Molly the Pirate – An Introduction

This month I’m going to feature some of the amazing indie artists that have generously donated prizes for the Cherry Blossom Festival.

First up is Molly the Pirate!

My name is Molly and I’m not a real pirate. But I say “argh!” a lot and since I started the hobby of jewelry making I think I say it twice as often – especially when I’m trying a new technique. My neighbor talked me into attending a beading basics class in 2005 and that combined with my complete love of jewelry wearing and my need for a creative outlet and Molly the Pirate’s shop was born. It came at just the right time too when I no longer had a “real” job to rely on. I’m inspired by books (I’m a complete Lit geek), the natural setting in which I live (surrounded on all sides by open fields and quite an assortment of flora and fauna), and the need to accessorize every outfit (I started out making jewelry for just myself). Having a creative outlet where I can translate my inspirations into wearable expressions has saved my sanity several times over and I appreciate that it motivates me to keep on keeping on. I’m a blushing, “aw shucks” type and the complete joy I get from seeing someone wearing something I made? Fantastic. And makes all my argh! exclamations totally worth it.

Molly donated a beautiful pair of Cherry Blossom earrings and a custom made matching necklace!



7 Responses to “Molly the Pirate – An Introduction”

  1. These are so pretty! Whoever wins them should be pleased. They fit the Cherry Blossom Festival theme perfectly 🙂 I’ve browsed around the Molly the Pirate shop some, and all of her peices are lovely.

  2. they are very pretty! i can’t stop drooling!

  3. I took a look over at her shop and everything is really pretty. I might need to buy some earrings:-)

  4. Wow! Those are so pretty! I’m going to have to go check out her shop!

  5. I want some, they’re so pretty !

  6. Love your work, Molly!