All that glitters!

Guess what I got for Valentines?

Bollywood and Midnight Carnival threaders!

Remember this post and how I said I was going to beg for Padparadscha, Opal, and Indicolite threaders?  Turns out I didn’t have to beg at all!  They came out even better then I imagined and the Midnight Carnival ones are just stunning and hard to photograph correctly, the colored beads are double AB and just gorgeous when the light hits them.

I’ve been asked a lot questions about these, so I thought I’d take the time to answer a few of them.

How long are these?

Each pair is about 3.5 inches long from the crook of the ear wire to the end of the last bead.  They dangle well below your ear and they do have a bit of swing to them.

Are they comfortable or do they move around a lot in your ear?

This is hard for me to answer, I don’t have traditionally pierced ears.  As I’ve mentioned, my ears are stretched so that the hole is actually over 1/2 an inch wide (9/16, actually).  What does that mean?  It means my ears look like this.

Those are tubes (eyelets) pushed through the hole in my ear.  In order for me to wear the threaders, I have to wear an actual flesh colored plug that closes my hole and then let the ear wire sit between my ear and the plug.  So when I wear the threaders they don’t move or slip or slide.  They are held really securely in my ear and yes, they are very comfortable for me.

I did thread one through the normal sized piercing that is up my ear a bit, and it seemed to fit snugly.  My ears are not double pierced on both sides, though, so I can’t wear them as a pair like that (one ear has the 9/16 stretch, a 10g stretch, a regular piercing, and an industrial, the other one has just the 9/16 stretch).

As for the dangle, they are not at all poky or scratchy if they rub against your neck.

What other kind of jewelry do you wear with them?

For me, none.  I am of the belief you should wear ONE focal piece and that’s enough. You could wear a simple necklace or maybe the matching necklace, but for me it’s too much.

What do they go with, outfit wise?

Everything I own.  I only ever wear grey, white, pink and some purple and black tops, nothing crew neck or with a collar, and nothing with a logo or a print.  Literally everything I own matches and goes with the threaders.  What they match in YOUR wardrobe, I really can’t say.

Do they get tangled in your hair?

They might if you had longer or curly hair, but mine is short and angular and these actually hang below the length of my hair at the sides.

Do you get these for free?

Nope, like everything else I feature on my blog, I’ve paid for them.

Whimsy Beading is having a sale, like I mentioned in my Friday post (30% off with the code LOVESHOES), in case you’re curious to try these for yourself!

This post was brought to you with the help of Ichabod.

17 Responses to “All that glitters!”

  1. Oh! I had no idea you have stretched ears. We’re actually at the same size, ear-wise, although I have 4g seconds and a few other piercings as well. Are the flesh-colored plugs you refer to Kaos hiders or something else?

  2. I really like the midnight carnival!

  3. Looooove the Bollywood one, that color combination is just too pretty.

  4. Love your ears!! I had 0’s before I my jewelry got snagged on a embroidered pillow and tore my ear..had to get stitched was a sad day.

  5. how many of the earring pairs do you have?

  6. I keep trying to convince my self that I don’t “need” something from Whimsy. The 30% sale almost has me caving!

  7. Wow. These are gorgeous! I especially love the Midnight Carnival ones. I need these in my life.

  8. Oh gosh, these are beautiful. I wish I had a longer neck; I’m afraid I’d look silly in these. 😦

    (I do have Whimsy’s Wintersmith Bauble earrings, and they’re just gorgeous. When I wear them, I keep taking them off to admire them.)

  9. I was a bit worried you wouldn’t like the gold accent beads. I’m glad I was wrong about that.

    Although I’m supposed to love all my creations equally, I’m bad – Midnight Carnival is my personal favorite, and it’s the only necklace I’ve kept as my personal piece.

    Thank you for continuing to place your faith in my ability to bring you pretties, and for being so kind in your reviews.

  10. I’m totally stealing Ichabod.

  11. I caved and picked up the Sakura threaders. I’m more of a hoops kinda gal, but those colors are so gorgeous and go with nearly everything I own. I’m going to 2 weddings this summer and I can’t wait to break these out!

    Once my next payday comes I’m totally going back and getting the Cherry Blossoms necklace she used to have listed.

  12. Oh the Bollywood ones are gorgeous. My short neck keeps me from buying them though 😦

    • Just so you know (with absolutely NO pressure here, I promise!), any of the threader earrings can be made into earrings with french hook or post earrings. I have a short neck too, so have no fear – you can get things customized to suit your tastes.

  13. The Midnight Carnival ones are gorgeous, I’d be all over those if I could keep them from being constantly tangled in my hair. Love those fanged eyelets, too, now I want to stretch my ears so I can get a pair.