Narrowing it Down

I got a LOT of great questions about my foundation overview.  A LOT, so much so that I’m hoping you’ll help me narrow it down to the THREE most important things you want to know.  I’ll automatically be covering :

shade range

Of the following concerns, which are the top issue you’d like me to cover?  A lot are repeated from *my* list, but that’s ok.  Some have multiple requests, but that’s ok too!  Just leave the number of your primary concern in the comments and the top three will be included in my review.  Please pick only one!

  1. I’d love to hear how airbrushed/flawless you feel the foundations make you look.
  2. I’d like to hear about how well they last, whether they look natural but still flawless, and how easy or difficult it was to find a real match to your skin.
  3. I like hearing the basics (coverage level, if it feels lightweight, how it goes with your skin tone/type) but I have recently developed an interest in knowing how well a foundation photographs!
  4. I too would like to know how you find a match for your skin tone.
  5. The most important aspects to foundation I’d like to read about are:
    – The “feel” of it on your skin (heavy/greasy/light,etc)
    – Seamless (as in it doesn’t make you LOOK like you’re wearing foundation but has adequate coverage)
  6. The questions I want answered in a review on foundation are; the level of coverage it offers/can it be built up without looking cake-y, is the palest shade pale enough (for me), how easily does it blend, estimated wear-time, what kind of skin does it work best on- Oily, dry, etc., how other products blend over it- like concealer and blush- can you use cheek stain or gel/creme blush over it or does it only work with powder blushes, does it require primer underneath, the finish- is it matte, satin, etc., how best to apply it-fingers, brush-what kind of brush and are there any tricks to make the best of the product?
  7. Since you & I have the same undertones, knowing how well something matches your skin in very important to me. Also, since I really only wear foundation if I’ve got something I need to cover, it’d be good to know how they interact with blemished or irritated skin, and whether it’s good at looking un-gross over problem areas.
  8. For my sensitive skin, the biggest issue is ingredients. I have a hard time tracking down what they are sometimes and it does definitely prevent me from buying something if I don’t know what it contains.
  9. The second issue is weight. I love the mineral foundations because they feel almost weightless. If I can find that in another type of foundation, I would certainly be willing to give it a try.
  10. I guess my biggest issue is color match, but we have different undertones so you probably wouldn’t be able to help me with it. Aside from that coverage is really important as I have very strongly pigmented and blotchy rosacea.
  11. I’ll be interested to see if the pricier foundation really offer bang for the buck or if it’s just the name one pays for.
  12. Colour match/blendability are usually my two big questions when it comes to foundation, but I’d really love to hear your take on these foundations’ wear time and cake-factor.
  13. I’d like to hear about how difficult it is to take off, definitely. Also, how much coverage, how natural/cakey/done-up it looks, how reflective it is, if there’s glitter particles in it, whether it sets or continues to feel tacky, whether powdering it is essential, how long it stays looking fresh, the consistency of it, whether it oxidizes and how much, how blendable it is, how quickly you need to work with it, how other products (blush, concealer, eyeshadow) sit on top of it… and anything else you can think of :p
  14. The most important to me are probably: whether it oxidizes, how much coverage you get, how natural it looks, whether it sets or stays tacky, and how long it lasts.
  15. Also, if you happen to remember such details, how wide the color selection is may help, or if you noticed that they all seemed to have a certain undertone (they were all pink, etc).
  16. I think it’s important to hear about how the face makeup looks after 6-8 hours.
  17. I’d like to know if they seem streaky, and if they cause break outs!
  18. I’d also like to know what primer (if necessary) you would use for best results for each foundation and whether or not the foundation is worth the price tag it has. Added SPF is a bonus for me because using a moisturizer w/ SPF underneath the foundation can affect coverage or look greasy on me.
  19. The most important thing to me is that I get coverage that looks natural without being heavy. I need it not to rub off, and to remain looking natural throughout the day with minimal touch ups.
  20. I’d really like to know about the shade range in your reviews!


38 Responses to “Narrowing it Down”

  1. I think your list really covers the critical points for me. However, some of the comments were interesting. 4 and 11 are the comments I’d like to see you add to your list.

  2. Color matching! I think that is a very important issue (and one I forgot to mention)

  3. 8 is my biggest concern.

    5 and 19 are also good ones!

  4. I’d have to pick 6 and 10 as closest to my concerns. Maybe number 15 too.

  5. 6, 8, 9 and 11 are the most important to me.

  6. I think that 4, 6, and 19 are the most important to me.

  7. I’m gonna go with #5!

  8. Since some of the suggestions have more than one topic and cover some of the topics of other suggestions at the same time, I’ll extract the bits that are of interest to me within those multiple topics:

    3 – the photo bit
    6 – interaction with other products
    19 – the no rub-offs bit

    I kinda figure I’ll deduce if it’s a good bang-for-the-buck product myself and that the coverage covers blemishes (2 puns – unintentional 😀 ).

  9. #13 – Some nights I’m too tired and just use a make up remover cloth to wipe it off, then just splash some water n knock out, lol.

    #19- i blow my nose a lot lately, thanks to allergies and this awful weather we’re having in Cali.

  10. There are several I’d like to hear about but since you said only one, I’ll go with #2.

  11. I like #13. Lots of thorough questions. My biggest issue with foundation is that it tends to cake on dry patches no matter how much I exfoliate or how much moisturizer I put on beforehand. I have yet to find one that doesn’t do this.

  12. I would like to know about color matching and also if you are better off paying more. I am actually extremely curious about this. I just bought Laura mercer and I really want to know how it compares.

  13. Number five!

  14. Numbers:1,6 and 17 please!

  15. Number three, specifically the part about how well they photograph.

  16. The 2nd half of #17 is my main concern- does the product induce breakouts/clogged pores?

  17. 3

    My best friend’s wedding is this summer and the “how do they photograph” question definitely interests me as well as wear (it’s an outdoors summer wedding)

  18. 17. break outs and pore clogging.

    Also how to color match.

  19. #6 has got to be the most thorough one up these. It’s got all bases covered!

  20. I choose #13. I would have chosen #7, but I’ll assume that if you experienced breakouts or the foundation didn’t do much to effectively cover any existing blemishes that this info will be part of the “cons” for a foundation in your review.

  21. Number three!

  22. I vote for #7: “Since I really only wear foundation if I’ve got something I need to cover, it’d be good to know how they interact with blemished or irritated skin, and whether it’s good at looking un-gross over problem areas.”

    (I’ve found that most foundations amplify problem skin and makes skin look even bumpier.)

  23. For me – ingredients! (#8.) Specifically, is there anything beneficial/high-quality added (i.e., anti-aging, nourishment, treatment) and whether there are not-so-great ingredients (comedogenic, irritants). The other big thing for me is whether the company is cruelty free/tests on animals.

  24. Well, I WOULD say #13, since it covers so much c: but I don’t think that would help you narrow things down at all!

    I thought long and hard about it, and it was a tossup between this and color range/undertones since I have a hard time about finding a match, but I’m gonna go with #19. The PF TM I use now fades throughout the day, which is hugely annoying.

    Sorry we overwhelmed you with the volume of our responses :3

  25. 16

    …and if you’re inclined to count more than one answer per person, 15 is also HUGELY important to me.

  26. 1. and the first half of 2. How flawless it looks (should be able to buff it so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing it) and how long it lasts.

    I hate mineral/powder foundation though so lots of liquid =D
    Shade range is most important for me, since I’m Illamasqua 115 and only about 3 mainstream companies make a foundation my shade, and their formula sucks ._.

  27. 4, 5 and 8. Those seem to cover the general queries + all the other stuff I want to know about (like if the ingredients will cause breakouts).

  28. 8, 10, and 9, and in that order. I cannot wear a foundation if it makes my skin break out in a rash, I don’t want to wear it if it doesn’t match my weird skin tone. I don’t know how, but I am a cool-toned olive skinned person with yellow and pink tones in my skin. I finally found a good match with Aromaleigh after searching for 20+ years and poof, they are gone. =( Now I have to restart my search.

  29. Ooh, tough – I think I’ll say #13 covered the main points I’d want to hear about!

  30. #13 is the closest to what I want to hear about, except I think #17’s break-outs/pore clogging factor is really important as well.

    I guess I’m a little late to the party but if I really had to narrow it down:
    -Does it look and feel natural?
    -Does it cause your skin to freak out? (Admittedly this varies from person to person)

  31. 19 and 14! (kinda seem the same).

    Strange query.. did you ever get around to experimenting with pressing mineral foundation?

  32. I think number 5 is probably the most important to me

  33. 3! It seems that no matter what I put on my face, the camera instantly makes it invisible.

  34. The #9 is really important since I use only mineral fondation.
    I would like to switch to liquid but I didnt found something with the same natural looking finish.

    But it’s not complete enough, so #13 !

  35. my choice is #13. 8 would be the next choice.