It’s Friday, I’m in Love

How is it Friday again, already?  Time is whizzing by.  Things are getting more and more busy in my house, lots going on and I have lots of actual work to do, as well as finishing up some academic writing.  I try to average one post a day and at least one good review a week.  I was half way through a review I was going to post yesterday when I suddenly had the overwhelming urge to take a nap.  Nap 1, Review 0.


The winners of my ❤ Aromaleigh giveaway are:

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Today is the LAST day to enter my Odditoria giveaway.  Also, don’t forget my Going Green giveaway that ends next week!

The Cherry Blossom Festival

Don’t forget, my Cherry Blossom Festival is coming up.  I have prizes lined up from The Curious Cupcake, Epically Epic, Whimsy Beading, and Molly the Pirate.  I’m hoping that an Indie cosmetics company would like to come forward and donate a purely pink prize pack?  Anyone?  Anyone?

The ‘Touche Effect’

I’m working on a massive review of ‘Touche Eclat’ like concealers.  I have about a few right now, but I’m curious, do you know of any not on my list?






No. 7

The Links

Do not eat the lipstick.

Illamasqua is launching a new line.  I read about it here and now want to try the cream pigments.

I love this shop, too bad it warmed up here and gloves are sort of pointless outside.

This is an awesome collection.

This is also awesome.  Someone tell me which color I should try first?

I keep tweeting it, but I love this song.

I’ve been following Anna’s series on colored lenses.  She’s created a great resource about them!

This is an AMAZING book that I just finished, courtesy of Phyrra!

Your Turn

I’m really into cream shadows as bases.  Do you have any favorites?

What are your plans for this weekend?  We’re celebrating a birthday and maybe heading into Old Town for Mexican.

What do you think about the TV show Hoarders?  I saw it for the first time last night (I don’t actually watch much TV, if I watch anything it’s online) and I was DISGUSTED, but then turned round and looked behind me to the stacks of makeup I need to review and sort of cringed.  Where is the line between collector and hoarder?


35 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love”

  1. I’d say that collectors tend to have better organizational skills than hoarders. 😛 Also with the glide on shadow pencils, try Delinquent. It’s the most gorgeous purple ever.

  2. try estee lauders new shadow sticks. they just came out and one is a really pretty teal! i loved them so much i bought both!

  3. I think hoarders can’t get rid of things at all. .. hmm.. but i can’t seem to get rid of things just in case I may “need” it later on. I hope you have a great weekend! Is old town Pasadena? Have you ever been to the Melting Pot? I’ve been dying to try out that place, but from what I’ve read on Yelp! lots of people think its too exepensive for melted cheese? Ehh, I guess I shall wait. I’m dying to read up on all the foundations. Lately I’ve been using the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. I have been so lazy with my makeup that that’s all I use.

  4. Animal Hoarders is worse. I watched some of it with my mom last night and not only is it disgusting but really sad. This guys house had layers upon layers of cat feces and urine on his walls, floors, furniture, etc. Its sad for both the hoarder and the animals. =(

  5. I saw Hoarders for the first time fairly recently as well (I don’t have cable) and I felt overwhelmingly sad for those people. My brother-in-law is a hoarder but there is just no end to it in sight =/

    plans = family birthday party (we’re going to see Rango)

  6. Naps always win for me too!

    I’ve seen a few episodes of Hoarders, and while I find it interesting, I’m not sure how I feel about it overall. I don’t like the exploitative aspect of it, but on the other hand, the show does seem to try to teach viewers that these people aren’t “crazy” and that it’s a real illness. Plus, I like that they do follow-up blurbs at the end of each episode explaining whether the people are in therapy, etc., so they do try to show that being on the show won’t magically cure everything.

    I think one of the differences between collecting and hoarding is if you can part with it or not. I think a hoarder would have trouble giving stuff up even if it were damaged or dangerous, or causing financial problems, things like that.

  7. Hoarders is an eyeopener. My friend has a problem getting rid of things, mild hoarding. Recently I helped her go through her clothes and she was completely unbalanced from it all. She still talks about how she feels she got rid of things that she shouldn’t have and this was weeks ago. The entire time, I’d talk with her through things and get her to look at what she was collecting for the memory of it instead of mentally remembering the moments. It was a lot of work.

    I had friends where the families that were hoarders. It was unpleasant, I physically can’t be in an environment like that.

  8. Collection 2000 do a touche eclat style thingy. I have it. It’s alright.
    I think hoarding becomes hoarding when you can’t get rid of anything, no matter if it’s old, broken etc.

  9. I love Gosh Waterproof Eye Shadow Sticks. They don’t crease on me but I only use them as a sticky primer for powder eyeshadows so I’m not sure how well they last on their own.

    I’m excited about the Toxic Nature collection!

  10. Wow thank you so much for featuring me :*

  11. Jules Noctambule March 4, 2011 at 3:21 pm

    I have a morbid fascination with the various hoarding shows; there’s just something fascinating about the impulse and it expression. I would certainly say that the line between collector and hoarder is that most collections tend to not be useless piles of broken, rotting trash or something that isolates the collector from social interaction or destroys their home. Then again, I have more than two thousand cookbooks, so perhaps I’m the wrong person to differentiate!

  12. Jenny Whiskey March 4, 2011 at 4:04 pm

    Oooohhh Delinquent! That one looks O-mazing.

    I like to watch Hoarders from time to time, but I can’t often because sometimes it just grosses me out! Some of these people not only hoard, but just throw their everyday trash into a pile in the corner of a room! And don’t even get me started on the flattened cats and animal abuse…

    So where i’m going with this is, and enthusiest or collector knows that no amount of makeup in the world is worth taking over your home to the point where you are sleeping in a small space on the floor, can’t see out your windows, and end up accidentaly killing your house pets through an avalanche of junk!

  13. Oh yay, I won a giveaway!

    I have a collector problem too. Both my parents collect things, so I get it from them. I have to force myself to cull and reduce. I’m going to be doing that soon with some of the pigment colors I have.

  14. I *love* Clash! And any shade of purple. But it’s mostly because now that I have black hair (dyed) and pale skin, I feel better about wearing BRIGHT colours!

    If you’re into blue lipgloss, I ❤ the Milani stuff, but I also have one from BLSoaps (on Etsy) in stick form. I want to get another, since I also have her Persephone, which was a custom order to match a Milani polish that really took off! I also want to try her Pomegranate lotion before it clearances entirely. I'm a sucker for pomegranate, and anything really dark and fruity! (Didn't Shiro have a blue, too? Wizard Hat? I haven't tried it, but I want to. But it might be too dark for me…)

  15. lmao, yeahhhh, I can definitely see some hoarder bits in me, but I basically vow to never EVER have my junk be so bad I can die in a house fire because the firefighters cant get to me. That’s just depressing, and disgusting.
    I think the difference between hoarding and collecting is, with hoarding, they tend to not toss a single thing, like wtf is a rotting pumpkin going to contribute to society? Where as collecting, we tend to stockpile certain things instead of EVERYTHING! 😀 And collectors tend to take care of the stuff, so it’s probably organized somewhat.
    Hoarders is just chaos.

    The only cream shadow base I use are the NYX jumbo pencils sometimes. They are the only things I can spread thin enough to not crease, but still have colour.

    • You say that and I kid you not there is still a pumpkin on my counter from Halloween.

      • But that pumpkin is on a counter, I consider that organized, therefore, totally okay. 😀
        This one woman had this mulchy mess sitting in the middle of her floor and she was picking out the seeds :s She also had a freezer full of rotten meat because she “had a stomach made of steel”

  16. Hm. Collector vs. Hoarder. I actually think a “collector” is just a sub-category of the encompassing term “hoarder.” But! I will say that in only being a hoarder, you compulsively have the need to keep things, in which these things are of every kind of item imaginable, because you may “need it one day.” A collector is someone who specializes in one type of item.

    And I’ve wanted to try Illamasqua for such a long time. I really wanted their liquid metals. Oh well. It’s just so expensive, and I’m just beginning to realize MAC isn’t nearly as expensive as makeup gets, which floors me. I haven’t a deep history of makeup, but I research enough to know that I want to try Dior lip gloss, Crabtree Evelyn products, Sugarpill’s “Bulletproof,” UD’s “Flipside” pencil, Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm, and Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer. >_<

    • I think the collection depends on the collector. Many serious collectors have a selective collection of items, often from specific artists or brands, along a specific theme. Most people don’t just collect “horses” and then cover their house with anything* relating to a horse. Most will, say, collect a very specific brand of horse figurines and ONLY that brand, perhaps with a few non-brand items not really part of that collection, simply because they were nice and they featured the motif.

      Me? I collect kimono. I also have Japanese antiques and vintage items, but they are not necessarily part of the “collection”. Specifically, I look for Taisho-era items or specific motifs, like ume (plum blossoms), momiji (maple), asa no ha (hemp), or usagi (rabbits). I have many kimono that don’t fall into these categories, but many of them are for sale and others are for more casual wearing in situations that can damage more delicate pieces. This will never take up more than a large closet… sometime in the next ten years… 😛 It’s time to sell when they do!

  17. Dior Skinflash! I’m on my second one and it is amazing! It actually erases my dark circles!
    Tarte also makes one but the packaging was really cheap and the lid cracked all over the place :S

  18. The body shop does a touché éclat style concelar/brightner.
    There is another one I’m racking my brains for but I can’t seem to recall.

  19. I’m loving the look of Clinic and Lit. Possibly both of them together for a green/gold combo?

    I can’t watch Hoarders. I know people who are like that (albeit not as bad), and it’s just so sad because the things that they own end up owning them. They can’t move or go anywhere because they have so much stuff and can’t get rid of it.

    Your Cherry Blossom Festival sounds like fun! Everything is still covered with snow where I live, but at least there’s sunshine. I can handle the months of cold and snow as long as there’s sunshine. When it’s gloomy I get very depressed.

  20. apart from CCB MAC cream, the Illamasqua liquid metal shadows are great I have both palettes 🙂

  21. Suggestion for the touche éclat piece: Lightening touch by The Body Shop.

  22. I agree with the consensus that hoarders just seem to not be able to get rid of anything, useable or not, including their garbage. You have RAKs, that basket of makeup for your friends and cousin, and giveaways! I saw a hoarder flip her shit when someone moved one of her bags of random waste, even though she hadn’t been able to move around freely in that room for 10 years.

    I have a hard time with using cream shadows as bases because they tend to crease on me, so I’d love to see which ones you recommend! If you use one as a base, do you still put a primer underneath?

    • I usually use a primer under the cream, yeah. I used to use paint pots, but since I tossed all my MAC, I’m looking for an alternative.

  23. Hoarding is more like an addiction whereas collecting things is more like a hobby, IMO. I think that it veers into unhealthy territory if what you’re doing is messing with your quality of life. I don’t think the amount matters so much as the intention and the feelings behind it, if that makes sense?
    As far as you personally having so much makeup, I may be wrong but it seems like not only are you really interested in makeup and have made a hobby of it but writing about/reviewing makeup has become a part of your life so naturally your collection will be on the large side. I do think that if there’s a part of your collection that you never touch and think you might never really use that selling or swapping it could be a good thing. All I know is from reading your blog though.