Pick of the Week

Eco Tools 6 Piece Travel Eye Kit


Highly sustainable bamboo handles
100% cruelty-free, soft taklon bristles
Recycled aluminum ferrules
Natural cotton and hemp cosmetic bag
Reusable storage pouch
Green Tip:
To conserve water, use your dishwasher instead of washing dishes by hand. Then, let dishes air-dry to conserve energy!

I have pretty bad eyesight.  To put on makeup I have to sit RIGHT up on the mirror unless I’m wearing my contacts.  Being that I am right up on the mirror longer handled brushes are difficult to use.  I started searching for and collecting travel sized sets, since the handles are so small and I can use them, right up on the mirror.

I found this little set at Target and it was under $10.  It contains 5 brushes:

large eye brush

angled crease brush

petite eye shading brush

highlighting brush

smudge brush

They are all well made and easy to use and clean.  My own complaint is that they are all the same soft density, so if you need a firmer brush for certain techniques, you won’t find it in this kit.  I also never keep the ‘travel case’.  I’m not actually traveling with them, so it usually gets tossed.  This case was fairly nice and stayed shut with velco and had a plastic shatter proof mirror.

All in all I think this is a great little set at a great price.

25 Responses to “Pick of the Week”

  1. I use Eco Tool brushes and really like them. I will keep an eye out for this one. It has some eye brushes I’d like to have. The kits I have gotten have a lot of face Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ooh, I’ll have to look for this. Thanks!

  3. I have a couple Eco Tools brushes and they are definitely nice for their price.

  4. I am going to have to look for these because I have terrible eyesight too and always end knocking the brush handles in the mirror, so these might be great for me.

    • Nothing is worse then poking yourself in the eye with an eyeliner brush 🙂 Happened this morning to me.

  5. I have this set! I really love ecotools brushes – they’re affordable, great quality, and environment friendly. 🙂

  6. I have a couple of these and I love them for the same reason, short handles.
    I have to get close to the mirror, too.

  7. I’ll chime in as yet another person with bad eyesight who loves EcoTools travel sets.

  8. Wow, this review couldn’t have come at a better time – I’m in need of some eye-brushes and have been eyeing this set to order it from the US (the company that imports EcoTools, doesn’t import this one, boohoo).

    Thanks 🙂 !

  9. I have this set, and I love it SO much! I love that all the brushes are labeled with what they do, since my eyesight is pretty bad too, and I’ve been known to confuse brushes easily. 😛 Hahaha

  10. I’ve been wearing my glasses a lot lately so I’ve had to deal with crappy, comes-with-purchase short handled things, like the impossible eyeliner brush that comes with WnW gel liner (hello, super thick line that doesn’t taper at the flick properly). This little set looks like an awesome deal.

  11. It’s nutty how cheap stuff is for you guys compared to here! I think I paid $14 or $18 for this set. I really like it although I wish the angled brush was smaller. I’m still on the lookout for the right fluffy small angled eyeshadow brush. I bought an angled brush from makeupgeek but it was not fluffy and works better as an eyeliner brush. I also love how tiny the handles are! I do my makeup in my foundation compact mirror so I’m always bashing the brush into it or trying to maneuver it to avoid the bashage.

  12. Thanks for posting about these! My bathroom’s medicine cabinet door has a mirror on it, and I’m always opening the cabinet and pulling the door closer to me because the sink is in my way (I can’t see more than four inches in front of my face 8D), and I have a really bad habit of not remembering to close it 😛 My only other option at the moment is to use a pocket mirror that I can angle over my brush handles because I haven’t found a nice set of travel sized brushes – they never seem to be as good of a quality as full sized ones. I’m picking up a set of these the next time I see them though!

  13. I just picked this up recently! I’ve been lacking in the brushes department, and Ecotools seems like a good enough alternative for the more expensive brands I’m not really willing to commit to.

  14. I LOVE these brushes, for mostly the same reason. At the rate my astigmatism is progressing, I will be blind before I’m forty.
    Glad you found the joy in these delightfully cheap and vegan brushes!

  15. I love EcoTools! I get mine at Walmart and Winners and so far for the price, I’ve been really impressed!

    Most of the brushes I use for eye make up application are from art supply stores, and tend to have very long and unwieldy handles!!
    So I just snap/saw/cut them off and wrap the end with electrical or aluminum tape so I don’t give myself a splinter 😛

  16. Eco Tools are my favorite with the exception of one Mac brush I can’t live with out. It’s a great set and the price can’t be beat.

  17. I swear, for the price, Eco Tools can’t be beat. I frequently use my Eco Tools blender brush instead of my vegan fiber optic or Too Faced blender. It has just the right fluff for me.

  18. Love Eco Tools too! For some reason I find them easier to use with loose pigments.

  19. This is the set I use everyday!

  20. I was already thinking of asking a friend who is currently living in the USA to get this for me, now I’m sure. It’s so difficult to get good quality brushes where I live and these are so inexpensive.

  21. I have this and I have the same problems with this too. I don’t like that there isn’t one firm brush in here and those three are so big sometimes it’s hard to control. I use these when I put my eye makeup on in the morning at work. I usually do a soft eye for those days so this actually kinda works.
    The ‘travel case’ ripped after using it three times.

  22. I’ve been looking at the EcoTools range, wondering what the bristles are like (I do most of my shopping online) so thank you for this review! I have the same problem with my eyes (and mirror) as well.

  23. i can’t figure out why my set looks different? my petite shader brush is really flat and smooth as is the large eye brush… personally find most of them too large for my tiny eyes but do like the “highlight” brush for blending at times