Fever, in the morning.

I went on a wild tear through the Lancome counter while I was there.  I collected just about everything from the look that Mila Kunis wore to the Oscars, the foundation, the shadow palette (Coral Crush), the blush (Sheer Amourose), and the gloss.

I am actually NOT a big Mila fan.

Let’s talk about the gloss.  Over her lipstick she was apparently wearing La Laque Fever in Lucent Nude.

An impossibly sensuous lip lacquer that combines vibrant concentrated color and unprecedented shine in one stroke. From the moment of application, densely pixilated pearls deliver multi-dimensional shine that truly holds, so you’ll be touch up-free for 8 hours. And the soft-sculpt applicator smoothes on a perfectly even layer of impeccable color, and contours lips so they look lush, full and completely kissable.


  • Provides the shine of a lip gloss and the comfort of a lipstick in one
  • Promises lasting shine and color for up to 8 hours
  • Coats lips perfectly and evenly in one stroke


  • Silicone Shine System:
  • Polymer forms a barrier on the lips that holds in pigments and oils
  • Soft-sculpt precision applicator

It comes in 18 shades and is $26.50 for a .20 ounce tube.

I have it not only in Lucent Nude (matte pinky beige), but in Pink Gravity (shimmering opalescent warm rose) as well.  It seems like there was a huge run on Lucent Nude just after the awards, so Pink Gravity was my consolation shade until I was back in stock.

I really love the applicators on these glosses.  They are not quite the typical doe foot, they actually have a really useful shape to them and are bent at an angle to make application so much more precise.

The gloss itself is worth the price.  It’s supposed to be a long lasting formula and I find that it really is.  Instead of wearing off and leaving odd patches or migrating to the outside of your lips and leaving a ring, it just fades off evenly after a while.  After a good long while.  Some shades are more opaque while others are sheer.  They both wear about the same, although I do like the more sheet shades to layer over lipsticks.

They are not sticky at all and very smooth.  They don’t dry out my lips and actually make them feel nice and soft.  The formula is really well done, IMO.  I wouldn’t normally ever consider buying a gloss for so much, but after using them on the counter on a few clients, I really liked how they applied.  The first time I tried it out I put some on right before I headed off to lunch.  I actually ate and was back at the counter before I realized that I even HAD gloss on, it felt so natural on my lips.  When I checked the mirror again, it had hardly budged.

Lucent Nude and Pink Gravity


Would I purchase Lancome’s La Laque Fever gloss again? Yes.

  • Even though it’s pretty expensive, I really like how it wears.
  • I like the color range, there is a nice variety of shades.

2 Responses to “Fever, in the morning.”

  1. sounds like goood stuff! i’m not a big fan of lipgloss. i tend to buy one, shove it into my purse, and forget it. if i do reach for something it ends up being my eos sphere, but i would like to try this! sounds likee something i need! thanks 🙂

  2. My hair is now waist length, so a non-sticky gloss that doesn’t wind up all over the hair around my face sounds like it would be definitely worth the extra $$!