Clean Finish

I always stop to look at the Rimmel display, if I’m ever close to one.  I tend to really like them, they make my mascaras of choice.  I was pretty surprised to find a new foundation, Clean Finish, there when I checked.  What was most surprising was that it was less then $4.  In fact, I think it was closer to $3.50.  It’s so new that it doesn’t even look like it’s on the Rimmel site yet.

Look 100% poreless for a natural even complexion.

Lightweight for a clean fresh feel.

With vitamin A & E plus anti-oxidants.

Fragrance free, dermatologist tested.

There were 16 shades on the display, from Ivory to Warm Caramel.  Unable to swatch them I relied on my knowledge of my skin tone and picked the lightest golden/warm shade.  It’s worth mentioning that the lowest number isn’t always the lightest color.  In my case I picked 230, which is a light shade however not the lowest number.  It was, by my judgment, the lightest golden based shade, the others appeared pink or neutral.  It actually seemed lighter then 130, the shade to it’s left in the display.

It comes in a glass bottle and you get 1 ounce/ 30 ml.  The lid twists off and has a long spatula inside, which is helpful because the formula is exceptionally thick.  It’s not quite a cream foundation, but it’s thicker then a liquid.  Although there is a slight ‘clean’ scent to it, it disappears when you apply it.

Because it was so thick I found it easiest to apply with my fingers.  The smoothing motion warms the product up and makes it easier to blend in and smooth evenly.  I tried with a foundation brush but it was too thick to work with and dried too quickly.  After I applied it with my fingers I did go back over it with a flat top kabuki just to buff it a little more, although I didn’t add any product to the brush at all.  It was tricky to blend, but not impossible.

The coverage is medium to full and is certainly buildable for more coverage in problem areas (splotchy) areas.  I also think that the claim that it leaves your skin ‘poreless’ is a little dishonest.  This foundation doesn’t have any silicone or ‘fillers’ in it.

It sets smooth and isn’t tacky or very heavy, not to the point I could tell I was wearing much on my face.  I tend to hate foundations that stay sticky or cake up, this one didn’t seem to do either right away.

The finish is natural/matte leaning more towards matte.  There is no shimmer or sheen to it at all, but it’s not flat, either.  It did emphasize my few dry patches, to the point I had to do the ‘spritz trick’ to fix them.

It oxidizes BADLY, and turned orange relatively quickly on my skin.  When I first apply it it looks great, but after 30 minutes to an hour it gets very orange and no matter how well it’s been blended into my face and neck you can clearly see where it begins and ends.

As I wore it it seemed to melt off my t-zone and cake around my cheeks (where I’d built up coverage).  I don’t normally have all that oily of skin, but with this foundation it was just bad.  I blotted a few times with rice paper, but it was so bad that I couldn’t wear it more then six hours before having to remove it to touch it up.  I’ve tried it with a variety of primers and find that you have to use them sparingly, although it does seem to last longer with one then without, I used one from Smashbox, my L’Oreal primer did NOT work with this foundation.  It’s also a must that you moisturize your dry spots before you apply this, however I’d suggest avoiding your t-zone because no matter what I did this turned into a mess there.  I dried it with a dusting of powder to set it and it didn’t help, it just seemed to make the areas that I’d applied it thicker cake quicker.

It didn’t break me out, or clog my pores, but I typically don’t have that problem anyway, I have quite normal skin.

Once it set, it was set.  It didn’t rub off until the patches on my t-zone started to slide and then it easily rubbed off on the nose piece of my sunglasses (which is something I HATE).  Although it seemed to wash off easily with soap and water, when I went back over my face with a toner, there was still a bit left, so I’d encourage you to do the same.


This is a good foundation for under $4, but it’s not a great foundation.

Good for oily skin? No

Good for dry skin? No

Coverage: medium to full

Finish: Natural/Matte

Wear: depends on application and primer, for me around 6 hours

Would I purchase it again? No


This is the first of my Foundation Overview series and so far the format is just a rough draft.  Did you find it thorough enough?  Was there anything you thought it was lacking that I obviously missed?


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  1. I really like the breakdown. I also like how you pointed out that it had no silicones so doesn’t really smooth things out. I’m like you, I HATE it when something rubs off on my sunglasses. Ick.

  2. I shall stay away! I can’t stand the oxidizing part. Companies should test these kind of things out before they sell them 😦

  3. I thought it was a pretty thorough review, since you mentioned everything I look for in a foundation. I’ll definitely be avoiding this.

  4. Oxidizing? Like an avocado? Pass. Seems to be more work than it’s worth, even if it is only $4.

  5. Thank you, the review is very thourough. I hated both Rimmel foundations I tried and they were exactly like this one (i.e. matte, medium to heavy coverage, emphasized dry patches, slid off my T-zone).

  6. Very thorough review! I found it to be very helpful. I’m definitely passing on anything that’s going to turn me orange 🙂

  7. GREAT review! Very thorough. I think if you keep your other reviews similar to this one, you will cover everything I am interested in! Thanks so much for this series!

  8. I like the things you covered.
    I don’t find it lacking anything, but it might be that, if you do add something more, I’d go ‘Yeah, good to see that covered, too 😀 ‘.
    It seems that you incorporated more than just three points from that inquiry, so nice of you!

  9. I used to only buy Rimmel foundations when I was a teenager and it was the cheapest I could get my hands on. I tried at least three different ones and they all oxidised to pale orange. Ugh.

  10. I think you did great with the review. Heaviness of a makeup is really important to me, since my face tends to be a greaseslick, but powders don’t usually get enough coverage.

    I did try Orglamix’s foundation, since it was so long since your last review (and I didn’t read the comments. Oy. From now on, I will read all comments!) thinking she’d changed business practices. She’s had thousands of good FB. ::sigh:: Always, always trust the Gothique reviews. Always. Always. ::facepalm::


    Because of this:
    “So, what’s actually IN your eyeshadows? I see mica, but ‘shimmer’, ‘minerals’, and ‘pigment’ aren’t ingredients. They’re descriptors…”

    “I have one rule here on the Orglamix FP & that’s be respectful. If you can’t do that you will be removed. I don’t dwell on negativity or condescending comments…”

    “… Your eyeshadow listings state that they’re vegan. Your ingredients under ‘Policies’ state that it may contain carmine. Carmine is not vegan. Thus, the question…”

    I took a screencap, if you ever want it. >D

    • Orglamix has horrible business practices. Just ask Phyrra 🙂 And because of that, I’m not bothering with a follow up.

      • I figured- after reading the comments! Oy! ::shakes head:: It’s really too bad. The foundations aren’t bad, once I’ve made sure to mist them with alcohol. But yep, never again. There are plenty of others out there- and soon I’ll be able to read plenty about what might work, and what isn’t worth it. How timely!

  11. I thought you covered just about everything! I was wondering where you bought this.
    And what’s the ‘spritz trick’?

    • The spritz trick is using a fiber optic like brush and spritzing it with setting spray (Fix+ for example, although lots of companies make them) and then buffing it, while just a little damp, over the flaky bits.

      • Thanks, Grey! I will probably be using this, I get a lot of dry patches where foundation looks patchy, but I don’t have dry skin. I may have to get a different foundation.

  12. I like this review- I wasn’t left with any questions and I’m sure you covered all of the bases. I hate hate hate when foundation turns orange. If I wanted to look orange, I would buy a cheap- made self tanner 😛
    I use one from Physician’s Formula, and I really like it. They usually run around $12 and there aren’t a ton of colors to choose from, but it does well for me. My sister uses the new Taylor Swift one from CoverGirl and she likes it.

  13. This is a really thorough review that touches on all the relevant bits of info. Thank you for this post!

  14. I like this review a lot and I think you covered everything I would be concerned with. I think I found my perfect match (for now) in terms of foundation, but I think your reviews would be helpful in finding something better 😀

  15. Yes, the format was very nice and very comprehensive. I especially liked your description of the texture, and the photographs were excellent visual aids.

    Thank you very much for mentioning the oxidation factor–that is one of my greatest pet peeves, since it always makes me second guess my eyesight until I realize what’s going on.

  16. Great review! You covered everything really well in my opinion:-) Can’t wait for the next one!

  17. I think you covered everything just fine. Oxidized? Yuck! What a bummer. 😦

  18. I think your review was very clear and thorough. Can’t wait for the next one!

  19. I thought it was excellent and loved the format. I’d request you add oxidising to the conclusion list, because that’s an instant turn-off for me. Maybe with a time frame? Like “Oxidises: badly, within X minutes”

    It’s helpful for me to know when you had to pick the lightest shade, because considering you were matched with Doublewear (I don’t remember what, but it’s not the lightest, right?) and I wear the lightest doublewear which is STILL to dark, I can ascertain I’m paler and thus something which matches you will be too dark/warm for my skintone.

    Oh oh also because you’re pale with golden tones you need to try Lost In Makeupland’s Glow highlight, have you tried that? I think it will work wonderfully on you. That’s randomaside I know it’s not foundation :3

  20. All of my make up comes off on the nose piece my sunglasses, especially in the summer!

    I’ve noticed, with the exception of their mascara, Rimmel’s cosmetics are hit and miss.

  21. “It did emphasize my few dry patches, to the point I had to do the ‘spritz trick’ to fix them.”
    What is this spritz trick? You may be a lifesaver xD