It’s Friday, I’m in Love

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LC Giveaway

The winner of the Linnaeus Cosmetics giveaway is:

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So Sakura

Today is the LAST DAY to enter the So Sakure look contest.  Voting starts TOMORROW.

In light of the devastation in Japan and some issues my local Japanese market is having, I’m going to have to review the items I’m offering for the Grand Prize.  I was working on it a little yesterday, so I hope to have some alternatives shortly.

I Gotta Friend

Mindy made me some friendship bracelets.  I used to LOVE these when I was a kid and I’m proud to say I just tied these beauties on and won’t be taking them off much!

The Links

Fight for your Right

Creamy Blueberry Goodness

What do you think of this channel?

You have no idea how much I want this dress.

Do you live in Boston?  Have you eaten here?

This is amazing.

More yum.

So gorgeous.

Ever heard of Lights?

Tell me these are not amazing.  Try.

Your Turn

Quick!  What are your top five favorite eye shadows!?

29 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love”

  1. Top five are all Aromaleigh

    5. Pink Fingers
    4. Champagne Toast
    3. Hades
    2. Wonder
    1. Verdant Wisp

  2. OMG so hard to choose!
    1. Inglot 74
    2. Fyrinnae Love Potion
    3. Silk Naturals Restless
    4. MAC Vellum
    5. Fyrinnae Digital Faerie

  3. Hm, there doesn’t appear to be a comment form on the Links page.

    …those shoes, are they… heels?

  4. Yay! Congrats Eplefe! I hope your enjoy the eye shadows!

    And oh saweet jesus on a pony, Grey. That dress? It’s gorgeous! I collect vintage dresses. This weekend I’m hitting up the vintage stores in the city I’m traveling to to present research. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for anything similar 😉

  5. Oh wow! thanks Grey! I’m emailing you right now. 🙂

    Top five eyeshadows are:
    Sugarpill Goldilux
    Concrete Minerals Harlequin
    Hi-fi Boom Shaka Laka
    Fyrinnae Dinosaur Plushie
    Fyrinnae La Noche

  6. My top 5 eyeshadows would have to be

    MAC Coco pigment
    Sugarpill Goldilux
    Wet n Wild Comfort Zone- The blue brown dupe
    Inglot Matte 348
    MAC Goldenaire pigment

  7. (When I saw the shoe I first thought: EEEEEEW!!! – but then I understood everything. EVERYTHING. In the universe.)

    Ok! Let’s see…..

    My favorite eyeshadows are………………

    Face Candy Couture Dare – ’cause it is a great red that works great with my life and existence.
    Fyrinnae Te Amo – It’s like velvet vampire, but I can use in more situations
    SoBe Botanicals Glowstick – Favorite highlighter, I think it’s so good! 😀
    Meow Cosmetics TTYL – Salmon Pink is love. Period.
    Morgana Cryptoria Grog Blossom – I don’t use it much, really, but I love the color. I just don’t know good combinations for it. It’s a pretty eyeshadow, really pretty. I think a similar one would be spiked punch which has lots of sparkles, which could be a favorite of mine as well

  8. Yeesh, that’s hard! (And I love that grey dress, it is absolutely perfect…)

    Um….well one stands out – Fyrinnae Mephisto, which I absolutely love beyond redemption – but the rest were tougher, only because I love a lot of them!

    1)Fyrinnae Mephisto
    2)Sugarpill Poison Plum
    3)Concrete Minerals Temptress
    4)Fyrinnae Arcane Warrior
    5)Fyrinnae (sense a trend? :P) Tapir

    Honestly I’ve got about 10 in a dead tie once I get past Mephisto and Poison Plum! I love all my greens from these companies plus some of the Meow Paddy’s Day 2011 collection….Fyr’s Sugar Skulls, Concrete’s Lolita, Sugarpill Stella and Love+, Meow Nile….oh gosh…it’s all a blur…. *cries*

  9. EEk mah fave eyeshadows?
    Here go’s:
    Aromaleigh Earthly Delights (its so versitile!)
    Aromaleigh Elysia (soft & unique)
    Aromaleigh Moth (complex and goes with everything)
    Fyrinnae Wizards Aprrentice (shifting blue)
    Fyrinnae Sennyo (goes great with the aforementioned shifting blue!)

  10. hmm top five?
    in no order

    Mess in a Dress – Too Faced
    Crash cybershadow – The Make Up Store
    Electro-koi – Fyrinnae
    Love+ – Sugarpill
    Shiro – Ratatta

    too hard to choose

  11. francesdanger April 8, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    I want that dress and I want to wear it with a comically large bow in my hair.

    My top 5:
    Sugarpill Love+
    Fyrinnae Dinosaur Plushie
    Glory Box BAM THWOK!
    Evil Shades Wiggle Dress
    Shiro Link

  12. I’m happy you liked them 🙂

    The little paper airplane was so cute, especially when her tried to throw it because it looked like little geese heads lol

    My 5 favourites for right this second:

    Aromaleigh Oberon
    Fyrinnae Polar Bear
    Burberry Trench
    Aromaleigh Ego
    Aromaleigh Pavane

  13. BH Cosmetics MM05
    BH Cosmetics CM08
    Urban Decay Black Dog
    Sugarpill Poison Plum
    Urban Decay Electric

  14. Wow. That. Dress. Is. Amazing. The heels are punkin’ cute! Too too too cute 🙂
    Okey dokey, so favorite eye shadows?
    1. Fyrinnae’s Knickers in a Twist
    2. Fyrinnae’s Equality
    3. Fyrinnae’s Snow Leopard
    4. Fyrinnae’s Finnigan’s Wake
    5. Nyx’s Red Bean Pie
    Yep, I like Fyrinnae 🙂

  15. Top five… hmmmm!

    1: MAC Eyepopping
    2: MAC Parrot
    3: MAC Golder’s Green pigment
    4: Sugarpill Dollipop
    5: Urban Decay Zero

  16. Oh god, I can’t pick only five. My brain just had a seizure.

    I only watched a few videos from that fashion channel, but I like it. The advice seems kind of general but I like that they do a lot on thrift shops, which are great. Other than that I’m not a good judge of fashion videos, but they seem to have invested in a few hardy additions to a personal wardrobe such as shoes and jackets and gone thrifty for a good amount of the rest, which I find realistic and respectable. They seem humble and nice.

    Aside from that, I’m very excited for the voting to start! Good luck, everyone!

  17. Congrats to Eplefe!

    Those friendship bracelets are pretty. When I was little, the bracelets we got were simply braided strings.

    I don’t have many eyeshadows, and out of those I have, I haven’t tried all of them. My picks would have to be:
    -Killer Cosmetics Smoker’s Lung
    -Killer Cosmetics Overlook

    I’m waiting for more from Lucky107, so I’ll have more eyeshadow to try soon.

  18. All Kobi Levi shoes are amazing and you know it 🙂 !

    Clothesencounters have some good advice (although it’s all pretty much common sense and basic level; I view them as a beginners introduction to thrifting, so that doesn’t bother me) and they seem nice, but I’d like it if they worked a bit on their presentation – eliminating the ums and the ahs, being a little more to the point and being a bit more relaxed in front of the camera.

    I’m more into a colour than into an exact eyeshadow, so champagnes, champagnes, champagnes 😀 .
    And I’ve been loving the UMA mousse highlighters, which I use as eyeshadows, too.

  19. That dress is so pretty! Here’s my try at listing 5 of my fave shadows based on the shades, in no particular order because I just can’t decide:

    1. Brite Bird – Color Me Crazy
    2. Aromaleigh – Mandarin
    3. MAD – Alyssa
    4. Meow – Euterpe
    5. MAD – Peridot Stone

    All I can say is I love my greens, purples and pinks…

  20. 1: Fyrinnae Glitterboi
    Glitter+Blue/purple shift = LOVE

    2: Rouge baiser (from Deborah, don’t know if it can be found in US) Noir Bronze
    Like MAC club, but so much better (and cheeap)! The duochrome is amazing!

    3: Fyrinnae Madame&Eve
    Sparkly sort of sheer forest green with purple shift

    4:TKB Midnight blue
    It’s a dark bluish purple, I like it in a one-color smoky.

    5: Darling girl Cozy night,
    Medium glittery taupe, so pretty and useful!

    I have light hazel eyes and those colors make them pop and look yellower, which I love 🙂

  21. I used to make friendship bracelets out of colored waxed dental floss so that they were more durable. The mint-scented green and cinnamon-scented pink added additional novelty.

    I enjoy the food links that you frequently post on Fridays. I’ve noticed that you seem to like rice.

    I haven’t watched the clothesencounters channel, but I absolutely love the high-contrast makeup style sported by the ladies: pale skin, red lips, and minimal blush.

    Why do you ask about Oleana? I prefer Sofra Bakery, its sister restaurant, because it’s more affordable and casual while still tasting scrumptious. If you enjoy cookbooks, take a peek at Spice: Flavors Of The Eastern Mediterranean by Ana Sortun, Oleana’s chef. The beet tzatziki is easy to prepare, refreshing, and a glorious pink — akin to how the blueberry rice pudding naturally turns such a stunning color.

    That etsy dress looks amazing because it fits her PERFECTLY.

    Since we have just a household of two for now, the 16 fl oz blender cups are perfect for smoothies for us. It’s similar to the Magic Bullet blender but not that brand. Ever since we were gifted the mini blender, we haven’t hauled out the full-sized blender once.

  22. Aromaleigh Window Shopping
    Aromaleigh Champagne Toast
    Fyrinnae Rapunzel Has Extensions
    Aromaleigh Futura’s Cloud
    Aromaleigh Hearts a Plenty

  23. 1. Aromaleigh – Pillow Talk
    2. Aromaleigh – Heart and Soul
    3. Meow Cosmetics – Noise
    4. Detrivore Cosmetics – Dagon
    5. BFTE Cosmetics – Thistle

    All are pinks or purples. 🙂

  24. Hahaha, for some reason I thought entries were due by this past Monday! -_- My bad. I did make an entry for your contest, but didn’t submit because I thought I had missed the deadline. Oh well. Off to vote!

    • Oh, and my top 5!

      1. e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow in Confident
      2. Milani Java Bean (I wish this wasn’t discontinued, it’s gorgeous!)
      3. Urban Decay Gridlock (I wish this wasn’t only available in the BOSI palette! ): )
      4. Fyrinnae Android Angel
      5. Rock & Republic Lawsuit (I can get the most easiest, fastest, and best-looking smokey eye with just this alone. So glad I got it at the Hautelook sales!)

  25. Oleana is one of my very favorite restaurants in Boston. The chef has also opened a casual pastry/light meals sort of place in Watertown called Sabra, which does some amazing things as well. I think they’d probably be receptive to vegan guests though it’s been a year or so since I was last there and I don’t recollect the menu too well off the top of my head. What would you like to know?

  26. Victoria Vague April 13, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    These are subject to regular change depending on my mood, or the week or the weather. I’m fickle.

    Aromaleigh – Verdant Whisp
    Aromaleigh – Dragonfly
    Brazen – Jaded
    Shiro Cosmetics – Puzzle Cube
    Shiro Cosmetics – Master Sword