Bronze Goddess

I’m seriously loving the Summer collection (Bronze Goddess) from Estee Lauder.  I’ve already sung the praises of the perfume (also named Bronze Goddess), but everything I’ve tried from the cosmetics collection has been amazing.

Yesterday while I was sitting in the parking lot of Macy’s, I was texting furiously back and forth with Phyrra about the new ShadowStick Duos.  They are double ended pencils, one color on each side, and the formula is remarkably like the Urban Decay pencils that I so regrettably adore.  They are $20 for a .09 ounce/ 2.7 gram pencil, which IMO is a great deal, making each side $10.  For comparison, the UD pencils are $20 for .1 ounce.

There are two in the collection, a Gold Bronze and Pink Teal.  Both are AMAZING.  Although they are not officially part of the DoubleWear collection, these pencils are ridiculously long wearing and smudge-proof when they set.  You get about… 15 seconds of time to work with them and blend them before they set, but they do blend like butter, so I was able to fade the edges easily.  Phyrra is wearing the pink today.  She tells me she applied it at about 8:30 and it’s after 1pm now and it’s still bright and crease free!

From left to right : Gold Bronze and Pink Teal


11 Responses to “Bronze Goddess”

  1. Yes, I love the pink side! I was debating the gold/brown duo, but I have UD’s Lit & Wasteland, which are both gold and brown.

    That pink is amazing and should be made permanent!

  2. I’m yet to try an estee lauder stuff at all ever! I’m fancying double wear foundation next time I need some. These look lovely, too. Might be a while till I try ’em cuz I just bought the 15th anniversary UD pencil set (even though I already have like 9 of their mini liners from sets!) Oops.

  3. I love the gold bronze duo. The others you just posted are right up my ally too…wasteland, sin and rehab, what brand are they?

  4. Ooh, wasteland sin and rehab sure are gorgeous!

  5. hhhmmm I keep seeing these and I’m lusting over them. The pink teal seems super awesome as well as the gold bronze. Thanks for this post!!

  6. I haven’t tried anything from Estee Lauder either, but I’m eyeing the DW light foundation. I’ve only tried drugstore foundations with no luck so I think I may have to go for something pricier. Hopefully I can find a shade that matches my skin.

  7. I love the gold and brown one. Here’s hoping I can get to an Estee Lauder counter sometime soon to check these out in person.

  8. Hi! Thanks for the swatches, these pencils truly look wonderful, if they get to be released here I’ll have to get the gold/brown one.