Conversation Hearts

Who did it better?

Stila Make Me Blush set – $20

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Make Me Blush compact is embossed with a shimmering conversation heart design. The micro-fine formula is velvety, blendable, and leaves skin looking flushed and radiant. Great for all skintones, this blush instantly enhances the complexion with a tint of pinks and corals. Included are two ultra-shiny pink lip glazes to complete your romantic look.

– 0.34 oz Make Me Blush Cheek Color
– 2 x 0.05 oz Lip Glaze in Hugs (creamy rose) and Kisses (sparkling red)

I ordered this from the Sephora site and it’s sold out now, but it was also available on the Stila site, but it was much more expensive and didn’t have the glosses.  The glosses themselves are wonderful, though, I love Stila glosses much.

The first thing I thought when I got this blush was OMG amazing, I love the gold.  But, sadly, the gold is just dusted on the top and doesn’t go all the way through the compact.  Once you use it a few times, the gold is gone.

The embossing on it is very… off.  The hearts don’t exactly line up perfectly with the colors, which I would honestly expect from a ‘bigger’ company.

That being said, I really love the coraly warm pink shade you get swirling a brush over the whole compact, once the gold is all gone.

Physician’s Formula Happy Booster Blush  in Rose- $12

Ultra-soft and blendable blushing powder features a fresh and vibrant mix of blushing tones infused with a pop of color to create a healthy glow.
Multi-reflective pearls provide a soft iridescence to highlight contour and add radiance to cheeks.
Infused with our Happy Boost Blend, featuring Happy Skin and Euphoryl, natural plant extracts which have been shown to promote a feeling of happiness by mimicking the effect of Endorphins and helping protect the skin from environmental stress.
The sweet scent of Violet provides a feeling of joy each time you apply.

-0.24 oz./ 7g

I already talked a little about the whole ‘Happy’ thing in my review of the PF Mood Booster Powder.  The blush is essentially the same.

It comes in a brilliant little compact, complete with the same semi-useless brush.  It has the same sort of nondescript perfume smell.  It has the same great emobssed heart design on it, and I have to admit, it’s completely impressive.  I love the color that you get when you swirl a brush over the whole compact.  But you can also dab a little and get more specific shades.

From left to right : Physician’s Formula and Stila

What do you think?  Who did it better?


28 Responses to “Conversation Hearts”

  1. From the two you swatched, I like the Stila color better.
    I picked up the PF blush in Natural and really like how that color looks on me. I think the Natural ones leans more coral.

    I think PE did a really nice job, to be honest 🙂

  2. Looking at the compacts side by side, the PF one looks much nicer, which is kind of weird; I’d expect the drugstore brand one to be the one that looks blah and weirdly unfinished. But I like the skin swatch of the Stila blush better. I think the PF would be too pinky on me.

    • I agree with Jadelyn: PF’s presentation is better, but Stila’s color is less Barbie-tastic. Also, the little sayings on the Stila hearts make it too V-day specific for my tastes; PF’s is just cute.

  3. Between you and Phyrra, I am seriously wanting the PF blush compact. I like the look of the PF prodcut better, but I like the color of the Stila blush more.

    I’m currently trying Stila’s Oil Free Tinted moisturizer in Light. Between it and the Almay Wake Up foundation, I’m finally having some good skin days!

    • I’m trying the All in One foundaiton, I think it’s called, from Stila. It only comes in something like four shades, but I like it!

  4. Although this is basically the same as everyone else’s answer: the PF compact looks prettier and more expensive; the Stila compact has a color that I think would be more flattering on me.

  5. The Stila color looks nicer to me, though the Physician’s looks better in the compact! :3

  6. I like the Stila skin swatch better, but I like how the PH hearts are more rounded out. I like the pink PH compact, but I also like the gold hearts in the Stila one, and wish they went all the way through. I hate over-sprays 😦 Plus the irregularity of the heart imprints is a bit tacky. They’re both cute, but I think I’d go for the PH one if it came in a different shade, even though it’s scented, which I’m not a fan of either… haha! They both have their pros and cons 🙂

  7. For 20 dollars you get the blush and lipglaze set? how cool! i love stila’s lip stuff. too bad its sold out!

  8. I bought both of the PF blushes; your review of the translucent powder was what got that all started. At first I was like “that’s cool but meh”, then I kept hearing about these things and found out there were blushes and saw them and it turned into a “OMG MUST HAZ NAO”. Their “Natural” blush shade is a coral/peach color that would be a better match for the Stila version. Of the two shown here, I’d tend toward the PF, just because that Stila color looks a little TOO coral-y for me. They both look lovely, though, and $20 for the Stila set is an awesome deal you really can’t pass up.

    Also: I love the smell PF added. It’s completely ridiculous, I usually hate when cosmetics (aside from lip goo) are scented. I wanna eat it.

  9. I think the PF one looks better in the pan, which is disappointing from Stila. But, I also prefer the PF swatch, as I don’t wear coral or peach blushes.

  10. PF is prettier in the pan, I think, but the Stila swatch is much prettier to me. I’d consider buying it and I don’t even typically like blush.

  11. I actually love both colors! Though obviously, the PF compact looks better.

  12. I think PF is better swatched and in its packaging. While the Stila shade is really pretty, the PF one would be a better fit for my skin.

  13. I like the stila one only because of the lip products included hehe.

    The PF is cuter though, just sayin…

  14. I think they both look great!

  15. My vote is for the stila blush, if nothing else than because the PF blush is scented. I’ve never liked the scented face powder I have- it always seems to bother my allergies. But I also think the stila shade is a lovely natural color.

  16. the PF one hasn’t made it to Oz yet. Which kills me, because I’m such an epicfail at blush I thought the palest of those would probably be an okay tester for me. And it looks divine.

    Stila has never really impressed me 😦 in terms of packaging and presentation, they feel very drugstore, but pricewise they’re very department. one of those things needs to change…

  17. The Stila blush looks a little too much like Orgasm, which I already have. But I’m going to look for that PF compact now!

  18. They both look really cute!
    maybe I like better the physician formula 🙂
    This fresh pink cheers me up!

  19. I feel like the PF one looks more professional in the compact, but I like the skin swatch of the Stila better. The Stila color looks much more universally flattering than the bright pink of the PF. Also, I agree with Tempestina Teapot about the conversation hearts being a little too overboard on the Valentine’s Day thing. The PF one looks more sweet and cute and much less cliche and cheesy.

  20. I marginally like the Stila swatch more, but the PF compact is so girly, I’d go for that one!

  21. As most people seem to agree, the Stila swatch is prettier and the PF is much much much cuter. Actually the Stila compact looks super cheap next to the PF, but I have always loved PF’s presentation of their products.

    Is it weird that I would buy the PF over the Stila, just because it’s so much cuter?

  22. They’re both lovely but I prefer the Physicians Formula one. I prefer the colour a bit and I think the compact looks nicer. The gold on top of the Stila is nice though.

  23. I like both! I think if I got one, it’d be Stila since PF’s looks a lot like MAC’s Full Fuschia to me. 🙂

  24. Ooh, this is driftclosely. This is my other WordPress account. xD You can delete this comment, hee hee. I’d comment more on your blog, but your blog is blocked at work. 😦 Boo!

  25. I like Stila’s shade more, but then again, it is the Valentine’s Day special, so maybe it should be a bit more pink….
    I would go for the PF.