L’Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle’

After discovering and loving L’Oreal’s primer, I was really curious to give L’Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle a try.  It seemed to be based on the same ‘technology’, if that makes sense.

There are a total of 12 shades available, from  510 – Light Ivory to 532- Classic Tan.  I got it in 512 – Classic Ivory, which was a warmer shade then the 510.  The shades seem to run fairly yellow to me, although there are a few pinker shades.  While I was checking out the display there was a GORGEOUS woman there with very dark skin who said that one of the darker shades, Sun Biege, was the closest foundation match she’d found.

It costs about 14$, depending on where you find it, but it’s often on sale at Target or BOGO at one of the chain drugstores.  It’s a little pricey for drugstore foundation, IMO.  You get .67 ounces or .20 ml.  It doesn’t seem like very much in the little glass jar, it’s mostly glass, really, but a little goes a LONG way and it’s VERY easy to use too much.

In the jar it has a very odd sort of smell to it, almost plasticy, but it isn’t noticeable at all on the skin.  It’s peculiar, none the less.

I messed a bit about with this, trying to figure out the best way to apply it.  The brush was just a catastrophe.  Mousses are classically tricky to work with, they are fluffy and yet dense so it’s often easy to misjudge how much you need.  I found that applying it with my fingers got the best coverage.  It was easy to work with that way, worked easily onto my skin and blended beautifully.  It’s made with so much silicones that it feels like a primer and soft of melts into your skin for a soft finish that drys to almost a powder, giving is a smooth almost matte/natural finish.

I found that it gave sort of a medium coverage and was difficult to work up coverage in more problem of areas.

I found that it looked best over carefully primed skin.  If you use it on bare skin it makes every little imperfection seem to stand out, which is the opposite of what I expected.  It wore really well on primed skin for about an hour and a half and then it settled into EVERY pore and fine line and melted off my t-zone.

It seemed to move around my skin all willy-nilly like, sort of migrating for the short period of time, which I was very disappointed with.  It never really set for me, either.  It wasn’t tacky or sticky, but whenever I touched my face it rubbed off on my hand.

It didn’t break me out, although as I keep mentioning, I typically don’t have those issues.  It also washed off easily.


This foundation was a disappointment.

Good for oily skin? No

Good for dry skin? No

Coverage: medium

Finish: Natural/Matte/Powdery

Wear: depends on application and primer, for me around 2 hours

Would I purchase it again? No


14 Responses to “L’Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle’”

  1. Huh. I had seen this and figured it would work like the primer as well. What I definitely do NOT need is something to sink into my pores. Once again I am so thankful for your experimenting.

  2. Again, thanks for the review. I had been curious about this foundation. But not enough to spend $14 or so on it. Looks like I will be passing on it!

    • Thanks for the review. I have seen this at my local Target and was curious about it, but was waiting for a coupon or sale, but now I guess I don’t need to.

  3. Thanks for the review. I’d been curious about how well this foundation would perform.

  4. I got this foundation a couple months ago and I had a similar experience. Applying it with a brush was a disaster and it doesn’t last very long on my face. It came off by touching too. I have oily skin so it melted off. However, it didn’t really sink into my pores (maybe that was thanks to my primer) like some other liquid foundations can. It’s the first mousse I’ve ever bought and I think it will be the last. It’s too much of a pain to use.

  5. dang, another migrator! I liked the rimmel mousse type foundation that used to exist at one point so I probably would have been tempted to get this one. Not anymore! 😀 Thanks lady!

  6. I tried a sample of this. I think it was in the most recent Instyle magazine on a card, three different colors and the primer. I found that when applied on my chin which has pretty big pores it just sunk right into them. It was probably more obvious since the sample wasnt a great color match. I washed it right off.

  7. I had pretty much the same thing happen with Maybelline Dream Mousse so I avoided this because I was worried it would be more of the same. Your review confirms that for me! Thank you.
    Weirdly enough the Dream Mousse concealer works well for me though!

  8. It sounds like an oily skinned girl’s nightmare! This is definitely on my “pass” list as of now.
    I recently switched to Hard Candy’s “Just Face It” foundation. Physician’s Formula had always been my go- to, but I wanted something not as heavy for Spring. I’ve been really impressed with it. It is my perfect liquid foundation color match 🙂

  9. Melting off? Sounds yucky 😦 You’d think a primer-feeling, dries-down-to-powder-type foundation would wear better. Boo! Definitely a pass for someone with oily skin like me!
    Sorry it didn’t work out for you, but thanks so much for sharing your experience.

  10. I was at Fred Meyer the other day and they actually had testers out. One swatch on my hand and I knew I would hate it. Sorry it was a disappointment but thanks for the review. I will def skip this one. 🙂

  11. Do not want! Thanks lady x

  12. i’ve been wanting to try this out too! kind of disappointing considering the price for this. thank you for the review!

  13. I’d nabbed a tester card from a display for this stuff and tried it out…. It seemed to hardly do anything for me. I thought it was perhaps because of such a small amount. But after seeing your review it’s pretty obvious that the formula leaves much to be desired.
    So glad you posted this. 🙂