Ultimate Brow-mance

I love Inglot.  You know it.  No use in denying it.  But I recently found another reason to.

I created a custom brow kit for myself.

Since growing my brows out, I’ve found that I can use a much lighter shade to fill them in for a more natural look and yet STILL use dark and dramatic colors to accentuate my looks.  This it contains brow powders in 569, 566, and 564 and well as waxes in 571 and 574.  I also ordered a synthetic angled brush (17TL).

The price of the kit (without a pro discount) would be about $37.

While that might seem steep, consider what you would get at Sephora for the same price there-abouts.

On average you’ll get two shades, not three, no wax, and a tiny little brow brush.  You might not get the little brow stencils, but personally I have NEVER found one that actually works.  With the Inglot kit you can custom pick your shades, from light to dark and more then a dozen in between, waxes or no waxes, or heck, even throw in a concealer to sharpen up your lines.

I’m really happy with it, but I’m curious.  What do you think?


16 Responses to “Ultimate Brow-mance”

  1. Victoria Vague April 19, 2011 at 2:58 pm

    Love the title 🙂 If they start shipping to the UK i may have to invest. My brows are starting to fill out and I could do with a decent filling product, that isn’t a cheap eyeshadow

  2. I admit to being lazy with my brow maintenance, but I’m kind of drooling over this…I usually use one color exclusively on my brows but i just started using a lighter color for day, and darker for night. This just seems absolutely perfect.

  3. I think they need to ship to Canada! I love the idea of customizing something like this.

  4. Right now I’m a huge fan of using a pencil, but I think the brow kit you purchased looks neat.

  5. Does this still look good if you have naturally thick eyebrows? I tried a brow powder once, and it made my eyebrows look bushy.

    • You might try to tame them with a wax, instead!

    • I have naturally thick, bushy eyebrows too and a wax helped tame them. If you want to keep them thick, let them know so they don’t wax off too much. That was my mistake the first time I went. It helps to be really specific in what you want.

  6. Are the shades you chose safe for blonde eyebrows? I’m wondering because I’ve been having a hard time finding something light enough for my blonde brows and I just want to be certain before I pay. The Sephora ones I’ve tested have been too dark.

  7. This is awesome! Maybe I can finally find a brow color that will match for me…it would be close to miraculous lol.

  8. I think this is a cool idea; I like having both powder and wax in the same palette and different color options. I don’t think $37 is much different than the other brow palettes out there that really aren’t as customizable.

  9. It looks great, and I love the fact that you can put different shades, lightness and texture.

    It seems really handy, did you already tried it?
    I’m curious about the wear, and also what the color look like on the skin…

  10. I have thick black brows, so this isn’t really a product I’d use, but I think it’s a fantastic why to put together something for brows and I feel you make an excellent point about the cost of brow products comparative to this.

  11. I got myself a brow wax in a 5-round palette through inglot! 😀 I also got a concealer and lipsticks and can’t wait for it to arrive! It sounds so amazing!

  12. Wish I could order Inglot online. I’ve found many products I like for my brows but they’re not all in one lovely Inglot magnet case.

  13. I think it’s a great idea, and a great buy. Do you like the waxes thus far in terms of staying power?

    I’m curious about them, as I’ve just ordered one (as part of a palette) myself.

    My old brow product is a Sephora kit, that’s starting to run low on wax, and as it happened I wanted to get a palette for travelling anyway…tempted by the posts I read here and on Phyrra’s blog, (and the marvellous Inglot greens), I ordered a 10-pan palette from the south.

    (I live in Finland, but not near an Inglot – however, you can order from Inglot Suomi via email) – a mix of shadows, brow products and a concealer for an upcoming trip, feeling that my usual mineral stash may be a bit unwieldy for travel. I look forward to getting it hopefully tomorrow, or the day after, to give it a test run.

    I found them via their Finnish Facebook page, so if anyone reading this is in the UK/Europe and not near a store, you may try to track down a way to order from them via email/Facebook. 🙂

  14. Never used a brow kit but I like the flexibility of the one you created (my cat is sleeping on my arm as I try to type this so I apologize in advance for any typos) and I think I need to try a brow wax – I have a few hairs wiht a mind of their own.