It’s Friday, I’m in Love

More Tattoo Goodness

Like any addict, one hit is just not enough.  Even though, yes, I got my first tattoo in about a year the other day, I’m sitting for another, my 20th, tonight.  It’s a mega gorgeous and completely custom affair.  Not that all of my tattoos are not ‘custom’, this one is super special and I can’t wait to share it with you tomorrow.

My eagle is all but healed at this point.  I heal amazingly quickly… thank you congenital blood disorder!

13 on House

I am not a whatever-her-name-is fan.  But Monday she wore an eye shadow, well, a whole look that I was intrigued with.  Can anyone guess at a shadow that might work?  From what I could tell it was a browny/plummy sort of affair.

click to embiggen

Upcoming Reviews

I threw together a quick list of things I’m going to be reviewing in the next week and a half, more so I don’t forget!

  • Dinair Airbrush System
  • Temptu Airbrush System
  • Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself
  • Lancome Eyeshadows
  • Joppa Minerals

Real Techniques Giveaway

The winner of my Real Techniques giveaway is:

Congratulations  please email me at – contact [.] gothique [at] gmail [.] com and comment here!

My Birthday

It was my birthday this past week.  I ended up getting very spoiled, which is actually quite unusual for me.  My family was here, including my nephew, and that would have been enough.

Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes, it means a lot to me!

The Links

I love this house.

Love+ Love

Just two cupcakes.

I wanted this for my birthday.  Surprisingly, I didn’t get it.


Your Turn

I got an iPad2 (named it Westen).  Does anyone have any apps you recommend for it?  So far I’ve been playing a lot of angry birds.

White foundations.  One more time.  Who (other then Face Atelier, Manic Panic (it’s junk) and MAC) makes them?


39 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love”

  1. Woot looking forward to Dinair review 🙂 been looking at purchasing one for the last year but was waiting to hear what you had to say about,, im so excited

  2. Awwww! I forgot your birthday! I am sorry! Happy late birthdaaay! 🙂 how wonderful to have your family over!

  3. Happy birthday 🙂 I’ve a birthday next week :)I’m curious how it looks like – that eagle

  4. I know this is belated but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I definitely can’t wait to see your new tattoo

  5. Yay for having a nice birthday! Your nephew is too cute to put in words.

    I’m not sure if there’s an iPad version but you must get Dungeon Raid! It’s a match 3 type of game and very addicting.

    I like Flight Control too. Super fun to make paths to land planes

  6. Happy birthday! Meow Cosmetics has a white foundation, have you tried theirs?

  7. Sorry for another comment! I just found the name of that Meow Cosmetics’ foundation, it’s called Snow Lynx. It’s white with no undertones.

  8. Happy belated Birthday! Facebook lied to me about when it was 😛 I’m desperate for some Monster High dolls, they’re so cool! And I know Barry M and Illamasqua make plain white foundations, not sure of anyone else I’m afraid.

  9. AHHHHH Monster High! I feel really weird for wanting some of those dolls at my age… They’re amazing! Happy belated birthday! ❤

  10. Happy belated birthday! and those all look like lovely presents.

    U.K. based Stargazer makes a white foundation:

    They have a white loose powder and pressed powder too. I haven’t tried them before and don’t know about the quality.

  11. Happy Birthday! I hope you continue to get lots of fun goodies!

  12. White foundations…Illamasqua definitely does have white foundations, but they might be tricky to find in the U.S.; Graftobian and other theatrical-purpose makeup also sells them (not intended for prolonged wear, unfortunately). Hope you find what you’re looking for! 😀 Happy belated birthday, too!!

  13. Just want to say I love Monster High Dolls! I am so jealous you have two! Happy belated birthday!

  14. Happy belated birthday! At least this time it is really your bday instead of facebook lying.

    As far as apps not sure if you can get them on the ipad but look for “stupid zombie” and “word twist”. Stupid zombie is very similar to angry birds.

    I love those monster high dolls! My fiance showed me one online the other day but I cannot find them anywhere around here.

    Also as a side note. I finally broke down and bought an epilator. I love it!

  15. Happy Birthday! I love hearing about other people’s tattoos, so I can live vicariously through them. I have one, but want more! Unfortunately all my kick-ass tattoo ideas are huge and costly. Check out Ben Nye for white foundations. They are for film, TV, and theatre, but they have a couple different types of formulas for their foundations. Some are not as heavy as the straight up pancake make up used by theatre folk. You can download a catalog from their website.

  16. I’m glad you had a good birthday- Hapy Belated Birthday 🙂
    I don’t have an iPad, but I have an iPodb touch, and I LOVE Fruit Ninja.
    I’ve read your review on Meow Cosmetics and “A bone to chew”, but I thought I’d go ahead and mention that they have a “Snow Lynx” powder foundation that is white with no undertones. I have oily/ dry skin (yah- it’s weird) and I’ve been using it in Frisky Sphynx for a few weeks and I’ve been pretty impressed. Of course, it being a powder, I have to moisturize well and I go ahead and use Fyrinnae’s velvet gel primer, but it lasts all day and doesn’t do that wierd shifting thing that liquid foundations like to do on my face during the summer. I was also pretty skeptic about a powdder foundations coverage abilities, but it’s impressed me (I have yucky acne scars on my cheeks, et c.- thanks, puberty, you rocked!)

  17. You know, I can’t wait for your Joppa, Dinair or Temptu reviews!!!
    I hope tonight went well ❤

  18. Happy belated birthday! And happy tattooing. Can’t wait to read your Nars book review & see the airbrush reviews too. I think illamasqua does a white foundation but I have also heard their foundation is a pain to work with

  19. Happy belated birthday! Hope you’re having an awesome time getting tattooed tonight! So jealous! I have a black and grey piece on the back of my neck that I’m hoping to get colored in some day; just need to work up the courage since it’s in kind of a painful spot (for me, anyway. My BFF has the same tattoo in the same spot, and she said it didn’t hurt at all).

    Kryolan and Ben Nye make white foundations! I know I saw Raja on RDR (Kryolan was their official makeup sponsor last season) use Kryolan white foundation for her Marie Antoinette look.

    P.S. ❤ that you used the word "embiggen!"

  20. Oooh I’m excited to see your new tattoo!

  21. Runaround Sous May 7, 2011 at 8:03 am

    I loved that you used embiggen in your perfectly cromulent “Friday I’m in Love” post, also.

    Happy Belated Birthday, Grey!

  22. good app is the waterslide one or creme egg 🙂 aaddicting trust me

    foundation wise i find it easier (im suuper pale) to mix my own i use a mix of mabeliine and 2true

  23. I don’t know what monster high dolls are (I was mad for Blythe dolls a fair few years ago, they seem similar, and awesome) but I just wanted to say oooh happy birthday you deserve a treat. Keep on bloggin’ 🙂 x

  24. Happy birthday!

  25. I’m so excited for your Dinair and Temptu reviews!!! I just found out about them about two days ago, and I’ve been trying to decide whether or not it’s worth switching over… 😛

  26. Mineral white – Meow, Larenim, Morgana, Rockface, as well as a bunch of smaller ones on Etsy.

    Non mineral – Illamasqua has two, pure white and white with pink undertones. MP & Stargazer are cheap, greasy. Bloody Mary, which I’ve never used but assume is similar to MP’s.

  27. Hope you enjoyed your birthday!

    How about Illamasqua for white foundation? You could try theatrical brands too – Kryolan and Mehron make some nice foundations. Maybe Ben Nye?

  28. Happy belated birthday!

    I wondered if you’d gotten that eyeshadow color figured out. It still reminds me of Benefit’s Gypsy Rose from years and years ago but the color is so old I can’t even find a screen capture or product on ebay just to show you the color. They probably renamed it and since I haven’t bought from them in years I’m out of the loop! Oh well.
    Can’t believe you didn’t get that ring! Ha ha!
    And Westen…as in Michael I’m guessing? 😉

  29. apocalypgloss May 8, 2011 at 9:26 pm

    Happy belated mirthday!

  30. White foundations: Coastal Scents sells white color corrector liquid; I love my Zero Minus from Face Atelier, but I ordered some from CS and will be reviewing it soon!

  31. That eyeshadow sort of looks like TheBalm Shady Lady Just This Once Jamie.

  32. I’m back from a two week’s trip around Western Europe and ready to comment 😀 !

    Lancome’s Colour du Jour.
    They do have a lot of purples, but I think it’s this one.

    Can’t wait to see the finished tattoo and it look like you had a wonderful time for your birthday 🙂 !

  33. I’ve just realized the house is in Brazil! hahaahahah! How fun!