It’s Friday, I’m in Love

Coming Attractions

The end of March/beginning of April I’ll be celebrating my own Cherry Blossom Festival here.  So far I have amazing prizes lined up from The Curious Cupcake and Epically Epic.  If you’d like to donate a prize or host a contest, please let me know!

I’m also going to be hosting a So Sakura contest featuring cherry blossom inspired looks.  The winner will win a HUGE Japanese themed prize pack featuring cosmetics, health and beauty products, as well as candy and goodies.  More information will be posted mid March, but start working on ideas!  I’m actually working on figuring out how to get a place set up so people can post looks and submissions, any suggestions?

Foundation Overview

So far I’ve been working on a couple of drugstore brands.  It’s a little time consuming to review foundation since I typically have to wear it at least a week straight to form an opinion.  In the case of a few they were thankfully OBVIOUS duds that I skipped the week and only wore a few for a couple of days.  If you have any experience with the foundations I’ve reviewed or any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment!

Any suggestions as to which to review next?


So, word is spreading that the POPs collection of basic mica is being discontinued by the manufacturer. In fact, I can’t find them on the TKB site anymore.

“All Things Pop Mica: The manufacturer has discontinued this product line. We have searched for a suitable replacement and hoped to have good news by March 1, but to no avail. We are discontinuing this item. Of course, we will continue to look for replacements, but please consider the item discontinued. We suggest that you consider replacing the colors with our True Colors (for blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, lemon and apple) and either Patagonia Purple or Amethyst for Grape and Passion Orange for Tangerine.” ~ from TKB

What are POPS?

POPs are the primary basic BRIGHT mica colors that repackagers typically sell in ‘rainbow’ like sets.

This is going to effect a LOT of company’s formulations, even the ones who legitimately blend their own colors.  Keep an eye out now, though, for companies claiming that these repackaged pop collections are limited edition.  Also keep your eye out on several ‘larger’ companies all of a sudden not having some ‘basic’ shades available.


Don’t forget to enter my giveaways!  You can win Aromaleigh ❤ collection shadows or a scent from Odditoria!

The Links

Megamind comes out today on DVD.  I loved it.

Have you visited the Glittersniffer Complaints page yet?  They are looking for more info, can you help?

I despise Lady GagGag, but I love this look.

These are gorgeous.

Your Turn

Does anyone watch 24?  I’m thinking about adding it to my list, but I don’t know.  Would I have to start at ‘Day One’ or could I pick up at, say, ‘Day Three’?  I really love action/thrill/spy/police procedural shows like Spooks, Wire in the Blood, Alias, Rubicon, CSI, etc etc.  Any other recommendations would be great!



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  1. Hi! Long time lurker, one(?) time previous commenter… lol I had to come out of the woodwork just to say that I dislike Lady GagGag too, but that IS a BEAUTIFUL look! (Especially since it isn’t on the aforementioned entertainer lol)

    Anyways, love the blog and I hope you have a nice weekend! 🙂

  2. Hi! Sakura is probably one of my favourite words.Just finished a Sakuradama (Ball of Sakura) and I’ll be folding Sakura flowers soon too (yes, I’m an origami geek, as can be seen from the contents on my blog). If you’d like adding something like that to your prize I’d be happy to fold something to donate.
    I watched 24 until, perhaps, season 3. I got tired after that and only watched a couple of episodes. I this you should begin with day 1 because sometimes it’s confusing (dead characters miraculously coming back). I’d recommend watching The Mentalist, Bones, Sherlock (BBC), Chuck and last but definitly not least Fringe.

  3. I’m really into the UK version of Law & Order lately, though I readily admit that part of this may be due to getting to hear Ben Daniels talk — yow! I wasn’t thrilled with the tv adaptation of Ian Rankin’s Rebus novels, but I highly recommend the books to any fans of British police procedurals. For tv shows, I enjoy Waking the Dead, The Vice (with Caroline Catz, my ultimate hair envy), Dalziel and Pascoe, A Touch of Frost, Blue Murder and Jonathan Creek (both with the excellent Caroline Quentin).

  4. Something else you may want to notify your readers to be on the look out for: some of the alternatives TKB offers contain parabens. They aren’t listed as a main ingredient, but rather “ALSO CONTAINS:” I had received word a few months back about the POPs! inventory dwindling and looked into other options. I originally made a couple of colors using bases from the True Colors line, but of course people shy away from anything with “paraben” at the end of it, so I reformulated the colors using POPs. I’m not looking forward to the day my POPs supply runs out.

    I think consumers need to be aware that in the future, if POP colors are no longer available, some of the alternative colors (i.e. “true yellow”) contain parabens. Not only is this important for those who are allergic to parabens or prefer not to use them, but given the events in some unsavory MMU businesses, I can see someone neglecting to include them on their ingredients list.

  5. Pops! Are being discontinued? I wonder why? 😦

  6. That’s really interesting about the POPs. I’m curious to see which companies suddenly have to “reformulate” their shadows, or discontinue colours all together. I’m a little afraid my repackage-spotting is going to disappear since I’m not entirely familiar with any other TKB line.

  7. Have you tried Criminal Minds? Also, Chuck is a lot of fun!

  8. This might get interesting, with regards to the discontinuation of POPs.

    Looking forward to your contests!!

  9. With 24, I suggest starting from the beginning. The central focus of each season is stand-alone but the things that go on with the characters, especially Jack Bauer build upon past seasons and events and it’d be confusing and not as enjoyable if you didn’t watch the seasons in order. My bf started with season 2 and stopped to go back to season 1 because he felt he was missing something.

  10. Chuck Norris, for real. Definitely check it out- I got into watching it by catching reruns of like season 2 in the middle of the 24 “day”, they were playing old episodes late at night, not sure if they still do. I was amazed at how hooked I got just by watching one episode, it’s crazy. It also got my heart going and kept me up even later than I wanted to be up, so keep that in mind. The show was actually in season 5 or 6 when I decided it’d be okay to watch it, so instead of starting there, I went to Target and got a bunch of the seasons on DVD and we watched them all consecutively. It definitely makes more sense that way, but it’s a show you really could just watch one season of and be done with it. 24 came out shortly after 9/11 and I was SO over terrorism and the media scare-orism that I refused to watch it; what a mistake. Awesome show, I highly recommend it. Also, as mentioned in the comments above, check out Fringe; it’s like the new X-files, and just as good.

    I’m uber sad about the POPs being DC’d; I use them in almost everything I make to some extent. They’re easy and pretty and I thought they’d be around forever, so why not? Their sudden discontinuation has me really worried that it’s because there’s something WRONG with them. I’m really really really hoping this isn’t the case, though, and that it’s something less horrible, like, the manufacturer has signed an exclusive contract with some other company and can no longer sell the POP colors to TKB anymore. That would be much better.

    • Uhm, the 1st part of my comment got cut off, it makes no sense now. I SAID… “Jack Bauer (greater than sign) Chuck Norris” but I get the feeling the blog doesn’t like that (greater than) sign. LOL

    • Yeah, after the ‘ohnoez!’ regarding POP!s came the “Hm… Why?’

      I, too, hope it’s not the former.

  11. I’m saddened for the legitimate businesses that used pops that they’ll be gone, but I’m laughing about all the repackagers who will no longer have those colors to resell.

    I LOVE the sakura contest idea 🙂 How neat!

    Happy Friday! ❤

  12. Thank you for mentioning the GS complaints page. It lends a lot of credence to the topic when well-known bloggers give acknowledgements. So thanks for that. 🙂

  13. I’m not a big TV watcher but I did get addicted to 24. It might be easiest to start at the beginning. It was a great show and we all miss it in my house.

  14. Ohh I love cherry blossoms.

  15. i think that you should do the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. i have tried it before and it matches me perfectly depending on the season but is more sheer than full coverage. id like to see your opinion on it as well.

  16. i really love Psyche. its a really funny crime show. its about a guy who notices everything and pretends to be a psychic. it is a really fun and wonderful show. you should really give it a try.

  17. Oh I’m so sad about the Pop micas! I only have samples and haven’t done too much shade creation yet but I really want to get into making my own makeup and the Pops are such lovely basics!
    I used to love watching Wire in the Blood! I’m so sad they’ve stopped making it!

  18. Your contest sounds like fun! I love Japanese art and culture:-)

    It’s a real bummer about the POPs but I have to agree with Phyrra that I’m laughing about all the repackagers!

    I haven’t seen Megamind yet, but I plan to soon.

    That set of enamelware is gorgeous! *drools*

  19. I wonder why the Pops are going the way of the dodo bird. I will be really upset if this means loosing some of my favorite eyeshadows in the future.

  20. I love Psych, too, and my husband and I have really been enjoying V (the new one that’s just out, although he says the old one was good, too).

    Also, on an unrelated note, wanted to let you know I got my IMS package today – thanks so much to everyone who made my fantastic goodies possible!

  21. One of my favorite shows in NCIS, its amazing! The characters are awesome! Like Abby, you would love her!

  22. the contests sound great and i cant wait to see all the crazyness that might happen to certain companies over the discontinued pops.

    on a side note i recieved my IMS package and love it all!!!! thabk you soooo much for doing this for us!

  23. I’m watching Wire in the Blood now! 🙂 Have you tried Inspector Lewis? It’s not as dark as Wire in the Blood or similar shows but is pretty funny and and all around excellent show. Plus the landscapes around Oxford are amazing.

  24. I love CSI! X-Files? or Without a Trace?
    While I’m sad to hear that the POP’s are discontinued, I’m also kind of excited for any potential dramas that may pop up!

  25. 24: I started watching at the beginning of season 3 (for Zach Quinto!) and viewed this season only as I admit I was watching soley for Zach. I did manage to “pick up” on it. If you’re going to watch the whole series, it may be best to start at the beginning to further understand the relationships between characters and allusions to past incidents which may pop up in later seasons.

    For recommendations, Da Vinci’s Inquest, its follow up Da Vinci’s City Hall, Intelligence, and Detroit 187 are police procedural shows which I love.

  26. I love cherry blossoms!!! I actually have them tattooed to my hand lol

  27. Ohhh spring, I can’t wait for it to come!!

    My favorite shows right now are Castle, Bones, Dexter, and White Collar. Castle and Bones are pretty light hearted and you don’t really HAVE to start from the first season if you don’t want. (But both are awesome shows, so I don’t see why you wouldn’t.) Dexter and White Collar are shows that you’d have to start from the beginning.

    If any of you haven’t seen Dexter, shame on you. It’s basically the best show on earth. 😀

  28. Oooh, ouch at losing the Pops. Yet I can’t help be curious at seeing how the people who use them recover… if they can. Could get some really creative new shades out there!

  29. Criminal minds is Awesome! So is Law and Order Criminal Intent. Like previously mentioned The Walking Dead is also really great. It’s not on your list but Almay is a really great drugstore foundation. I start out with dry skin that is oily by midday and the Almay was really good at dealing with both, it wasn’t too heavy either. I am not sure what kind of range of colours they have tho.

    Cool idea for the sakura comp, I’m not a fan of the smells but my BF is so he sometimes buys me ‘perfumes for him’ that I wear so he can sniff me hahaha

  30. Allow nail art entries for the So Sakura contest and I’ll love you forever?

    O_o no more POPs?

  31. Looking forward to those Cherry Blossom celebrations – they sound really neat!

    Laura Mercier, Chanel ProLumiere. I’d say Double Wear, but I remember you earlier positive review, so I can wait on that 🙂 .

    POP!s: Nooooo!
    I have seen the “available no sooner than March 1st” and just thought they used up their stocks for Christmas sales; I was ready to order the whole POP! kit as soon as March 1st hits… and now this. Boohoo. Boohoohoo.
    Is that an excerpt from a post on their blog?

    Oooh, thanks for reminding me of Megamind!

  32. I’ve seen 24. It’s good, and strangely absorbing, but every season is pretty much the same and Jack continually yelling I DON’T HAVE TIME YOU EXPLAIN YOU JUST HAVE TO TRUST ME I PROMISE I’LL EXPLAIN EVERYTHING and then never explaining anything gets old. It’s still enjoyable though, but he overacts quite a lot. It’s very dramatic and actiony, so once you begin a season, you need to pay attention.

    You wouldn’t HAVE to watch each season in order, but you’ll be able to enjoy the hierarchy at CTU and the individual players better. Actually, you really ought to start with season one since it has a few key things which stay with the plot in later seasons.

    I’m not so keen on the final season, but I’d definitely say it’s worth watching and certainly engrossing.

  33. I can’t wait to see all those companies that roll out the “limited edition” line! But I’m sure it won’t be long till some other wholesaler starts carrying it.

    I love the show Dexter. He’s a murder scene investigator that is actually a murderer himself! Twisted!

  34. I’m eagery waiting for SG Universe to continue and I like Dexter a lot, 24 made me gag.
    I’m glad none of the Pop!’s are my favorites… I guess I’ll be saddened to see Strawberry go but there’s an alternative at The Conservatorie already waiting for me. If remember correctly, it was not an exact match.

  35. Oops! Sorry to comment again, but I just noticed that you’re going to be reviewing Hello Kitty cosmetics! Very excited, the Sephora line?

  36. I used to catch snippets of 24 here and there when I would visit my family on the weekend. What I saw, I liked :D.

    Also, I had a dream once where Fergie talked to me. He sounded like the dude that plays the President on 24, also known as the Allstate guy.

    I’m not a fan of Lady Gaga myself, everything about her seems incredibly contrived and I strongly dislike her minority pandering. But I do enjoy some of her looks (having seen Petrilude do a couple of tutorials based on her) and I’m a fan of her makeup artist.

  37. Gosh.. . . I don’t know what I’m going to do with the POPS being gone. . . I know there are some other soap making sellers that sell the POPS collection or just some of them. Unfortunately the sell them at such high prices such as $6.50 for one ounce. . . ::sigh:: Do you know of any other cosmetic grade mica wholesaler?

    I love the idea of a Sakura themed contest! I think it is such a fantastic idea!

    I’ve never gotten into 24, but I do watch every CSI, Law & Order (all of them even the UK one), Bones, and Criminal Minds (both as well). I’m such a sucker for shows like that!

  38. It’s funny because as soon as I saw that the pops were discontinued I was like I bet a lot of repackagers are having a heart attack. Now it’s time to pay attention to certain companies to see what happens if they have similar shades. If they suddenly disappear then we all know they were using the pops. It’s funny because the pops were made as a color wheel to be used as an ingredient in a formula, but many shady companies took advantage of it. It’s awesome what TKB offers but people should be making their own colors and formulas instead of repackaging just the mica. Just my opinion, sorry for the rambling. 😀

  39. I don’t know if anyone has noticed but The Conservatorie has recently listed their “Happy Hour” collection which seem to be exact matches color and ingredient wise for the “Pops”. I just thought that was interesting….


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