So Sakura!

I grew up with a huge cherry tree in my backyard.  My bedroom was in the back of the house so I could look out of one of my windows and see it blooming in the Spring.  For years my bedroom was set up so that my desk faced that window, just so I could admire it.  The tree had to be trimmed down when my Dad died, it was too much for my mom to take care of on her own after her stroke, it would leave a mess of cherry pits on the driveway as the season progressed.  Last time I was home, I stood in my old bedroom, long since turned into a guest room, and actually cried.  I have a sprig of cherry blossoms tattooed down my side now.

This Spring I’m going to honor the memory of not just that tree but of my childhood and have my own Cherry Blossom Festival.

The ‘official’ So Sakura contest is a LOTD/EOTD that is inspired by sakura, or the cherry blossom.  You can use whatever interpretation that you wish, however, it would be best if the colors you stuck to were pinks, whites, and browns.

Your look must be used JUST for this contest and not posted anyplace else.

You can chose to do a whole face, or just your eyes.

You may not copy any ‘guru’ look, although you can certainly use a tutorial for inspiration.

Entries must be posted on the So Sakura page and MUST include at least two pictures and a FULL list of products used.

Please do not use photo editing software to ‘complete’ your look.  In other words, no airbrushing.

The contest runs from now until Monday, April 4th.

You may enter (comment) only once.

Readers will vote on the top three and they will be announced on Friday, April 8th.

Prizes for the contest include:

Sakura ear threaders from Whimsy Beading

A custom sakura pendent from The Curious Cupcake

A custom sakura set (earrings and a necklace) from Molly the Pirate

A Cherry Blossom scent collection featuring a perfume roll on and many purpose lotion from Epically Epic

A So Pink eyeshadow collection (Puna Flamingo collection) from Linnaeus Cosmetics

An Inglot prize pack featuring a Three Square palette with a pink, a white, and a brown shadow, a light pink lip paint, and a soft brown eyeliner.

Not a into posting a look?  Maybe you’re not all that advanced or maybe a little camera shy (like me!) then don’t worry.  Some prizes will be offered the good old fashioned way, simply by commenting!  The giveaways will pop up during the week and last only 24 hours!  So keep an eye out!


36 Responses to “So Sakura!”

  1. How exciting! All ready trying to think up a look–will definitely be experimenting between now and the deadline!

  2. So exciting! And the prizes look wonderful and well thought out for the theme. Thank you for all of the effort you’re putting into this!

  3. Ooo, this sounds exciting!

  4. Can we have someone else model our look/work?

  5. ooOo gonna go raid my makeup cart!

  6. I teared up a little when I read the start…

  7. If I create something like this, can I post it for my readers on my blog? You’ll see it first though!!

  8. I’m excited. I’m so going to enter 🙂

  9. Are homemade shades allowed? Is so, how should one list them?

  10. I went out and checked my weeping cherry today. Tiny round buds getting ready to open. Mine is just a flowering tree – no fruit – and they don’t last nearly long enough for my taste but it is definitely my favorite tree.
    After my dad died there was plenty of things that were gotten rid of because of the upkeep. Missing something like that…I totally get it.

    I uploaded the necklace photos to flickr in case anyone would like to see.

  11. Hooray! I’m so excited about this =D

  12. If we just concentrate on one area (e.g. eyes), can we take a picture of that or does it have to be full face?

    Wonderful contest 🙂

  13. I don’t comment on your blog much (actually I think I have only once or twice) but I check it daily. I am not going to enter th contest because I am both unskilled AND camera shy but I can’t wait to see all the entries.

    Anyway, the real reason I’m writing this comment is to let you know that your story really touched me. It left me misty-eyed and feeling quietly nostalgic, and I can’t quite put my finger on the memory or experience that triggered my reaction. I just wanted to thank you the experience! It isn’t often that reading a blog about makeup will invoke such emotions. 🙂

    • Ugh. Sorry for the mistakes. Sausage fingers are not conducive to typing on an iPod keyboard.

  14. Such a great idea Grey! I’m planning on getting a branch of cherry blossoms tattooed in Japanese watercolor style going up my calf in the near future. I think this is going to be a fun week! 😀

  15. What a nice idea! I know how you might feel about having a ‘childhood tree’ cut down – my parents cut down a tree I’d always climb/ makes dens in with my friends when I was a kid. It had a rope swing tied into it by kids about twenty years ago since the branch had started to grow around it. However, it had started to die and hung over the pond – so it had to go 😦

  16. I really like your story about the Cherry tree. I bet I’m not the only one who reads your blog that would like to hear more about you, maybe more stories like this… if you’re interested in sharing, that is! 🙂

  17. I can’t wait to see all the entries!
    I just don’t know if I should head over there right this second or wait for the 4th of April, for all the entries to be in 🙂 . Decisions, decisions…

  18. thebirdofparadise March 14, 2011 at 12:15 pm

    I cannot enter due to all the reasons you listed, BUT I am really looking forward to the entries.

    I love cherry blossoms so much. This is weird, but they also make me think of “final exams” because they were always in full bloom in Vancouver when final exams would roll around at UBC, where I went to school. But they don’t make me think of the stress of exams. They gave me something to smile about when I would be full of anxiety. They calmed me at a time when I really needed it. 🙂

    Great idea for a contest.

  19. Not really allowed to take photos of my face, lol! It’s a cool idea though. I’ll have to work out how I can get around that…:P

  20. I’m so excited to see the entries! Good luck to everyone 🙂

  21. I will be posting tonight! “)

  22. this is such a generous contest. cant wait to see the other entries!

  23. I love that this is an ‘inspired by’ contest and there are so many interpretations 🙂

  24. Ohhhh , this sounds intresting gonna give it a try

  25. Quick question about editing … so if I had a giant zit or something I’d have to leave it untouched by Photoshop? :S

  26. I tried to leave entry to this contest but it never get through. So sad. Maybe it’s in carbage filter or something. I tried couple of times because I wasn’t sure if my entry was going anywhere. I only want to make one entry. I am sorry if I have spammed or something.

  27. I follow through RSS!


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