Lancome Teint Idole Ultra

I was stocking up on my favorite eye makeup remover, Bi-Facil, and lingered too long looking at the foundations.  I was sucked in by the gal on the counter to try a few out.  I admit, I was curious, so I sat and swatched and tried out a few finishes.

I ended up really liking Teint Idole Ultra, which retails for $42 for a 1 ounce bottle.

14-hour ultra-resistant makeup delivers flawless, full-coverage that lasts. The retouch-free, oil-free formula features Lancôme’s SoftFeel™ technology glides on to comfort skin with flawless full coverage. Divine comfort leaves skin feeling soft, comfortable and silky-smooth hour after hour.

TIU is available in twenty different shades, from Intensity I to Intensity IV.  I swatched all of the lightest shades across my jaw and was fairly happy with Ivoire 4 N, which was a neutral shade.  Oddly it was actually a little yellow, almost more so then the W (or warm) shade was.  The actual salesperson tried to match the shade to my cheeks, which are a little pink, I’m just coming off of a six month stint on Retin A.  It took some convincing to explain to her I wanted to match my NECK.  The warm shade looked a little grey, but neutral was lovely.  All in all these shades tend to run more yellow.

The foundation comes in a tall, oval shaped glass jar with a nice pump top.  It’s the same consistency as your typical liquid foundation, so it dispenses easily.  I found it applied easiest with my fingers, the foundation seemed to set quickly, so it was better to work with it with my fingertips in smaller sections before buffing it out with a flat topped kabuki.  It does apply very nicely with a foundation brush, though.  It blends easily, which is usually harder with a more matte formula.

The coverage was medium to full, more on the medium side.  It’s buildable and I found that I had to work sort of quickly, but using a little bit of the foundation on the flat brush and then buffing it on worked really well to add more coverage.  I seemed to cover my redness (on my cheeks) well without having to use a correcting primer or concealer.

Like I mentioned, it sets quickly.  It dries to a soft and powdery matte finish that’s really unique.  There is some sort of ‘technology’ involved in the finish and wear of this foundation that sounds interesting.

  • Ultra-Resistant™ Pigments:
    Amino acid treated pigments able to hold onto the skin, allowing for longer wear
  • Softfeel™ Technology:
    “Airy” Powders, “Air Liquid” Powders and emollients. Airy powders are so light, 1 pound will fill a 30 gallon plastic bag, helping the formula feel weightless on skin. Air liquid powders are rounded and enhance application by helping the foundation smoothly glide onto skin. These powders and emollients together form a smooth, breathable cushion that is gentler and less drying on the skin.

Of course, I have no idea what that means.  However, I do know that the finish is soft and powdery, a very nice nonflat matte with no shimmer or sheen.

The color stayed nice and true with no oxidation at all.  It wore remarkably well, too.  I never beleive claims that things last XX amount of hours, however in this case I’m inclined to believe that it might have.  It claims to provide up to 14 hours of wear (I have no idea how they pick those numbers) but I only ever wear makeup for 10 and that’s at the MOST.  The finish stayed nicely and nothing seemed to cake and my t-zone stayed like it should, nice and non-oily.  It applied evenly over a clean moisturized face, and just glided like butter over all the primers I tried.

I still had a few dry patches and although you could obviously still tell they were there, it didn’t cake on them or make them look horribly flaky.

What I liked most about this foundation was that I didn’t need to set it with powder.  With most foundations I use I like to at least sweep a bit of something over the center of my face at least, with this I didn’t feel the need to.  After a few hours of wear it still looked great and refreshed nicely with a quick dusting, although it certainly wasn’t required.

It didn’t break me out, or clog my pores, but I typically don’t have that problem anyway, I have quite normal skin.

I wore it for several appointments and dinners and even after eating and wiping my face (and mouth) it didn’t seem to rub off all that much, although there was some transfer after a few hours of wear, and only where I rubbed.

Because it’s a longer wearing foundation I had to take extra care in removing it, using an actual makeup remover on top of my usual cleanser.  Even after toning I’m pretty sure it washed off thoroughly and didn’t linger.


Despite what I thought, I really like this foundation and I’ve been using it a lot.

Good for oily skin? Yes

Good for dry skin? Probably

Coverage: Medium to Full

Finish: Natural/Matte

Wear: 10, 10+ with a primer

Would I purchase it again? Yes


16 Responses to “Lancome Teint Idole Ultra”

  1. Wow! This one sounds great! Lots of color options too!!! *-*

  2. This sounds really good to me and it may be the next foundation I try but I’m going to wait until you’ve reviewed all the ones on your list first. Thank you so much for these reviews!

  3. Sounds awesome! The price put me off at first, but I figure I waste about that much $$ a year anyway trying to find a good foundation.

  4. This sounds like a dreamy foundation, but $42 is about double my price limit, heh. And they look like they’d have a nice match for me too! I’m really enjoying these foundation reviews, and you’re doing a great job describing everything 😀

  5. $45-ish is a little out of range for me, but I guess this time you really get what you pay for! And since they have so many shades, I can probably find one that matches my skin too, no matter what the season.

  6. Wow, I guess you really do get what you pay for! This sounds like a great foundation. But I don’t see myself spending $40+ on a foundation 😦 Thanks for the review!

  7. This sounds like a great foundation for me, but the price is out of my range. I’ll have to save up if I want to get it.

    Great review!

  8. I’m a drugstore foundation user (high end brands are incredible expensive in Argentina, almost double the price), but I was seriously considering investing in a good one. I’m tired of oxidation, cakeyness and bad color matching. I’ve heard good things about Vichy Dermablend, and now you give me one more option. Lancome is available here, the only thing left is hoping they bring lighter shades (most brands seem to forget that we Latin girls may be pale). Thanks for the review!

  9. For those concerned about the price of the product, keep in mind that Sephora does carry Lancome, so you could always wait around for a friends and family to come around! Otherwise, at least wait until bi-annual gift with purchases, that way you can get a little more for your money!

  10. I use this foundation and absolutely love it. The only problem with sephora is that they only carry a limited amount of shades, so be wary

  11. Yay for no oxidation! It’s nice that you didn’t have to set it with powder, either. It’s nice that you didn’t have any issues removing it, either.

  12. This formula sounds lovely. I’ve always had a soft spot for Lancome products. The shades all look much too yellow for me, though. I just got the lightest shade of MUFE HD and some samples of Meow’s foundations, both of which I’m really happy with right now.

  13. Oh! This was actually my first “higher end” foundation, and I remember the SA also convinced me to buy their foundation brush, and I am really glad that I did. That brush still looks like new, and the foundation was really worth it. It ended up lasting for much longer than I expected because of the coverage and the fact that I didn’t have to re-apply.

    For anyone on the fence about getting it, I’d suggest asking for a sample or a makeover. I found that the bottle lasted me for 3x longer than my usual preferred drugstore foundation, so it was certainly worth it.

  14. I like this, too, espec as you need very little for good coverage. And it was easy to find a shade.

  15. It seems great but wow, that price. All the shades look too yellow for me too. But, I’m glad that this turned out so well. I’ll put it on my list of “maybes”.