Inglot Online!

Wanna order Inglot online?

Go ahead!

Happy Pączki Day!


ETA : 10 Square Palettes are pricing to 55$ online.


20 Responses to “Inglot Online!”

  1. Yay! Thanks for the link, Grey 🙂

  2. Ack! No fair! No fair!

  3. Great news for you guys

    Btw Grey, do you know if Inglot has any cruelty free certificate or are included in some cruelty free lists in USA to prove they aren’t doing any animal testing? I know they say on their website they aren’t testing but a friend of mine who’s 100% vegan was still a little hesitant to buy Inglot especially when the customer service here didn’t know about any certificates. They did say though that Inglot manufactures all their cosmetics in their own factories so it sounds more reliable when they say they aren’t testing.

    • They’re not a US company, so I doubt there would be anyway to get any US ‘certificate’, but honestly, I don’t TRUST those anyway. The EU has stricker rules about things like that, so I’m certain that Inglot is pretty safe.

      • Yes, EU has banned animal testing but of course there’re some loopholes. Inglot could always get the Leaping Bunny or Peta’s Bunny symbol but I think you have to pay for those. I agree with you on the safety of Inglot though. They told me all the cosmetics are manufactured in their own Polish factories so they should know the origin of every ingredient that goes into them. I trust them and now it’s up to my friend to decide whether she will too 🙂

  4. But no shipping to the UK, that’s really frustrating as we can’t all get to London, which is the only shop in the UK. Denied yet again 😦

  5. Soooooo exciting! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 😀

    Also, how’s the Pączki? I’ve still not had one, despite how hard our local markets push them. Maybe this year will be the year, heh.

    • So good. I got raspberry rose, blueberry, and mixed… something. Did you order from Inglot yet?

  6. Yay! Thanks for the heads up!

  7. Make Up Monster March 8, 2011 at 5:11 pm

    Good news for everyone in the US. Now let’s hope an EU store follows soon. It’s so easy to buy stuff from lot’s of American brands here but there is no way to get my hands on Inglot which it produced on the same continent

  8. I love you, but my wallet is hating you right now. I just placed an order 😛

  9. Oh crap! US shipping only 😦 However, there is a number to ring for international shipping, so hopefully all is not lost! 🙂 I certainly hope they will ship to Canada 🙂

  10. Best news ever, Inglot rocks! Haven’t had the chance to buy it since Toronto makeup show in 2008 and couldn’t find it any where else. So happy they have an online store. They’re eye shadows are awesome!

  11. OMG so exciting! Grey, do you know when the price increase is going to happen? I’d like to buy some stuff right away, but if I can give myself a few days my wallet will be a little happier. Thanks for the update!

    • I believe that it was Queen of Blending on Twitter that said she was told by Wojtek Inglot himself that the price increase was not happening, that it was a rumor. Odd, cause the person running the Inglot USA twitter account told me it wouldn’t happen until April or May, which doesn’t seem to imply that it won’t happen. I’m guessing the company caught wind of the outrage & decided not to go forward with the increase. In any case, I’ll take it.

  12. Just placed my order. Thanks for the heads up! Got a 10 square pan eye palette, a gel eyeliner, and a cream blush. My wallet hurts now, but it will be worth it when that lovely box to shows up on my doorstep!