Revlon Colorstay Foundation

I got this on accident.  How does one buy things on accident?  I can’t explain.  Seriously.  You had to be there.  It worked out well, though, because as it turns out it was one of the more requested foundations for my Foundation Overview.  And then by some stroke of craziness I bought the WRONG formula, or so I thought.  It was somewhat affordable at about 9$ for a 1 ounce or 30 ml jar. It’s much cheaper to get at Target then it is at places like Walgreen or Rite Aid.

Want makeup that is flawless and weightless for 16 perfect hours? Revlon has the solution – ColorStay™ Makeup with SoftFlex™.

Specially formulated for combination or oily skin, this oil-free formula helps control shine all day and gives you flawless looking skin.

Makeup looks fresh and feels great for up to 16 hours thanks to the lightweight, comfortable feel from the SoftFlex ColorStay™ formula.

Medium to full coverage, with SPF 6 protection*

This foundation not only comes in a total of 18 different shades, but two different formulas, one for Combination/Oily skin and one for Normal/Dry.  I ended up getting it in 150 Buff in the Oily formula.  Buff us the lightest golden based shade that they have.  It seemed like most of the shades boarded on being yellow based, although some lighter shades are very pinky.  For me I am really happy with the shade match to my skin, it’s pale enough and golden enough.

It comes in a fairly standard glass jar with a screw off lid.  The foundation is a fairly nice consistency, not too thick but not thin and runny.  Just average I guess.  I really wish the jar came with a pump, though.  I dislike how to gets all over the rim and then up into the lid.

I don’t really care for the scent at all, it’s strong in the jar and sort of chemically.  Thankfully it wears off quickly as you work with it, or I’m not sure I could wear it otherwise.

The finish seems more on the light to medium side, although it is nicely buildable.  It blends really nicely and doesn’t set too quickly (although it does sort of set quicker then other foundations) so you can work with it on your skin.  I’ve had equally as successful results with applying it with both my fingers as well as a brush.  I really love the way it smooths on over my Idealist, but it’s great over most primers I’ve tried.  It wears well on it’s own, but I do prefer a primer.  Like all my foundations, I like to apply it with my fingers first and then buff it with a Sigmax brush to blend it all.

It sets quickly and isn’t at all tacky and is in fact as lightweight as it claims to be.  It doesn’t leave a mask like feeling and it doesn’t rub off.  The finish is very natural with no shine or shimmer and is not matte at all.  I had a few little dry patches when I first used this and t didn’t accentuate them at all, which I was very pleased with.

It didn’t break me out, or clog my pores, but I typically don’t have that problem anyway, I have quite normal skin.

The color stayed true and didn’t oxidize on me.

Although it claims to be long wearing, I did notice that it faded.  Instead of melting off, though, it just faded.  After a few hours the coverage was just… less.  My t-zone didn’t get shiny and over all I would say that after a few hours the foundation had stood up fairly well, although as I mentioned, the coverage sheered.

Although it seemed to wash off cleanly, there was a bit of color left over after I used a toner.  I would definitely recommend being thorough when you remove your makeup anyway.


This is a really great foundation for the price.

Good for oily skin? Yes

Good for dry skin? No

Coverage: Medium

Finish: Natural

Wear: On me about 10 hours

Would I purchase it again? Yes


8 Responses to “Revlon Colorstay Foundation”

  1. Another good review! I browsed this foundation last time I was browsing the makeup isle. I was having a difficult time with the colors. They seemed to orange. I have heard good things about this foundation and was considering it before I settled on the new Mary Kay foundation.

  2. I’ve tried this foundation, but I ultimately had to throw it out. I had no problem with finding the right shade and applying it was easy, but it made my skin break out after a long night. My skin is very oily, so after about 4-5 hours it started to melt off (it didn’t fade in my case, unfortunately) my face. I noticed that it didn’t rinse off well either.

    If acne really isn’t a problem for you, I’d definitely recommend it.

  3. i’m going to cvs later tonight and i think i’ll be picking this up. thanks for the review! 🙂

  4. I have been using this foundation for…perhaps two years, now. I don’t find it amazing, although that may be because neither of the two lightest shades (Buff or Ivory) is pale enough for me (so I tend to mix Buff with OCC’s Lip Tar in Feathered).

  5. I wonder why most of the long lasting foundations smell weird? The Cover Girl ones smell plastic-y, too.

    The finish you describe does sound like one I’d like. Great review!

  6. I was interested in this foundation once, but Buff was too dark and the lighter shade too pink, so that settled it.

  7. I agree the smell of this foundation is so off putting! I’ve spent way too much money on this foundation trying to match my skin color. They are either way to orange or way to pink. The foundation makes my face feel heavy, look cakey and just not natural 😦 takes away the skins natural glow.

    If you like it great! But for me I just can’t get it to look good.

  8. Jules Noctambule April 17, 2011 at 1:18 pm

    I’m wearing this right now, actually! It’s one of my favourites; cold weather or hot weather, it makes my skin look good and does tend to stay put. The scent put me off at first, but I’ve noticed that after a month or so, it tends to fade substantially directly from the bottle (and I do switch foundations at least twice a week, so I don’t think it’s just me getting acclimated).