It’s Friday, I’m in Love

Icky Stuff

This was the week for nasty comments.  First from a review I wrote months ago (the company didn’t give a fig about it then) and then for a POSITIVE review I just posted.  It was wonky, I had to reset the comment authorization and then sit and screen a ton of stuff.  Once I banned a few IP’s they mostly stopped, but for a while someone in Wisconsin was really upset with me and pretty immature about it.  Don’t like me?  Fine.  Want my family to DIAF?  No.

I just want to say a little something about my reviews, and most, if not ALL of you know this already.  I always research things before I post anything.  I check out the company and their practices now.  There had been some companies who have prompted this and for a past few months I’ve been meticulous.  So the chances of me getting a company mixed up with another is impossible.  And I know you know that, because you READ my blog and don’t just shoot off nasty comments all willy nilly like.

I review every aspect of the company, from ordering to the final product.  While *I* might have disposable income, not everyone does.  And some issues are more important to people then others, but important issues are not the same to everyone, so I try to cover it all.  Some might not care about how the website navigates but might be a stickler for tidy packaging.  Some might not care how things are packaged but want an amazing product.  Some think a company’s image is made or broken by their site and how it works.  I tend to think all aspects of a company are important.  If they are going to be in the business of putting themselves out there, they have to realize life is not all fluffy kittens and rainbows.

Some people don’t think that their behavior and ethics should have any impact on their business, personally, I think that it’s a huge part of it, especially in an Indie business.  I’m supporting YOU and hence, if I don’t like what you do, I’m not going to buy from you.  You are the image for your company.

Also?  There is NO SUCH THING as certified organic MICA.  There are VERY FEW ingredients in mineral makeup that CAN be.



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The last IMS packages are going out this week.  I haven’t been out much, so I do apologize in the delay in getting these mailed.  I had some last minute packages arrive and had to reshuffle things!  It ended up being a little more work then I imagined, the packages came in so sporadically and then the post office decided it was going to hate on me.

The Links

Conversation Hearts, sort of.  Again.

More Angry Birds

Lillian swatches some gorgeous lipsticks.

LOVE this site.

Go directly to jail.

Shiro is selling blushes.  DANGER.

Whimsy is having  a sale.  30% with the code LOVESHOES.

I’ve loved watching this channel.  Anyone know why she stopped posting?

I’m going to try this this weekend.

Your Turn

It’s been gorgeous this week.  I’m thinking of taking the weekend off again and getting out.  What are your plans?

Would you be interested in a foundation series?  I’m working on an Indie eye primer one, as I type.

I’m really having  a hard time getting the black to stay in my hair.  Any idea why?


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  1. What black dye are you using? One of the permanents that I used to use reformulated, which made the black dye wash out and that was annoying. I also know my friend Cin had problems with some black dyes, too.

    I end up getting better results (though when I was doing black I wanted blue-black) with semi-permanents than permanents.

  2. Would certainly like to know about indie eye-primers xx

  3. I’m sorry to hear you had issues with nasties, sounds like someone needs to buy a life off eBay.

    I’d love to see your thoughts on indie foundations.

    It’s been an extremely hectic week for me. First week back at school for a lot of kids in NZ, and my two started a new school this year which is a different system from the norm. So I’ll be relaxing in the shade, drink in hand, while I play a game on my laptop.

  4. I’d love a foundation series. I’m still looking for foundation that agrees with my skin, so I’d love to get some input from your reviews.

    This weekend is going to be filled with studying for an econ midterm that will be on Monday.

  5. I’m very interested in a foundation series!

    Plans for the weekend: Going to Beverly Hills (for work) and going to experience my first chef’s tasting menu *squee*

  6. Super bummed that you had negative comments about the positive review you had. It’s funny how people can take things so personally. I love your reviews and hope you continue doing them as they really help my purchasing decisions when it comes to indie companies. In fact, I just made my second order with Epically Epic Soap Co!

  7. Yarrr. I saw that whole mess! I was hoping it didn’t migrate over here, but people can be so petty. There wasn’t any “confusion” of companies….just two very different customer experiences. People are utter dickbags.

    The weekend: THe east coast has been in a deep freeze, so it’s looking to be the kind of weekend where you curl up with your sweetie and pet(s) and hibernate

    YES to foundation series. I’ve never really worn the stuff, but as I get older, I need a little help evening out my skintone and could use some suggestions.

    I am agreeing w/ Phyrra above on the black hair dye thing. Permenant and semi-perm will stick but anything like say, manic panics or other temporary dyes just stain a weird yellowy gray and fade out.

    • I actually had better results with Manic Panic’s Blue Black dye than with Feria’s Blue black permanent. Weird but true!

      • I’m not surprised! I’ve had hellish experiences with Feria dyes and vowed to never use them again. I know it’s permenant color but that stuff made my hair feel like hay! I think there’s something odd about that dye formula. Despite the damage the results never last long.

      • Feria never sticks for me either. I use one of the older Revlon color brands and it sticks like anything.

  8. I recommend trying a semi-permanent colour for your hair; I’ve had much better luck recently with demis and semis when it comes to staying power, which sounds illogical but it’s happening! My hair grows stupidly fast, so touch-ups for me aren’t any more frequent than they were with permanent dye, plus the root line blends much better.

    • I never had good luck with semi-permanent blacks. On me, they always faded quickly and with an icky blue or green cast.

  9. For the black dye are you using a shampoo that has wax in it? I know it can build up on your hair and prevent dye from sticking, happened to me when I was using Pantene. Now I use a hair stripper like Neutrogena anti-residue shampoo before dying my hair and the black sticks better.

  10. Ugh, sorry you’re getting negative comments. I think your reviews are fantastic.

  11. Tea’s contest submission really tickled my funny bone!

    My weekend plans involve recovering from periodontal surgery. I’m not in pain and there’s minimal swelling, but I want my soft tissues to hurry up and heal. I’m not allowed to brush for a few days, so it’s probably a good thing I won’t be interacting with many people!

    Ooh, I would love a foundation series. Lip products are my first cosmetic love, but foundation is a close second. I’m looking forward to your posts on indie eye primers.

    For hair dye retention, have you tried washing with only conditioner? For years, I’ve been wanting to glaze my naturally black hair purple or blue (to achieve that anime or manga sheen, KWIM?), but I’m too inexperienced to do it myself and I’m guessing most salons don’t usually dye hair purple or blue. For practice, maybe I’ll simply start by home-dyeing my hair black?

    • Any salon will do it. My first pink hair experience was at a salon. (Now my beloved Mr. Aygee does it for me) It will be costly for a double process color, so brace yourself and your pocketbook for that.

    • I’m so glad you mentioned the Conditioner washing! I do this with my super dry curly hair and the difference has been O-MAZING. Not to mention the added perk of helping the color to last longer.

      Detergents in shampoos have a huge effect on color and texture of hair. I think the best thing I ever did was to stop using shampoo (more than once a week)

  12. I don’t know why you get all the hate, I really don’t. Since I put in comment moderation back with the Michelle Phail post, I haven’t had a single negative comment. I thought the comment moderation deterred them, but it doesn’t seem to work for you 😦

    Your reviews are always reasonable and polite, even if they are negative. Well, as you know, I am definitely a believer in negative feedback. It’s not like you’re criticising a charity – they’re a business. They’re SELLING something and taking money for it. Fair game.

    I’d be interested in a foundation series if you could find ones that are as light as Illamasqua 115 elsewhere, sigh. If only Doublewear came 3 shades lighter 😦

    Also – I love the image. I want the three boys on the left. Nom.

  13. Would absolutely love a foundation series. Please include some drugstore foundations in there as well. That would be really helpful for the readers that have a limited income

  14. I hate when people get all angry and say mean things over the internet when you know they’d never act like that if they were face to face. Your reviews are always very fair, in my opinion.

    Angry Birds bento box! That’s so cute.

  15. I tried Feria’s black-blue once too, and noticed that it faded pretty quick. Quick enough that I was back to coloring my hair red within 6 weeks and nobody could tell it had been black. I’ve used a number of the Feria reds, too, so I’m familiar with the fade rate (right now, the only tell that it’s been almost 2 months since I last colored is my roots, and I’m still getting compliments on my hair), but that black was ridiculous.

    I’m wondering if you’d be able to achieve something with henna and indigo? I’m looking at Mehandi right now, and I know I’ve seen Britton vouch for them.

    That review thing was…gah. All those people so idiotically claiming you must have confused the one for the other, and I wanted to scream at them that it isn’t even really possible. Once I updated my Avoid list with it, my hits from Facebook skyrocketed, and the links out to both you and Phyrra were getting a majority of the attention; as quick as it happened, I suspect someone’s employing Google Alerts.

    I think a foundation series might be helpful. I tend to put myself into ruts with foundation; if I find one that I think matches my skin tone, I pretty much don’t look at anything else. I’d love to try something new, but I’m scared to waste the money (as many people are, I’m sure).

    • That whole thing was entirely upsetting, especially as I couldn’t close/delete comments fast enough due to handling a work emergency.

      • Did you end up deleting some? Because, I think, that the crazy comments I saw managed to incriminate them horribly without anyone else intervening. Let them dig their own grave. Their own brainwashed fanbase did more damage than Grey’s original review, IMO.

        • I deleted Grey’s comments per her request, I was just frustrated I couldn’t get home to delete them fast enough to keep the nastiness from spreading.

          Despite me having a positive experience with the products I tried, I was so upset over the behavior of ‘fans’ that it turned my experience negative.

          • I don’t buy from companies that have zealot fangirls who just make random statements. It completely turns me off.. and makes me suspicious that there’s something there to hide.

  16. Eeee, I won! Thanks, Grey :).

    It’s been gorgeous this week. I’m thinking of taking the weekend off again and getting out. What are your plans?

    The weather has been NUTS this week over here! Blizzards, chinooks, blizzards, chinooks… my head feels like it’s going to crack open at any moment. If my migraines permit, I’m supposed to have dinner with a friend this weekend :).

    Would you be interested in a foundation series? I’m working on an Indie eye primer one, as I type.

    A foundation series would be awesome! But I’m also interested in the indie eye primer series as well. Non indie eye primers are expensive!

    I’m really having a hard time getting the black to stay in my hair. Any idea why?

    I haven’t dyed my hair black in years, and I had a difficult time with it as well. My favorite ones were Feria’s blue black (the one with the asian model on the box) and Nice N’ Easy’s blue black (I forget who was on the box). Feria’s was a more intense color, but faded out even with careful washing after a week. Then again, this was before I was aware that SLSs tend to strip dye from your hair, so maybe try using a SLS-free shampoo? If your hair has been heavily color treated over the years, it might just be rejecting the dye. Zoe from biorequiem had a really good blog post about hair dye that touched on black dye in her blush response category. Maybe I just liked it because her favorite black dyes were mine as well :P.

    • afaik, grey uses l’oreal vegan shampoo, (no sls, but has parabens), so that should be fine.

      As for black hair colour –
      garnier held the best and had the most vivid black so far, according to friend. she used 210. I used an orange from them and yes I do like the company.

      manic panic was the worse with black and other colours.

      I love the website that you love, but I wish I could buy the stuff in the photos, heh.

      • Manic Panic stinks horribly, no matter what color you get. I’m a Special Effects supporter, all the way.

      • I had hot pink hair with various streaks of purple, blue and green in it (depending on how much Sonic Green I put in with Atomic Pink) on and off for about 6 years. I only ever used Special Effects, unless I couldn’t find it and then Jerome’s Punky Color was a close second. I had friends that would use Manic Panic or Fudge because you could find Fudge at some Walgreens, and my hair was always the brightest and longest lasting.

        The one time I tried Manic Panic, it bled all over my pillows, sheets, down my neck when I would perspire… it was terrible. It also only lasted two days. Everyone told me to not wash my hair so much, but I just. can’t. do. that. I miss my hair being hot pink, but I grow my hair out now to donate it + I live in a harsh Midwestern climate where the water is incredibly hard so I can’t put it through extreme processing anymore.

  17. I’d like to take this weekend off but I know I must study for my phonetics class/the IPA and finish my transcription labs. I’m getting behind in my classes due to laziness :X

    Honestly people take criticisms so personally now. If you comment on a practice you don’t like obviously it means that you think the owner is shit.

    I hate that sort of sheeple attitude.

  18. They said your family should die in a fire!! There’s a special place in internet hell for people like’s called 4chan.

  19. Boo @ wisconsin haters. 😦 No good at all.

    Random: I bought Ormonde Jayne EDP today, I am slightly upset with myself, but mostly excited to get a package from overseas. Yay.

  20. Whether you’re a business owner or not, life is not all rainbows and unicorns. It’s called reality and it sounds like a few people need refresher courses. And as you said, anyone who actually reads your blog will know that you document everything so I thought the “wah you confused me with someone else wah” comments were particularly eye roll worthy.

    I would love a foundation series, especially for us super pale people. There are so many different formulas, textures and so on that I find it a bit daunting. I still have yet to find a good coverage formula for oily skin that is pale enough for me, argh.

    Our San Diego weather is so nice right now but I want rainy, chilly, cloudyness. I know, I know, wrong part of the world for that, hehe. I think I’m mostly going to be staying in and reading and trying to catch up on cleaning. I live the wild life, what can I say.

  21. Thank you for the plug on the sale, darling! I appreciate it that you, Phyrra and others are so generous in giving me exposure and helping my shop.

  22. OMG Shiro blush!! :O Be still my beating heart!

  23. I’m so sorry you had to deal with stupid people who can’t cope with someone having a different opinion from them. Getting agressive about something like that is so pathetic. I hope it didn’t upset you too much.
    Thank you so so much for linking to my post, that was so sweet of you!
    I want to make those candy heart macaroons now!
    My plans for the weekend include painting, walking the dogs, making something for valentines and working on a secret project 😛

  24. ShiroCosmetics sells blush now? OMG I can’t wait to order from them!

  25. I could have sworn I emailed you! Ill send it once more I probably entered the wrong address. Sorry I sent it again let me know if you received it.:D

  26. I just wanted to chime in and say that I appreciate your honest, thorough reviews. You do an excellent job of presenting the facts of your experiences. I’m sorry that your presenting these things got you attacked on a personal level and it is for that reason (among many others) that I will never purchase from that company. Keep up the excellent work. There are many that love what you do!

  27. Buy the dye that covers gray hair. I think that very dark brown will look black. Then,you can tint over the top with blue or whatever you want.

  28. Crap, I didn’t notice anybody wishing death upon your family. How horrible. :(.

  29. Pah negative comments, Their mothers were hamsters!
    I use expensive colour stay shampoo by l’oreal tec and it really really works for me.

    A foundation series would be great, It’s something I never try new products of much because it’s expensive and important and I don’t want to mess with a good thing hahaa
    it’s raining today but I am still going to go to the botanical gardens here in Sydney and feed the eels

  30. Sorry to hear all this junk is going on. Honestly, you’re just giving out your 2 cents. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but there will always be dummies of course. I have always enjoyed your reviews and thanks to them I can purchase more confidently.

  31. I’m still confused as to why people were thinking you somehow “mistaked” the products you received DIRECTLY from Mad Style and reviewed for someone else. If they cared to read the blog, they would have seen the review was done quite some time ago. I can believe that a company would take your criticism and strive to improve. It only makes sense that a newer company is going to have more issues surrounding their product. I don’t believe you, or anyone else for that matter, would purposly take the time to destroy cosmetics just to make a company look bad. Blah.

  32. I read your reviews because I feel they are fair and honest, as well as thorough. Sad that people need to be blocked, but there is a line.

    I went through issues with black dye not holding. I pretty much gave up on all the drugstore brands (L’oreal, Clairol, Garnier). Feria changed their formula, Nice & Easy washes right out on me, and Garnier feels chalky in my hair. I’ve been using Pravana Chromasilk and having much better results. HTH.

    Love the video. Especially the ending.

  33. I don’t think Stef from the Lip Print has made any videos lately but she certainly updates her blog! I’m pretty sure it’s

  34. I enjoy having an honest opinion before I order from a company. Keep up the great work and don’t let a few ruin it for the rest of us!

  35. A foundation series would be awesome.

    I tried 1HandWashesTheOther’s Black Magic based on your recommendation from a while back. It smells divine, but sadly it made me break out something fierce. Would you happen to know if she makes anything else in that scent though? Because even though I know I should stay away from it, I keep sniffing the tube…

    • Oh no! I’m so sorry! It’s amazing and I’m so sorry that happened. I don’t know, but she would probably whip something up for you, if you asked. She’s amazing like that!

      • Don’t be, you introduced me to a company that makes wonderful smelling products even if not all of them work for me. I’ll definitely be ordering from her again soon. ^_^

  36. I see that other people had weighed in about the black hair dye, so I thought I’d just add my two cents to the mix. I’ve tried a few different blacks in my day and most of them didn’t work out very well. Feria was definitely the worst(the other Feria colors I tried were just as bad). The only black I was ever happy with was Clairol’s Balsam Color #618 Black. It was the cheapest, but it ended up working the best for me! Anyway, hope that helps.

  37. Organic mica? Do they know what organic MEANS?

  38. I’ve always found your reviews informative, in depth and fair. Its too bad some people are jerks. Its the (not so) secret power of the internet that turns what I assume are normal people into raging monsters. Its like magic! Terrible, terrible magic.

    My plans this weekend? Knit up various things for a friend’s birthday. She’s going to get odd shaped knit animals in the mail very, very soon. Bright blue octopus FTW!

    I’d love a foundation series! All I use is a tinted moisturizer but I’ve been thinking of using something with a bit more coverage.

  39. when I was having problems with black dye not wanting to “stick” I later found out that it was the color shield shampoo i was using. it’s supposed to keep dye “in” but with LONG TERM use it was starting to keep it out lol

  40. Strangely, most expensive black dyes (Clairol, Herbal Essences, salon stuff) I’ve tried either wash out irregularly (ie, leave some patches dyed, and some parts wash out), or they just dye my hair some form of brown and come out. One of the few dyes I’ve been able to get my hair dyed with is the cheapest black hair dye sold by Wal-mart, around $3. ColourSilk? Something like that. Blue-black tones, since my hair is naturally grey-blonde with red undertones. The dye makes my hair kanekalon-black, but when it starts to come out, it’s black that shines deep red in the sun.

    Another thing that practically guarantees dye not taking is not washing my hair 10 hours before dyeing it. My hair is greasy. Horribly oily, no matter what I’ve done or how I fixed my diet. So if I don’t dye it 12 hours or sooner after washing my hair, it won’t take. Any conditioners or such that are not properly cleared from my hair can also cause dye not to take.

    My plans this weekend also include dyeing my hair. And heading to ULTA, since they have a buy-2-get-2-free thing going on. I’ve been wanting to try new colours, and they have some of the cheapest stuff around without too much quality loss. Although the eyeshadows are mostly mica, they have fairly good pigmentation for only a couple bucks apiece. Shiro Cosmetics sent me some great samples with my last order, so I’m thinking Nyx Jumbo eye pencil in Electric Blue, set with Nyx’s glitter palette in an aqua or denim blue/steel, Ulta’s dark blue/purple eyeshadow on the crease, Shiro’s Manectric on the inner lid, and Temple of Time on the browbone. Then pics.

    Then maybe sushi. Most vegans think they can’t eat sushi, but there are some kinds (like kappa, which is cucumber, rice, and seaweed) that contain no animal products if the chef knows what he’s doing. ❤

    And, yes, please do a review on foundations! And maybe more concealers? I've tried NYCs $2 green concealer for the redness on my face vs. Estee Lauders' $30 concealers, and… the NYC worked. I would need half a tube of EL to do the same trick on my face. That was just… weird to find out. But NYC is so heavy… x.x Oy. Foundations and concealers, I can look forward to!

  41. Try using Revlon Colorsilk. I was having a hard time getting black to stick in my hair as well. For as cheap as colorsilk is ($3 where I am) it has been the best. I’ve used the regular black & the blue black & most recently the mahogany. All of them have turned out amazing and my hair is always so soft afterwards, it never feels damaged after I color my hair with their dyes.

  42. I’m sorry about the negative comments. That makes me growly. Thanks for making sure I never buy anything from your company, crazy lady! I really don’t have a lot of extra spending money (oh the joys of being a stay at home mommy, I get paid in hugs and kisses hehe) and I very much appreciate knowing which companies deserve my money and which do not. Who is classless enough to tell someone’s family to die in a fire? Really! That just assures me that you don’t deserve my business!
    I would love to see a foundation post. I have the hardest time finding something pale enough for me. Also, how to tell if you are warm or cool would be most helpful. Best of luck to you!

  43. Awww Grey, you totally don’t deserve this harass! *hugs*

    Hm, my weekend plans? Friday my friend painted a huge cat on my bedroom wall and today I’ll go play videogames with my friends…. Sunday I’ll go out with my boyfriend, though Valentine’s is not on Feb at my country.

    Please! Do the foundation thing! 😀
    Though I am really satisfied with the SoBe one I got ❤

  44. I have decided (it has been my gripe of the week actually) that people are bored and are just sitting around thinking up things to get indignant about and then being loud and rude and ignorant about it. This is the second blog I read that had this sort of problem this week! Why don’t these stupid people channel that energy into something productive, for the love?! GAH.

    Congrats to Tea! And now I’m going to dream about Christian Bale in saran wrap. Or at least I hope I am.

  45. Thanks so much for the link to my conversation heart macarons. Hope you have a better week 🙂

  46. I’m truly sorry people have been leaving such horrible comments. Completely uncalled for, unclassy, and you don’t deserve any of it. Your reviews are unbiased, factual, and very fair.

    I am being tempted by some of Whimsy Beading’s necklaces…

    My weekend plans including trying to figure out new software, catching up on TV, and heading to a banquet.

  47. I’d love for you to do a Foundation Series and maybe also for different skin types. My skin is so dry and it’s hard to find a good foundation that will work well with it.

  48. Alexander was amazing.
    What the world has lost…

    You have a great weekend!
    And yeah, I’m interested in both the foundation series.

    It would be great if I could say that the nasties are “oh, well, just Internet people”… unfortunately, I think they “anywhere people”, and that the Internet is just giving them courage through anonymity.
    Don’t let them get to you, here or offline.

  49. I’d LOVE a foundation marathon of reviews!

  50. Grey, I don’t know if you’re still checking comments on this post, but after reading some comments regarding alternative hair coloring, I am desperately seeking some reviews/comparison to various Alternate hair dye brands! Must relay this to Phyrra as well, since I’m going the non-amonia based dyes and it’s been a while since I’ve dabbled in these.

    • I read all the comments! I only ever really use one brand for color, and for years it’s been Special Effects.

  51. Thanks for answering my late comment!

    I think Special Effects is the only brand I haven’t tried and have heard nothing but good things. Then again, it’s been years since i’ve used them so what do i know?

    I may give them a shot!

  52. I just wanted to apologize publicly for any negative comments anyone made on my behalf. I have already apologized to Grey via email, but wanted anyone who reads this to know that would never condone or encourage this kind of behavior. While I appreciate the support I wish that it would be done in a respectful manner.

    Anyway, I suck at getting my thoughts out on paper without sticking my foot in my mouth, but I just wanted to say that I have much love for all of you lovely bloggers. Many of whom I have gotten to know fairly well and I would never wish any ugliness upon you. You do such a great service for all the make-up junkies out there including myself. 🙂

    Anyway, have a great day and again thank you Grey for reviewing my company 🙂