It’s Friday, I’m in Love

Inglot Online

So, now that Inglot has launched their online shop I’ve been getting more and more questions about their products and if I plan on ordering or not.  Actually, I already did.  Twice.

I ended up ordering a couple more square palettes.  I’m really pleased that the price on the website is the ‘old’ price, but it honestly seems like the dreaded price increase never came to pass.  Anyway, I also got some lip pencils, an eye pencil, a lip paint, some concealer, a cream blush, and some polishes.  I also picked up a few eyeliners.  They make a couple of reds, including an amazing matte gel liner.  I seem to like to freak people out by wearing red shadow a lot.

I placed my first order first thing in the morning and it was #308.  I placed the second late afternoon and it was #334.  I was so surprised that more people hadn’t ordered!  As soon as they arrive I plan on writing up a review for the online shop to go along with the original review I did.  So far I can tell you that the customer service is excellent and that they ship FAST.  I ordered Tuesday and got shipping notice, via Fed Ex, on Thursday.

So Sakura

Start getting your ideas together for my So Sakura look contest.  You’ll be creating a look (eye or full face) inspired by cherry blossoms.  Think pink and browns and creamy whites.  I have a ton of prizes lined up.  I mean… a TON, and I am really excited to get things kicked off!  The Curious Cupcake, Epically Epic, Whimsy Beading Molly the Pirate, and Linnaeus Cosmetics have all contributed so far.

Foundation Overview

The next foundation in the queue is Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer.  I only just started using it, though.  I had to take a bit of a break from things because things have been crazy around here.  Seems like they always are.  I’m actually going to be reviewing the Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit.

Coming Attractions

In the coming weeks I’ll be working on posts about SoBe’s Lip and Cheek Tints, a review of Linnaeus Cosmetics, an overview of Hello Kitty from Sephora, a review of Shiro Intertubes and blushes, a Morgana lipstick swatch fest, a little jewelry  post, a Stila overview,  and honestly… a lot more.

Guest Posts

Do you formulate MM shadows or makeup?  Would you be willing to write an article that goes over what all in involved?  I’m by no means asking for formulas or proprietary information, but simply a primer on what sort of equipment and safety precautions are required.

The Links

TROLL!  In the dungeon.

Yup.  No proof here… OH LOOK,  A PONY!

I’m proud beyond words about this.

I bet you all saw this coming.

I ran across this blog.  I’m not sure I always agree with snark for the sole purpose of snark, but it’s interesting.

I’m going to need these boots.

Your Turn

Have you ordered from Inglot?  Will you?  What did or would you get?

The end of the month is going to be, in a word, stressful.  What are your favorite tips for dealing with stress?


45 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love”

  1. I did order from Inglot! Pretty colors. I kinda wanna place a second order. ❤

  2. Victoria Vague March 11, 2011 at 5:27 pm

    Inglot don’t seem to ship to the UK 😦 If they did I would have got some of their liner gel. It looks amazing.

  3. I want to place an order from Inglot so bad. I keep looking at the side and trying to narrow down a 10 pan. I wish I could try out the colors first. I need to keep swatching in mind…

    • If it helps, they will look just about exactly like you see them.

      If I have any of the colors you’re interested in, I’ll swatch them for you.

  4. I would love to order from Inglot, but I can’t justify it with my nearly-depleted savings. They’ll just have to wait.

  5. Do they ship internationally?? I’ve searched all over on the website and could not find the answer ;__;
    I share the passion for red eyeshadow :/ Red gel liner = do want! x.x

    Can’t wait to see the cheek&lip colors review, as well as the intertubes! *-*

  6. I recently went to Inglot at the Fashion Island location. I can’t wait to go back. The customer service was fantastic! They were helpful and not rude at all, and when they overcharged my sisters and I we each got 2 pigment samples. I picked up the six palette with the mirror with the shades, AMC #60, AMC #57, DS #504, AMC#71, DS#483, AMC#70. I was going to wait till IMATS to pick up some more (30 percent discount!) which just 10 percent more from the pro discount but still nice, but I do not think I can wait till then. They were sold out of almost everything when I went. Im in need of some matte shades.

  7. Plasticland have some GORGEOUS stuff. I haven’t checked their site in a while, the shoes always have me reaching for my wallet and then stopping myself (uni student = broke).

  8. Happy Friday, Grey! I can’t wait to put in an order for Inglot, but i’m trying to send all my extra cash towards the Eq & tsunami thing that happened in Japan. I havent heard from any family membrs at all yet, so i’m quite uneasy till i do. I hope you have a great weekend, though! Looks cloudy and rainy.. ugh, not the kind of weather i’m looking forward to.

    I’m using the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in sand, and i love it! For those lazy days thats all i put on my face and leave thehouse! It also has spf so thats also a great thing. 🙂

  9. Dang Inglot still won’t ship to Canadaland! That red gel liner looked needable. When they allow Canadians to order I’m gonna order the red liner.
    I’m still trying to figure out how to handle stress. I used to do colour combos for making my friendship bracelets to calm me down and distract me but I moved and have noboddeh to give my bracelets too, just my momma every christmas. Which sounds depressing *finds her big box of string*

  10. I ordered from Inglot the day you made the post and I was in the 400s. I got the gel eyeliner, mousse foundation, and cream concealer. I just hope I chose the right shades because the swatches were so small. When I checked my order status on their site, it’s missing the gel liner from the invoice, but the totals match as if it were there. I emailed them and it’s been 3 days since I’ve sent the email (they said that responses take 12-24 hrs). I’m a little miffed, but hopefully I’ll get a response on Monday.

    I like to exercise and meditate outdoors to relieve some stress. However, it’s still too cold to stay out long (where I live).

    Have you chosen a winner for the Odditoria giveaway? I hope I didn’t miss the post. I’ve tried to find it.

  11. When I know I’ve got a hideously stressful week coming up, I try and clear the decks:

    I prepare my meals and refrigerate them, so that I just nuke a bowl or bag of something (or pour myself a bit of pre-torn salad [or both]) et voila: non-junkfood lunches and dinners with no fuss.

    I make sure that I’ve got enough clean stuff so that I won’t have to do laundry that week (or even the following weekend.)

    I may buy myself a “treat” dessert for the last day of the week.

    I may place a small order for some makeup, a new book, a new CD – so that it arrives during or at the end of that stressful week. If the week has been sufficiently stressful, I’ll forget about the thing that I ordered until I go check my mail box and – oh, hey! That’s cool. Toys!

    I’ll try and start re-reading a favorite book, so that each night I have something calm to do to “unwind” and ramp down so that I can get to sleep. Otherwise I’ll stay awake mentally chasing my own tail, and be so fried the next day that I won’t be able to handle everything I’ve got to do.

    I’ve found that if I’m able to get up half an hour earlier and walk, that gets me energized for the rest of the day and I don’t feel like I’m dragging.

    Good luck with end-of-month!!

  12. I’m so jealous, I have a few bits from Inglot and love everything so so much. We can’t order online and your prices are cheaper. I might have to get someone to do me a CP, getting to an Inglot counter is really tricky for me to do.
    Thanks for the great links. And those boots are amazing.

  13. There is Inglot in my future, yes indeedy.

    For stress, I like hot baths with yummy smelling soaps, lotions, etc. Tea, candles, incense and deep breaths. Snuggling and playing with my cats always helps, too. And last but not least, blowing shit up on various video games.

  14. I am SO excited about the Sakura contest! I rarely enter contests and I am certain I’ll work on something for this one!

  15. I want to order from inglot but the shipping is so high considering I only wanted to buy one item…. 😦

  16. I rather love all of the eyeshadows that I’ve gotten from Inglot but I’m hoping they restock more of the square pans at the Newport Beach locations so it’ll be worth it to get them!

  17. I’m really dying to order from Inglot, but I think I’d rather just make the trip to one of the stores since they are so closed to me (about 45 min drive or 30 min by train). Plus this week is a really bad week to browse, as I do not have the funds, but WANT a whole bunch. I am dying to make several palettes as my loose shadow jars are not practical for travel and I have a Wedding in Oregon and a small west coast tour this summer.

    Managing stress?? I’m sort of a yoga nerd and find that it improves my overall mood throughout the day and lasts for hours after. I don’t do the chanting or use it for spiritual purposes really, but I find that being so aware of my body and breathing really clears my head, and makes me feel more….i don’t know …human? Sometimes when life gets really hairy, you get so frustrated you begin to feel like a rabid animal. I think yoga helps keep me grounded.

    Also, music. I think performing is the only time I am truly deliriously happy no matter how bad things get. It’s like the worlds best, most effective, foolproof happy drug.

    I bet doing that Burlesque performance you’ve been fantasizing about would give you the same amazing feeling!

  18. Question about the So Sakura contest– will it only be open to those 18 and older?

    I can’t wait for your Morgana lipstick swatches. I just received my first ever order from them, and I ADORE the lipsticks.

  19. Love the links at the bottom of your post – the “troll” one is definitely required reading.

  20. The one youtube video you linked to–are those friends of yours or what? :3

    I’m about 1.5 hours from the closest Inglot store… I really would rather see everything in person, so I’ll probably just end up making the drive. I want some matte and pearl shadows for sure, and I also wanna check out their foundation and concealer.

    I’m looking forward to the So Sakura contest. I probably won’t enter because I don’t like posting pictures of myself or what-have-you, but it’ll be fun to see what everyone else comes up with. Out of curiosity, will multiple entries be allowed?

    Also, those boots are awesome. I always feel uncomfortably stand-out-y when I wear knee-highs though. It’s unfortunate too, because I ONLY wear tights or skinny jeans (even though I prefer baggier jeans, they drag on the DIRTY AND UNSANITARY ground, and I can’t deal with it), and boots look great with either of those things. Sigh!

    For stress relief, slowing down and doing a fat lot of nothing helps. Make sure you’re giving yourself a block of time before bed when you can really just unwind and do whatever usually relaxes you, because if you lay down to sleep when you’re still thinking and thinking about everything, it has the same effect as doing work in your bed (which you should never do!)–it’ll weaken the association bed=sleepytime. And then you won’t sleep as restfully and you’ll wake up cranky and stressed all over again 😦

    Good luck with everything! I hope it won’t be as stressful as you fear.

  21. I neeeeeeeed those boots but the heels! Oh, I’d crash and die. If they ever come out with a low-heel version, I’m there!

  22. I had more to say I’m sure but OMG THOSE BOOTS! ❤

  23. I’m really happy that Inglot is finally online. Don’t know for sure what I’m going to order first but I’m interested in the slim gel lipsticks, face brush #27TG, eye brush #6SS and of course a bunch of the freedom eye palette stuff.

    Those boots are amazing…

    As for dealing with stress…I like to do stretches and listen to ambient, calming music(not necessarily at the same time, but it helps hehe.

  24. Calming and slightly spooky music I find also helpful. I found Zero Project loooking for makeup tutorials (RED EYESHADOW WINS AGAIN!) Sweet tutorial and sweet song.

  25. Oooh, I’m happy to see Linnaeus Cosmetics on your giveaway sponsor list – the owner is a total sweetheart and her colors are lovely, so hopefully she’ll get some attention from it. ^_^

    I’d definitely be willing to write an article for you on formulations, if you like. By the way, did your blushes arrive un-smashed? A few peoples’ crumbled in the mail, and I’ve been replacing any that broke.

    • Please please please write an article got me!

      Yes, they totally did. I’m working on my review soon, but I love them!

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Alright, an article you shall have! ^_^ I’ll write it during the upcoming week and let you know how it’s coming. Glad to hear your blushes reached you safely, I was worried about those after other people started telling me they’d broken D:

        • I actually wear them a lot. Love the formula. I think it’s Potion, the bright one, that I wear most. It suits me very well!

          Thank you so much for the article. It’ll really really help a lot of people.

          Sent from my iPhone

  26. Thanks for the kind words Caitlin 🙂

    I think Caitlin would be best to write such an article, but if you’d like an additional article do let me know.

  27. I’m excited about Inglot! I want to try out their gel liner and I think one of their lipsticks is going to be a good replacement for a favorite I have that was discontinued.

  28. I actually placed an order at Inglot last Tuesday, right after I found out about the online store being open. It’s been almost 7 days and I still haven’t gotten a shipping confirmation. My order number was in the 2000’s though…so I’m betting right about the time I was ordering, they were inundated with other orders from news spreading about the store. I’m hoping to hear from them soon because I’m REAAALLY excited about the stuff I hope to get…especially the eyeshadows!

    • My order last night was 5754. So it’s moving!

      Sent from my iPhone

    • Mine was in the high 2000s too and I haven’t received any communication either. Am actually glad to know I’m not the only one. I can’t wait til it gets here!

  29. Oh my goodness those boots. The rest of the shop is pretty stellar as well *adds most things in it to a wish list for Christmas*