Pick of the Week

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Perfume

The fragrance that worships every inch of you.

A sensuous, sun-drenched blend of Bergamot and Mandarin, cooled with Tahitian Gardenia Petals and Coconut, warmed with Amber, Sandalwood and Vetiver.

All heat. All desire. All woman.

Fragrance Type: Solar Floral

Top Notes

* Sicilian Bergamot
* Mandarin

Middle Notes

* Tiare Milk-Tahitian Gardenia Petals
* Coconut Oil
* Orange Flower Buds
* Jasmine
* Magnolia Petals
* Myrrh

Base Notes

* Amber
* Sandalwood
* Vetiver
* Caramel
* Coconut Cream

No one can be more surprised then me that I love this perfume.  Usually when someone on a counter offers me a whiff of their ‘new’ perfume I’m polite and then change the subject.  I smelled this and didn’t hesitate to say that I wanted it.

The description seems like a complicated mess of… stuff.  Simply put to me it smells like coconut drenched gardenia.  It is beautiful and sexy in that sort of summertime bare-on-the-beach sort of way.  And you know me, I’m never bare on any beach, I prefer to stay milky white.

I love this so much that I’m actually going to buy a second bottle when I can, just so I don’t worry about running out.

So, any Mixtresses out there want to try to dupe it?!


10 Responses to “Pick of the Week”

  1. When you tweeted about this, your succinct description sounded divine. Reading all the notes, I bet it’s really awesome 😉

  2. This sounds gorgeous, I hope someone does an oil dupe of it .. alcohol based perfumes are no good for me, but an oil dupe I’d snatch up.

  3. It sounds lovely, although the “All heat. All desire. All women,” tag made me laugh.

  4. I’m with Lolli on wanting an oil-based dupe. I’d be down.

  5. This sounds awesome! I was never a huge fan of tropical scents or tropical anything really until J Lo’s Miami Glow came out.

  6. I tried this at a CCO I went to and I loved it, but it was the perfume oil. It was like summer in a bottle, it wasn’t fake or obnoxious it was just enchanting and natural. I want to get this for summer. Right now I am loving L’imperatrice by d&g for spring.

  7. I have a perfume from Bath and Body Works called Bronzed Bombshell, and it puts me in the “summer” mood anytime I catch a whiff of it.
    I need to try this though, see if it puts me in the same happy place.

  8. This sounds just divine 😮 !

    (And something I can, probably, actually try in a shop near me, yay 😀 !)

  9. That sounds lovely. I shall check it out next time I’m at the stores. I’m the same as you; I can’t tan and prefer to stay out of the sun as much as possible.

  10. I love this perfume! I pass it every time I am at the NEX (military shopping center) and spray a little on. So good! I can buy it for less there (plus no tax) so there is really no excuse for me not getting it. It’s my next perfume purchase for sure!