Bottoms Up

I have the oddest lower lashes.  They are long, but just about blond to the point you can’t tell they are there.  Usually I tint them, in fact I’ve been dying my lashes for the last six years.  When they are dark they make my eyes look HUGE, but I have never been successful in using mascara on them. It would always clump or gloop or get on my skin.

Cue Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara.  It retails for $10 for a .07 ounce tube, or what they consider to be a 90 day supply.

Now bottom lashes get in on the action with a brush engineered for tiny tasks and a formula that resists smears. Pair it with any mascara on top, and watch what happens.

Bottom Lash mascara comes in a wee little mascara tube with a wee little wand that is all of maybe five swirls long.  Available in black/brown and black, I chose black.

At first I thought it was just a really cute gimmick, but after I used it once I realized it was one of those things you never knew you needed until you used it and then you wonder how you lived without it before.  The formula doesn’t lengthen or thicken your lashes, it just emphasizes them (makes them dark) and makes it possible to get ever little tiny wisp of a lash with precision.  It’s a tiny brush, even smaller then the Too Faced Lash Injection weensy one I was using for my lower lashes.  It took me a time or two to get used to it, I felt mammoth.

I worried it would smear or flake, but after wearing it all weekend I didn’t have any issues!  It makes my lower lashes look insane, even with regular mascara I didn’t realize how LONG they were.  I found myself wearing much simpler makeup, just a light color and an easy liner, just so that I could play up my lower lashes.

This is a total Holy Grail item for me from now on and I wonder if more companies will start making them.

What do you think?  Would you buy mascara JUST for your bottom lashes?


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  1. My grandma has given me lots of goodies from Clinique over the years and I have loved them all. I would definately give it a try!

  2. Wow! Sounds like a cool experience! I hope more brands come up with something similar!

  3. I have one by Tarte Cosmetics! Bottom Lash mascaras are a must for me too since they make my lashes look defined. I feel like it’s a very mod look!

  4. Yes..yes I would!

  5. I would try it for $10. Not for $20. I don’t really have a problem with regular mascara on my lower lashes though.

  6. 😀
    Sure is nice hearing good news!
    HG news, no less!

    I wouldn’t consider buying a mascara just for the lower lashes – mine are okay on their own/with the usual-sized mascara – but I’d like to try it.

    I’m sure there’ll be other companies doing this in, oh, a minute or two XD . I’ll wait for it to trickle down to the drugstore brands, so I can test it on the cheap.

  7. I don’t have a problem with normal mascara (except that I should probably get a new tube because its waaaay older than 3 months and starting to get clumpy…). I use the eyebrow brush/comb combination thing on my lashes right after applying mascara to keep them from clumping and it works like a charm. Also helps curl them a little, which is great because im not going near an eyelash curler. Those things look like medieval torture devices.

  8. I’d try it. I gave up wearing mascara on my lower lashes many years ago because it made them too long, and tended to leave dark marks. My lashes are naturally long, so I certainly don’t need any help in that department.

  9. The mascara I use (Lashblast volume) doesn’t smudge under my eyes, but pencil eyeliner always seems to, even if I only wear it on my waterline 😦

    I’d try it for $10. Even though it’s pricier than my regular mascara, it IS Clinique. I was actually surprised that it wasn’t more expensive.

    Sam from Pixiwoo said it’s a tubing mascara, and if that’s true, I’d be very interested. I remember you saying you liked that lash primer from Hard Candy for your lower lashes also. How does it compare, effort-wise and results-wise, if you don’t mind my asking? 🙂

    • It takes so much word to get the HC Primer to look right and get it layered that there is no comparison. This Clinique stuff is just brush on and go.

  10. I wouldn’t mind giving it a try… I can’t really ever get regular mascara on my lower lashes without getting it on my face so I’d say bring it on with this product!

  11. I stopped wearing mascara on my lower lashes for the most part because no matter what I put on there it would smudge and transfer (oily eyes). This sounds interesting.

    • I have the same problem. I have given up wearing anything on my lower lashline(mascara, liner, etc) because of similar issues.

  12. I have super long lashes, so wearing mascara on my lower lashes looks ridiculous. I never do it. And I don’t know if I’d spend the extra money on a mascara JUST for my lower lashes. It definitely sounds cool though, especially for lighter colored lashes.

  13. I may try this! my lashes are really thing and short. giving it a nice coating might help them out more and make my eyes seem bigger. 🙂

  14. I’ve never had problems applying regular mascara on my bottom lashes. To me this is just another gimmicky marketing technique. I get that there are girls who have trouble applying mascara, but I already use so many different products at once that even if I did need to use a second mascara, I’d avoid doing so just to avoid adding another product to the list of dailies (that’s getting ridiculous, really)

  15. This is of interest to me, since my lower lashes are nearly impossible to use normal mascara on. But, I still have doubts since part of the lower lashes on my left eye grow at an odd angle and criss-cross with the others. 😦 Very frustrating to work with and just looks odd if emphasized.

  16. If I could try this for $10, I’d pop down the road right now and grab it. But, this product only came into New Zealand stores just last week, and it’s $31. So, no. Wont be trying this any time soon. Sadly.

  17. I have a Clinque mascara, I am not sure which one though and I quite like it, I don’t have issues with my lower lash mascara smudging so I am not sure I would purchase one. It would add extra step and its just easier to use the same mascara on the bottom. I saw the Pixiwoo sisters using it and was intrigued because it made their lashes look awesome, but then again those girls could slather Crayola finger paint all over their face with their eyes shut and look amazing.

  18. I have lower lashes like most people have upper lashes. Really long, fairly thick. Regular mascara looks weird on them, but I need something to give a little definition and subtly enhance the color. I might try this, for $10.

  19. Ooh – I’m going to try it – I always end up stabbing myself in the eye when I try and use a normal size brush to do my lower lashes, but I love the way my eyes look so much brighter with both sets of lashes coloured!

  20. I just watched Pixiwoo’s review of this! I don’t think I’ll try it any time, because I’ve never noticed a huge problem with my bottom lashes, but it may be something to experiment with some blue moon from now.

  21. I would love to try this, seriously. Then I’d keep the wand after and try using other mascaras with it!

  22. I have no bottom lashes to speak of, but if I did and if I could wear mascara on them, I probably would buy a mascara just for them!

  23. :-O Mascara that won’t smear for my lower lashes?! WANT. I’ve been using HC primer on my lashes to make them look longer, and while it works, it takes 30495830495 coats for it to look right. I’m worried all the coats will make my lashes brittle, and my mascara still smears all over my lower lashline.

    Blah, this means I have to brave the Clinique counter at the Bay. Which means facing the Gauntlet of Perfume Counters :@.

  24. That sounds great! I’ll look out for that mascara on my local Clinique counter since I don’t remember anything under 20 euros there.

    I always have a hard time with my lower lashes because they’re very long and quite thick and mascara usually makes them look extreme, plus they tend to clump or just be insane if I apply normal mascara on them. My eyes are quite big so the whole effect is weird.

    If the price is similar on my counter, I will try it since my lashes are medium to light brown and I’d like some definition.

  25. I have dark hair, so I have dark lashes, but my lashes are so flimsy and short (however they naturally curl up ;D ), and I always smear my bottom lashes when I use regular mascara on them.

    I DEFINITELY have to try it for my bottoms ones. Eyeliner can only emphasize so much haha.

  26. I sort of quit putting mascara on my lower lashes due to mess and because I already have HUGE eyes and long lashes to begin with. When I put mascara on the bottom lashes I end up with that Twiggy-esque look, as if I had a whole set of falsies on the bottom. Which can be cool for some looks, but is a little too much for most days.

    I’m still interested in trying this though! I love anything Clinique does and I’d be curious to see if this makes them noticable without being too much.

  27. I never put mascara on my bottom lashes because I don’t want to emphasize my dark circle or draw attention there. This might draw attention away from them.
    Thanks for the review!

  28. For $10, I’d definitely give it a shot. I have always always always used mascara on my lower lashes (even though they, like every other hair I have, are blackblackblack) simply for the separating and defining quality. There’s nothing like a well-defined lower lash line to give a face a wide-eyed dolly look!

  29. I would definitely try this as I have all kinds of lash issues. I think I might try it on the little inner lashes on the top that I can never seem to get to.

  30. I never used mascara on lower lashes because it would clamp. But I do have long lashes, they are dark at the root but light up towards the end, so I can imagine making it all dark could make for a dramatic effect.

    But I don’t see why you have to use it only on the lower ones, cant you use the brush for the upper lashes from a different tube or even buy one and use the same tube for both, if the formula is good?

  31. I really have no problems using normal mascara on my lower lashes. But I am tempted by this just because I’m curious, and I think the teeny tiny brush is cute! 😀 I wish it was a little cheaper though, or there were alternatives from cheaper brands.

  32. This sounds great. I have a lot of trouble getting mascara on my upper lashes, and the bottom ones are twice as hard. I might even use this on my upper lashes too just because I have such a hard time. The price isn’t bad at all.

  33. OH MY GOD YES!!!!!

  34. Too funny, I just saw in add for this in my current Elle last night. And at 1st I was skeptical, but 2 things convinced me.
    1) The price. $10 for a high end unique product? Why not!
    2) I have this problem & never really realized it!

    I can never get all my tiny bottom lashes with the mascara wand & I inevitably end up with several franken-lashes that look way longer & completely out of place with the others. Then trying to fix this, I end up with black schmutz under my eye & have to wipe off then reapply concealer. It’s a hassle & half the time, I skip my lower lashes, especially if I’m in a hurry. I will definitely be picking this product up when I see it. Thanks for the review, makes me totally confident that my $10 will be well spent!

  35. Thank you very much for reviewing this. I’ve been curious about it. I too have long lashes, and for some reason everything flakes/smears on the bottom. I think I’ll try this.

  36. I just bought this recently, and I’m very happy with it. I always apply mascara to my lower lashes, but most of the brands I’ve used smudge eventually. It gives plenty of definition without clumping and will not give you those dreaded “raccoon” eyes. This product is a Godsend, and I highly recommend it.

  37. this sounds amazing!! I’ll have to add it to my every expanding “To Buy” list (thanks to your blog it grows a little with about every 2-3 posts) ^_^