Love at First Sight

My Aromaleigh Grab Bags arrived yesterday.  I ended up getting three sets, two multicolored and one in violets/purples.  I should have got more, but I’m really excited she’s doing another round, this time of surprEYEs packs!  I ordered three of them, one in Darks, one in Brights, and one in Subtles.

Once again I’m excited to share my Aromaleigh love!

Two lucky winners will recieve a set of two shadows from the ‘<3’ collection, Shy Blush and When Time Stops (Time Stands Still in the swatches).

  • To enter, write a short love poem explaining why you’d like to try these two beautiful shades.
  • You may enter (comment) only once.
  • You must be a follower and 18 or older to enter.
  • Contest is open internationally.
  • The winners will be drawn on March 1st.

23 Responses to “Love at First Sight”

  1. Cupid’s Arrow pierces my heart filling it
    With spangles and stars
    I am Starry Eyed
    The Spark of Romance kindles my heart aflame!
    Time Stands Still
    I see through Rose Colored Glasses my beloved
    Let me wash my eyes a Shy Blush to cover Love’s Easy Tears
    For I have Loved and Lost

  2. I’m so jealous, I really wanted to order some grab bags but postage to the UK was way too high after all the international shipping issues Miss K had.

    Hmmm, poetry is definitely not my strong point, apologies for the following cringe inducing mess:

    Aromaleigh, the apple of my eye
    the loss of which
    my heart does mourn.
    Your sumptious shades
    their soft caress
    no brand could ever take their place

    Shy Blush, a perfect gentle pink
    shall give my eye
    a loving sparkle.
    When time stops
    so rich and dark
    will match my mood when you depart

  3. Shadows are lovely
    Like Ms. Grey’s makeup journal
    Decorate my face

  4. My eyes are dull as drapes without you,
    curse the day I never bought you.
    Please find your way into my arms,
    Together we will rock the stars.

    Hmm, I was never good at poetry but I think this at least gets the message across.

  5. Aromaleigh’s sparkles
    leave my eyes glinting
    not feeling aged.

    Feeling the loss
    I treasure my hoard
    want to add more.


  6. “sometimes I notice
    the shimmery colour there
    and I do want them”

    haha, my attempt at a haiku.

  7. One last collection
    Valentine’s shades do bid us
    A lovely goodbye

  8. My heart bled for aromaleigh’s unfortunate end
    but how giddy was I, when new collections arose
    I ordered and ordered, stocking up on my true mmu love
    then bid farewell, without looking back for it hurt too much
    how foolish of me to have missed some valentine sparkle from miss k!
    I’d love to win lovely jars of powdered beauty from AL!

  9. Oh, dear, sweet, Aromaleigh
    How blessed would I be,
    If you belonged to me?
    My eyes would twinkle bright,
    Putting to shame the stars at night,
    In your sweet colors I would delight.
    For in your sweet embrace is when Time Stands Still,
    With a Shy Blush I partake in the thrill,
    Yes, I do believe I am love- sick, I am amour- ill.

  10. This giveaway is awesome. Really creative! And I love me some cheesy love poems. Haha

    Your shimmer oh so brilliant,
    a Spark Of Romance,
    With Cupid’s Arrow shooting through my heart,
    to hold you would be bliss.
    For a moment Time Stands Still,
    then you’re applied and I’m Starry Eyed.
    The reflection in the mirror,
    it’s as if wearing Rose Colored Glasses.
    Beautiful girl feels her cheeks burning,
    though they only turn a Shy Blush.
    She wakes, Love’s Easy Tear rolling down her face.
    “Only a dream”, she breathes aloud, “these shadows I’ve Loved And Lost”.

  11. Your eyes met mine, and time stood still
    A shy blush, a soft touch,
    Our lips met and suddenly I could feel
    That you loved me very much.

    Then suddenly I realised that this was only a dream,
    And that I won’t have you unless I wear those eyeshadows,
    I want to be as beautiful as marshmallows,
    And dazzle you as a sunbeam.

    And the poem went pear-shaped,
    But nevertheless I still want you,
    Beautiful shades of pink and blue !

    Lol – that was real fun ! Good luck everyone !

  12. Time Stands Still when you see me,
    Like we’re alone in this place
    Dazzled by my gorgeous eyes,
    A smile lights your rugged face.
    As you approach, a Shy Blush paints
    My cheeks a rosy red. . .
    Had I not had the hues tonight,
    It might been someone else instead.

    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  13. Poetry is not my strong suit and neither is commenting. :)I’ve been a lurker for a long time and I rarely comment but Aromaleigh’s products are what got me to learn not to cover myself up but to accent my shine.

    Sweet, Aromaleigh
    How do I love thee?
    Let me count the ways.

    Your blushes are so bright,
    Their color and wear so true
    Keep me glowing all night.

    To you, no one could compare.
    Your eyeshadow’s color and depth
    Won over this lady fair.

    In you I found my Holy Grail.
    Velvety soft and smooth
    I’m glad I’m stocked on Voile.

    There is a hole in my heart
    Now that you’ve left the scene,
    With my stock, I’ll never part.

    In you I found my love of me.
    Makeup is just the gloss on top,
    It’s my beauty that shines free.

  14. How doth the little dusts
    Improve thy shining face,
    Gathering of beauty and of lust
    With such a golden grace!

    How squeefully I would to grin!
    “What a darling” I would cry!
    If I was the one to win
    For I do not tell a lie!

    In looks of day or of night,
    I would be joyful too;
    For these are such a pretty sight
    Such a pretty pair of hues.

    I’d put these in a place of pride,
    Next to my death ray,
    That I may have won a bone fide
    Special gift from Gray.

    +50 points for rhyming Grey with death ray, woohoo! *grins*

  15. Cheeks can turn pink
    Freezing time is apparently kinda blue
    I really suck at poetry
    But my eyelids would appreciate some love too!


  16. When it’s only you and me
    When time stops
    My heart beats quickly
    My heart pops

    As you talk to me
    I notice your shy blush
    You’re so pleasing to see
    My one and only crush


  17. it’s the soft shy blush
    a motion of color
    she smiles at me —
    aromaleigh —
    forty-watt and incandescent.
    RIP, I murmur,
    but she just grins,
    and kisses my forehead.
    Time stands still, she whispers.
    The best, she says,
    is yet to come.

    — Clearly not a poet at heart. :\ But the colors are really pretty!

  18. Rose colored glasses
    Wistfully swept on my lids
    Time stands still, again.

  19. Aromaleigh I never tried cuz I was just slightly broke at the time of its demise,
    But those sparkles tempt my eyes,
    I want them Grey, give them to meeeee
    For I cannot enter Heaven till I try Aromaleigh.


  20. GREAT review grey!!! urrr i am terrible a poetry.. ok here it goes lol

    Oh eyeshadows..
    How you dazzle me
    so shin and bold
    Shy Blush..
    pink and luxorious
    When time stops
    you make my heart stop
    so mysterious and wonderous
    the two of you will make a perfect combo for me

    LOL i told you i am terrible at it lol

  21. Sterling Morgenstern February 25, 2011 at 7:14 pm

    On beating breast
    No lover’s lips
    and yet
    my face is kiss’d
    by tender blushes and soft caresses
    a whisper of love thought lost
    twinkling like a tear upon mine eye
    a glitter, a glimmer
    of hope once more

    I wake alone
    and yet
    at my boudoir my love awaits
    hidden in jars
    waiting to be released
    there are those that wear
    love on their sleeve
    I reserve my love
    for mine eyes
    for all to see

    and though my love has gone away
    it has left me with so many memories
    each jar, each colour
    a precious gift
    who wouldn’t want just one more day
    With their love
    just one more

    Unashamedly in love with Aromaleigh ❤ Thanks and Cheers!

  22. Oh Aromaleigh,
    How I love thee,
    Adding sparkle
    and endless possbility
    And if I win,
    Then I will be,
    A deprived international customer
    With New Aromaleigh

    HAH! That’s all I’ve got.

  23. Roses are red, violets are blue.
    Everyone else got to try the
    And I’d love to, too. =P

    (Hey. It involves love of eyeshadows. =X)