Not too long ago I got a goodie bag of samples from SoBe Botanicals.  SoBe is one of my all time ‘go to’ shops for not just mineral makeup but for cosmetics all together.  I know if I ever have questions about anything, I know I can ask Lex and she’ll be able to help with just about anything from dry skin issues to problem break outs!  They make my HG eye primer, Primed and Proper as well.

Matte Satin Blushes

-Apricot Sorbet-Light soft apricot Orange
-Bella Donna-Medium Pink
-Madam-Dark cinnamon Red
-Make Believe-Light soft purple
-Paper Roses-Light soft Pink
-Pink Petals-Light Pink
-Plum Perfect-Medium Plum purple
-Pumpkin Pie-Medium Orange

Duochrome Blushes

-Charming-medium apricot pink w/ gold & bronze shimmer
-Dolled up-pink w/ blue, purple & red shimmer
-Enchanted-Fuchsia w/ blue shimmer
-Fortune-Light soft gold w/ gold & copper shimmer
-Icing on the Cake-Light soft beige/Taupe w/ blue, pink, gold, copper & violet shimmer
-Nouveau-purple w/ gold shimmer
-Metamorphosis-Warm Coral w/ teal shimmer
-SheBang!-Hot pink w/ purple shimmer
-Two to Tango-Coral w/ red shimmer

The Matte Satin collection is beautiful and blends and wears softly (although I tried to swatch them heavily).  The Duochromes are amazingly sublte and stunning.  I loved them ALL, but right away ordered a full size in Icing on the Cake, which is just remarkable.  I don’t normally like ‘taupe’ blushes, but it’s almost not a blush and more like a highlighter.  The shifts on the duochrome are very subtle and not at all obvious and are a good alternative to the amazing duochrome blushes that Evil Shades make (which are obvious!).

What do you think of these collections?  Will you be trying them out?


16 Responses to “SoBlushing”

  1. I do also love Icing on the Cake- so light and so pretty. My other favorites are Dolled Up and Nouveau.

  2. Dolled Up and She Bang! are calling my name.

  3. I want to try a lot of these, but I’ve been craving an orange blush for Spring. I normally go for shades like Dolled Up and Shebang! and I hate buying the same shades all the time…but there are so many to choose from here!

  4. Oh, Bella Donna looks like the shade of poppy-pink I’ve been looking for. I’ll have to remember to get it in the future

  5. Yay! I’m so glad you love Icing on the Cake too. I was just amazed at how nice it looked on, because I tend to prefer more colorful blushes and it was so flattering.

  6. these all look so lovely! i have been wanting something with less shimmer and these seem to be what ive been looking for! 🙂

  7. I am so pale that most blushes end up looking rather clownish on me but some of these look really pale so I might have to check them out.

  8. When I saw Phyrra’s Indie Spotlight on SoBe’s Lex Icing on the Cake caught my eye, too 🙂 !

  9. Hey there. I’m playing against you in words with friends. Can you follow me on twitter? @ProfoundUforia. It would be the worrrrrld to me 🙂

  10. I R so jealous you got to swatch those duochrome badboys! I wanted to grab a jar of everything with the last sale, but money hasn’t been a good friend lately :s

  11. Jules Noctambule February 23, 2011 at 8:49 pm

    I have such natural colour that any blush which doesn’t match my cheeks looks glaringly obvious and fake, so I can’t partake. 😦

  12. Wow, these purple blushes look intriguiung >w> And Madam seems to be absolutely gorgeous.

  13. I might want try bella donna! 😀 So pretty!
    I have two to tango and metamorphosis samples! I really liked two to tango, metamorphosis is a bit too orange on me though, but a very pretty color anyway!:D
    Two to tango gives a lovely look! I like how the duocrome is quite subtle! ^^

  14. Belladonna looks gorgeous! As for Plum Perfect, I’ve never tried a purple blush before. Would that be more for contouring?

  15. Enchanted, Metamophosis and SheBang are amazing! I really need to check this company out!

  16. Oh, goodness! Thank you so much for the swatches!!!