Inglot Online – A Review


The Inglot site launched with more then a few bugs.  I placed my first order in the early morning and by the time I went back to place my second, maybe two hours later, it was already a little different.  By the time I placed the third order almost a week later, it was even different still. After placing my fourth, things were much improved.

The site is organized by product (eyes, face, lips, etc etc) down the left of the screen.  There is a separate section to order Freedom Palette items.  You can also browse by price, which is something that I personally really liked.

Across the top is general navigation.  You can create an account to save your information to make repeat orders easier.  There is a running balance for your cart in the upper right hand corner of the screen, I always like to know when I need to stop.

Ordering the first time for some reason the shadows were not adding correctly.  The price-point breaks the more you add to your cart, so they should have been 5$ once I had ten of them in my cart.  It wasn’t working and wasn’t working… UNTIL I added the palette and then it discounted correctly.  By the second time I placed my order, it was all working correctly.

The MAJOR downfall of the Inglot site is that nothing had product descriptions or ingredients listed.  A quick call to the powers that be tell me it’s because they were in a hurry to launch the site and that it will be added shortly.  It’s sort of annoying not knowing what the differences between lip glosses might be for someone who’s never been to an Inglot store.  I’m very lucky to have worked with the artists in the store, but not many people have.

The second obvious problem with the site is that there are no shade descriptions with the products.  Everything is just done by numbers.  So you really can’t tell if , for example 45 is a light violet or a bright pink or is 15 is a golden color or a pink based one.  It’s especially difficult when ordering some of the darker shades, you can’t tell what the glitter in them will be, some are silver, some are multicolored, and some are golden.

Not all the possible palette options are available online.  There are a limited number of square configurations as well as rounds, and there are no pro-palettes available.

In my first order (308) I got :

Freedom System Palette 10 Eye Shadow Square with the shades : 458 – 482 – 498 – 56 – 57 -74 – 73 – 378 -390 – 352

AMC Eye Pencil in 82 (dark navy)

Matte Collection AMC Lip Pencil in 30 (light pink)

Nail Polish in 970 (pastel blue)

Sleeks CREAM Lip Paint in 96 (light pink)

In my second (344) I ordered :

Freedom System Palette 5 Eye Shadow Square with the shades : 463 – 498 – 62 – 55 – 65 – 50 (which yes, is actually six shadows)

AMC Cream Blush in 84

Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner Gel in 79

Matte Nail Polish in 715 (it was replaced with 874, a regular polish close in shade)

AMC Cream Concealer in 60

Soft Precision Eyeliner in 36


Shipping averages about 9$.  This seems a tad expensive, but considering they ship nail polish there are USPS regulations in place that only allow for certain delivery methods (it’s hazardous and flammable).  It’s actually a bit less then the actual cost of FED EX shipping, which was how orders are shipped.  In order to quickly process and ship orders they have one method of shipping, rather then relegating some some way and some another.

I ordered on the Tuesday they launched and got shipping notice for my first order that Thursday and my order arrived on the following Wednesday.

The second order had some complications, a polish I ordered (one that was also sold out at my local store) was out of stock.  They personally called to see if I’d like a different color and then followed up that I was alright with replacing it rather then waiting, which I was.  That order shipped the following Monday and I received it on the next Monday

I have since placed a third (and a fourth) order, one for 2nd day shipping.  I placed it on a Wednesday and got it Friday morning.


Both my orders were carefully and well wrapped in bubble wrap inside a box.  My invoice was included as well as several samples of their primer.  My latest order (the 2nd day shipped one) also had a thank you written on the invoice since an item I ordered was out of stock (again) and someone called to ask about a replacement and we had a nice conversation.  I thought it was sort of sweet.



You all know I love these shadows.  And yes, I got repeats. For the 10 Square I ended up going with dark jewel tones for a nice smokey eye palette.  For the 5 Square I picked up reds and blacks, just to be different.  Call it my demon palette if you will, and I think you will.

In my fourth order I ordered a few greys and lighter shades for an icy pink palette.

From top to bottom, left to right : Matte 352, DS 458, DS 498, AMC 73, AMC 57, Matte 390, Matte 378, AMC 74, DS 482, and AMC 56

From left to right : AMC 62, AMC 65, AMC 50, Pearl 452, and DS 463

From left to right : DS 496 AMC 28, Pearl 447, DS 501, and Pearl 431

AMC Eye Pencil

This is a nice sized (fat) pencil that is 4.5 grams or .16 ounces.

I used one of these pencils in the store and it was a really sticky creamy pencil that smudged really well.  I thought it would make a great base for a  smokey eye.  The shade I got, 82, is a navy blue.  For some reason mine is a little harder/firmer then the one I was using in the store, but it still works really nice.  The color is opaque and creamy with no sheen or shimmer.

To apply it I warm it up by scribbling on the back of my hand a bit, which is a trick I picked up working with a MUA while getting my certification.  You can then use it from the pencil or work with it off the back of your hand using it as a palette with a brush.

Top AMC Eye in 30, bottom, AMC eye in 82

AMC Lip Pencil

This is a nice sized (fat) pencil that is 4.5 grams or .16 ounces.

This is one of those instances where KNOWING what the color you’re ordering is like would be helpful.  I went with a very light pink, but since this pencil is matter, I think I picked TOO light of a pink so it looks a little odd on it’s own on my lips.  The formula wears forever, though, so under gloss it’s really great.

It is matte, so it’s best worn over exfoliated and moisturized lips or it pick up every flaw.

Sleeks Cream Lip Paint

These glosses come in great thin tubes with a plain cap that unscrews and has a simple doe foot applicator.  It contains 6 ml or .2 ounces.

This is a great and almost literal lip paint.  It’s opaque and creamy and shiny.  The formula has that amazing Inglot scent to it their lip products do.  It’s moisturizing and wears really well and I adore this lip paint.

AMC Cream Blush

The blushes come in the same little pots like the liners, they are 5.5 grams or about .19 ounces of product.

I’m a ridiculous fan of cream blushes now.  I think they look more natural on me and last the longest and I usually use them with a powder to add depth.  This particular shade is a very natural for me shade of ‘petal’ pink that looks like a natural flush.  I apply it lightly with my fingertips to my cheeks, not quite where my apples would be, I don’t really like the way blush looks there, but close.  I then use a buffer blush to blend in the edges and work it into my foundation.

I also ended up getting another one in a bit more of a ‘bronze’ shade that I’m using as, you guessed it, a bronzer.  I apply it the same way, fingers first to warm up the product and then with a brush to the areas most would use a powder bronzer or contour.

From left to right : AMC Concealer in 60 and AMC Cream Blush in 84

AMC Cream Concealer

The concealers come in the same little pots like the liners and the blushes, they are 5.5 grams or about .19 ounces of product.

The formula is very creamy and ‘rich’.  You don’t need much at all, but it takes a little bit to blend it out and it takes a little bit to set, but when it does, I find that with a little powder it lasts well.  It’s not the longest wearing concealer by any means, but I like it.  The shade I chose was a pale green correcting shade, so when you dab it on over long wearing foundation, it does last longer then on it’s own.

Soft Precision Eyeliner

This pencil is .24 grams or .008 ounces and is in a typical wooden pencil like product.

I chose to get this pencil in 523, which on the website looks like a molten red shade.  This is one of those cases where accurate shade descriptions would have been helpful.  When I opened it I was a little disappointed to find that this is actually more of a metallic black pencil with a burgundy sort of shimmer.

It’s a nice pencil, it’s a little hard, though, so it’s tough to use in my waterline, however smudging it as a base for a smokey eye is amazing and adds a lot of depth.  I never can wear a regular pencil as an actual liner, though, I’m not sure if it’s my eye or my lack of skillz, so I wouldn’t have relied on it as an actual liner, so as a base it’s just fine!

Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner Gel

You know I love these liners.  This one is the MOST amazing shade of blood red.  If you’re looking for a red liner, get this one, it’s crazy.

AMC Liner in 79


Would I order from Inglot Online again? Yes, and I have a few times.

  • I love the product.
  • The customer service is amazing.
  • Shipping is quick and everything is carefully packaged.

18 Responses to “Inglot Online – A Review”

  1. Oh my. That eyeliner looks amazing. I definitely thought it was a lipstick swatch at first glance. I’ve never tried Inglot, but I am increasingly tempted to pop by the store–supposedly, there’s one in the GIANT MALL.

  2. I hope they offer international shipping someday soon. I’d love to try these products. Everything you got looks amazing!

  3. thebirdofparadise March 28, 2011 at 2:38 pm

    Thanks for such a comprehensive review!!

    I have enough make up to last a lifetime, but this post is weakening my resolve to be sensible.
    …starting to fixate, must resist… ohh, I’m weakening… ;0

    Awesome, pics, too. I am grateful for all the thorough reporting I can find here.

  4. I *need* that red eyeliner in my life! I saw it on a blog a long time ago and was sad when I realized there was no way for me to get my hands on it. Now that the site is up, I think I’ll have to make it mine!

  5. I made an order and I was unhappy with 2/3 of my order, not because of the quality (it’s great, seriously), but because I chose the wrong shades. I had to give the foundation to my mom (it was too dark for me) and the cream concealer to my sister (also too dark). However, the gel eyeliner in dark purple is so fantastic. It stayed in place for the entire night so I never got that dreaded smudgy raccoon eye at 3am I would get using a pencil or by foiling pigment. I just need to practice using an eyeliner brush so my application is cleaner.

    Yes, I agree so much that the products and shades need descriptions. The little swatches alone aren’t very reliable.

  6. I’m so glad they are online now because I really live nowhere near one and I’m itching to try some of their goodies like the gel liner, a few lipsticks and definitely nail polish.

  7. Thanks to the lovely Spicy, I will be able to order from inglot online! 😀
    I have a huge wishlist and this red liner is SOOOOO on top of it!
    I am also a huge fan of cream blush, so I am thinking of getting one in 81 or maybe in 83! 😀

    *-* I can’t wait to make the order! Weee!

  8. Oh my that gel liner is incredible. I have been looking everywhere for an amazing red liner. I must own it!

  9. oooomg redlinerofawesomeness

  10. Oh jeez. I’m not one for red liner, but that one looks SO amazing.

  11. I’d like to order, but being unfamiliar with the products, I’d probably order the wrong shades. I’ll wait until I can visit a store and see them in person. I truly can’t afford to spend money unwisely now. 😦

  12. I wish I had had your great experience with customer service! I literally spent three days researching and honing down what colors I wanted in an order, and was heartbroken when I found out that shipping to where I lived was going to be around $40. I had written to them on the first day using their web form asking what shipping to my address was going to be like because I noticed that they kept showing a “to be calculated” on my shipping, but received no reply (ever–they guarantee 12-24 hours) and had to hunt down their shipping policy myself (a bit buried, if you ask me). Because there was no caveat about my state, although there usually is, I thought that the listed shipping scale would apply and went ahead and placed my order. I discovered right after placing it that I had picked a duplicate color, so I submitted a question to them through the form on the website again asking if I could change it. No reply. More than 24 hours later, I e-mailed them replying to the e-mail address that my invoice came from, and received a very quick response letting me know that I could change the color, but that it would also be $40 shipping to my address. Huge bummer. The customer service rep was polite in the e-mail and let me know that they were hoping to reduce shipping fees soon, but I made sure to let them know that they ought to check whether their Contact Us form is working and also to advise that they should update their shipping policy if they’re going to discriminate against certain states. To have to hunt down customer service is a bit of a killjoy; to be slammed with a surprise $40 shipping fee is destruction in my book, especially after I had to do a lot of independent research to figure out what I wanted. Even so, I feel like I had perfected what I wanted on my order, especially after spending almost a week on it, and really do want to try Inglot one day. Oh well, maybe some day!

  13. I don’t own any Inglot products but am interested to try in the future. It’s good to hear that their customer service is good.

    Shipping sounds a bit steep though! Hopefully they’ll have some type of promotion where shipping is free or reduced.

  14. How unfair is it that you US-folk got Inglot before parts of Europe? I see so much stiff I WANT. XD

  15. I’m more concerned with the colors and making sure that I get colors that would work for me. I have so much makeup that I don’t wear right now. I go to the same 10 or so colors.

  16. anyone know if they’re going to add the pro palettes anytime soon, and also the lipsticks for the freedom system? I bought some when i was in south FL but i really want some more, they apply amazingly, but unfortunately aren’t on the site yet.


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