Linnaeus Cosmetics – A Review


I realize that right now many people are upset with Etsy and a lot of my favorite sellers are migrating to ArtFire or their own shops.  Linnaeus Cosmetics is sort of new to the Etsy scene, though.  I think I first heard about the shop from Becca, the Evil.  I really tried to stay away from the shop because like Phyrra recently said, we need more makeup like we need a hole in the head.

The shop is really nicely organized,  I really like it when shops are organized by color.  They only sell shadows now, which quite honestly is usually a red flag for repackaging.  The pictures are fairly clear and include a shot of the product as well as a swatch.  The listing contains info about the shade as well as the weight and a full list of ingredients.  I admit I had been poking around a bit, unsure of what to try when the owner, Marin, contacted me about offering a prize for the giveaway and a few things to review.  Since I don’t accept products for PR but I was still very interested, I ended up getting the Puna Flamingo set of pink shadows.  I also managed to order during a promotion and got to pick a free shadow, and I chose Sprightly.


My order was shipped really quickly, it arrived just a few days after I placed the order.  Shipping was very affordable, at 2.50$ although I should mention that my package arrived in a Flat Rate box because it also included the prize for the giveaway!


Everything was wrapped in a really simple and sweet muslin bag with a… wombat? stamped on it.  Included was a note, some goodies (for my giveaway), a thank you, and a couple of samples.


The shadows come in clear stander 5 gram jars complete with a sealed sifter and filled.  The tops are stamped in silver ink with the company name, which I really like.  The  bottom is labeled with the shade name, the ingredients, the company, and the weight.

The shadows are all very buttery, they’re made with carnuba wax like I like, and are nicely pigmented.  They go on smooth and are fairly opaque and wear very well.  I usually wear my shadows over a primer or some sort of base (eyeliner, cream shadow) but the other day I plum forgot and wore Sprightly on it’s own and was really impressed that it lasted as long as it did and looked great after a few hours.

They blend really well and although they are a little shimmery, look beautiful.  They are all unique shades and well blended and formulated.


Would I order from LC again?  Yes!

  • The owner is really great.  This seems like a small thing, but CS is one of the STAND OUT features of a great indie shop.
  • I really liked to colors.  The shades of the collection I got worked well with each other.
  • Shipping was super quick.
  • There is a pretty good selection of colors!

Overall : .5 / 5


20 Responses to “Linnaeus Cosmetics – A Review”

  1. Linnaeus are definitely on my ‘to order’ list (after p10p ends!) and I’m glad you reviewed them. I always search on here for your review before ordering from an indie company!

  2. Aye, I’m definitely keen to check them out. I love the collection concepts… I love the shades for the flamingo, tamarin, and cotinga collections.

    Plus the animal pic for the tamarin collection? TOO FREAKING CUTE.

  3. So glad you got to try out these products. I bought some samples when they had their ad on Phyrra’s page & love what I have. Also have to agree that the CS is amazing.

  4. I love the store’s theme a lot. I’m eyeing their Brush Tailed Rock Wallaby Collection because I am in a need for taupe shadows for work (and for a more earthy/’70s look). I have way too many non-neutral shades.

  5. I’ve seen this shop but still haven’t given them a go. I do want to though. Maybe in June. And I think the little dude on the bag is a red panda. But his tail seems a bit thin for that. I dunno, but it’s freakin cute!

  6. Gorgeous colours! The creature looks like a possum to me and most likely an ring tailed possum.

  7. I really like the shadows I have from them and am totally planning on ordering more once I finally narrow down my list! Also, I agree, Marin is fabulous!

  8. Ow, my wallet.
    This is not helping my in my goal to save money.
    Too much pretty!

  9. @Sileny: there is a beautiful brownish/taupe called Kalahari. I have a sample & love it.

  10. Yay, Linnaeus! I ❤ Marin's stuff; can't wait to see what she comes out with in the future! If it's anything like what she's currently got, it's going to be awesome. CS is phenomenal, turnaround time was more than speedy (though to be honest, I've not ordered in awhile- I'm really trying to stop buying stuff for awhile, I swear!) the packaging is to die for, and the owner is a sweetheart. Aw, I'm so glad you liked these, Grey! 🙂

  11. I got my first Linnaeus order this week and I have to say I’m very happy. Marin is a real sweetie and she ships fast (currently there are some delays because she’s studying but she has clearly announced it). I can’t wait for the spring collection that she’s been working on!

  12. I have to be honest…I want 4 of the 9 color collections they currently are offering lol….if only money really grew on trees…*sigh*

  13. I’m so glad you enjoyed the eye shadows, Grey! I sent you an email the other day, did you get it?

    The critter on the bag is a bit bizarre, isn’t he? He’s actually a galago aka a bush baby! I work with them and they are even more adorable in person than any picture on google images can show haha. One of my goals of LC is to introduce people to animals they may not know of or subspecies (such as with the Puna Flamingo). There are so many amazing creatures on this planet that most people aren’t even aware of. My other goal is donate a portion of the sales to wildlife organizations once I break even for the money I invested in starting LC. I’m halfway there! eee!

    Thank you all for the sweet words. I’m absolutely ecstatic that everyone who has ordered from me is enjoying their eye shadows. So far one of the most rewarding things about starting LC has been the people I’ve met. Every single customer that I’ve had the opportunity to interact with has been so nice and awesome. It’s so comforting to realize there are actually a lot of kind people in the world- and this is coming from a misanthropic conservationist haha

  14. I love Marin and Linnaeus Cosmetics. Definitely not embarrassed to admit that I have every color and love them all. I can’t wait to see where the company goes, especially with the new website and the new collections.

  15. I love it when good small indies start up, though it means I tend to want to buy everything they come up with as they grow :x. These shades look nice too! I think i’ll pick some up soon.

  16. I received my first order from Marin yesterday and love the colors that I’ve played with so far. Her CS is amazing; there were some unexpected delays and she kept me abreast of delay time and when the products were shipped. her shop is on my “must buy” list.

  17. Gorgeous colours. I’ll have to try them out and love how this company has bird influenced eyeshadow collections.

  18. Omg so beautiful colours! I got add Linnaeus to my “must try” list. And the little furry animal in the bag is so cute!

  19. I’ve been wanting to try this shop out! It seems that they’re planning a move off Etsy, so maybe I’ll wait for that. Thanks for the review, they’re always so helpful when it comes to trying out new shops!