It’s Friday, I’m in Love

Tattoo Goodness

Next week is me birthday and to celebrate I got a new tattoo.  My family is visiting for a week and some so I got to FINALLY meet my nephew, you can check out his adorableness on my Twitter page.  My brother has an amazing Polish eagle on the back of his leg and on a whim we went past this tattoo place I’d been hearing about to check them out.  I looked over this particular artists portfolio and loved her stuff.  She gave me a RIDICULOUSLY amazing quote on it and I JUMPED at the opportunity, since she could work on me right away.  I was completely happy with the results.  I got it on my inner forearm and WOW am I sore and swollen.

Very bad late night picture from my phone.

I also sat and talked a little about a more custom piece I asked her to work on and she was very excited.  I love it when you mesh with an artist like that.  We had SO much in common, from our post-punk music love to our love of Poe, I’m really looking forward to getting my sleeve finished and more work done.

Luxury Products

I have SO many luxury products to review.  SO MANY, but I want to assure you that I am NOT shifting the focus of my blog away from Indies at all!  In fact, I have two new to me Indies to review soon.

Foundation Overview

So, I get a LOT of questions about my foundation series and while I’ve done my best to tackle them, one keeps popping up and that’s about color matching.  I know you guys know I’m pale and I realize that the foundation colors I’m reviewing are not super pale.  What I’ve failed to mention was that when I normally wear foundation I ALWAYS have to mix it with a bit of MAC Face and Body white.  I don’t actually WEAR the shade ‘as is’ in my review much more then just to review the finish, texture, coverage, etc etc.  I will typically by the tone closest to mine, as in yellow or neutral enough to match my skin under

tones.  So no, the color swatches you see on my arm do not and will not match my skin!  I don’t mix the F&B in while I’m reviewing because it does effect the finish, texture, wear, etc etc and would make the review basically incorrect.

BUT!  I do not and would not recommend a MAC product, which is why I asked on Twitter not too long ago who ELSE makes a white foundation.  So I hope to be able to review what I found and explain how to go about lighting your foundation for those who need it.

The Links

These are adorable.

I could honestly not care less about the royal wedding thing, but I love posts like this.

I love pink eyeshadow.

I’m posting this all over the place.

Your Turn

I’m in the mood to try some amazing new tea.  Any suggestions and where can I order it?


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  1. As far as tea goes, my absolute favourite brand is Stash. Loose, bagged, white, black, green… you name it, they have it. The Peach Black and the Chai Spice Black are my two absolute favourites.

  2. I’ve been ordering tea from Adagio, they give pretty good sized samples for 2$.

  3. This is where I get *all* my tea 😀

  4. I usually just buy my hot tea from the grocery store. Celestial Seasonings’ “Mandarin Orange Spice” herbal tea is my absolute favorite 🙂 Their others are good, too!

  5. Beautiful tattoo!

    There’s a sweet tea place in Calgary and after I googled you can buy their stuff online! Yay! Loose teas My favourite’s are Rooibos Rainbow (so colourful), Winter Dream (smells like a cup of Nibs!), Sweet Dreams, Rooibos Fairy Tale.

    The shop is cute because you can see and sniff all the sample jars and they are all in different size jars so it seems very herby apothecary-like 😀

  6. Doesn’t Make Up For Ever make a white foundation? They may even make it in their Face and Body. They have a ton of stuff available by calling the New York boutique that one wouldn’t find at Sephora or Sephora online. Illamasqua makes one too but that shipping from the UK is insanely high.

  7. Would love to know more about the foundation series. I like the foundation that you consider the HG estee lauder double wear light. I have trouble blending foundation into my hairline or finding a color that evens me out. My forehead is a couple shades darker than my face. So definately looking forward to your upcoming posts about foundation

  8. Runaround Sous April 29, 2011 at 8:43 pm

    Have fun with your family and have a groovy birthday, Grey!

    The Polish eagle is very well done. Cool!

  9. Love your new tattoo 🙂

  10. I hate the idea of Jersey Shore and refuse to watch it. So seeing it “Wilde style” was amazing lol.

    I like the Celestial Seasonings tea brand, I usually pick up their Fruit Tea Sampler or a green tea. I glanced at the website just now and they have a ton of other flavors I’d love to try. Particularly their white and chai teas. (Love chai!)

    Have a wonderful birthday!

  11. The tattoo looks fantastic. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo for…about a year and a half now. Unfortunately, all the good ink I’ve seen seems to come from Athens and Atlanta, which are both about an hour and a half away from me. That, and I don’t exactly know how to put it to my mom. She’s kind of averse to tattoos. I’m trying to ease her into it by showing her some pics of really cool neo-trad tattoos…

    The Oscar Wilde-ified Jersey Shore made me ROFLMAO. Really.

    I wish I could suggest some nice tea for you, but I usually stick to Twinings earl grey.

  12. I don’t know if it’s a nation-wide thing, but here in Jersey we have club called the Polish Falcons. I don’t know if women can join (I think not) but ever time I pass by one of their Aeries, I think about how awesome their symbol is…which looks a lot like your new tattoo! Super-sweet.

  13. I get all my tea from Angelina’s Teas. We stumbled across the shop at the perfect time (bit of a story; not too fascinating), and they get ALL my business now.

  14. Happy Birthday! At my local mall there’s Teavana and they offer a various assortment of looose teas.

  15. You are awesome for understanding that it’s “couldn’t care less” not “could care less”. Happy birthday and my fav teas come from Mostly for their rose blends.

  16. makes some fantastic tea. Good Earth also has some great chai blends. I mostly just stick to Celestial Seasonings though. Happy early bday!

  17. I get a lot of my tea from David’s Tea ( ). Their seasonal teas are usually quite nice, I adore the Pink Flamingo tea from the spring collection, I may buy a giant tin and hoard it.

    They’re based in Quebec, but it looks like they ship to the US. Some of their teas contain dairy/may have come into contact with dairy (they list ones that may have dairy on their FAQ page).

  18. Sorry to comment twice – but I wanted to add that I’ve never ordered from the David’s Tea website, I’ve always shopped in-store.

  19. Numi Teas! The best teas I’ve ever tried!

  20. Ooooo tea!

    Numi, , makes extremely delicious organic teas…I’ve never had anything I didn’t like. They offer bags, loose leaf and blooming teas. Hoping to add their Chocolate Puerh to my collection soon. Recently tried a sample, yum yum yum!

    Equal Exchange, , I reach for their green tea daily.

    Mountain Rose Herbs- . They have a big selection of loose leaf organic teas, spices and herbs, as well as tons of other items.

  21. As for tea im not much help I just drink the cans of arizona flavored tea. The pomegranate green tea is amazing. However I just had to comment & tell you that I love your new tattoo & poe!! I have never met anyone else thats ever heard of them before so that of course makes my day.

  22. I love mighty leaf tea, found at Such delicious, handcrafted whole leaf tea, packaged in silky biodegradable pouches, instead of paper tea bags. With the pouches, you can watch the tea brew and the leaves unfurl. You can also find a limited variety at Whole Foods markets.

    They have lychee black tea available:

    Mighty Leaf also sells one of my favorite types of tea: flowering tea. Drop the ball of leaves in a clear glass pot and infuse with hot water. Watch ball “bloom” into a flower or anemone shape. Enjoy! Here’s a link to a sampler.

  23. Your tattoo looks amazing!

    As far as the tea goes… my best friend and I are both tea addicts, and we are obsessed with the Tazo Sweet Cinnamon Spice tea. I think it’s a hit or miss for some people, but if you like cinnamon, it’s perfect.

  24. Illamasqua have pure white foundations in all their finishes, and actually might be worth looking into for a non-white as they do go pretty fricking pale xD

  25. Tea!! We’re tea freaks here. Though it’s common in Finland to drink coffee, I definitely corrupted my bf’s brain to get into tea as well, and he has!

    I get some tea locally here that I love, and for British brands I like Clipper’s Organic teas and Taylor’s of Harrogate. (Their Ntingwe Kwazulu is a favourite in our flat…my boyfriend and I both love strong, Assam style teas and this one qualifies!)

    However, in the USA I actually have ordered from Teavana ( many times – it’s fun to try some of the blends, or come up with your own…..I really love the Java Vana Mate mixed with Cacao Mint Black, yielding a nice chocolate-mint taste which is lovely since I don’t eat sugar. 🙂 If you’re not into caffiene, they have a ton of rooibos, herbals, and greens as well – with reader feedback on the site for all of them (good and bad). Even the international shipping is pretty fast and usually I’ve managed to get it shipped free.

  26. Jules Noctambule May 1, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    We get our teas from a local shop, Tin Roof Teas:

    Right now, I’m drinking their East Frisian Broken Blend every morning for breakfast, but you might be particularly interested in this tea:

  27. Love your new tattoo!

    I order tea from Harney and Sons – they have a good website and send a great printed catalog, too. I’ve not been disappointed by any of the flavors I’ve gotten from them.

    • Seconding Harney and Sons. In my mind, the way they treat tea is very British-stiff upper lip and all, so they don’t mess around with too many blends and get straight to the good stuff. If you like cinnamon, their Hot Cinnamon Spice is a good place to start.

  28. Wow! Even in that teeny tiny photo, the attention to detail looks incredible.

    There’s a place here called “David’s Tea” that I bought a tin of peppermint tea from. The smell is so amazing that it’s spoiled me for buying peppermint tea from anywhere else. So delicious smelling. Instant migraine cure.

  29. Jenny Whiskey May 2, 2011 at 4:52 am

    I saw both of these mentioned already but both Stash and Mighty leaf are fantastic. Stash makes an amazing Pomgrannate tea and Mighty Leaf has a wonderful caffine free ginger peach. That’s a favorite of mine when I’m sick. I believe stash can be found at almost any chain grocery store and Mighty Leaf at most health food and Whole Foods stores. Both have dotcoms too.

  30. Amazingly detailed! Love it!

  31. Love the tattoo. It’s beautiful.

    I like Bigelow and Celestial Seasonings tea. For online companies, I’ve heard good things about Adagio.