NOTD – Lena

I’m Lena from The Student’s Guide to Nail Polish. I’ve been in love with many things East Asian for the past few years, and so it was by reading Japanese magazines that I stumbled across a new (to me) form of nail art – decoden. It basically involves sticking large and impractical 3-D bits of acrylic and rhinestones on your nails. I’m all about outrageous impracticality myself so I thought I’d give it a go…

I purchased some nail art moulds from eBay, and some Fimo clay in various colours to use with them. This first design is nautical themed. I couldn’t find a mould for anchors, so I created those myself, and painted the doughnuts so that they looked like lifebouys.

This next design was vaguely Gothic Lolita inspired (yup, I’m interested in that too…I’m actually covering it as part of my Technology project) and utilized lots of pearls, roses and black rhinestones. The leaves and roses were made from Fimo clay and nail art moulds, same as the lifebuoys in the previous design.


4 Responses to “NOTD – Lena”

  1. Such great looking nails! You have a lot of patience! haha 😀 theyre soo pretty!

  2. Thank you for showing us this nail art. You did a wonderful job making your femo objects. Your nails look awesome.

  3. These are flippin awesome, seriously! I especially love the second set. I really like how this looks but I doubt I’d have the patience to create something like that.