Odditoria – An Introduction

Lysa, the Merry Mixtress of the Morbid, recently launched a second shop.  Odditoria is darker and morose.  It travels more along the macabre then the mirthful and is still full of all the amazing blends that make The Morbid the Merrier the amazing perfumery that it is.  I was SO lucky to receive some of the scents to try out.  They are SO different, so dark and so inspiring.

They are complex to the point that I can’t always smell them and pick any one note out, but they blend into this… concoction that is intoxicating.


Key notes: orange blossom, blackened amber, blood orange, whiskey, and a most decadent Indian white amber

The first thing you smell in this perfume is the amber, which honestly isn’t my favorite scent.  It’s mellow, and sort of delicate and almost turns into a chocolaty orange scent as you wear it which is both odd and slightly amazing at the same time, maybe that’s actually the whiskey I’m smelling?


Key notes: cherry blossom, sweet myrrh, ginger, musk, grapefruit

I love the scent of cherry blossom.  I didn’t know that until not too long ago, so I was excited to try this.  Isabella didn’t disappoint.  This is almost a baby soft scent that’s very delicate and yet mind boggling complex.  One moment it’s floral and the next it’s citrus and then wow, it’s musky (but not MUSKY).


Key notes: sweet yellow cake, tiny coconut shreds, candied walnuts, sugared violets, and vanilla, with a palate-cleansing dose of wood and moss

I loooove this.  I actually read the keynotes first when trying these out and then hunted this one down in the little pile of samples that I had.  I honestly am not a huge fan of sweet smells.  I do LOVE Basmati Rose from EE (also Basmati Coconut and soon Basmati something else), but that’s a little different.  This is sweet and yet not, that touch of wood in it makes it so unique.  It’s wood as in wood, not a fake pine smell.


Key notes: earl grey tea, creamy milk, patchouli, vetiver, dirt, wood (I will warn you – this is a dirty, morose blend. It’s very beautiful, but heavy on the earth.)

This was maybe an unexpected favorite.  I love Earl Grey in general, but I was a little scared about the ‘dirt’ part.  This has got a little tang to it that makes it sophisticated and not ‘hippy’ like some might expect at it having patchouli and dirt.


Key notes: 3 Indian attars, incense, fig, lotus, benzoin, and smoky wood

I had to Google to see what benzoin was.  I still don’t know what it is aside from a resin people use to make incense. This is an almost tart scent with a subtle floral background.  The smoke is VERY subtle and you only catch a whiff of it occasionally.  Amiya is exotic, but not in an INYOFACE way.  I would defiantly wear this, and I wasn’t sure I would like it based on the notes!


Key notes: black musk, moss, dark wood, pepper, palo santo

This is a man’s scent, not that I wouldn’t wear it.  It reminds me of men, strong sexy men.  It’s a cologne sort of scent, but it’s nondescript and not overwhelming and yet soft.  The pepper picks it’s head up at times and kicks you in the nose to wake you up, just when you think the scent is mellowing.


Key Notes: red tea, frankincense, indian musk, moss, wood, clary sage, cypress, cinnamon

Ohhhh wow.  There is always a fragrance in a batch that makes me sort of have to smell it a dozen times.  I read the notes in this and had NO idea what to expect.  This is very mysterious, like you walked into a fortune tellers tent and the incense is swirling around you.  But you’re outside in the woods.  Very hard to explain, but very lovely.


Key Notes: lilac, white tea, vanilla, white musk, precious wood

I saved the best for last.  Lilac?  Love it.  White Tea?  Interesting.  Vanilla?  Soft, but not cloying.  Musk?  Not overpowering.  Wood?  Amazing touch.  I really keep saying the same thing, but it’s so hard to describe these scents because I have no experiences to go along with them, they are all so new.

You have to forgive me if these scent descriptions sound like I’m rambling.  These were all SO hard to describe, but I loved them all.  There wasn’t even ONE that I tried that I went ‘ehhh’.  When you think of a complex scent I always think of something that is so muddled it’s hard to smell anything but ‘perfume’.  That is not the case with these.  Sure, they are much darker somehow, but I think they would appeal to a LOT of people regardless.

Will you be trying Odditoria out?

Which scent would you like to try most?  Let me know and you could win one full sized (5ml) perfume oil!

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  • The winners will be drawn on March 4th.

99 Responses to “Odditoria – An Introduction”

  1. Morton! I’m in love with anything infused with tea and I love the addition of earthy tones, what a combo!

  2. Agatha and Dahnya sound divine!

  3. I’d try Agatha because I love lilac. One day, when we own our own house, I’m going to see if it’s feasible to plant some lilacs in the yard. Away from the door, because of the bees.

  4. Eggbert, it just sounds so interesting, sweet but not. My curiosity is perked.

  5. Awww! I just placed my first order with TMTM last night…I almost wish I’d waited, because those scents sound amazing! Ah well, there’s always next paycheck! 😛

  6. Agatha sounds good to me!

  7. Curse you, Grey! Curse you! Now I have yet another package full of perfume headed my way! Dammit.

    I’ve got samples of Agatha, Isabella, Dhanya, and Eggbert headed my way. Super psyched to try them. Yum.

  8. Agatha sounds tempting and interesting… it’s both something I’ve never tried before and appeals to me!

  9. Definitely ordering some samples of these.. looking forward to Morton in particular!

  10. Based on Amiya’s notes, it would never appeal to me, but now I want to try it based on your review! Without your description, I would never know that Amiya is almost tart (love) and floral (even more love) with VERY subtle smoke (perfect) in an exotic way (intriguing).

  11. Morton sounds like it would be interesting. Mostly because of the dirt. Freshly rained on earth is one of the most awesome things ever.

  12. I would have to say Moira, woods, incense, fortunetellers I’m all over that!

  13. This is slightly confusing as to why a second shop would be opened instead of creating an “odditoria” line?

    But eh, I would give it a try.

    Morton sounds the best as I adore sweet scents.

  14. I’ve had my eye on Odditoria for a couple weeks now, since I’m a huge fan of TMTM’s perfume oils.

    I love the scent descriptions for Agatha and Isabella, but I think Agatha is edging out as the best sounding scent. I have plenty of dark scents, since spring is almost here I need something more floral in my collection. Plus, it’s the same name as my kitten. 🙂 I checked out the etsy store and I can’t find a listing for Agatha. Is it a preview?

  15. Agatha. The description doesn’t sound like a scent I would like but based on your review I put it on my wishlist. I’m not happy with my last BPAL haul (I don’t like any of the scents, I’m not complaining about the quality of their products), so maybe I should try some other brand.

  16. Eggbert sounds lovely. I have been getting into darker and more complex smells as opposed to just Sweet vanilla or sweet fruity scents. I really think I would enjoy the dark elements and the slight sweetness of it.

  17. The ones I’m eyeing the most are Eggbert and Morton! Both contain notes which I love; I’m a huge foodie lover, but I love earthy, woodsy notes and patchoulli.

  18. I’ve been eying Odditoria but I’ve been spending all my money on TMTM. Just got Ichabod and I love it so much!

    Moira sounds fantastic and when (not if!) I finally place an order with Odditoria, it will most likely be for that.

  19. Wow, these all sound amazing. I already ran and bookmarked her shop because I need to try these. Agatha, Eggbert and/or Morton really sounds wonderful and totally like something I’d love.

  20. Eggbert piqued my curiosity — the scent description brings to mind a tea party in a forest. I love “sweet-but-with-a-tempering-twist” perfumes, so this one is particularly tempting.

  21. Morton sounds really interesting to me, but honestly all of them sound divine.

  22. Eggbert sounds amazing! Anything with candy instantly gets me.

  23. I absolutely love how you describe scents. I’m horrible at figuring out things I’d like. 🙂

    I would love to try Agatha.. I love lilac.. so it definitely sounds like something I’d love to try.

  24. I havent tried any of TMTM perfumes but I love their lip balms. I will definitely be checking out Odditoria.

  25. These sound so interesting! I’m interested in Eggbert, Morton, Moira and Agatha.

  26. Definitely on my “to check out” list, once I’m purchasing stuff regularly again 😀 Lysa’s stuff is great (as you well know) and I don’t know if I could pick one I’m most interested- I intend to order samples of them all, eventually. The thing I’ve found with TMTM scents is I tend to best like the ones I didn’t think I’d like after reading their descriptions, and I assume Odditoria’s going to be the same way for me.

    Pressed to select only one, I’d go for Eggbert, though- I’m on a violets kick lately.

  27. Finally, something that truly interests me! These sound so DEEP and SEXY! Isabella catches my attention the most, as I loooooove cherry blossoms and musky scents.

  28. Moira definitely! I’m a huge TMTM fan. I have browsed Lysa’s new shop, but haven’t ordered anything yet.

  29. I *definitely* want to try Agatha the most; I love cinnamon. And my brother’s been looking for a new cologne, so I think I’m gonna surprise him with Edgar – all of these scents just sound so amazing.

  30. Agatha and Eggbert sound amazing. I’d probably love Agatha more, since I love lilac. Reminds me of summer at my parents house. 🙂

  31. Dhayna sounds like something I would love. I don’t often get to wear perfumes since I work around birds.

  32. Agatha sounds lovely, and I wouldn’t mind trying Isabella either!

  33. I’d like to try Isabella or Dahnya!

  34. morton!!! I have been making tea-infused cakes recently and I LOVE the smell. 🙂

  35. Isabella and Morton sound lovely!

    I love grapefruit scents in particular… In fact, I just got a custom mix of Grapefruit & Black Pepper from Epically Epic which I love!

    I’m also curious to know how Morton would smell because of the Earl Grey notes, but I’m not a huge patchouli fan…

  36. Eggbert sounds amaaaazing! Um, I’m pretty much in love with all of the scents in the description. Cake, coconut, walnuts, vanilla… mmmmm!

  37. Oooh, that’s a tough one! But as soon as I saw Moira, my interested was piqued, so I’d love to try that scent.

  38. Finally, something that catches my attention!! These fragrances seem so dark and sexy, I love it. Isabella is what really pulled me in. I love cherry blossoms and musky scents.

  39. Isabella, because i love cherry blossoms and they are featured in good perfume far too rarely.
    I will definitly have to try these out. Thanks!

  40. Eggbert! The coconut shreds sound divine.

  41. Dhanya sounds wonderful. I love orange scents but I don’t like smelling like cleaning solution, so this blend might just be amazing. If i had the spare money, I’d order it right now haha.

    I am another person wondering why Odditoria is a second shop. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to make it a line under The Morbid the Merrier?

  42. I just heard about Odditoria today, and was wondering what the scents were like and lo and behold, you already have a review.

    Honestly, Agatha, Moria,Isabella, and Dhanya sound wonderful (nevermind, on second glance they all sound wonderful). Dhanya, though, is the one that really catches my eye because of the blood orange, which I think has such a unique and exotic flavor. And really, whiskey in a perfume just sounds fantastic.

  43. Agatha and Egbert :those scents as characters in my head would be a lovelorn aging seductress swept off her feet by a handsome nerd with…with a sweet tooth..and his button down shirt with one too many buttons undone showing off a broad manscape!!! Tie flapping carelessly behind him

  44. Dhyana sounds perfect. I don’t wear perfume much but I would wear Dhyana every day. But Agatha? Agatha sounds like the one. Lilac is a scent I can’t often wear since my father is allergic to the perfume oil but it’s my favorite. Agatha would be a great scent for Spring and Summer. Thanks for introducing me to them cause I know where my money is going next.

  45. Isabella sounds like a really nice scent. I really love cherry blossom and the other components sound pretty intriguing.

    Odditoria will definitely go on my list of places to check out when I have some spare money. A lot of these scents sound lovely.

  46. Isabella or Eggbert! ❤

  47. This is what I was telling you – even though scents aren’t my thing, your reviews make me want to try them all!

    If I had to choose one, it would be Eggbert, but Isabella comes a close second.
    Eh, that’s sometimes the problem – I want to try something new, but when I have but one choice, I go for the familiar… and miss out on the wood, leather and whiskey, which sound like amazing additions!

    You’re not rambling.
    This: “This is very mysterious, like you walked into a fortune tellers tent and the incense is swirling around you. But you’re outside in the woods.” made me instantly start coming up with stories. Oooh, can’t wait to have a dream inspired by this 😀 !

  48. Aaaah, I’ve been in browsing Odditoria countless times already, but I haven’t ordered anything yet. I got my most recent Morbid the Merrier order only yesterday, and I try to order things one at a time, mostly because otherwise my spending money would run out way too soon.

    Most of all I want to try Agatha, even though Eggbert sounds delicious too. It’s drawing up to spring now, after all, and our house is surrounded by lilacs.

  49. I have added this to my list of scent shops to buy from. I love your reviews of scents, I low how you explain them.

    They all sound fantastic, so it’s very difficult to choose just one. I love how Morton sounds, and Amiya also sounds like my cup of tea. But I think the one I’d like to try the most would be Agatha. It sounds like so gorgeous.

  50. I’d love to tr Morton 😀 I really love blends with patchouli at the moment.

  51. Oh gosh I would love to try Moira. The description is haunting me!

  52. I’m kind of a TMTM junkie and I am SO excited to try these scents, especially Isabella!

  53. They all sound greadbut I will say Moira.

  54. I got some samples of the Valentine Collection at The Morbid the Merrier and I loved the darked scents so I think that I would love what Odditoria offers.
    I think I would LOVE Isabella, Morton, and Amiya. If I had to pick one it would be Isabella.

  55. I cannot wait to get my order now! 😀

  56. Agatha sounds amazing–I love love love lilac, and the vanilla/white tea addition sounds absolutely beautiful.

    Pretty curious about Morton, though, too. I like “dirt” smells a lot, and the Earl Grey note is pretty intriguing…though I really feel like bergamot is a super-sexy man smell.

  57. Edgar. I’ve been into wearing men’s scents lately.

  58. Grey: Half my comment was eaten. The line before the one that was posted was: I’d love to try Agatha in addition to the ones I already have on the way to me!

  59. Dhanya and Amiya sound like somethin I’d usually enjoy. I’d even try Moira just cuz you like it so 🙂

  60. I’d like to try Eggbert out – Violet is one of my favourite scents !


  61. Oh, Agatha sounds amazing, not too heavy but still enchanting.

  62. Thank you so much for the review, Grey!!!

    I wanted to answer the question of why another shop.. I feel like Odditoria is SO different from TMTM, and I wanted the buying experience to be completely different, too. Different packaging, presentation, mood, branding, everything. I didn’t feel it was something I could do *within* TMTM. It was a huge endeavor, and probably would have been much, much easier to stay within my current shop, but I wanted a totally different thing..Hope that makes sense. I tend to ramble. 🙂

  63. I’m interested in trying Eggbert 🙂

  64. I think I want to try all of these honestly but the one I think that interested me the most is Amiya, everything about it sound like something I would love since I love incense smells and I also love the smell of lotus. I think Isabella was close second though. I am very interested in checking out this shop.

  65. One of the perfumers from an online shop I used to frequent once said that they used benzoin for its ‘texture’. It makes the perfume ‘feel’ like cotton candy, that slight fluffy grittiness, and sort of gives the scent body. It made this one sweet perfume I owned smell fuzzy and cuddly :3
    …I hope I’m remembering all of that right!

    I think I’d like Agatha or Isabella *-* They all sound fantastic, especially the way you talk about them!

  66. So difficult to choose! Moira, Eggbert, and Agatha stand out the most to me but for the giveaway I will narrow it down to Moira.

  67. Eggbert’s description made me drool, so now I either really want to own that scent … or make some cake … or BOTH

  68. I’d love to try Isabella! I love cherry blossom and grapefruit and this sounds absolutely fantastic. Plus, my niece’s name is Isabella and I’d definitely be telling her mom — my sister — about this ;D

    Thank you!

  69. Moira sounds gorgeous!

  70. You made them all sound breathtaking, but of all of them I’d choose Isabella, most positively. I adore cherry blossoms!

    Agatha also sounds divine!

  71. i think i would love eggburt. it sounds so amazing. i have been looking for a new scent and i think this could be it!

  72. Awesome review!!! Moira sounds wonderful… i am very sketchy on trying new fragrances cause .. well im picky lol..

    thanks agian for the review… i may still order something!

  73. I think Moira sounds as if it would be amazing! I’m planning on ordering samples for a few of the others, but Moira seems like the standout to me!

  74. Hi Grey,
    I read your blog everyday and I don’t even wear eyeshadow:)
    I have tried TMTM and I love their products!
    Agatha and Isabella sound really good!!!
    Thanks for the giveaway and the reviews

  75. Agatha sounds lovely! So does Isabella but Agatha is something I would love to have.

  76. I would prolly go with Moira for myself, and then I’d dowse my man in Edgar… hehe, that sounds strange and oddly alluring all at the same time! 😉

  77. I would love to try Agatha. They all sound amazing.

  78. Moria sounds AMAZING. I love your description of it! ❤

  79. Moira and Eggbert sound delicious! I would love to give all of these a whiff. Great descriptions.

  80. I would love to try Egbert. The Morbid the Merrier is a recent find via your review, and I can’t wait to try out the new scents!

  81. I’d try Eggbert, since it has three of my favorite smells (Cake, coconut, and violets!) Plus it’s one of the few that wouldn’t smell like tea or musk it sounds like. I’m not accustomed to tea scents/flavors since I’ve grown up in an anti-tea background (it’s a religion thing). So they just seem bitter to me on the rare occasion that I try them.

  82. Probably Morton, second to Dhanya- sometimes fruit scents turn into a vaguely flowery alcohol-like smell on me. x.x ‘Darker’, more masculine scents tend to work better with my skin! ❤

  83. Not gonna lie, Morton sounds amazing in a way that it’s unexpected. THTM is an amazing company so I can’t wait to try some of these! 😀

  84. Morton sounds amaaaazing
    (also, this is embarrassing- I have no idea how to become a ‘follower’. I’ve got all the other requirements to enter covered… except that one!)

  85. It would be a tossup between Dhanya and Isabella.

    Both have notes I really like. ❤

  86. It would have to be Dhanya or Agatha….or maybe both 🙂

  87. I would love to try Agatha, from your description, it sounds like an interesting blend. 😀

  88. Moira, for sure – although I didn’t see it on the site, sadface. But spice, herbs, wood, incensey? Love!

  89. I would LOVE to try agatha 🙂 enter me please!

  90. I love Lysa and both of her shops rock!!! I would love a full size of Morton…anything with Patchouli always smells wonderful to me!!!!

  91. I’d love to try more of them but I guess I’d love “Eggbert” the most 🙂


  92. Agatha sounds like a wonderful spring scent that would make my spirits soar.

  93. I want to try so many of these, but I think I want to try Agatha most of all.

    I love the scent of wood, it makes me think of my parents’ cabin.

  94. Morton sounds fantastic! One of my most favourite fragrances from the Demeter library is dirt, believe it or not! Add coconut, tea, and patchouli to that? I’m soooo down.

  95. mintyfreshmangos March 3, 2011 at 6:49 am

    Eggbert sounds like a countryside bakery in a field of violets! It sounds amazing.

  96. Commenting to enter <3333

  97. Oh, wow. I am rushing to that shop as we speak.

    Agatha definitely sounds the best (and was what my dad had originally wanted to name me) for the springy perfume I am looking for. I love TMTM’s perfumes, and am so excited there’s EVEN MORE.

  98. These all sound so wonderful. I think I would be most interested in trying Eggbert, followed closely by Morton. Thanks for sharing.. Ill definitely have to check them out.. I love unusual, unique scents 😀