LOTD – Rachael

Once about two years ago I tried to use my then meager collection of makeup to accomplish a Harley Quinn inspired look. It was OK for hanging around the house and goofing with internet buddies, but certainly not well applied enough to be seen in public. I forgot about Batman inspired looks until Anastasia of Lipsticks and Lightsabers began to post her X-Men inspired EOTD, which got my creativity flowing and now I’m on a mission to don several Batverse inspired looks. The first of which is Poison Ivy.

For Ivy, I knew I wanted a smoky day-time look but not using the traditional black, as brown would be a more suitable color to go with her Earth tone flavor. The only brown pencil I have is Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on in whiskey which did not do the job quite as dramatically as I was hoping for, but remained adequate for the day time.

About Poison Ivy: Originally hailing from Seattle, Washington Pamela Isley was subjected to a series of toxic injections which caused her transformation and insanity. Abandoning Seattle for Gotham City, Pamela becomes Poison Ivy, a world-renowned eco-terrorist hell-bent on avenging the injustices done to the environment by mankind. With her ever-growing fanaticism and skills as both botanist and villain Poison Ivy has become a feared and lethal nemesis of Batman. Despite her distaste with humanity, Poison Ivy calls Harley Quinn her best friend and they are often together – either on a caper or just having a girls night out (or both!)

Poison Ivy holds a place in my heart, no only for being a strong (albeit insane) woman but a force to reckon with. When I was a kid, my best friend and I would play pretend as Poison Ivy (her) and Harley Quinn (me). They were villains who fit our personalities very well (without all of the maiming and larceny) Unsurprisingly, my best friend grew up to be an archeologist while I never really grew up…ha ha.

Urban Decay Potion Primer in Eden
Lash Lines – Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on pencil in whiskey
Lid – Green Brier from Aromaleigh
Crease – Tethys from Aromaleigh
Lower Eyelid – Junebug from Sugarpill
Lashes – Covergirl Lash Blast

7 Responses to “LOTD – Rachael”

  1. thebirdofparadise February 10, 2011 at 5:44 pm

    Love it!

    Hey, I think this might be the first time you’ve ever posted your eyes. ( I could be wrong…)

    I love this post because your have such beautiful eyes and great application skills. It’s nice to see both.

    I’m weirdly proud of myself because I guessed that the lid colors were AL before I scrolled down, and I was right!

  2. its very gorgeous, and gives me some ideas for st. patties day!

  3. I LOVE the lady villians from Batman! I can’t stand this newer crap they have on cartoon network now though. I like the old school animated Batman!! Does anyone remember Red Claw? She may have only been in 1 or 2 episodes.

  4. Aww I used to play I was Catwoman and my bestie was Mary Jane lol.

    You’ve inspired me!

  5. AWw, such cute inspiration!

  6. I am just stumbling here from another lovely spot. So sorry about your bad Wisconsin experience. I am from there and hope to remedy your possible view of the people from that place, hee hee. Anyway, I look forward to exploring here. Blessings, Amy

  7. @Bird of Paradise – Yes, it’s the first time I’ve submitted an EOTD here at Gothqiue. Thank you so much for the compliments, I’m blushing *^^* <– see?

    @Kana – Thank you!

    @Persephone – Red Claw was intense! I'm very much a fan of most of Batman's rogues gallery

    Thanks, Grey, for posting 🙂