It’s Friday, I’m in Love


Go, right now, and check your ‘Privacy Settings’ on Etsy.  Why?  Because of this.  You can read more about it here at OHWTO’s blog.


A few of you out there know exactly what’s going on in my household next week, and I’ve been alluding to it.  Needless to say its pretty stressful and I’m going to need some time to deal with it.  So for a few days next week, at least, I’m going to be taking a few days off.  I’m hoping to line up some queued posts, but whenever I say I’m going to do that, I never get a chance.  So this an official request for guest writers/reviews/LOTDs that I can post in the meantime.

So Sakura

Don’t forget to enter my So Sakura Giveaway!

The first giveaway, featuring The Curious Cupcake will be this Sunday!  This is the amazing shop I discovered that I got my mom’s Valentine’s gift from.

Morgana’s Recall

Melissa from Morgana’s Cryptoria is issuing a recall due to a supplier error.  Personally, I think THIS is the way all Indie companies should deal with issues like these.

The Links

Phyrra got some Inglot!

Everyone should love Lysa.

I wish I could eat these.

This is crazy.


This.  Is.  Made.  Of.  Win.



Your Turn

What are your plans for the weekend?

Let’s talk Walking Dead.  Do you watch this show?  I just started.  I’m so confused about the biology/physics of zombies.  I just don’t get it.  Do you?


27 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love”

  1. Good god I had no idea Etsy’s Circle meant every single detail about your account is now public! I was extremely annoyed when I received the msg about the Circle and went straight to Etsy to change my private settings. I re-checked now and you can’t find me with my real name or e-mail address just my user name. Still feel like I want to delete my account because you never know what they decide to do next. Didn’t Etsy learn anything from Facebook?

  2. oh my lord saxophone guy has made my life. THANK YOU.

  3. Thanks for the Etsy message and for the weekly read 🙂
    Don’t know much about zombies either, but they’re still awesome !
    Going to work this weekend, but then it’s raining today so it’s not that bad ! Have a nice weekend Grey x

  4. Walking Dead is so amazing. I was looking foward to it coming out and was so sad the season was so short. But it looks like it’s been renewed and the next season will be longer.

    So far in this series, they haven’t gone into how this happened, because it’s so much more about the people than the zombies.

    I really enjoy Zombie lure. It’s kind of like Vampires…every writer makes different rules! I just read a Zombie book that made it a virus from excavating old Bubonic plague pits in London. It had something to do with the soil, because it was so dense with peat that it “preserved” the virus, or at least a mutated version. A really good book, so many twists on Zombies I’ve never heard/thought of.

    • I just finished that book too! I found it incredibly terrifying. It was all so real. I worked for NHS Direct during the swine flu debacle and we were getting daily emails like those ones in the book. It all hit a little too close to home, especially with people updating twitter/facebook all the time with their smartphones..

  5. Zombie survival guide is a great place to start for zombie mythology. then you can get into World War Z which is amazing.
    i hate scaring myself but i can’t help it with zombies, the nightmares are worth it

    • I loved World War Z! I haven’t read the Zombie survival guide though, i think it’s sort of a companion to WWZ.

      Zombie Apocolypse is the book I mention in an earlier comment. Its similar to WWZ in that it takes different accounts of the zombie apocolypse and such, only in this book it’s sort of arranged as a government info packet where they pulled stories from people’s twitters, found Emails , Journal entries, lost letters , phone transcipts, etc. Kind of neat….and yes nightmare inducing.

  6. The Etsy thing enrages and annoys me to no end. I want to delete my account but I can’t because I need my fixes from certain Etsy sellers…

    I hate zombie movies and TV series but I still end up watching them. I’ve watched all of Walking Dead series 1. My friend was drunk when we tried to tell her the name of the series and she seriously thought at first that it was called ‘Walking the Dead’. Which prompted some questions.. What if you had a pet zombie? Or would there be anyone offering zombie walking services?

    I do love ’28 Days Later’. Cillian Murphy is so yummy (pun not intended).

    • I just had to comment to tell you there’s a movie about exactly that 🙂 It’s called Fido, and this family has a zombie as a dog basically.

      • i forgot about that movie. it was great.

        zombie apocalypse sounds like it would be right up my alley

      • But what about people zombies? Doggie zombies I get but could there be a walking service for zombie people? I mean, they have company services for the elderly 😉

  7. Make Up Monster March 18, 2011 at 8:11 am

    I have know idea what is going on with you , and you don’t need to know but I’d just like wish you luck/stregth which ever you’ll need. Don’t worry to much about the blog, I love the blog and will keep reading and visiting it even if you can’t update much for a while.

  8. Mini-hiatus: YOU come first. Take care of yourself, and we’ll look forward to your return.

  9. Second Make Up Monster’s comment. I’m only a very recent reader, but I’m already totally in love with this blog. Be well.

  10. Hugs and happy thoughts to you. Take the time you need, we readers will still be here when you get back 🙂
    Walking Dead is so good, and i like that it’s not all total gore, because as silly as this will sound I can’t handle gore at all. But i love zombies lol And my daughter loves them (she thinks they are funny). Whenever we do roadtrips we listen to our audio book of World War Z.
    A lot of how the zombies are (and abilities they have, like being able to run) depends on how the change originated… virus, radiation from space, ect.
    Weekend plans here… my brother is coming for the whole weekend. We haven’t seen him since Christmas, so my girl and I are very excited.
    As for etsy, I’m moving my shop to artfire. I have to keep my account because some of my favorite shops are staying. I’ve been there since Dec 2006 and I’ve spent a ton of money but they just keep destroying the great place it was.

  11. Oh, I can’t wait to use those brushes.

    Take your time coming back~ I have another Batman look to send to you 🙂

  12. Thanks for the notice about Etsy’s breach of privacy! I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

    Also, wishing you the best for next week.

  13. Phew, thankfully I just changed my privacy settings on Etsy! Good luck next week.

  14. Thank you so much for the link! That karbonite candy is just amazing! I really want to make it! I absolutely agree about Morgana’s recall, it sucks that there has to be a recall of course, but she’s coped with it so professionally! The Etsy thing is just awful, such a breech of trust.

  15. Sexy Sax Man and his magnificent mullet now have a warm place in my heart.

    Ugh Etsy.. :S

    I love the Walking Dead! I cannot wait to see the second season!

    This week-end I am going to go downtown and check out some new shops and enjoy this lovely weather we’re finally having!!

  16. Thank you so much for bringing the deal with Etsy to my attention. I feel kinda betrayed- I signed up because I liked the idea of supporting small businesses & real people, not because I needed to join yet another social media site. I like being able to communicate with sellers, but if I want to find my friends, I’ll shoot them a message on Facebook.

  17. Echoing what others have said earlier, please take care of yourself first. We’ll be here when you’re ready!

    Regarding The Walking Dead, I like the show a lot (even did a podcast about the first season), but the comic is truly fantastic. I’d recommend it even to people who aren’t necessarily comics or zombie fans. What is it about the biology/physics of the zombies that you were wondering about?

  18. I love The Walking Dead. Coincidentally, I finished season one yesterday. I’m obsessed with anything that has to do with zombies.

    The only plan for the weekend I have is to watch the Detroit 187 season finale.

    Take care of yourself.

  19. Thank you for the heads-up about Etsy.

    I really respect Melissa for doing the responsible thing. It definitely is better to tell the truth about something up front than to deal with the backlash of lies later. It’s so nice that there are still honorable people in this world.

    Sax guy was AMAZING:-)

    Plans for the weekend- Going to visit the mother-in-law(who I love). She lives about 1 1/2 hrs away so we usually make a weekend of it:-)

    I haven’t seen Walking Dead and know nothing about it lol.

    I hope everything gets itself sorted out for you on the home front Grey:-)

  20. Weekend shopping tips for my fellow readers:

    Everything in OHWTO’s Artfire shop is 10% off all weekend long. You can also request a free jasmine balm. Becca explains on her blog why she’s giving away the jasmine balms.

    Also, Morgana Cryptoria is having Full Moon Madness Sale tonight starting at 5pm PST.

  21. I’d love to do a guest post for you! I have a bunch of LOTD’s if you are interested. Hope everything gets better. 🙂