Bella Bamba

Yesterday I have a bit of training at Sephora and I was going through looking at blushes and picked up the newest offering from Benefit, Bella Bamba.

Amplify cheekbones and create the illusion of sculpted features with this 3D watermelon blush. Laced with shimmering gold undertones, bella bamba is taking eye popping pretty to the third dimension…you’ll never use traditional blush again!

I was really curious as to what exactly made it 3D.  Swatching it I thought it seemed a little like Orgasm, that is until I swatched it NEXT to Orgasm.  Bella Bamba is very pinky and pretty and shimmery.  Even after wearing it, I’m not sure what makes it 3D.

I don’t wear blush on the apples of my cheeks, I wear it through the back of my cheeks, into the hairline and up to my temples a little.  Not quite like you might wear a bronzer, though.

The blush comes in a very annoying little box.  The old Benefit blush boxes completely opened, this one is on a hinge with a mirror in the top.  Inside is a little flat fluffy brush.  The brush isn’t all that bad to use, it’s fluffy and soft, but seemed to shed a little bit on me.  I washed it good, which usually helps, and it did shed a little more when I did that.

The formula is nice and nearly creamy.  It applies very sheer, but you can add more for a deeper color, if you wish.

Left applied sheer, right applied dense.

It would be a very natural color for me, if only it wasn’t shimmery.  It’s not an overpowering or obvious shimmer, but it’s there and it catches the light, perhaps that’s what gives it the 3D claim.

Have you tried any of Benefit’s box blushes?  What do you think?


12 Responses to “Bella Bamba”

  1. I don’t like shimmery blushes. I don’t know what it is about my skin, but it has this magical way of amplifying shimmer that makes blushes with it look like I’ve dumped glitter on my face.

  2. It’s a very pretty colour, but the ‘3D’ claim is pretty funny 😛 I’ve never tried a Benefit blush, I’ve heard they’re good but they’re too pricey for me!

  3. I’m not a big fan of shimmery blushes, either. This one is a pretty color, though!

  4. I want some of these cute boxes! 😀

  5. This made me giggle for a silly reason: “bella bamba” means something like “oh, nice cocaine” in Italian. But I’m sure they were just thinking of the song. 😀

    [Ps. I don’t know if I messed up posting or if you just moderate comments; if it’s the latter, please disregard this comment and I am sorry for causing trouble)

  6. I haven’t tried any Benefit’s box blushes yet, but if I do buy one Bella Bamba is at the top of my list. I love shimmery blushes!

  7. I haven’t tried any Benefit blush. I don’t have many pressed blushes as they’re rarely shimmery enough for me. I like this one though.

  8. How pretty!! I have a few of the boxed blushes.. I have Dallas, Georgia & CORALista. They always smell wonderful.. I don’t know why. CORALista is probably my fave out of the 3.. but I do have a mini collection.. hehe. 🙂

  9. I usually stray away from shimmery blushes because they tend to sink into my acne scars and it doesn’t look all that pleasant 😦

    I’ve yet to try any of the Benefit blushes but I’m rather interested in seeing how the Mememe dupe compares!

  10. I like shimmery blushes as well as matte these days. I was thinking that the Bella Bamba would look pretty if you used a matte coral-pink shade at hollow of the cheeks and blended up/back and then put a bit of the Bella Bamba on top.

    I don’t tend to wear blush on the applies of my cheeks either. I think I look funny with it there, and tend to do it further back as well.

  11. I actually really like shimmery blushes, but I tend to wear more towards the hollows of my cheeks and blend them very softly towards the apples. Anywhere else and I feel like a twelve-year-old with skin conditions.

    I saw this in store and was intrigued, still not sure if I have to have it though…

  12. I personally like Benefit’s blushes. I have Sugarbomb, Coralista and Bella Bamba. I do find that they have a nice, subtle scent, and I usually like the brushes that come with them.

    The 3D thing baffles me though, I have to admit.