It’s Friday, I’m in Love


People ask me a lot if I read the comments on my blog.  Every.  Single.  One.  But to be quite honest, I’m not always sure how to reply to them.  I know a lot of bloggers make a point to reply to everyone, but I honestly find it pointless to leave a dozen ‘Thanks!’ or ‘Glad you liked it!’ comments.  Those things go without saying!  I am ALWAYS thankful you are here reading and I am ALWAYS glad you find something I wrote helpful.  I know if I sat and did it it would seem like I had double the comments that I do on my posts, but I don’t feel the need to artificially inflate those numbers, either.

I think it goes without saying that things have been hectic around here.  People who know me also know enough about me to know exactly WHY I barely have time to sleep some days.

Thank you so much for all your comments.  I love to read your thoughts and opinions and to know what’s going on with YOU guys!

So Sakura

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I’m seing a bunch of RAKS this weekend as well as the prizes from the last few giveaways.  I usually drive to the local sort center to ship stuff now, since I know it’s a more… organized post office.  But I don’t make it that way often, hence the delay.

If you signed up for the RAK list (details are here) keep an eye out, you might be getting something!

The Links

Lisa Eldridge is focusing on vintage makeup.

Perfect timing!  ManWoman does a Cherry Blossom inspired look.

Tell Phyrra to let someone else have some sexy now, please.

Cacau reviews some SoBe!

Cannot stand J-Lo, sort of like this look, though.

Your Turn

Does your eye color at all effect the color of shadows you wear?  I have brown eyes and prefer to wear purples and browns/coppers.  What about you?  Do you follow any ‘rules’?


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  1. To be honest, I don’t know that a lot of bloggers respond to every comment, but I’m with you, I totally appreciate it when people leave comments/feedback.

    My eye color sometimes affects what I wear. Since I have blue-green eyes, if I want them to look green I will wear purple. If I want them to look more blue, I’ll go for gold/bronze. Lately I’ve been puzzling over the best way to make them pop blue.

  2. Since I have dark brown eyes, I pretty much wear any colour I like… but then I’d probably do that if I had green or blue or grey eyes too! With me, anything goes. I’d love to have grey/green eyes like my dad, it’d clash so well with red eyeshadow! x

  3. Nope, I wear pretty much all shadow colours and I have brown eyes. I feel that frosted blues aren’t the most flattering on me, but that’s about it.

  4. Also, I discovered ManWomanFilm yesterday and adore her. She’s too cute and talented.

  5. I have brown eyes and generally go for purples, greens and reds. I don’t follow any rule on that sense, but what really changes what colors I choose is my skin. I’ve always been a pale brunette, with green unhealthy undertones, and this Summer (our Argentinian Summer, which is already gone, thanks Zeus) I’ve slightly tanned for the first time in almost a decade and suddenly nothing seems to work on me. I can’t wait to be pale again.

    PS: no IMS yet. I’ve lost my faith in postal service. 😦

  6. My eyes are somewhere between blue, green, and grey..they have gotten greener as I get older. I find cooler tones look better on me overall but I do like some warm shades of green, for instance…leafy, or olive tones, but they were better on me as a redhead. (Brown-black hair with emerald green accents now).

    About the only colours I find I need to avoid are very orangey warm tones, or excessively muddy ones (always look like dirt)….I don’t really like most browns except for a deep chocolate or the odd shimmery taupe….

    As a rule I like plums, greys, greens and the odd smoky blue. I will try anything, and actually love wearing red shadow anytime, and pink. (Love+ and Sugar Skulls are both favourites). However, I do shy away from those coppery/orangey/yellowy shades as a rule, they just clash with my hair, eyes, and skin too much. Otherwise, I’m up for almost anything. 🙂

  7. Hi grey, I recently moved house, how would I change my address for the rak? It was only a couple weeks ago ad I’m still remembering things!

  8. I have blue-grey eyes and prefer to wear blues, pinks and purples. I also wear the occasional mossy green or bronze but find these colours a bit flat on me unless I pair them with one of my afore mentioned wow-shades. Orange and yellow absolutely clash with my natural colouring, so I hardly ever wear these.

  9. I have fairly bright blue eyes, and would love to rock out some purple shadows(since it’s my favorite color) but they always make my eyes look muddy. Super disappointing! But I’ve learned to adjust. Yellows, oranges, golds, browns, and coppers are particularly flattering for my eyes. Lately I’ve been loving the way turquoise makes my eyes pop though! It’s bizarre, but I love it!

  10. Lisa is gorgeous ❤

    I have green eyes which do have something yellow when it's sunny or really bright outside. I don't follow any specific rules but I personally think that orange doesn't look good on my eye lids. 🙂

  11. I never paid much attention to the eye-colour/shadow-colour thing because I have fairly neutral brown eyes. It’s my skintone and hair colour that I pay more attention to with colours. But my sister is a redhead with green eyes, and she’s adamant about her shadow choices–only pinks, purples, and red-browns, since wearing anything too green or blue makes her eyes look browner. Her war on browner eyes definitely gives me a little bit of a complex!

  12. I have blue eyes, and I wear a lot of purples, silver, and pinks. I have a Smashbox quad for blue eyes which is basically cream, dusty pink, cinnamon, and dark brown. It’s a great quad but I’m not sure if it looks any better on me than it would someone with brown eyes, you know?

    But yeah, I generally stick to cooler shades!

  13. I have grey-green eyes. I like purples, mid toned pinks, bright greens, coppers and neutrals for my eyes. MUFE’s pink beige Aqua Cream gets me more compliments than just about anything I wear.

  14. Jules Noctambule April 15, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    I have dark brown eyes, but I don’t care as much about their colour for eye shadow as I do about the circles underneath them! I can’t go anywhere near blues because it enhances my dark circles (genetic *and* concealer-proof!) and makes me look like I lost the fight.

    On the subject of cherry blossoms, may I present my favourite Tindersticks song?

  15. I have brown eyes too, but since i have monolids i cannot wear a lot of variety on my lids. sometimes i try and it just looks like i got punched in the eye and theres a black eye! i tend to wear more neutral or pinkish colors. bright and bold colors don’t go too well with me. hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

  16. I have medium-to-dark brown eyes and I feel like I can wear any color eyeshadow because my irises look the same regardless. However, I prefer to wear gold and brown eyeshadows because they flatter my light-to-medium skintone with yellow/peach undertones.

    I don’t know how to make brown eyes *POP!* the way complementary colors (on the color wheel) make other iris colors *POP!* Similarly, I don’t know how to conceal my brownish undereye areas & brownish hyperpigmentation because I don’t know brown’s complementary color. I don’t know what color concealer to buy besides trying to match my skin as closely as possible.

    • My girlfriend is Mexican and has a gorgeous medium/dark brown skin. We were at a Sephora and this mua used a dark pink lipliner over an age spot/melasma that she had and then went over the top of that with concealer and foundation. You couldn’t even see it. It was amazing! I don’t know if that would work for you, but it can’t hurt to get one of your lipliners and try it out.

  17. I have what my nephew likes to call “chocolate eyes” :D. So I do tend to wear a lot of light greens and purples. For a long time, if I was running out the door, I would put a quick slash of MAC bitter on my lids for instant pop:

    Phyrra’s so PRETTAH!

  18. My eyecolour has absolutely no influence on the colours I wear — I have hazel eyes, and I’ve purchased products specifically tailored for that eyecolour, and it never seems to make a difference. Instead, I worry more about matching my skintone. I have warm, yellow-based skin, and wearing blue shadows is always a disaster on me!

  19. It’s nice to hear that bloggers read every comment and I think it’s silly to always expect a reply, especially with short complements-type comments.

    I’ve never really stuck to any of those ‘rules’ for eye colours and eye shadows. Most of the kits for blue eyes have blue eye shadow.. whaaaa? The contrast colour is what makes your eyes pop! I wear a lot of oranges, purples and greens.

  20. Hi! I’ve finally decided to de-lurk, I’ve been reading your site since the fall and appreciate the work you put into such thorough reviews that I’ve found some wonderful shops and recommendations for friends. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have known about the Inglot store at Fashion Island, it just 5-10 minutes from my work so I bought an awesome pallet. I’m going back for more since the prices haven’t increased yet and now they sell a 20 round pan pallet.
    Like someone else said before, I don’t try to match my shadows to my eye color but more for my skin tone; since my skin is permanently tan and can get darker in mere minute in the sun I stick to cool, pigmented colors. Sheers don’t show and earthtones, especially oranges, wash me out.

  21. I don’t really pay attention to rules about eye colour and shadow colours. The only exception is blue eye shadow, which I’m always trying (and usually failing) to make work. Not sure if it’s at all related to having blue eyes though…

  22. I have brown eyes, and I tend to prefer neutrals and purples as I think they work best. I’m not comfortable wearing super bright colors of eyeshadow as I don’t think I apply it well. When I want the pop of color, I bright line and love Blue and green eyeliner. I think colors that are pink or red make me look sick.

  23. granattrichter April 15, 2011 at 3:55 pm

    I have green-blue eyes, more on the green side with a tiny little bit of orange thrown in there, so I don’t really like orange or yellow eyeshadow on me. As much as I want to like it, it just doesn’t work on me. :c

    But I choose eyeshadow based on what I wear and how my haircolor works with it. I’ve always had some red/pink in there, so that could also be why I don’t like orange. (Now, I’m not so sure anymore cx)

  24. I agree with you about comments, but I do still reply to each one – otherwise I feel like I’m ignoring people! Sometimes I tweet people if they have specific questions.

    As for eyeshadow, I have brown eyes too and love wearing ‘jewel’ colours. Deep sapphire, gold, emerald…I wrote a post about eyeshadow colours to make your eyes pop here since I always get ‘I can’t wear ___ because I have ___ eyes.’ not true!

  25. I have no regard whatsoever for keeping the color of my eyeshadows in sync with my eyecolor. I have light light blue/green/whatever color they feel like being… eyes, and I will wear anything that’s bright and wild ❤ and glittery!!

  26. I have dark brown eyes and envy those girls with brown eyes who can wear purples – I think it looks so chic! Unfortunately, I have dark undereye circles that defy even the thickest, most yellow of concealer and I always feel like I just have a big bruised looking eye if I try to wear purples.

    I love to wear golds with multi-color sparkle (like Golden Rule or Broken Rule from the now-defunct TSS) or metallic copper. I feel like those really make my eyes look bright.

  27. I have very dark brown eyes and I wear whatever eyeshadow grabs my fancy although I’ve noticed maroon/reddish colors seem to bring out the brown more than anything else, even purple.

    I tend towards bronze and orange but I think thats just because thats my favorite color family. Plus I think it goes great with my darker skin!

  28. I have bright blue-green eyes. Ive always ignored everything about what colors make what eye colors pop. I tend to do all black (eyeshadow, liner, & mascara) most days & suprisingly thats when my eyes look the bluest.

  29. If I get a question I’ll answer it, but I’m with ya on the not knowing what to say otherwise.

    I think I love gold and reds together with my brown eyes, or greens. It’s sweet that brown eyes can usually go with anything but those 3 colours I like the best.

  30. My eyes change color between brown, green, and gray. They’re usually a greenish brownish gray color, I guess. It depends on the season and how much I’ve been staring at the computer screen. So I tend to go for a lot of greens or browns or grays or purples or pinks. Lately, a lot of silver and taupe too. Mostly just neutrals and cool colors, I guess. Except blues. I look silly in blue eyeshadow or anything on the yellow/orange/warm red spectrum. I also can’t pull off black without looking like a raccoon. Light colors tend to look better than anything too saturated too (though I really like bright purples and greens)

  31. Hm…I have hazel eyes, which means plums and such are supposed to look good, right? I oscillate between light neutrals (the Naked palette is my friend) and dark green or olive colors. I’m scared to put anything else on, quite honestly, haha.

    BTW, I visited the Estee Lauder counter to test Double Wear and received my 10 day sample. I’m really excited to try it out tomorrow. The SA had a hard time matching me because apparently I have a true neutral undertone but we think we found something that will fit (Ecru). Anyway, I never would have tried if it wasn’t for this blog and I’m stoked to have possibly found a new foundation! I’ve been wearing Alima, but it has stopped working with my oily skin now that the weather is warmer. 😦

  32. I have dark Asian eyes, so while I theoretically can wear any color, I tend to be careful about wearing dark shades and blues (teals are okay, though). Blues tend to make me look very tired, although purples are okay for some reason. If I were to go for a smokey look, I’d generally pop some brown or gray contacts. I don’t think I follow any rules, I just go with what I think is good, really. =D

  33. I don’t really have any “rules” when it comes to eyeshadow. I don’t wear a lot of brown, since I have dark brown eyes. My favorite shadows are pinks and purples, least favorites are probably blues. If I overdo it, I end up looking like Mimi from The Drew Carey show!

  34. To be honest, I think more about what complements my skin color than my eye color. My eyes are a very dark brown so they’ll never really “pop,” but I’ve found myself really struggling to decide what looks good with (what I’ve recently realized is) my olive skin tone, as far as neutral makeup goes, between eyeshadow and lipstick and blush together.
    With brights, I don’t really care if it matches well. I just pick the colors I like, as long as they don’t look blatantly bad. Heh.
    That cherry blossom video from manwomanfilm made me laugh. She was just prancing around outside on the side of a busy road, being adorable while people looked at her, confused. I always love watching her videos. But her skin is UNFAIRLY good @_@ I’d love to know how she takes care of it.

  35. If I had a blog with as many readers that you have I couldn’t imagine responding to every comment. Especially with all you have on your plate! Not to mention I fail at all social networking, and don’t even respond to facebook comments let alone anything else…

    My eyes are dark brown, and they are also huge, but I like it, so I like to wear all colors to accent them. In my band, if I know i’m going to be photographed, taped, album and promo pics etc, I usually default to greens or purples because they are the most flattering to my coloring and seem to make my eyes pop more. Although, I think those colors tend to flatter my skintone and hair color more (slightly pale olive skin and various shades of dark red/brown hair) I’m not a fan of browns only because with my hair and eyes, it’s just so much…brown. So if I do a brown look i almost always use a gold as a lid color. And like the other brown eyes ladies here, blues tend to be hard to wear, aside from Navy,which works for almost everyone.

  36. My eyes are a really neat golden green hazel so if I’m going for “look at me” eyes, I will wear a dark, black smokey eye or blue-based/violet purples(like MUF #92). But most of all, it just depends on my mood. I own eye shadows in pretty much every color of the rainbow(and have worn “rainbow eyes” on more than one occasion!), but the only color I won’t wear is warm gold because it makes my neutral/beige skin look sickly. Oh well, not much of a loss to me since I don’t even like gold anyway lol!

  37. No, I don’t follow an such rules. I tried doing it, but, it felt uncomfortable. I have brown eyes too. 🙂

  38. I have light hazel eyes, and it’s true that blue-ish purple, medium grey or violet-based taupe make them look yellower, wich I like.
    But I actually wear every color I find pretty, even if it is less flattering.

    Strangely, yellowish green (like TKB taurus orion), chartreuse or intense gold shades (even Polar bear from Fyrinnae) always look terrible on me. (I have warm light skin and brown hair).

  39. No rules for me. If I want to wear a colour, I’ll wear it, regardless. Then again, I’m a hazel, so maybe it doesn’t matter so much.

  40. I will wear pretty much all shadow colors and I have green/blue eye’s. I don’t think light blue or matte blue shadow looks very good with my eye color so I don’t wear it often, but it can be fun for a change.

  41. I am in love with the new Lisa Eldrigde series -mthey caught my attention, and more than that, in a way that a vid hasn’t done in a long time!

    Anything goes and I have hazel eyes 🙂 .

    I never wondered if you read the comments, it always seemed like you do 😀 .
    The constant ‘thank you’s seem like copy-paste after a short while even when they’re really heartfelt.
    I do appreciate when a blogger takes the time to answer a question posted in comments.
    I know I said it before but I love it that you, when you do answer them, don’t communicate with just the well-known bloggers, like some people do, but with all your readers ❤ .

  42. I usually reply to every comment on my own blog if just with a simple thanks, but then I don’t have that many comments so I feel I have the time for it. I hope people understand that they can’t expect to get replies on every single comment, there is actually a life to live beyond the blog.

    I have green-blue eyes and I usually wear cold greens, pinks and purples, as I think that goes best with my eye color. For some reason I’ve stayed away from blue shades, but I’ll try to break out of my comfort zone. Generally I think makeup-rules are meant to be broken, so as long as you like the color you wear just go ahead!

  43. My eyes are a medium, warm green. If I want the color to stand out, I wear purple eyeliner with a champagne colored lid, or warm browns/bronzes. (My ‘special evening event’ eye makeup is usually deep, warm browns with a bit of bronze or gold.)

    Daily, I stick with a natural pale pink with a subtle purple in the crease. It makes my eyes look brighter and a bit more colorful while being subtle enough for work. It takes less than a minute to apply. Plus, since it’s fairly natural looking, it goes with all my clothes.

  44. Sometimes I follow some sort of eye makeup rules.. but it depends of the situation.. I usually go on my mood or what I have to do that day.. If I have to do something imortant I usually will tone it down a bit.. but if I am going to the bar or something I usually will wear how I am feeling.. If its a wyld crazy day I might do a rainbow look or a bunch of funky purples.. my eyes are hazel so pretty much any color will work.. but depending on the color i use my eyes will either darken or brighten!! I guess everyones that way lol

  45. And we’re thankful for and appreciate your posts. I love reading your posts and thoughts. 🙂

    For eyeshadow selection, it’s the skintone I take into consideration first then eye colour when choosing. I have dark brown eyes and pale skin and find purples work really well. I’ve worn other colours such as brown, pink, and blue. I wear one colour at a time and have seldom “layered” them even if I’ve been told my makeup looks good with blended shades.