Bloc Party

Forgive me.  I’ve been collecting bronzers.  I don’t wear them all over my face, but I’ve discovered the merits of using them judiciously.

Based on a recommendation I picked up Laura Mercier’s Shimmer Bloc in Golden Mosaic.

Four unique shades (from gilded gold to burnished bronze) that when blended together give the skin a healthy, youthful all-over glow. Brighten eyes, cheeks, and body with a hint of natural color and light.

It’s 38$ for a .21 ounce compact.  To be honest, it was more expensive then I was comfortable with, but I bought it anyway.  I really liked that I was getting four shades that worked together.  You can use them on their own, or swirl your brush over all of them for one mega shade.  It comes in a really well made compact that is complete with a mirror inside.

My major complaint with this is that the shades are all very metallic, this is a ‘baked’ palette after all.  I like my bronzer to be more matte or satin, even if it does contain some shimmer.  The colors are very nice, I like that the one that I picked was almost bronze, that is a warmer gold.  It works really nicely on my skin tone, but I do have to be careful using it, it goes UBER-shiny on me if I’m not careful.  The pigmentation is nice, but honestly it’s not as bold as I’d thought it would be, perhaps that’s a good thing in a cheek product.  It seems to wear well enough, but to be honest, I don’t seem to wear it as much as I had wanted to because of the finish.


Would I purchase Laura Mercier’s Shimmer Bloc again?  Probably not.

  • It wasn’t all that shimmery, it was actually metalic.
  • I could probably do much better on the price getting a couple of Indie mineral shades!

4 Responses to “Bloc Party”

  1. Oh, metallic + oily skin = avoid. The shades look lovely, but for the price and the finish, I won’t buying this. This looks like it would be better for those with dry to normal skin.

  2. Yeah…that looks more like something I’d wear on my eyes. I don’t really care for any shimmer of metallic color on my cheeks but I will wear sparkle ALL over my eyes. ^_^

  3. I think those look like great eye shadow shades :>

  4. I agreee with tthem..prob looks better on eyes! i’m not too big on waay too shiny on my already chubby cheeks.