first GOSH-liner that hasn’t worked for me and that was a huge letdown.

  38. I’m currently using a couple of Smashbox eyeliners — a creme and a pencil — that I received as a gift.

    I’d love to try the Milani pencils because I’m not sure if we get them here, and I’d also love to step outside my comfort zone with the silver one!

  39. b. I want to try it because of your glowing review – does not leave the waterline? Yes, please!

    a. I use three things:
    – Golden Rose Dipliner – magnificent!
    – Oriflame Visions black eyeliner pencil – not happy with this one – it took a stroll from my waterline all over my under-eye area, it looked like I had black circles… and I was cleaning it out of my lashes for the next two days! Very soft, though, I wasn’t worried about that while applying it.
    – wet eyeshadow, applied with a slanted brush.

  40. Right now I’m using Sugarpill Bulletproof, and I want to try this because I tend to get black powder on my eyeball and a pencil is so much more convenient ;]

  41. I currently don’t use a traditional liquid eyeliner. I usually use a NYX felt-tip liner. I really like the texture of it, but I’m really not talented with eyeliner. I’d like to try the liquif because I think it may help my love-hate relationship with applying eyeliner. I’ve been searching for a brand that looks like a wet liner, but applies more like a regular pencil.

  42. I switch between a FrΓ€ulein 3Β°8 gel and a W7 pencil. The pencil doesn’t stay on my waterline and the gel transfers a lot.
    After you review I tried to find some Liquif-Eye pencils but no-one in the uk sells them! (I live in Scotland)
    I love the look of liquid eye-liner but my hands are too shaky to use them without looking like I belong in a Japanese horror movie πŸ˜› I thought if i could find these it would be the best of both worlds.

  43. I’m not currently using an eyeliner because I haven’t found one that applies smoothly and quickly, is richly pigmented, and doesn’t migrate or smear on my oily eyelids. Your review of Liquif-Eye definitely makes me want to try it!

  44. I’m using Urban Decay 24/7 liners or Erre Due luxury eye pencil (depending on the day). I would love to try Liquif eye because I can’t find Milani here and I’d love to have a very pigmented eyeliner that won’t smudge.

  45. I have been using these terribad black eyeliners from Hot Topic and honestly hate them. They don’t last 5 minutes on my waterline. Black eyeliner is a staple for me so I’m really on the lookout for something that doesn’t make it look like I rubbed my face on my sleeve. πŸ™‚

  46. I am using Physicians Formula eye marker. It’s pretty good.
    I’d like to try this one based on your review.

  47. I’m using MAC’s fluidline as a liner at the moment, but I’d like to try Liquif-eye because I haven’t been able to find a good pencil liner that works on my eyes.

  48. I use Urban Decay 24/7 liners, but I’d love to try these because I heard they are comparable and cheaper. It’s always nice to find something similar for less especially with this economy! The duo sounds awesome!

  49. don’t enter me please πŸ˜›

    At the moment it’s a random ass one from an West Indian/African beauty shop of the type that is oh so ubiquitous in London. It goes on like a dream but even though it’s nowhere near my waterline, by the end of the day it melts in the corners. Gross πŸ˜›

  50. I’m currently using the UD 24/7 liners. While they tend to work for me on my waterline, I can’t seem to use them as bases for my eyeshadow. Seeing as how the Milani eyeliners set up so well I would LOVE to try them out as an eyeshadow base! I have yet to find anything that works as a black base for me that stays put. And the color is super intense black, which makes me incredibly happy!

  51. Right now I’m using the revlon colorstay. It’s alright, not quite as black as I want it, and it comes off my waterline pretty quickly. I’d love for a jet black one that actually stays!!

  52. I currently use whatever I can grab from my make-up bag. An avon gel glimmerstick type thing which is a bit rubbish and has no staying power or a Bourgeois kohl pencil, which is okay, but tends to smudge.

    I really want to try these Liquif-Eye liners due to your review. I’ve been looking so long for a quality liner that stays put.

  53. I’ve been using the Urban Decay 24/7 liners, and they’re not bad, but they crease a bit. I’m almost on the lookout for better eyeliners, and I’d love to give Milani’s a try. I’ve used some of their eyeshadows, and have had great results.

  54. I would like to try it because of your positive review. I’ve been using a variety of WnW, NYX and MUFE pencil liners. The MUFE one works great, but I only have it in white and I would really like to have a pencil liner that doesn’t smear on my lower lash line after an hour. One preferably that doesn’t cost $22 :).

  55. I’m using the 24/7 pencil, and it does okay for me. But it’d still be nice to try others without paying an arm and a leg to come to the conclusion that it’s just, ‘okay.’ or that their sucky.

  56. I have been using those 24/7 liners from UD and they never really stay on my waterline.
    I also wear contacts and was stupid and wore NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil on my water line… so now I wear glasses and nothing while my eyes heal.
    I just want a nice pencil that wont transfer or fade away without getting a tattoo of liner.

  57. right now my fave is cream liner by sephora but i want to try milani because i need a liner i can carry with me.

  58. Currently I’m using MUFE aqua eyes. I used to be big with the MAC powerpoints, but when I moved there wasnt a store that sold it anywhere nearby. I found that I like MUFE more, but I’m still looking for a good black black.

  59. I’ve not tried any Milani products but have read reviews on these eyeliners. Silver’d be great as that’d probably show up the metallic sheen best.

    A metallic black liner’s something I’ve not experimented with, so this would be welcome too!

  60. I’m currently using NYC liquid liner, which works surprisingly well, and Annabelle pencil eyeliners. Annabelle is a Canadian company who makes nice drugstore cosmetics. They were making loose pigment before loose pigment was all the rage. Thanks for the contest, Grey!

  61. I’m not even using anything as a liner right now; I’m half-convinced that pencil liners all have nomadic tendencies and like to explore my cheeks 😐 When I absolutely need an eyeliner I’ll pick up one of UD’s 24/7 ones, but only because I got them with a palette and I’m trying to use them up. πŸ˜› I’d love to try Milani’s though, I’ve heard good things about them and they’re really affordable, if not easy to find. And I have this ooh-must-try-everything-at-least-once issue.

  62. I’m currently using Maybelline Define-a-line. I like how easily it glides on but it doesn’t have much staying power. I’ve bought UD 24/7 before but I hate it. I tried looking for the Milani after I read your review but couldn’t find it anywhere but I’d love to try it πŸ™‚

  63. Right now? Well, I happen to have UD Zero on one eye and Guerlain Kohl powder on the other (review pending!) I’d live to try these to see if they’re as great as everyone else says- I’m not a fan of everyone’s favorite 24/7 so I’m game to try anything!

  64. Always glad to get some commentary, and new recs to try. I’ve been an addict since before JFK (heard of him?!!?)was assassinated and still own/preserve the original Revlon Naked Pink L/S, circa ’64, when Twiggy, Mary Quant, and the Carnaby St. look were dominating. Despite being an old broad, LOVE MAC, colors, looks from Princess Di/English Rose to Bubonic Plague or Flaming Queen/TV/F.Impersonator…although I could have done a better job on Terrence Stamp (pretty well preserved, but look at his early releases, like The Collector..) on Priscilla…
    Anyway, agree with Tarte Emphas’eyes (sp?)for dark, or MUFE 23L for light waterlining. Regular lining, MUFE aqua or UD 24/7: who can beat the colors? As an old broad with glasses, I can usually do a colored liner and mascara in my work with elderly, if the shadow is light neutral. VOT blog reminds you to blink as needed…why for decades have I slavishly needed to complete the waterline and not noticed that lack of blinking is usually the cause of running and ruination? Who says there is wisdom in age? Only wisdom in age is the openness to learn new techniques and new brands. Looking forward to Milani, but a bolder splash of color! Thanks, thanks, thanks! kjh

  65. I’m using a gel liner for MUFE but it always stained my contacts when I put it in the waterline. I also love Smoothliner from Annabelle.
    I’m still looking for something to put in the waterline and I’ve got big issues founding it. That’s why I’d be so happy to try Liquif-Eye!

  66. At the moment I’m using a Maybeline pen liner of sorts, and a pencil one from don’t remember which brand. The name has run off.

    Both are horrible. If I put the pen one of and set it with the pencil one, things are a little better, but neither are overly black and transfer everywhereee.

    Alas, I am convincing myself to use them up before I buy antyhing new. My resolve on this is breaking in a pattern directly linear to the amount of black undereyes and stripes of black up on my crease. =P

  67. I’m not using any eye liner, or use any make-up really. But I’ve been thinking about venturing into the make-up world (which is why I’ve been following your blog!), and in particular with eye liner. I would like to win this because then I would have no excuse to not try it.

  68. I’m currently only using various bargain-bin eyeliners. Mostly Wet’n’Wild. Should be called Wet’n’Mildly-annoying. It smudges all over the place.
    My ‘why’ would be exactly for that reason. To try to find something better. And the silver one seems like it would be the perfect touch for a lot of the eye looks I experiment with.

  69. I’m currently using 24/7 by UD and am kinda over the hype of it, especially as I’m in Australia and its a pain in the ass to get UD products as I have to buy them online!

    Also as black eye liner is my go to makeup item to boost my mood, finding a great one is a must πŸ™‚

  70. I’ve pretty much given up on liners – they either spread or disappear. I’d love to try the Milani as they’ve gotten good reviews and are reasonably priced.

  71. I’m currently using the ELF mineral eyeliner. It unfortunately tends to smudge all over the place, so it’d be nice to test out a new pencil liner. πŸ™‚