Estee Lauder Double Wear Light

Desiree, the amazing lady at my Estee Lauder counter, called me and let me know they had a new promo out that I might be interested in.  When she told me about it I asked her to put one aside for me.

The Double Wear Makeup Lesson includes :

Double Wear Light foundation in one of six shades

Spotlight Skin Perfecter

Double Wear Concealer in a matching shade

a foundation brush

an instructional video

Advanced Night Repair Eye Complex sample

15-hour wear, light as air-long-wear makeup is now lightweight makeup.

Makeup That Keeps Up

  • Fresh, natural, comfortable.
  • Goes on sheer, leaves skin free to breathe all day.
  • Controls oil.
  • Resists smudging and won’t “melt” off through heat and humidity.

For a look that stays vibrant and fresh whether it’s a workday, a workout or a weekend. Smooth it on once and don’t think twice about it.

Double Wear Light foundation comes in a 1 ounce / .30 ml tube.  Typically it costs 34$ for a tube, but I got the kit for 37.50$ which was a CRAZY good deal, IMO.

DWL is only available in six shades, Intensity 1 to Intensity 6.

The shades are fairly neutral, not too pink and not too yellow.  Although I tend to have a more yellow based tone, this foundation works amazingly well for me.  I wear Intensity 1 and it’s about perfect and just light enough.

It’s a bit of a thicker liquid and comes in a nice squeeze tube.  I have slight issues with the tube, though.  If you store it right side up it tends to leak a little and then too much oozes out when you squeeze it out on the back of your hand.  I’ve taken to storing mine upside down, that is the open end up.

There is a slight scent in the tube, but once you apply it it disappears.  Nothing lingers.

The kit comes with a really nice foundation brush but to be honest, I really have come to prefer to use my fingers to apply foundation, this one is no exception.  I like the way that the liquid warms up and blends in.  However, I have, on occasion, used the brush to buff the foundation out and use it to touch up certain areas.  It blends in easily and I never have issues with it setting too quickly to work with.

The coverage on the Estee Lauder site says that it is sheer to medium, I would disagree.  I find that it’s more medium and you can work it up to full, as I mentioned above.  It’s got a bit more coverage then a tinted moisturizer, so in my opinion if you’re looking for something that light, this probably won’t work.

It sets smooth and soft and makes my skin look amazing and near flawless.  The finish is natural and much less matte then the previous foundations I’d reviewed, making this a better option for more skin types.

The color stayed very true and there was no oxidation at all.  It didn’t wear off in funny patches or slide off my t-zone at all.  Even in the areas that I added more coverage to the product stayed in place nicely.  I’ve used it mostly with my newest HG product, Estee Lauder’s Idealist and it glides over my skin like butter, however on it’s own I would stay it’s still very remarkable.  I actually haven’t used it much with the primer from the kit, but on the one occasion that I did I loved the way it looked.  With or without a primer the coverage and wear of this foundation is wonderful.

It didn’t break me out, or clog my pores, but I typically don’t have that problem anyway, I have quite normal skin.

Once it set, it was set.  It didn’t rub off unless I was RUBBING at my face.  It remained completely natural looking for hours and I can easily wear it all day, outside in the heat, and still have a very natural looking face.  It’s a very comfortable foundation to wear and it is my day to day Holy Grail.


This is one of my Holy Grail foundations.

Good for oily skin? Yes

Good for dry skin? Yes

Coverage: sheer to medium

Finish: Natural

Wear: a full twelve hours

Would I purchase it again? Yes


19 Responses to “Estee Lauder Double Wear Light”

  1. Sounds very nice…maybe nice enough to justify trying out a dept store brand for once, heh.

  2. I so want to try this out.

  3. Sounds great but I have enough foundations as it is without buying another department store one. There are just so many variables in choosing the right foundation for a person.

  4. I found this foundation, the double wear light, in intensity 0.5 on It’s the perfect match for me, I am not sure if it’s a japanese exclusive or something, never noticed this shade before at counters or anything but ya..if 1.0 is too dark (you say it’s a fairly great match) there is a lighter one. 🙂

  5. Just wanted to mention, if you like the Idealist serum, you should try Olay Regenerist serum- I was a manager and regional makeup for Lauder for years & faithfully used all three repair serums daily (nine step skincare system, anyone?) Last year I became aware of Olay’s serum and did a comparison. Surprisingly, in my opinion, the Olay came out on top. Since you can get a 1.7oz bottle of Olay for about $15 (last I checked, that size of Idealist was $78) I’d say it’s worth a try, right?

    Also, the Spotlight you got in your kit is more highlighter/brightener than primer- it’s actually pretty much identical to MAC Strobe Cream. You may like it because it’ll impart a nice glowiness to the skin, but I’d caution anyone that has issues with redness- the opalescence in this will emphasize that, so if you have issues there, you may want to skip this or only use it in targeted areas.

    • I’ve tried the Olay, and IMO it wasn’t the same and I really don’t like it compared to the Idealist.

      Thanks, though!

  6. Hi! I love EL products. They are very underated. I’ve been using Idealist for years (literally), along with Day wear plus moisturizer and they are my 2 HG face skincare products. I thought Idealist didn’t actually do much until I decided to leave it home when I went on a short trip… results were not good at all. I used to use the eye product they gave you a sample of, liked it at first but then my eyes got terribly oily (more than usual) and I had to stop using it.

  7. I have been using the EL Double Wear foundation for about six months now and I love it. While it may be a little on the pricey side, a bottle lasts me quite a while. It makes my skin look flawless, and I have some old acne scarring and a lot of redness on my cheeks. It evens me out and doesn’t fade throughout the day. I apply my makeup at 6:30am and when wear it for 12 hours before removing it when I get home from work. Besides blotting a bit around my 2:00pm lunch break, it always looks great. I highly reccommend this foundation.

  8. Awww, I really wanted to try this one, but I can only buy it through strawberry net, so I’d have to guess my color and I don’t know it, and it’s a bit out of my budget x.x…
    Still, I want it someday. I really like my sobe botanicals liquid foundation, but if I sweat too much, it is gone :/

    • Strawberrynet is not someone you should go through everything based on what i went to on that site is marked up like 20 or more! go to estee lauders main website, you know you are getting the right product and the right cheaper price

  9. I’ve wanted to try this forever and this cements my recent thoughts that it would be perfect for oily skin. Is the promo with the DL Light, Skin Perfector, concealer, etc. something that’s only being offered at counters?

  10. Between you and Ana, I swear I will make it to the Estee Lauder counter some day to try and get matched!

    • I actually use a LOT of EL stuff. There skincare line is my new favorite. I’ve seen amazing results. Plus their Double Wear lines last FOREVER.

  11. would love to try out this foundation wonder if they still have the deal that you got it for. did you buy it a couple weeks ago or a recent purchase?

    • It was just last week, but it looks like it’s mostly sold out on the site. I’d try a counter!

  12. I love estee lauder, i hear they might be adding lighter shades too! I hope so because sadly im still to pale for most of their colors. I was matched up to their equalizer in pearl but i like more medium coverage. I love EL idealist for sure, it helps smooth out the skin amazingly well.

  13. Based on your review, I went to my estee lauder counter & got matched yesterday. I tried out everything today (mixed a dab of the spotlight with the foundation) – holy smokes does my face look flawless! Thank you so much for posting this =)

  14. I went to my counter at macy and they had it 2nd store I check am very excited. Got matched. It’s a bit dark but matches my forehead. I hate when foundation matches my face except forehead and leaves a gray shadow. Very very very excited to try it out. Thanks so much for the recommendation. I wonder how you wear the spotlight. Excited to play around with it.

    I feel if I love it will get a 2nd because of your high recommendation for it and it’s a fantastic deal right now.

  15. I need to get myself a sample of this foundation!