It’s Friday (the 13th), I’m in Love

New Design

I wanted to update the look of the site, so I went with a more ‘magazine’ type layout while sticking with my over all need for design simplicity.  I am incredibly put off by blogs with ads and links and black backgrounds  and a million different blurbs all over the place, so I’m trying to avoid that while keeping more modern.

FYI : I DO NOT ADVERTISE or place ads or sell space or accept items for PR consideration at all.  Occasionally I’ve noticed that there is a random Google Ad on the mobile version of my site.  I do not in any way endorse or hell, even CONDONE these ads.  Please ignore them.

Catch Up

I am forever playing catch up.  While my family was here I amassed a lot more things to review and that means I’m even further behind!  I won’t compromise, though.  I want to continue to write the most thorough and honest reviews I can, so bear with me.

The Links

Shiro has a new collection!

Phyrra catches us up on the Orlgamix debacle.  The woman is such a fraud.

If you must feed the trolls.

With a name like Bitchslap, they HAVE to be good.  Oh no wait, that’s Smuckers.

Have I linked this site yet?  I love it that much if I did.

I love these dresses.

There are so many things right with this.

Your Turn

What do you think of the new design?


20 Responses to “It’s Friday (the 13th), I’m in Love”

  1. I like your new design a lot! It is very clean. I am hoping to give my blog a boost soon, too (Amanda Lee is helping me out)

    Happy Friday the 13th. I think I’m going to celebrate with a Pasickle.

  2. OMG. Vegan Black Metal Chef. I am in love. Are you going to keep the text header, or create one?

  3. I like the new design! I also saw this and though of you…

  4. For some reason, the new design is glitchy for me O_o . So, unfortunately, that makes the first impression a bit on the “oldplz” side 😦 .

    As soon as I saw that entry on Coilhouse, it went into my favourites 😀 – LIME… IS… OPTIONAL!!!

  5. Love the new blog design. And I am so with you on the blogs with too many ads and links and such. I just want the information and not all the PR BS!

  6. Thanks for saying “no” to ads. I enjoy your posts that much more without all that annoying buzz in the margins!

  7. 😀 So many Portal eyeshadowss! Love it.

  8. Aha! Gurps

  9. I love your new blog design! Thanks for the linkage. :3

    I see your troll food and raise you more troll food:

  10. Liking the design!!

  11. I really like the new design, as it is super easy to read.

  12. I like the new design a lot, very clean and simple. :3

    And wow, the new Shiro collection. ❤

  13. Honestly, I’m not a fan of the new design.
    I don’t like how it crams the latest posts into the single area up the top, where I can’t even see them all at once.

    Then, if I think “Oh, there’s more than one new post”, I tend to right-click, open new tab on the title on the top right. This just reopens the homepage in a new tab.

    Maybe I’m just lazy, and don’t like all the extra nagivation it takes now to read a new post. *shrugs*

  14. I like clean designs and I have intention to create one of my own for my blog, but here I kinda miss a bit of color. 🙂

  15. The new design is lovely 🙂

  16. I love your new and old designs, nice and clean and clear 🙂

  17. The design looks nice and does have a “magazine” feel. My only issues are it takes a while to load on a slower internet connection I sometimes use, and it seems a little crowded compared to your previous more text based layout. Although, the latter relates to my own personal taste. 🙂

    A huge thank you for not placing ads on your site.

    The Disney dresses are gorgeous. I like the Jasmine one the most.

  18. Oh mans, I ALMOST got the belle wedding dress for my wedding in July, but it was out of my budget, I was going to go with the Cinderella gown but it just wasn’t as great with my figure type, I’m too busty, I looked like a tavern wench. (Which is neat when you want to dress up as…a..tavern wench for Halloween, I guess, but not for your wedding) So I ended up looking elsewhere, but I’m still lusting after the belle…it doesn’t help that she’s my fave princess. Oh well…

  19. DIsney WEDDING DRESSES. Now I just need a fiancé. 😛