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Epically Epic Basmati Rose

Epically Epic is obviously one of my favorite shops.  Their Many Purpose Solid Lotion is my must have Holy Grail ‘spot’ lotion.  I love it because it is moisturizing and lasts and doubles as an amazing solid perfume that doesn’t ever overwhelm.  I don’t have dry skin (on my body), but I use it all the time on my hands and on my elbows, it works really well as a cuticle balm, too.  My aunt and my mother both love it, too.  My mom uses it on the eczema she sometimes gets on her ears and hands and says it works wonderfully.

This weeks pick is my newest acquisition, a blend I customized myself, Basmati Rose.

Basmati rice is a staple in my diet.  I eat endless amounts of it cooked with coconut milk both with curry and with sugar as a dessert.  I make rice porridge and pudding and in general devour a lot of it.  I love the sweet soft scent of it.  I made some not too long ago with rosewater (I love rosewater) and it was amazing stuff!  It smelled so perfect.  It was just chance that I happened to realize I could get the combination from EE and with my last order I asked for it.

When it arrived it was better then I’d imagined it.  The scent is so unique and so perfect.  I placed another order for Basmati Rose in the hydrating mist and the perfume!


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  1. Awesome! I have Basmati & Pear in a custom mix called Sovvan. I love it 🙂

  2. Mmmmm I swear I can smell it from here 😀 I love rose anything so I’m putting this on the ever-growing “to pick up” list. I miss being able to eat rice all of the time :/ I usually only reserve it for sushi adventures. I’m allergic otherwise.

  3. This sounds like a perfect blend for a family member of mine. She’s Persian and this scent reminds me of her cooking.

    I really like the solid lotion from EE… in the scent Bluebell Knoll. It sinks in pretty quickly and is not greasy, which is great. (Though my hands are so extremely dry and rough, this lotion won’t penetrate to moisturize or soften them.)

    I like to use it as a light solid scent or as a light touch-up lotion.

  4. This sounds like great stuff! You say it works great for eczema? Do you think it’s good also for very sensitive skin? My sister has eczema and really dry/sensitive skin and she has been looking for different type of lotion/face wash. Right now shes just using the cetaphil stuff, but i’m notsure if it is helping her or what. I better pick some up! thank you 🙂

    • I’d honestly have no idea and couldn’t recommend anything. I do know when my mom had cracky rough patches this soothes and softens.

  5. Hi Grey, thank you for the feature! Your basmati-rose perfume and and mist are on the way (shipped yesterday) 🙂

    Kana, I have had some customers say this lotion works very well for eczema on the body. I didn’t formulate it to be used on the face, but an unscented version may work fine if she has dry skin.

  6. You almost can’t go wrong with any scent you combine from EE. Basmati Rose sounds amazing. I want to make an order for some solid lotion, that and the soaps are the only two things I haven’t tried yet!

  7. Ok you and Phyrra peaked my curiosity. I have no idea what Basmati Rice smells like, but I’m intrigued and I kind of have to know.

    Or…ya know…I just wanted an excuse to buy from Epically Epic again. I’ve got a lotion sampler comin my way plus 3 of their new lip balms. I can’t wait to play mad scientist and order some custom scents!


    I’ve discovered another use for this magical Solid Lotion!

    I have super curly hair, and I often scrunch out the hardened gel crunch i get with a little bit of pomade to soften the curls and add shine. Holy Moly this stuff works way better than pomade not to mention it smells so much better!

    I also use it to twist into 2nd day curls to refresh my hair in the morning and through out the day! It gives them definition and shine gets rid of frizzies.

    • Have you tried the Hydrating Mist?

      • Not yet as funds are tight right now, but I am dying to! My current shine spray sort of just sits on top of my hair and makes it look greasy and smells like Men’s Cologne!

  9. This sounds like a fantastic product, and I adore the sound of that scent .. will need to get this.

  10. I love Epically Epic’s solid lotions too! So far I only have I Love Lychee but I’m dying to try some more scents!

  11. That sounds like a really interesting scent! I definitely wanna try it when I can.

  12. I recently bought the green tea solid lotion and I love it! I like to keep it near by when I’m knitting in case the yarn starts to dry out my skin. This stuff does wonders. I have to admit though, the scent always makes me thirsty!

  13. I love Allison’s solid lotions! I just ordered a sample in the basmati rice yesterday! No idea what it smells like, but now I’m getting even more excited to take a whiff!

  14. Basmati rose sounds…AMAZING. I love the Epically Epic solid lotions and lip balms. Thanks to you for introducing me to them!

  15. Oooh this sounds divine!

  16. I really want to smell this now! I just can’t imagine what it’s like!

  17. I have just received my first order. I love the smell of Pina Colada, Mint Chip Ice Cream and Neapolitan Ice Cream and want to get solid lotions with those scents. I heard that it is great for eczema.

  18. I just ordered the Nag Champa scented one! ! Si excited!